Anecdotes – Round 7 (Day 2)

A whole lot of luv

For the many avid readers of our Match Reports and Anecdotes there is a theme that Billy Gaunt, our A1 Grade super star, has copped a bit from one of our unnamed players in B2 (thanks Ray).

The truth though is that this unnamed player has a ‘man crush’ on Billy. I got a heartfelt note from this certain player during the week:

“On a more wholesome note the writer of this match reports would like to give a special shout-out to the one and only Billy ‘resident not the best bloke but still pretty good guy of the club’ Gaunt. Billy you have copped a lot of shit in this match report over the last years, only about 10% of it actually truthful.

 I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of the Club to tell Billy we love him.

 Thanks for taking the jokes like an absolute champion, the true measure of a man. I am sure you will slip up very soon and give us some good content for future match reports but we are all human.

 Love you Billy.”

Isn’t it great to see such a strong relationship build out of adversity.

Photo: together again. Adam van Saarloos (left) with Billy Gaunt (A1) and Ray Khamis (B2 & BFF)! 4th December 2022




Over the years we get to see all sorts of reasons for players being unavailable for the weekend – some good and others pretty average. One of the better ones this season comes from Sagnik (B1 Red).

The B1 Match Report from Shomik last week was a beauty:

“The batting innings was blessed with the return of our prodigal son, Sagnik, who, when talking with him about why he missed games, told me that he had been doing “stuff”.

This one is up there with some of the best (not) reasons so far this season.

Dream come true

How would you feel being 13 years old Harry Whitehouse (D1 Red). Rocking up to play against Glenorie Harry played against the original Yellow Wiggle (Greg Paige). To kick-off this anecdote what better than a Wiggles Classic – fruit salad – Wiggles – Fuit Salad

So how did the match go? Harry got a rare duck with the bat and bowled brilliantly, creating many chances in his 1/31.

Photo: Harry with Greg Page- Northholm Grammar – 8th December 2023.


At just 18 years of age, Harry Hando (A2) is one of our emerging stars. Playing at The Glade Oval last Saturday, Harry scored 75 out of a Team Total of 144 – 52% of the Teams total. An extract from the A2 Match Report:

“At 4/23, we decided that yes, it was a difficult pitch to bat on. “We” being the 4 dismissed batters, each convinced that our demise was the cause of the pitch, not our lack of talent, general ineptitude or mental fragility.

 Amidst this sea of incompetence, one man stood tall.

 Harry Hando made a glorious 75, showing some beautiful stroke play, unparalleled cricketing smarts and a gritty toughness to score more than 50% of our runs.

 The rest of the top order were gobsmacked by this display.

 Harry could hit the ball out of the middle of the bat and he could hit it into gaps between fielders.

 He could even do both in the same shot.”

For info, the highest individual contributions to a team total are:

  1. Wally Howard (B1 Grand Final in 1968/68 @ Campbell Park. We were all out for 4 and Wally Howard scored the only scoring shot – a boundary. This is 100% of the total score.
  2. Glenn O’Connor (C3 Blue 31/10/2010 @ Campbell Park). In a team total of 191 Glenn belted 145 – 75.9% of the team total
  3. Daniel Anderson (D2, on 20/12/2008 @ Holland Rd scored 81* out of an innings team total of 112 (72.3% of the total score). DA was 13 at the time
  4. Jason Goddard (C1 on 14/2/2015 @ Cheltenham Oval) – scored 78 out of a Team total of 119 – 65.5% of the total
  5. Greg Fiedler (C1 on23/10/2004 @ Thornleigh) scored 95 out of a team total of 146 – 65% of the teams total
  6. Brent Larkham (B2 on 04/11/2017 @ Annangrove Park) scored 200* of a Team total of 5/313 – 63.9% of the declared Team total

Photo: Outstanding Prospect Award presented to Harry Hando (A2) with Andrew Miedler – Seniors Presentation Night Castle Hill RSL – 5 May 2023


Extra’s outscoring runs

How about the D1 Blue game against ARL at Foxglove Oval on the weekend. The Blue’s had an exciting win over ARL by 1 wicket late in the day – we scored 9/170 chasing 165 for the win.

Of the 170 runs we scored, there was only 98 runs scored off the bat.

The remaining 72 runs came from Extras: 8 wides; 49 no balls; 1 leg bye & 14 Byes. We don’t have records on this one but to have 42% of our total runs being Extras this would be up there.

Just on this photo, 2nd from right is Nirav Desai – fresh from his Mt Everest Base Camp walk. Playing in 40+ degree temperatures would have been a walk in the park after this effort.

Photo: the D1 Blue’s enjoying dinner after their big win.

“Was that as good you as it was for me” – the sequel

Last week we ran a Space Cadet anecdote on your friendly Club Secretary (Working with Children registration number REG0064980) who decided to check if a player was actually wearing an U10’s protector. After a tap here and a tap there was no protector – the rest is history. This prompted Andrew Fiedler (C3 Red) to comment:

“It does get me thinking – you never tried that tactic on me in all of years of playing together & walking out to bat holding hands. But knowing what you’re capable of, if we ever play together again, I’ll be wearing a bucket for protection inside my pants.”

Andrew has been inclined to exaggerate occasionally and we think the reference to a bucket may be taking his view of endowment a step too far. From what we are told, a thimble would be ample protection.

Photo: an oldy but a goody. Andrew Fiedler (left) and Tim Coverdale Storey Park in the B1 Final 2002/03.

Thank you

Sometimes it is the little things that mean a lot more than big gestures. Each month the Sports Club puts on and runs a BBQ at the Cricket Blast (ages 5 to 6 years) for the players and families. Last week was the 2nd BBQ that has been run for our people. This is just one of many ways the Sports Club supports our Club.

Anyway, one of the 5-year old participants was so happy with being looked after she sent the Sports Club a note – check it out.

Photo: the thank you note from Emily.