Anecdotes – 8th October

A Grade Player numbers

Since we started playing A Grade in 1951/52 we have been in the top Grade continuously since 1963/64 – 54 years. During this time, 317 players have been privileged to earn a unique A1 Player number.

On the weekend, our latest A1 Graders were presented with their numbered Baggy Blue cap and playing shirt by long-term players: Tim Scoular, Alex Connell and Matt Jobson. Congratulations to our latest A1 Graders:

  • 315 – Daniel Heidegger
  • 316 – Andy Meikle
  • 317 – Cameron McBrien.

James Makin, our 22nd A1 Captain also equalled a long term record held by Greg Fiedler in Captaining A1 8 times.

Top run scorers in each Grade

Last week, we covered off the Workhorses – our bowlers who had bowled the most overs in our History. This week we look at the highest run scorers in each Grade:

  • A1 – Greg Fiedler – 4,876 runs (1980/81 to 2006/07)
  • A2 – Amir Marzouk – 2,009 runs (1991/92 to 2010/11)
  • B1 – Ross Anderson – 2,972 runs (current)
  • B2 – Gavan Hassett – 1,742 runs 1991/92 to 2010/11)
  • C1 – Eric Junkkari – 2,983 runs (current)
  • C2 – Peter Lees – 2,022 runs (current)
  • C3 – Peter Heidegger – 970 runs (current)
  • D1 – Pratah Sinnetamby – 1,600 runs (current)
  • D2 – Sam Thariani – 1,106 runs (2008/09 to 2013/14)

A Day in the Life

Bill Peterkin is one of the quiet achievers who does so much but isn’t often noticed in the broader Club. Apart from being a Club Life Member and genuine Legend, Bill is our Director Kanga and doesn’t even have a child playing.

Apart from spending well over 40 hours in getting Kanga off to a start this Saturday, Bill was up at 5.30 am picking up playing kits and getting Thomas Thompson ready for the Kanga’s, their parents and grandparents to start the season at 8.00 am. Add to this the first call coming through at 3.45 am advising of a player who can’t make it – the season is underway. It also makes you realise that the effort of our Volunteers is priceless. Thanks Bill and to thanks to everyone who Volunteers in any capacity for our Club.

From Kanga to Head Coach

Josh Banner (A2) has come a long way since his first days as a Kanga cricketer as a 6-year-old. Josh is now one of our outstanding talents (top scored in A2 on the weekend with 53*) and is also one of our Club Coaches. Josh has taken this to the next level this season in being selected as our Head Coach for Kanga where his main role is to both Coach his Team and Coach the Coaches – great effort Josh.