Anecdotes – 3 February 2019

Above and beyond

Tim Worthington (C1 Captain and pictured right) is one of those Club supporters who are worth their weight in gold. Last weekend in the abbreviated Round where just A2, D1 and D2 played, Tim came along to support D2. If you remember, last weekend was a hot one, very hot.

Not only did he come along to support but he also gave the players a break by fielding for long stints, If that wasn’t enough he then went out and umpired for a lengthy spell. Well done big fella.


Sheep Station Trophy

Being a large Club, over the years we have had a number of instances where we have had 2 Teams in the same Grade. This year it is B1 Red (Gunny) and Blue (Rick) who played each other this weekend. The history of this goes back to the A2 days in 2009/10 when we had 2 Teams in A2 and Simon Smyth anointed the shared game as playing for the ‘Sheep Station Trophy’.

This morphed into the ‘Postcode Cup’ in 2011/12 when players from Postcode 2125 and 2126 played the ‘Others’

It came to a head last season when Rick Turner and Simon were opposing A2 Grade Captains in a Clash of the Titans. The boys dressed up for the coin toss with Blazers and for Simon, a Naval Captains cap in 40 degree temperatures. Apart from being the 2 worst ‘tossers’, coin that is, in our history, the significance of this Event was captured at our Presentation Night in 2017/18 when Rick formally presented Simon with the official trophy – the Sheep Station Trophy.

The result of the game – a washout.


Production line

We have a great Girls Cricket nursery and have had so for a number of years. Graham Chivers, our Girls Director has turbo charged this over recent years. Apart from our 3 Girls Teams we now have Danielle Chivers, Ellen Hall, Jess Phillips, Esha Tiwana and Amy Hale all playing Brewer (U18 Grade Reps) plus Tuvini Jayakody and Lucia Culas on standby for their teams.

On top of that Christina Phillip (pictured left with Barry McDonald and Lauren Smith) who coaches our U13’s girls playing 2nd Grade for Northern District.

This is an amazing achievement for everyone involved with the Girls.


The legend of Disco Dave

Dave ‘Disco’ Larkham (D1), currently the better Larkham after taking 7 wickets in an innings in December (let’s forget his son Brent’s 200 last season as it wrecks the story), is a living legend. Now, for those of us under 40, Disco is a form of dance/music dating back in the 1970s. Think…John Travolta, The Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever. Now on to Dave.

To the uninitiated observer Dave is a statesmanlike, senior executive. In his past though is he was once normal – he was a great dancer and was also a double to John Travolta. It turns out that a few years ago, at a New Year’s party that Dave’s past became common knowledge and his moves on the dance floor gave an insight into what once was.

Anyway, to acknowledge Dave’s formidable past, the B1 /B2 boys gave him a memorable welcome as he went out to bat.

She’s apples

Picture this. Our D1 boys are playing at Arcadia Oval and it is getting down to the end of our reduced over innings. With 3 balls to go in the match, one of their players smoked a boundary that went under the fence, down the hill and into a paddock.

The problems started when there was a horse in the paddock that obviously liked apples. Anyway, the cricket ball, to a horse, looked like an apple and it then decided to try and eat it. After watching for a couple of minutes the horse was still chomping on the ball and it became obvious that we weren’t going to get the ball back.

After eventually getting a replacement, courtesy of the Opposition, the game eventually got underway and we won.

The Run Chase – it’s on

A competition being played out within the Competition is the distinction of being the highest scoring batsman in our Club. This honour is being fought out, so far, between 3 players – Josh Banner (A2 and pictured) with 388 runs @ 42.2; Brent Larkham (B1 Red) – 381 @ 38.10 and Matt Watts (B1 Red) – 355 @ 39.44. With Josh top scoring in A2 on the weekend with a superb 50 the race is on with more than a bit of banter between especially Josh and Brent added in for good measure.

Space Cadet

Sorry to do this to you Rob, one of the good guys in the Club but this is a standout for the weekend. For those who follow TeamApp to get regular News and score updates this exchange between Teammates Rob Hanich and Steve Quanborough (both D1) is a beauty:


Steve, what’s the ground like?”


Please note all, Rob was at the ground when he sent the comment