Round 4 (Day 1) – 22 October 2022

Points table (as at Round 3)

A Grade Red (Cam) – =2nd (12 points)

A Grade Blue (Campbell) – =8th (7 points)

B1 Red (Birdcage) – =1st (12 points)

B1 Blue (Shomik) – = 5th (7 points)

B2 (Todd) – =1st (15 points)

C1 (Kapil) – 1st (15 points)

C2 Red (Indranil) – =2nd (6 points)

C2 Blue (Rob) – = 2nd (12 points)

C3 Red (Cameron) – = 6th (7 points)

C3 Blue (Tarun) – = 2nd (6 points)

C4 (Hiresh) – =6th (7 points)

D1 Red (Diggers) – =2nd (12 points)

D1 Blue (Arun) – = 5th (10 points)

D2 (Ross S) – 4th (12 points)


T20 Grand Finals – coming up

1st Grade (Sunday 16th October)

WPHC 4/142 defeated Berowra 138

Berowra won the toss and batted at a dry and fast Greenway Park. We kept getting wickets regularly with only a flurry of runs at the end pushing Berowra to a respectable but sub-par score. Best bowling for us was from Sean Clarence 3/18, Michael Richards 3/23 and Luke Herzog with 2/19. A couple of great catches by Ashane De Silva in the deep had a big impact on momentum.

Our turn to bat and we got away to a flyer. Ashane De Silva (35) and Jackson Preedy (11) gave us good early momentum. When Ashane was out in comes Sean Clarence who scored a rapid 44. Billy Gaunt (33*) and Josh Banner (8*) then finished the game with 1 over to go.

4th Grade

WPHC Blue (Rob) Vs Kissing Point @ Les Shore 1 – 2.00 pm; Sunday 30th October 2022

Match Reports – Round 4 (Day 1)

A1 Grade

WPHC Red (Cam) 197 Vs Kissing Point 3/27

Welcome to Parklands. Welcome to Round 4 of this A1/A2 COMBINED season. We were on turf this week, it’s not always the case this year in the top flight. Boy did it cause some controversy though.

The groundsman spilt water on the pitch taking the covers off himself. Captain Krang was blamed. Because of this wet pitch, we had to change strips. Despite not being covered, we played on the eastern side of the ground. That’s right, we played on the wicket that was NOT covered. That, my loyal readers, should highlight you the standard of our covers.

Speaking of Captain Krang, he was disposed this week at a wedding and the designated survivor was Michael Mao Gunn. Chairman Mao won the support of the caucus after key team powerbroker Michael Lichaaa Richards pledged his allegiance, he was elected to the leadership unopposed.

His reign of terror got off to the perfect start, he lost the toss and Kissing Point did what every good team does – choose to bowl in overcast conditions. Don’t worry about the pitch looking like Pennant Hills Rd, the ball will ALWAYS hoop when it’s cloudy. SPARE ME.

To the cricket we go, this glorious madness. Mao and Jamakin opened us up and the new leadership got off to the perfect start. The fresh idea to drop Assman and replace him to combine the two slowest batman in the team worked wonders, we were 0-50 off 10 overs and flying. Both were looking good, until Jamakin was forced to go after the world’s longest caught behind decision went against him. Surprisingly it wasn’t Fletch who made the call.

Mao promoted Sav to 3 and the pair continued to rotate the strike and keep the scoreboard ticking over. Mass debate raged on the sidelines over the rest of the batting order, Luke Gandis Herzog took it upon himself to detail the remaining batsman – he put himself above Tis Mystery. A strange choice considering Gandis openly admitted he struggles to see the ball when he bats. He confirmed it was a race related decision.

Back to the middle and Sav got out – not sure how because I assumed he would just get a chanceless 100. He booked himself into scoring duties for the remainder of the afternoon. Mao was gone shortly thereafter, again I wasn’t watching but it was a great display of leadership to start the innings. He made about 30 odd.

So it was Billy Gaunt and Josh Banner who were in the middle – yes Josh Banner is back. Strictly a fill in this year, we have called upon him on every game. And for good reason. Some lovely strokeplaying has KP on the ropes. Billy contributed as well, his usual busy self has the scoreboard ticking over nicely. But it wouldn’t be a cricket season, without an A1 collapse.

Effie and Billy both fell in quick succession. Ashane Assman D’Silva, the hero from last week’s T20 GF, couldn’t trouble d’scorers this week and was d’missed. We went from 4/130 to 7/130 and the turn tables turned. Gandis and Lichaaa had to rebuild.

They did just that – putting a handy 30 run partnership. Both then went quickly, falling victim their own trick, suffocating to the claims of KP. This introduced Tiz and Jack “Cannot Bat” Hando to the wicket.

