Round 6 – 4 December 2021

Points table

(Round 6)

A1 – =1st (32 points) & 2nd on quotient

A2 – =1st (27 points) & 2nd on quotient

B1 Blue – 5th (17 points)

B1 Red – 6th (7 points)

B2 – =2nd (22 points) & 3rd on quotient

C2 Blue – =6th (17 points) & 6th on quotient

C2 Red – = 1st (22 points) & 3rd on quotient

C3 – =3rd (22 points) & 3rd on quotient

C4 – 1st (32 points)

D1 Blue – =2nd (22 points) & 3rd on quotient

D1 Red – =2nd (22 points) & 2nd on quotient

D2 – 1st (31 points)


Match Reports


A1 Grade

WPHC (Wurthy) 195 defeated St Ives 63

We got to Berowra oval today amazingly with Ashayne ass man being the first to arrive to peel off the covers.

Congratulations to Big Jack Jamaican who filled in and took a fantastic catch at point.

We lost the toss and were sent in to bat. We scored 195 all out after 40 overs. Pick of the batters were BCG, Jamaican, Assman and Whacko. Lichaa also chimed in with 20 odd after being dropped 4 times.

The St Ives Keeper looked like he had one too many battered savs that morning at St Ives Village, dropping catches and missing stumpings with gay abandon.

We went into the field snaring quick wickets. Big Tiz Mistry took his first A Grade 5 fa and was backed up by big Krang McBrien with a couple. Assman Desilva bowled diligently with Captain Wu trying to get some overs under his belt.

On came big daddy Lichaaa to clean up the last wicket after we had St Ives 9/30 odd but it was to be the St Ives Keeper who had not done anything right all day that would be Lichaaa’s archenemies who just wouldn’t go away !

He ended up being the pick of the batters and totally frustrating our top line bowler sending him into a melt-down – blowing kisses at our spearhead and being a genuine pest. Well done to the St Ives keeper who showed Lichaa a trick or two about staying composed.

Lichaaa came up with an amazing runout to end the game, then Lichaa went on to blame the team for his mis fortunes.

Lichaaa complained that WPHCC had “dropped the ball” after not cleaning up the 10th wicket quick enough to the amazement of the whole team as he was the one doing the bowling.

Lichaaa’s toys were being tossed from his very expensive pram today.

Gandis was provoking poor Lichaa by moving out to a deep cover when he should have been normal cover, implying to Lichaa that he needs a sweeper. This also got under Lichaaas skin.

Everyone’s entitled to a meltdown but this one could only rival that of John McEnroe when he was ejected from Wimbledon when he had called the umpire a jerk.

Apart from Lichaaa’s meltdown that could only be rivalled from that in the reactor in Chernobyl it was a fantastic days cricket and was a wonderful day, apart from the meltdown which we hope we never have to see again.

Lichaa has been committed to 44 hours community service and will be back firing on all guns peow peow next week.

Lichaaa soon realised he was the one in the wrong and went on to apologise to everyone in the team who he had offended.


WPHC (Andrew) 7/123 defeated Berowra 95

After a good 2 week rest A2 were keen to stick it to the opposition. Toss was won by Skipper Morris and without saying more than 2 words to their captain “we’ll bat”. A very clear indication that we wanted to go out and notch the 3rd win on the trot.

The outfield was uncut and this made scoring quite difficult with lack of value for shots. In sheer frustration that there was no value for shots, Skipper Morris premeditated quick single call after smoking a drive straight to cover stranded his fellow opener for a less than ideal start to the innings. To rub salt into the wounds, Skipper Morris required a runner for the rest of his inning, in which S. Rochow then had to regear and scored more runs running for the Skipper then he scored in his innings.

By drinks we weren’t looking too crash hot however the all-powerful, all mighty T. Hando coming in for another cameo supported by Roe and the middle order to turn the innings around and set up a low by defendable total for our strong bowling line-up. 7-123

Taking the field optimistic about our total knowing all too well we would need to bowl strong and consistent lines. J. Hando started us off well with some high octane left arm fast putting the pressure on their opening batsmen and being rewarded for his attacking bowling, skittled the stumps and getting us that first crucial early wicket. Supported well by T. Hando at the other end, who maybe have been robbed of a wicket, with a very interesting call.

