Anecdotes – 29th October

The sledge

Michael Banner (A2 and pictured, left) scored his 6th ton last weekend with an impressive 131 in his Team’s loss to ARL. His nephew, Josh (also A2 and pictured, right) scored 48* for the 2nd Grade T20 side in their Premiership win the following day. The response from their Skipper, Simon Smyth was the ultimate sledge:

“The only difference is that when Joshy scores runs, he sees us to victory….”

With friends like this….

5,000 runs

5,000 career runs is one of those Milestone achievements that very few have reached. At the start of this season there are only 5 players who have reached these heights. This year we have 3 players within a touch of this great achievement:

  • Michael Banner (A2) – 5,056 runs to move into number 6 on the all-time top run scorers list
  • Eric Junkkari (B2) – 4,987 runs(number 7 on the all-time list)
  • James Makin (A1) – 4,986 runs (number 8 on the all-time list)

The next big Milestone for each of these players is to pass the 5,268 career runs scored by the great Mark Taylor (1985/86 to 2003/04).

Well done boys.


There is an old saying that Dogs often look like their Masters. Well, we have put this to the Test with our own profile of Players and their companions. Check out the ‘Miscellaneous section’ of the Photo Gallery here and see the photos of:

  • Bill Peterkin (A1 to D1) and Friends
  • Josh Banner (A2) and Ebony
  • Michael Robertson (A1 & A2) and Pixel
  • Cameron McBrien (A1) and Murphy – pictured above.

The Everest

Ross A (your friendly editor – centre pictured with Andrew Miedler and Barry McDonald)) batted in his 500th innings for West Penno on Saturday. To put this in context, the next closest is Andrew Fiedler with 337 innings. Eric Junkkari has past his 300th innings in Round 1 and James Makin (A1) is next in line of our current players with 295 innings.

To quote Steve Quanborough:

“To the tune of The Proclaimers hit…

 “But Ross will bat 500 times,

And Ross will bat 500 more,

Just to be the man that bats a thousand times,

Got a new hip to stop feeling so sore”


“I’m feeling dangerous today”

Michael Fiedler (B1 and pictured, left, with Matt Marsden) has always been a positive guy, and this was on show today. After scoring his first run of the day, which was edged through slips, Michael then turned to Kobby who was umpiring stating that “I’m feeling dangerous today”.

He then went on to back it up scoring an unbeaten 65.

Sleeping Beauty

After Richard Hughes (C1 pictured 2nd left with Tony Mandile, left, and Andrew Fiedler and Tim Worthington) lost 28 kilos in the off season his batting has gone from strength to strength scoring a ton last match and 33 this week. The problem is that the big fella isn’t used to batting so long. Anyway, the once big fella got out and then for the next 40 overs sat bolt upright with the Team with a cap over his eyes and fast asleep – oblivious to the game around him. After Hughesy eventually woke up he was wired and keen to know everything that happened in the preceding overs.


You know things are bad when the bowler apologises for getting you out. After receiving a full toss on leg stump, Aaron Carlini (B1) managed to send a leading edge straight to fine leg, then to top things off the bowler came straight up to him and apologised for the wicket.


Finals appearances

After the 2nd Grade T20 Grand Final Premiership win last weekend, Simon Smyth is moving into the rarefied air of our most successful ever Captains, leading us in 6 Grand Finals with 5 x Premierships and 1 x Runner-up trophies.

In addition to this:

  • James Makin (A1) has Captained us in 9 Grand Finals for 7 x Premierships and 2 x Runners-up
  • Jim Fuggle (1969/70 to 2001/02) also Captained 9 Grand Finals – 3 x Premierships and 6 x Runners-up.

Also, Matt Jobson (A1) has Captained / played in 8 x Grand Finals. Jobbo has competed in:

  • 2 x Premierships & 1 x Runner-up as a Captain
  • 4 x Premiership & 1 x Runner-up as a Player.