Anecdotes – Semi Finals, Day 2

U13s Finals run

Our U13s have had an amazing run in the Finals. The boys have played in every Grand Final since 2003/04 – the exceptions being in 2011/12 and 2012/13 – 12 out of 14 seasons! Our win/loss ratio though is just 3 wins and 10 Runners up. In 2008/09 we had both the Premier and runner-up.

It’s all in the numbers

The following Season stats will give you a fascinating statistical insight into our season. These stats cover every game from U8s through Girls, Junior Boys, Kimbo Cup, Country Carnivals and all Seniors games, including john Hayne Cup:


  • 651 – total matches have been played
  • 266 wins (255 1st innings wins & 11 outrights) for a 47% win rate
  • 274 losses (267 1st innings wins & 7 outrights)


  • 75,666 runs have been scored
  • 3,615 wickets have been lost in 19,347 overs at an average of 20.93 runs / wicket
  • 18 centuries have been scored; 153 50s & 631 ducks


  • 3,774 wickets have been taken at an average of 20.92 runs / wicket
  • 78,945 runs have been scored against us
  • 19,347 overs have been bowled
  • 19 ‘5-fors’ have been taken
  • 4 hat-tricks have been taken.



Sreeni Pillamarri (D1 and Club Clothing co-ordinator) is as enthusiastic as they come when it comes to cricket. Sreeni’s D1 side were playing Day 2 of the Semi’s and were in a good position to win through to the big one next weekend. At the Juniors Presentation on Saturday morning with the rain still pouring after a week of downpours Sreeni turned up in his whites and ready to play. Well done Sreeni!


A tale of 2 seasons

James Makin’s (A1 Captain) game was washed out on the weekend and will go through to the Grand Final next week after finishing 2nd. Simon Smyth’s A2 boys were washed out and as they finished 3rd their season is now over. On Saturday James was on his way to field for D1, before they were washed out, as a player was unavailable at short notice. Simon was needed to ‘mentor’ his boys for a big one at the Bowlo.