By the 2nd drinks only 1 batsmen stood in the way of a might WPHCCC victory, who had scored 46 out of their 4-53 runs. But he was just no match for T. Hira with an absolute worldy of a ball to send him back to the pavilion short of a 50 and shortly after drinks.

The rest of their wickets fell without much resistance from a clinical display of seam bowling (who needs spinners, they only go for runs anyway).

Highlights in the field were some excellent throws in from the deep with Chris and Jack having a battle to see who could throw the furthest away from the stumps, with Chris taking the honours having missed the keeper’s end by 15m.

All out 95

Hira 3-19 (7)


WPHC Red (Phill) 7/137 lost to WPHC Blue (Rick) 6/141

The Sheep Station Cup was up for grabs in a B1 derby between Phill Hando’s Reds and Flairs Blues.

Dural Park was lush after the recent top dressing, the warm weather and rain. The ground hadn’t been cut but did look good. After the usual pleasantries Phill tossed the coin, Flair called incorrectly again (seriously we need a specialist tosser and we do have quite a few of these in the Blues team) and Phill had absolutely no hesitation is deciding to bat.

‘Ivan’ Starr and Pedro ‘Lath’ opened the attack to face off against Willy Williamson and Zac Turner.

Willy and Zac looked solid until Ivan got one to move away and Willy nicked off. Rags Raghu swaggered his way to crease Viv Richard’s style and why not, he is oozing class with the bat this year making it look all too easy. Zac Turner was the next to go BBQing himself by trying to take a cheeky single to the old man at mid-off.

Flair has played too many years to be caught out by that sort of amateurism and swooped on the ball, picking it up one handed and firing a bullet return over the bails that ‘Swinger’ Keyes didn’t have to move his gloves for. Flair 1 Zazu 0 and he was on his way back to the pavilion.

Harry Hando came and went for a classy 9 including 2 boundaries. Matty Schwartzel joined Raghu and they out together a decent partnership Before Raghu was caught by Ivan with a screamer in the deep. Raghu decided to tee off against ‘Mayo’ Larkham but Ivan was onto it running 50m and diving full length to snare a 1-hander. Alec Silins and Dan Schwartzel came and went before Ivan took another great catch to remove Matty Schwartzel for 20 singles. Big Stevie O and Wazza Schwartzel remained the no batsmen. The Reds finished their 35 overs 7/137.

Flair rallied the Blues and called for a ruthless batting performance.

Rushing ‘Sanchez’ Datar into the opening position to partner with ‘Volc’ Banner. Unfortunately Sanchez must have been thinking about the dinner delights he was about to devour at tonight’s birthday party as he didn’t trouble the scorers and went straight on his way to the party. Flair joined Volc only to watch him nick off and the Blues were 2/13.

Mayo and Flair set about rebuilding the innings and put together a nice little 54 run partnership before Mayo got an absolute seed from Harry Hando which knocked over his off stump. Swinger came and went quickly bringing ‘Boo Boo’ Khamis to join Flair.

This partnership was ticking along quite nicely and the Blues had the game under control before Boo Boo made another boo boo and BBQ’d the captain. This wasn’t a regular BBQ but more like a slow roast with extra special seasoning and basting in the juices of an overnight cooked lamb. Colonel Sanders would have been proud if Boo Boo was cooking chicken. Flair was found short of his ground and you could smell the tender flesh as he trudged off the ground. ‘Loose bus change’ Dhargalkar made a quick cameo but it was all Boo Boo from here as he realized he needed to atone for his disgraceful mistake and bat through the innings.

He punished the good balls and swung wildly at the loose ones but belted his way to a 50. Boo Boo and Pedro finished the game scoring the required runs in the 31st over. The Blues had snuck over the line.

A really good game played in true West Penno spirits. Played hard but fair. We look forward to next week. Strangely it still smells like burnt meat in here!!