Now I need to pause here. All season Captain Krang has been telling us how Jack Hando can’t bat, Jack Hando is clearly a no 11, we may as well declare if Jack Hando goes into bat, Jack Hando can barely hold a bat, Jack Hando can’t score any runs at all. Well what we ALL discovered today is that there was a reason he didn’t want Jack Hando to bat. Because Jack Hando has today cemented himself as a permanent batting fixture, delegating Cam to the famed No12 position.

Jack Hando CAN bat, boy can he bat. Delicious strokeplay and aggression all around the ground has KP reeling. Tiz joined in on the fun and it was like watching a strong middle order go to work. The tail was wagging and wagging hard. Jack Hando just had us all so impressed, unfortunately Tiz left him stranded. Jack Hando 22 not out, more runs that Captain Krang has scored in the last 4 seasons combined. Tiz 18. Gas 15. Lichaaa 12. The cartel had given us a commendable score – 198.

We had about 20 overs to bowl to conclude the days play. Mao pulled us together for a strong reminder of our firepower, the team hanging off every word – he set an aggressive field, three slips showed a level of force to the opposition

Lichaaa and Tiz kicked us off and the clamps were applied. In a cruel turn of events, Tiz was this time rewarded for the clamps with wickets. Sav reminded us all how much we love money. Money is the best. Not many runs were conceded but KP were hanging in there.

Sav and Jack Hando came on late in the day to try and secure a late one. Captain Krang had advised that Jack Hando has a toe problem, Jack Hando advised that he was fully fit. And wasn’t he fully fit – he snared his first A Grade wicket with a booming bouncer, Billy Gaunt taking a sharp chance. The cartel ft Sav doing a great job to end the day.

3/27 at the end of the days play. See you next week.

Just before I go, my sources have informed me that Captain Krang was spotted fielding at D’Grade this afternoon. A true Club captain, he is going through each WPHCCCC side to spend time with the lower grades – guide them, nurture them. It’s brilliant to see his career go full circle, back to where it all began.

It’s a good dusting off the cobwebs, Captain Krang will be only fielding next week after L Mac bowled a few overs before the end of today’s play.

A2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Campbell) 197 Vs Glenorie 4/47

A return to the Home of Cricket was a fruitful one. Sick of getting all the runs from #11, Matty Phillip decided he’d top-score opening the batting instead. His 41 set the platform and helped by handy contributions from Campbell, Justin and Soham, we’d be all out for 197 with still a session to bowl.

Under the fading light, the opening spells from KT and H. Hando were a thing of beauty. KT snared two wickets, Harry one but the day was not done.

Sometimes in cricket, you are witness to the dawn of a new era. Like Shane Warne’s first Ashes delivery or Michael Clarke’s hundred on debut in India, our 15-year old Soham Agarwal has begun brightly. A first seniors wicket with the final ball of the day, from one of the finest half-trackers you’ll ever see, superbly caught at backward square leg by the chest of S.Hando.

Glenorie 4 for 47 in reply. Still work to do but we like where we’re at.

Sunday games for B1 Grade 23rd & 30th October 2022

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Shomik) Vs Berowra

The boys are scheduled to play a Sunday game this Round so a Match Report will be provided on Monday morning.

WPHC Red (Birdcage) Vs Castle Hill 4/73

Today started with one of the worst feats of driving ever seen at Les shore Oval.

Anush “pay the excess” Sharma while attempting to park (a skill anyone with a license should possess) he totalled his father’s car and left Les Shore car park looking like a scene from Mad Max.

Speaking of poor feats Zac “on time” Turner once again forgot his whites. Ross keeps stats on this and he has now become the all-time leading white’s forgetter. We also had the worst warm up of all time.

Onto the cricket we won’t the toss and bowled as we had 3 recognised batsmen in our line up today due to Brent’s lifestyle finally getting the better of him. What ensued was the tightest day of bowling in the history of WPHCCC. Dicko and Cammos opened the bowling and were unlucky not to get a breakthrough. Then Nushy came on and rear ended the batsmen’s leading edge to be caught well by Dick Nuck. A few more wickets fell due to constant pressure. Big shoutout to Cam McBrien for risking his wife and child to come play cricket for a second day in a row.

We also think we had the Clubs slowest cordon today which consisted of Cam, Knaps, BC and Ray. Diggers also got a wicket and the batsmen cried (possibly due to getting out to diggers but are awaiting confirmation).

Sadly rain put a halt to play, we have them 4/73

B2 Grade

WPHC (Todd) 7/79 Vs Castle Hill 103

Two-day cricket is back!… and it did seem the concept of batting long was very foreign to all those present at Fred Caterson with 17 wickets falling!

Winning the toss, we sent them in with our bowlers liking the overcast conditions.

Paul Vink (1-21) opened the bowling and got right into his work, trapping the dangerous Mick Hungerford in front. Prats Datar (1-10) continued his new ultra-short run up (Ross maybe head down to one of our games with a tape measure, could be one for the WPH record books!) and bowled a very tight spell picking up a valuable wicket.

