Anecdotes – 26 November

Milestone achievements

2nd fastest to 1,000 runs

After making his first appearance as a Space Cadet last week Andrew Morris (B2 Red – pictured 2nd left with son Zac) came out all guns blazing this week for a classy 61. In the process he brought up his 1,000th run in just his 2nd season. This is an amazing achievement. Not since the days of the great Laurie Tuckerman (A1) in 1951/52 has a player scored their first 1,000 runs so quickly – Laurie score 1,361 runs in his first A1 season that included 6 centuries. So Andrew is number 2 in the all-time list.

At this stage of his career Andrew’s average of 47.1 – second only to Laurie Tuckerman who finished with a career average in A1 of 85.1.

A lot of bowling

Earlier this season we clocked over a massive milestone of 875,000 runs across all Senior Grades in our History. Last weekend in was the bowlers turn when we bowled our 2,771st over this season. What makes this significant is that it also brought up the 230,000th over in our Seniors History.

These wickets have been taken at an average of 22.98 / wicket. Our batsmen are scoring at 22.74 runs per wicket.


Space Cadet

Dave Behlevanas (C2 and pictured bowling) made a noteworthy appearance this week after showing his great GPS skills. Playing at the new Brooklyn Oval, Dave turned up early and watched the Juniors finish their game. After their game was over Dave waited, and waited at the ground for the Team to arrive – anyone to arrive, from either side. Eventually, he realised that we were probably at another ground when he was the only person there. After doing multiple circuits of Brooklyn to find the correct Oval, not a massive task for those who know Brooklyn, he found us at the new Dairy ground. The real test will be next week to see if he can make it 2 from 2.

Our best known GPS Space Cadet is former Prime Minister John Howard who was playing B1 in the late 1960s. John was playing at Oakleigh Oval (just near Headen Park) and was not out overnight. Unfortunately he forgot where the ground was in the 2nd week and had to be ‘retired-out’.

2nd slip

‘Buzz’ Burrows (C2 Skipper – pictured right with Peter Lees and Peter Heidegger) is one of our outstanding Captains but was wishing he had in his words, ‘12 fieldsmen’. Playing the top placed Team that came up from C3, Scotty Chapman was bowling an outstanding spell. One of their batsmen was looking a bit edgy when he put one through 2nd slip. The call came out for another slip but with chances likely around the ground there weren’t enough fieldsmen to fill the gaps. Next ball – straight through 2nd slip. Third time lucky – another nick through 2nd slip. We picked him up soon after with the ball going safely to hand  but not at 2nd slip.