WPHC (Shomik) 7/109 defeated Kissing Point 108

Unfortunately the match report was not written 2 weeks ago, so we weren’t able to congratulate Cam Bliss on his impressive 47 runs in a team (without Diggers) that got rolled for 90 runs.

This week started off better with Shomik continuing his form of winning the toss and bowling.

The innings started off well with Anush (0/22) and Mohsin (2/20) bowling their consistent line and length which helped build the pressure.

Mithun (1/16) started with a very erratic start to his spell, but managed to score a wicket with Aman taking a screamer in gully to dismiss the opening batter.

Diggers (3/26) pitched in with another decent spell of leg spin that troubled the batters but the skipper Shomik (4/11) put on a clinic with his bowling which led to Kissing Point being bowled out for 108.

After the bowling innings you would think we would have this win easily… However, our top order

batters thought otherwise. With the team being in trouble at 5/30, in brought the skipper Shomik who built an impressive innings with Karm (24*) to help lead the team to a dominant win. Shomik ended the innings with a courageous 52*. A real Captains Knock.

Another game today that really showed the potential this team has.


WPHC Red (Indranil) 4/167 defeated Castle Hill 6/164

A couple of absences presented a fresh new team as we faced Castle Hill at Caddies Creek.

Amit taking over the Captaincy and sending us into bowl first. Wickets came at a steady rate but the ground was quick. Good acceleration by Castle Hill at the back-end left us with 165 to win. Good bowling all round with wickets shared between Amit, Manav, Ekkers, Kishore ‘The Keish’ Rampasad, Shanks, and Jay Patel kindly filling in from B2’s. The spin assault giving us a different approach this week.

Our turn to bat and Bishy and Woon got us to an excellent start, combining aggressive running with steady boundary hitting to hit a 70 run partnership by the 12th over before Woon fell for a solid 36. Bishy kept the runs coming at one end whilst a new partnership failed to materialise, although good cameos from Connor (18) and Jay (11*) saw us reach the runs comfortably. Well batted Cam ‘the greatest Bish’ Bish, showing his class and form with the bat with a career best 84*.

Bring on the derby next weekend at the home of cricket. Thanks to Jay for filling in with a great contribution with bat and ball, and the Keish for defying his years with a good bowling display.

WPHC Blue (Buzz) 8/148 lost to Kenthurst Upper Hills 4/195

We did ask the Stewards whether we could relocate our match today to Mt Panorama so that half of our usual team who were there could take part, but unfortunately the opposition weren’t keen to travel, so we had to settle for Kenthurst No.2 and pull in some subs to help out.

Their opening pair came out at a speed not dissimilar to the Supercars down Conrod Straight and some lusty hitting and small boundaries meant they raced to 66 before their first breakdown with Tarun forcing a retirement sending one opener back to pit lane and rolled out the back of the sheds.

Unfortunately, the other opener kept revving his engine and climbing the leader board before we then brought out the pace car in the form of Pranay who took out the threat with his first ball, though suffering some panel damage to his already dented hammy – 2/128.

Our bowling King of the Mountain – Connor – bowled a great spell and had the Marshalls disqualify two more batters. All of the bowlers did their best to try and limit the lap times (sorry, runs) but 195 was the score we would have to chase to take the chequered flag.

Our first two challengers for pole position, Craig and Connor, got us off at good pace keeping close to the previous mark, but Craig, after pushing hard, suffered a puncture and was forced out of the race after a brisk 25, with Connor falling only a couple of laps later with a well driven 38. Surely he will be up for Rookie of the year.

Pedal down hard efforts from Riley and Hari kept us in the race, and Tarun decided to go for broke in an attempt to break the lap record, falling just short with a scintillating 28. Minor mechanical difficulties for the rest of our contenders meant we ended up shy of the required completed laps when the flag came down.

A number of factors could have seen us better placed in this race, big thanks to our sub drivers Pranay and Ben who got a last minute call up – as the experts say – that’s Motorsport for you!


WPHC (Cameron) 5/155 defeated Beecroft 6/150

Winning the toss and choosing to bowl at Campbell after finding a place to park with election polling at the Scout Hall actually started on time against top of the ladder Beecroft.

