Anecdotes – Round 1


Sol ‘Club Pro’ Tomlinson (A1) is the gift that keeps on giving. After having a huge English season (scoring 1,400 runs for Leverstock Green CC) Sol backed up for A Grade on Saturday. What makes this amazing is that the big fella literally got off a 32 hour flight from London that included a 9 hour Dubai stopover. Sol touched down at 7.00 am and was out playing at Berowra at 1.00 pm. He fielded brilliantly and fortunately was spared opening the batting for the few overs late on Day 1. Welcome back Sol!


Joel Behlevanas (C2 Blue) turned on a batting Masterclass for his 99 on the weekend until he was run-out by a brilliant flat throw from Alex Chidgey trying to bring up his first Seniors ton. The square leg umpire was Joel’s brother, Riley who had to make the tough call about giving his brother out just short of his ground. Many others would have found a reason to give a not out decision but Riley just made the decision he thought was the right one – well done Riley.

Andrew Fiedler – on the move

Andrew (C1) is one of those quiet achievers who is getting close to a number of long-standing Club records. How about these for starters:

  • Andrew has scored 6,347 runs and is our 3rd highest run scorer in our history. His brother Greg is on 6,363 and is our 2nd highest run scorer. He needs just 17 runs to pass his brother as our 2nd most prolific run scorer
  • With his 35 runs in the first T20 this season Andrew moved past Gav Taylor (A1) as our highest T20 run scorer. Andrew now has 325 T20 runs compared to Gav’s 310
  • A bit of further cricketing trivia is that Andrew has now played 323 innings with 47 not out innings – our 5th ranked player with not-outs in our history – behind Steve Quanborough (our esteemed Seniors Director with a massive 66 not outs.

The wedding

Those of us who made it to pre-season training on Saturday 27th August were treated to the wedding of the year – Salim Mehajer’s sister. While the boys were training along comes the bridal party – all 20 white Porsche’s, massed motor bikes from a Bikie Club revving their bikes, police cars patrolling New Line Road and Police helicopters hovering overhead. The following link has the story –

Nothing like a mad rash

If you hand it out then you have to cop it. Your friendly Editor sent out a note to our Seniors Captains about getting all the gear ready for the 1st T20. Referring to the need to avoid a mad rush before the first game there was a typo that referred to a “mad rash”. This obviously caused some concern. Snumpty Smyth (A2 Captain) was most concerned: “Thanks Ross, but after all the effort you’ve put in to get the season rolling, the last thing we want to do is give you a “mad rash”!!

This was followed up by our Club President’s insight: “Ross Anderson comes home from the netball with a mad rash. Probably not the headline you’re looking for my friend!”

On the global stage

A few weeks ago, Sreeni Pillamarri (our Club’s Clothing coordinator and C3’s) made the SBS News with his efforts to build strong business links between India and Australia. Picture this, there was Sreeni meeting up with the Indian Trade Minister and discussing his great business – Click here

But, these achievements were not good enough for some of the boys. Comments like:
o “A Club shirt is mandatory for TV appearances”;
o “Would have been nice to see the trade minister wearing a WPH Club cap”.
o Another one from our Girls Director – “Great stuff indeed Sreeni, did you find any sponsors for the Club too??”
o Buzz Burrows offered some wise guidance – “Great stuff Sreeni! Ask him if we can get some long sleeve shirts any quicker?

Finally, an observation from our Club President, Andrew Miedler, “One thing, I noticed you are still not wearing your WPHCCC shirt even when on TV…I was lamenting what a great opportunity to promote the Club nationally and to India through the Trade Minister. I hope this feedback helps provide the commitment required.”

“I have never waited so long to bat…”

Michael Gunn (B2) bats at number 3 for B2s. Gunny is one of our young stars who just likes to bat and not hang around thinking about going into bat. At 0/97 with Aaron Carlini (46) and Chris Williamson (going on to get 58) well in control, Gunny commented on the sideline “I have never waited so long to bat” – famous last words – Aaron got out the next ball!

“One of the best days of my life”

Ian Digby (C3) is back playing cricket after a 16 year spell from the game. In our second T20 game a couple of weeks ago the big fella scored an impressive 16*. He was so stoked with getting runs after such a long break he commented “…after my wedding and birth of children, this is the best day of my life” and justifiably so too. Fast forward to this weekend and big things were on the agenda. Ian’s beautiful wife Nicole also came along with the video to capture the follow-up innings. One ball later it was over and Ian was heading back to the pavilion.

The one that got away

This will be one of those dinner table discussion topics for years to come. Picture this one – Andrew Morris (C2 Red) playing Seniors after a 20 year break was wicket-keeping to his talented son Zach (U15s). Bowling against a very good batsman who was on his way to 99, Zach bowled a beauty that spun past the bat leaving the batsman stranded only to see Andrew miss the stumping – one of the few balls he missed all day. At the end of the Over the 2 players gave each other a reassuring hug on centre pitch. We reckon that these two quality players will get many opportunities throughout the season.

Most capped A1 Captains

Congratulations to James Makin (our 22nd Captain) who is leading our A1 side for the 7th time this season. This makes James our equal second most capped A1 Grade Captain in our history – going back 61 years in A Grade! James is now equal with the great John Donaldson, our 7th Captain (1968/69 and 1977/78 – broken years) and is just one more season behind Greg Fiedler, our 12th Captain (1984/85 to 1998/99 – broken years) who Captained 8 times. Add to this, James is also our most successful A1 Grade Captain, leading the side to a Club record 4 consecutive A1 Grade Premierships.

Add to this, James has also captained A1 to 2 T/20 Premiership wins plus an A2 Premiership win and B2 Runner up. Well done James!

Leadership Plus

We have a great history with father / son combinations playing together going back to the 1940s / 50s with the Donaldson family who had 5 members of the family playing together. In 2009 we also had the 4 members of the Creais family. This year we have another record with the Fiedler’s – Andrew Captains C1, his eldest son Daniel Captains B1 and Stu Fiedler is Vice Captain of C2 Red. With Mikey Fiedler next in line we not only have 4 family members playing but to have 3 in Team Leadership roles is a new Club record – well done fellas.

As far a Family participation goes, this has a long way to go from the early teams of the Association. The South Colah Cricket Club had 18 sons of Patrick and John Duffy (Duffy Ave) of Thornleigh, Dural CC was sustained by the seven sons of Thomas Best, Pennant Hills CC by the 10 sons of Arthur Thompson (Thompson Corner) and Castle Hill CC by the eleven sons of John James!

Experience plus

Ian Paterson and Ross A (C2 Red) opened the batting and faced up against our mighty C2 Blue side on the weekend. The lads have a combined experience of over 100 years and piled on an opening partnership of 84 in just 17 overs against one of the early Premiership favourites. Not a lot of 3s taken (none in fact) but lots of 2s that should have been 3s and singles that should have been 2’s and lots boundaries to save this running caper. Keep it going boys.