News – 27 January 2019

Happy Australia Day ‘Bumpty Report’

A hot weekend, lots of cricket on TV and a long weekend – it doesn’t get much better. As a special treat for our followers, the Bumpty Report has a special Australia Day edition. The Report is written by a couple of anonymous sources but needless to say they are Club legends by any definition.

For those new to our Club, the Bumpty Report is our own, high class, version of The Grade Cricketer and the Beetoota Advocate but only better.

Have a read and enjoy the insights to a couple of blokes who have forgotten more about cricket than most of us know.

Funding approved

Cricket NSW advised us during the week that we have been successful with a funding application under the Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund (ACIF) to dig-up and replace the wicket at Cherrybrook Public School. This has been a long standing need and we can now make it happen so that our U8s to U10s can have another ground in our area.

Club Social function

We have now set a date for our Club function. Jane Bish and Indranil Mukherjee are organising a whole Club function as follows:

  • When:              23rd February
  • Where:             WPH Sports Club
  • Function:         Trivia, Pizza and lots of fun.

More details will be available as they become available.


This weekend (26th January) most of the Competition had the weekend off. The only exception is for Teams playing in a 6-Team competition – A2, D1 and D2. These play a 1-Day game before the season recommences next weekend (2nd February). The reason for this si to bring the whole Competition back into alignment before the Finals series.

Round highlights – Round 12


  • Dylan Bish 1,000 career runs


  • Shankar Ravi (C2 Red) took his 200th career wicket

Points Table

Standings after 12 Rounds are:

  • A1 Grade – =5th (5th on quotient)
  • A2 – 1st
  • B1:
    • Blue (Rick) – 8th (13 points off 4th spot)
    • Red (Gunny) – 1st
  • B2 – 4th
  • C1 – 6th (2 points off 4th spot)
  • C2:
    • Blue (Fieds) – 1st
    • Red (Indranil) – 5th (7 points off 4th spot)
  • C3 – 1st
  • D1 – 1st
  • D2 – 6th

Blowfly cricket

The BlowFly cricketers starts up again this coming Friday and players are always welcome.

It is never too late to be involved as a player in Blowfly cricket. It is open to young people aged between 5 and around 25 years with autism, cerebral palsy and Down Syndrome the chance to play organised sport. Check out the website link to find more information – here

Check out the photos on in Blowfly section of the Photo Gallery. To quote the legendary Mark Rushton:

“Great teamwork from everyone involved is delivering a wonderful, fun and incredibly enriching experience for all of our players, families, carers and volunteers.

Well done everyone…the dream continues.”

If someone in your family is affected or if you know someone who would love to participate then please contact Bill Peterkin on here or 0488 110 942

Junior Boys

Competition results

Competition recommences on Saturday 2nd February. This is a short part of the season with just 3 Competition games before the season starts. The major dates are:

  • 2nd February 2019 (Round 8 – 1-Dayer)
  • 9th to 16th February (Round 9 – 2 –Dayer)
  • 23rd to 2nd March (Round 10 – 2-Dayer)
  • 10th March (Semi Finals – all day games played on Sunday)
  • 17th March (Finals – all days games played on Sunday)

Competition Tables

Team standings after Round 7:

U16s – Blue =2nd (2nd on quotient), White 4th

U15s – 4th

U14s – Red =2nd (2nd on quotient), Orange =2nd (3rd on quotient), White 8th

U13s – Red 2nd, Purple 4th, Green =7th (7th on quotient), Blue 9th, Orange 10th

U12s – Orange 1st, Gold 7th Green 10th, Red 11th, Blue 15th

U11s – 7th, Blue 8th, Red 11th,, Gold -18th (18th on quotient)

U10s – non competition

U9s – non competition

U8s – non competition

Top 5 Batsmen

  1. Cameron Tunks (U16 White) – 292 runs @ 97.33
  2. Shaan Bakshi (U16 White)) – 286 @ 47.67
  3. Soham Chawla (U13 Green) – 266 @ 53.20
  4. Rigved Sodal (U13 Green) – 257 @ 51.40
  5. Jehan Polwaththe (U14 Orange) – 240 @ 26.67

Top 5 Bowlers

  1. Aiden Hall (U12 Gold) – 11 wickets @ 3.27
  2. Aditeya Nair (U16 Blue) – 11 @ 8.36
  3. Jehan Polwaththe (U14 Orange) – 11 @ 13.27
  4. Dylan Ranjan (U16 White) –11 @ 14.55

Girls Cricket

The Spring Competition finished in early December and congratulations to our Undefeated Premiership winning U13s.

The Girls start-up again next weekend (2nd February) for the beginning of the Summer Competition. We will have 3 Teams again for this Comp:

  • 1 X U13
  • 2 X U15s

If you are interested in playing, have a family member or know someone interested in playing then you are most welcome. Please direct any questions on Girls Cricket to Graham Chivers on here or 0415 891 004.

The Spring Competition final Competition standings were:

Competition table


  • WPHC 1st and Premiers


  • Blue = 2nd (2nd on quotient)
  • Red = 2nd (3rd on quotient)

Well done to our Undefeated U13s who won the Grand Final.


Round 12 was played on the weekend for just A2, D1 and D2 – Teams playing in Competitions with 6 Teams. All other Grades have a weekend off.

Round highlights – Round 11


  • Mike Kinchington (D2) scored his 1,000th run
  • Lachlan McBrien (A2) top scored for the shortened Round with 48*
  • Praneel Singh (D2) scored 44 runs.


  • Auyush Tamhankar (D2) took 4/18 for the figures of the Round
  • Luke Herzog (A2) took 3/25


Training has been running since the season start but with Daylight savings now in place it becomes more of an option for people to turn-up who have work or other commitments. Details are:

  • Wednesday @ John Purchase from 4.30 pm
  • Friday @ WPH Sports Club nets also from 4.30 pm.

Points Table

Standings after 11 Rounds are:

  • A1 Grade – =5th (5th on quotient)
  • A2 – 1st
  • B1:
    • Blue (Rick) – 8th (13 points off 4th spot)
    • Red (Gunny) – 1st
  • B2 – 4th
  • C1 – 6th (2 points off 4th spot)
  • C2:
    • Blue (Fieds) – 1st
    • Red (Indranil) – 5th (7 points off 4th spot)
  • C3 – 1st
  • D1 – 1st
  • D2 – 6th

“Bistro WPH” Photo of the Month

Congratulations to Jane Bish who has won the Bistro WPH Photo of the Month prize. Jane has provided us with a number of photos this season but series of Photos taken at BlowFly Cricket have been great. Check them out – here

Jane has won a $50 voucher at the fabulous Bistro for – here

To is easy to enter:

  • Just take a photo of anything to do with our Club – Kanga, Girls, Boys and Seniors
  • The photo can be of our players batting, bowling or fielding
  • Also, we are keen to get any ‘quirky’ photos that are a bit of fun.

Next steps

For our next winner, just take a photo and send it to Ross Anderson (here ) with some brief commentary and it is that easy.