Tight bowling for the first 7 overs while not breaking through really set us up and with the introduction of Rosey (4/17) we were able to have Beecroft 2 for 69 off 18 with John cleaning up the stumps 2 in 2. Some top ground fielding saved a ton of runs. Qasim’s ‘send them back to Beecroft’ didn’t really have the same sound after R4’s Berowra game at Greenway. At over change one of the opposing batsman said to his partner “I live on Victoria Rd” had to chuckle on that one.

At the resumption Vipin “Whippin” Virmani (2/23) took a wicket straight up and Rosey continued with 2 more wickets. At 6 for 94 with 10 overs to go we tried to clean them up but some good batting got them to 150 an under par score on Campbell.

Our turn to bat and why not blood our 13 year old fill-in Ansh Pratheesh fresh off a 50 in u/14s. He looked the part even if the bowlers were over a foot taller and made a good 13 and with Qasim (17) scoring quickly we managed to get to 2 for 43 off 7.

With Prannel run out, it was up to Vedant (74*) and John (27) to pile on close to 80 for the 4th wicket guiding us to certain victory. Vedant put the hammer down and Amrit hit the winning runs with a clip off the legs with a call to bat higher.

Huge result for our season with a great team performance we look forward to playing St Ives next week at NTRA.


WPHC (Rob) 3/188 defeated Berowra 93

Another Saturday, another game of Cricket.

Today the C4’s rocked up to Holland Reserve in Glenhaven in what ended up being a Grand Final replay against Berowra. All were itching to play after the wash out last week. As usual skipper Rob lost the toss and we were put in to bat. Out went Will and Aden, already somewhat tired after playing soccer for their warm up. The dynamic duo started well before Will departed for 6, frustrated after being set up by the same bowler that got him in the grand final last season.

Out went Kamran who continually threw the kitchen sink at every ball he faced without connecting to a single ball.

The 2nd wicket partnership was strong as Aden was supported well by Kamran who with a change of bat started to connect and score well being run out for 21. Out came Daniel who was hungry for runs especially with his promotion up the order and the two combined well as Aden passed 50 and continued to wreak havoc for the Berowra bowlers. Daniel then was caught on the boundary for 30. Luke “Junior” Fullerton headed out next and supported nicely with three four’s in a row which was something to marvel at. At the penultimate over, Aden reached his maiden hundred.

An innings that was played marvellously, with offering very few chances. We finished the 35 overs at 3-188.

Out we went to bowl and struck early with Al Fullerton trapping their opener lbw, in a dismissal that was plumb while Reyhan bowled consistently well from the other end. The team continued to field nicely with Al taking the second wicket with a nice catch by Aden who was fielding in the outfield for the first time in ages. The first-change bowlers in Mudi and Dan brought the heat as Mudi took the third wicket again trapping the batsman lbw. 3 down and with little to show, the Berowra batsmen began to swing, swing wildly with their no.5 swinging wildly to a full delivery from Daniel at ended up in the hands of Will and the game seemed in our hands, quite literally! 4-66 at the drinks, the sense of optimism grew within the team and the team continued to take wickets, Zia was bowling beautifully as he and Aden combined for the 5th wicket before bowling the next three batsmen.

With final figures of 4-5, Zia was clearly the pick of the bowlers for today.

Luke and Rommel then cleaned up the tail order as Berowra were all out for 93. A great team performance spearheaded by Aden and Zia, the two standout players today as the team continued their undefeated 2021 run and with two games to go in the calendar year, all the boys are raring to go


WPHC Red (Diggers) 3/80 defeated Kissing Point 9/70

The mighty Reds arrived at the home of cricket to play Kissing Point and the day started well with Diggers finally winning a toss.

Having what we thought was a pretty good bowling lineup, we decided to bowl first.

Connor (0/7 off 6) again bowled quick and tight but it was Disco (1/5 off 6) who made the early breakthrough to have KP 1/9 after 8. Mukund, playing his first match since the 2019/20 season after negotiating the HSC took a wicket with his first ball and continued to apply great pressure.

