Anecdotes – 18th November

A special day

John Coulthard (Life Member) and his wife Vi live next to the pre-school on NewLine Road. For years John has had a flag pole in the back yard where he raises the Australian flag on special occasions – ANZAC Day, Armistice Day, Australia Day and so on. This year, the local pre-school presented John and Vi with a new Australian flag as the old one was past its best.

Anyway, 11 November 2018 was 100 years since the end of WW1. During the week, remember Armistice Day was on a Sunday this year, John and Vi had a flag raising ceremony in the backyard with the last post being played with a number of the children attending. The accompanying article in the latest Hills News has the story and it is worth a read.

Space cadet

Stuey Fiedler (C2 Blue, pictured left with Tarun)) is in the form of his life on the field. He is also setting standards off the field are up there with his best. This week he excelled to be the undisputed Space Cadet of the Round.

While discussing Alex Chidgey’s personal Tinder experiences, Chidge made the well researched assessment, I am told, that there are a lot of Danish women on Tinder.

Stu thought about this one pretty hard and commented “I thought Danish was bread”. Thinking about this further, Stu was sure about his understanding of Primary school geography and confirmed, confidently: “I didn’t know they were people”.

There is no doubting that the lad is in form – on and off the field.

Revenge is sweet

Way back in 2012/13 Andrew Fiedler (Seniors Director & C2 Blue Captain) & Steve Quanborough (D1) were opposing Captains in the C2 local derby played at Campbell Park (5th January 2013). After dismissing Andrew in the 1st innings (stumped off Quan’s bowling for 11) revenge was reaped when Andrew dismissed Quan (caught for 1). So…Captain’s 1 dismissal each.

Fast forward 6 years to last weekend and a case of history repeating itself, this time (in C2 again) Indranil Mukherjee (C2 Red Captain & 11 runs) took a catch to dismiss Andrew (C2 Blue Captain, 3 runs) in the first innings.  Andrew again repaid the favour by catching Indranil out in the Reds innings . So….Captains 1 dismissal each again. Revenge is never sweeter.

One tough player

We have had a lot of players over the years who have done amazing things despite injury. Our latest Iron Man is Aaron Carlini (B1 Blue).

Playing as a fill-in, we were bowling first and Aaron was keeping and broke and dislocated his finger plus tore the tendon completely along with some bone, so he did a good job of it. He went to Hospital, got a cast and an x-ray, and returned to the game.

Needing 5 runs off the last over and 8 down, we lost a wicket with 2 balls to spare to a run out so Aaron came out and batted at the non strikers end purely as a runner, with his arm in a sling. With 3 to win now, the next ball was a 2, before Aaron was run out for a diamond duck on the last ball of the innings and the match was a tie!

After these heroics, Aaron got a pin through the first 2 bones of the finger, which will be sticking out of the end of his finger for 6 weeks. Aaron is one tough boy.

Quote of the week

This one from Simon Smyth regarding selection problems in C3 last match with 3 players having to leave the game at 4.30 pm to watch their daughters in a School dance spectacular.

Buzz Burrows (C3 Captain) was explaining to Simon that as their daughters were involved and they were under threat of divorce from their better halves if they put playing cricket first.

The exchange from Buzz and Simon:

Buzz: “… any threats from me don’t have much weight!”

Simon’s reply:  “So they get to play cricket and get a divorce. I don’t see any downside?”

Who can argue with the logic.

A season for records

It is really unusual for so many records to be broken in the same season but we had another go last weekend – the highest number of runs scored / wickets taken in a season.

Last weekend, Luke Christensen (D2 and pictured, left with Brent Van Wyk) passed the previous record of 1,106 runs for D2 to become the new D2 record holder.

Luke joins the other new record holders from this season:

  • Simon Smyth (A2) – A2 career bowling aggregate with 147 wickets
  • Eric Junkkari (B2) – now the highest wicket taker in B2 (140 wickets)

A record number of tons – watch this spot

Well done to the boys who got tons on the weekend:

  • Josh Banner (A2) scored 123* (pictured above)
  • Nathan Fathers (C2 Blue) – 118
  • Josh Mathias (A1) – 108

Plus we have 2 players who may get to 100 by batting on next weekend:

  • Nandu Ramesh 93* (C1)
  • Matt Schwartzel 98* (C2 Blue)

We have a number of instances where 3 tons have been scored in the one Day – the last time was in 2013/14. If our C1 (Wortho) and C2 Blue (Fieds) Skippers bat on next weekend and if at least 1 of these players gets to 3 figures it will be a Club record number of tons.

While still on records

James Makin (A1 legend) does an amazing job updating our Wisden Historical Stats updates every year. He has recently updated the stats to include 2018/19 T20 season.

The top performers were:

  • Phil Wurth (A1) topped the run tally with 160 runs – the 5th highest T20 season tally of all time, with Andrew Morris’ 219 remaining the highest
  • Phil’s 93 was also the highest score of the season, and the 3rd highest of all time (Andrew Morris’s 101* remains the only century)
  • Special mention to William Harvey (C3) who managed to average 106 this T20 season
  • Justin Paterson’s (A1 Captain) 5 wickets was the highest wicket tally. This is equal 22nd of all time, with Matt Jobson’s 9 remaining the best
  • Aaron Hawkins’ (B1) 3/9 was the best bowling figures.
  • Tarun Lath’s (C2) 5/8 two years ago is going to take some beating
  • Gautam Ayyar (D1 Skipper) took the most dismissals in the field (3), which pushes him up to number 7 on the all time list. The GOAT (Nick Bennett) remains number 1 on 22