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Seniors Captains meeting

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Meeting ID: 818 7117 8392

Passcode: 070075



Proposed agenda:

  1. Season Format (16 x 1 day, 2d SF and GF) – there is some discussion that last 2 rounds might be 2d games but for maximum 6 pts. To allow teams to get some 2d experience (e.g. bowlers having to bowl for a day . 7 overs) for SF and GF.
  2. New rules (not mandatory to use):
  3. 12th man rule

Captains may nominate on their team sheet a 12th man and on the team, sheet clearly nominate a player as a batter “Bat” and another as a bowler “Bowl”.  ONLY PLAYERS RATED FOR THE GRADE OR BELOW MAY BE NOMINATED IN THIS WAY (ie for D Grade both players must be a 9, 10 or 11 rated).  During the batting innings the “bat” will participate and can bat anywhere in the order, but the bowler may not participate unless there is an injury / absence and the opposition captain agrees.  While fielding, the batter may not bowl, unless agreed by the opposition captain in the event of injury / absence but can operate as a standard 12th man and sub field as required (1 player nominated for 1st innings, 1 for 2nd innings).

  1. 30 runs retire rule. If retire <30 (retired out).
  2. HKHDCA COVID Policy and compliance
  3. Captains Course\Ticket – coming up
  4. WhatsApp – Captains group
  5. Game Day:
  6. TeamApp – game updates
  7. Return to the Club\Community Centre
  8. Match Reports
  9. Ratings (New Players)
  10. Training Days
  11. Leadership Development in Teams
  12. Child protection:
  13. WWC Accreditation
  14. Review our site on Child Protection and watch the 3 x 3-minute videos.
  15. Greenway Community Centre – upcoming events



October 27, 2021
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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