Dilan Baskaranathan, a 15 year old playing his first game of seniors after receiving a late call-up, bowled a really nice 5 over spell of line and length and was rewarded with figures of 3/15.

We also had Muthindra (1/8 off 4) fill in for us from the D1 Blue team (thanks Ross Smith) and together with Lachlan (1/13 off 6) and Zach (0/9 off 4)we were able to restrict KP to 9/70 off 35 overs. Slow going indeed.

Sticking with our trusted formula of Pratah and Lachlan opening, we started slow and steady chasing a very gettable total but with KP bowling well. We lost Pratah in the 12th over for 11 with the score on 25. Fieds and Zach made starts but they lost their wickets. Zach fell in the 19th over with the score on 44.

In the end, Lachlan survived a few chances, finishing unbeaten on 35 and combined with Muthindra (8 no) to pass the KP total with 7 overs to spare.

Not the most exciting afternoon’s cricket but we got the win and continue to see improvements in our batting, bowling and fielding.

D1 Blue (Ross S) 48 lost to Beecroft 8/152

Well, after another week of inclement weather…the ground was lush and freshly mown, the weather cool and overcast, nice day for cricket. We got a game of cricket in, but one of those days to wipe from memory.

Ross won the toss , and with only 6 players at the ground with 10 mins to start of play, thought about batting first, but difficult with 1/2 our batting order missing…..decided to bowl first, knowing the team would eventually turn up. Even so we ended up starting late with a full quota.

Our bowlers did really well for the first 18 overs, and although we missed a few chances in the field, Beecroft went to the drinks break 3/40….with 2 wickets to Vikas, and one to Happy…good catches to Jake and Bala…a great effort. We were definitely looking to keep Beecroft to under 100.

After the break the batsmen went on the attack….some poor fielding and attacking running by the batsmen saw the Beecroft score race to 95. Too many over throws from unnecessary throws at the stumps and lack of backing up. With Gihan taking two wickets in succession and just missing a hat trick…Beecroft were 6-114.

With only 4 overs remaining things were still looking good, however with a few more dropped catches and several missed run out opportunities the batsmen were able to put on 38 runs in just 4 overs, noting the last over bowled by Ram only costing 1 run. Beecroft finishing 8/152.

Good Catches to Ross and Jags….wickets to Gihan 3-29 of 6, Vikas 3-12 off 6, and Happy 1-40 off 7. Kudos to Ram who had several catches dropped 0-11 off 7 and a runout.

Going into bat we were confident, having chased down totals already this season, however the less said about our innings the better, being dismissed for 48 off 23 overs. We were never in the game losing a string of early wickets whilst soaking up overs. At 5-18 off 12 overs,  This put too much pressure on the lower order to score under some tight bowling…..

Well done to sundries top scoring with 18, but with 8 players scoring 2 or less, and no one getting into double figures, this was an inning to forget.

The Beecroft team is a very good side, with an exceptional bowling attack and even though we had a bad day, they were too good for us.

I’m sure we all wish to forget today as it’s not a reflection of our side.  Plenty of games to go to recover….


WPHC (Nirav) 7/148 defeated Kissing Point Red 48

With a few key players missing this round due to the approaching holiday season, we had Roger Friend (C4) help us out.

KP won the toss and decided to have a bowl, a decision which didn’t quite go their way today.

Arun and Luke opened the innings and both looked solid in the crease with the score at one point being 78 for no loss after 15. Arun ended on another 49 with able support from Luke 26. A couple of quick dismissals after that had us 5 down for 87 and Nirav and Agni got together to rebuild the innings which helped put us a decent total. Agni got 34 and Nirav played a pivotal role for his well-earned 13.

We knew our bowlers were keen to bowl them out early and enjoy an early mark and Ravi and Tej were both on point and KP never really looked to push for a win. 2 wickets each to Ravi, Agni and Roger and one each to Amith, Tej and Vishaal.

To highlight, Tonoy stepped up as our backup keeper and had a brilliant day behind the stumps being involved on 2 key dismissals.

All up a good win before the big game against Thornleigh next week.