Anecdotes – 23rd September 2018

Making a difference

Last week we ran a story on Sreeni Pillmarri (C2) who has organised a walk from Parramatta to Canberra (380 kilometres) to raise $250,000 for our drought affected farmers. The walk starts this Saturday from Parramatta Town Hall. Read about the walk in the attached link – here

What you probably don’t know is that Sreeni migrated to Australia from India with his family in 1998 and is one of those many folk who has come to Australia and are making a real difference. To quote Sreeni:

“Many thanks for all your support.

I am so excited to see the new world of the Australian farmers and their families. This 10days will change my world as I am reading loads of information and I am lucky to see true Aussie lifestyle.”

To contribute, you can make a contribution by donating to – here

Blowfly launch

On Friday 12th October at 6.00 pm, Blowfly Cricket becomes a reality for our Club. This is cricket for those young people aged between 5 and 25 years of age who have autism, cerebral palsy and down syndrome. We will be the 1st Club in the Hills to offer this opportunity and one of a handful in NSW.

On Saturday the group of people who are making Blowfly Cricket a reality gathered at James Henty Oval to have their photo taken for an article that will be appearing in the Hills Shire Times this week.

The standout achievers in this photo are from left – Deana MacKenzie, Bill Peterkin, Denise Anderson (Ambassador) and the legendary Mark Rushton. The photo shows these folk having their photo taken for the Newspaper.

Coaching crew

Last Sunday we hosted a Level 1 Cricket Coaching course at Edward Bennett Oval for our people for this valuable coaching accreditation. The Course was run by Cricket NSW and we now have about 20 folks who will be able to bring this knowledge back to our Teams.


One down and one to go

Two big Club records were for the taking this week:

Simon Smyth (A2 Captain) became just the 6th player in our history to bowl 2,000 (429 maidens) overs when he came onto bowl his 6th over!

The only current day players to break the 2,000 mark are:

  • Eric Junkkari (B2) who has bowled an amazing 2,815 overs with a phenomenal 913 maidens (32% of all his overs!)
  • James Makin (A2) with 2,178 overs (440 maidens)

The record is held by Dave Carey with 3,250 overs!

Well done Snumpty – now for the ice bath, Voltarin overdose washed down but a couple of schooners.

B1 Team scoring – after the weekend results, B1 has now scored 139,935 runs since first entering the Competition in 1946/47. They will become the first Team in our history to reach 140,000 Team runs. The next nearest is C2 with 119,497 runs.

Rocket scientist

This one goes to the boys scoring in the C1 game. To quote Tim Wortho:

“Captain Wortho had just got out for 16, walks back to find in the scoreboard. Tim Worthington b Tim Worthington 16 somehow got myself out.”


When 2 = 0

In the D1 game (Vs Galston-Glenorie @ Campbell Park) Ian ‘Pappa’ Diggers  (2nd left) was batting with Cam Price. Always thinking of the other player, Diggers was at the runners end and took-off for a run. Unfortunately Cam saw the danger in trying for the single and sent Diggers back. The big fella made it back safely but managed to complete his first run and then the second so 2 runs were completed but no cigar.