The father-son Hutchinson duo would contribute 7 wickets between them, with Todd “forever living in my father’s shadow” Hutchinson chipping in with a measly 1 wicket (1-21) and Craig “OG Hutchy” Hutchinson stealing the show with 6-7!! Our first 6fa for the season. For those wondering how he has pulled up after a long spell… cramping up by dinner! Sam Kirkegard was exceptional as always behind the stumps with 4 dismissals including a swift stumping and a speccy to his right.

Ryan “I’ll hold up an end” Birdcage (does anyone know his real last name?) (1-19) bowled an exceptional 10 over spell in partnership with the OG Hutchy. Good luck with your recovery for tomorrow … win the toss and bat mate! After a very good bowling display we had dismissed Castle Hill by tea and it was time to Bat.

The tea back was filled with expletives as Chris “Willy” Williamson realised he was required at the SCG by 6:00pm (No… sorry to disappoint, the call unfortunately wasn’t from Andrew McDonald but rather his wife).

Unfortunately, wickets constantly fell with none of us wanting our dismissals recounted on the internet for all to read… although shout out to Dylan Bish for a very nicely compiled 24. We resume next Saturday at 7/79, needing 24 runs for victory.

C1 Grade

WPHC (Kapil) Vs St Ives Wahroonga

Report not received. We do know that we batted first and at one stage were 4/68.

C2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Rob) 196 Vs WPHC Red (Indranil) 2/32

Today West Penno Blue and West Penno Red went head to head in the first day of the two day Sheep Station Trophy, with the Red’s winning the toss and electing to bat by sending in Cameron and Akith to open.

The Blue’s opening their bowling account with Ben Burrows and Luke Fullerton.

A slow and steady start for the Reds saw them slowly turning the strike and racking up the singles with a boundary here and there. Luke Fullerton was then finally able to find the breakthrough for the Blues by taking the first wicket of the innings dismissing Cameron.

The Reds then sent in Yasith. After a few balls to get themselves in, Akith and Yasith were able to start hitting the ball into the gap finding the boundary as well with a few very lucky chances off the edge. Mudi was then finally able to find the breakthrough for the Blues by dismissing Akith off the edge with a well taken catch by Aden and a well made 23 for Akith.

Yasith was then able to take the brunt of the deliveries for the Reds bringing up a well-made 50 with some well-timed shots, good shot selection and a bit of luck. Then with a good run out by Mudi and some miscommunication from the Reds the Blues were able to capitalize and take a good run out on Yasith. Garam and Riley were then able to settle the Reds with some solid rotation of the strike and with a couple boundaries here and there. Samir then came on the attack taking a solid wicket with a brilliant one handed catch by Luke.

Ben and Mudi were then able to return to the attack and slow up the run rate of the Reds.

Riley was able to find the boundary for the Reds with Ben sending them down the wicket putting up a good contest with some very unlucky deliveries that ended up on the boundary demonstrating his hard work and effort.

As the overs went on and the wickets fell West Penno Blue were able to bowl out West Penno Red for 196 and sent the Blues in for the chase with 30 mins to go for the day. The Fullerton brothers Al and Luke opened the bat for the Blues with a steady rotation of the strike trying to see off the swing of the ball. With some solid bowling by G.Roberts and a bit of luck, Al Fullerton was unlucky to chop it on the stumps bringing up Reds first wicket.

Luke and Daniel then had to hold on for another 10 minutes with a final breakthrough for the Reds with a well bowled delivery from Ihan causing Luke to chip it on to mid-wicket with an impressive catch by Yasith. The final over being bowled by Akith,

Will and Daniel were able to hold out to stumps leaving the innings at 2/32 leaving an exciting run chase for the final day of the Sheep Station Trophy.

C3 Grade

WPHC Blue (Tarun) 189 Vs Sydney Lions

We welcomed back Captain Tarun and Mistry the younger to today’s line up at the lush Glenhaven Park.

The Captain duly won the toss and we batted. Ron and Lachlan opened the innings and a steady start ensued.

Ron lost middle peg upping the ante and William join Lachlan for a cameo before he found his way back to the pavilion. Tarun (23) and Lachlan (31) steady the ship and took the score beyond fifty.

Lachlan was unfortunate to run himself out which caused a mini collapse as Tarun and Peter quickly followed to be 5/71. Bronson and Mat (the other father and son combination), dug in and began building the innings.

Selective hitting and intelligent running had them passing a fifty stand and Mat subsequently passing 50 himself during the session. Bronson (26) was undone just on tea to have the team at 6/169, a 98 run partnership between Mat and Bronson being the days highlight.

Mat’s next objective was to go one better than older brother Ron (who made 65 last week), which he did by one run making 66 before holing out. Louis, Jack, Will and Shakeel scrambled a few runs to have us all out for 189 in 65 overs.

This left us 2 overs to complete the day’s play which the Lions navigated without loss.

Roll on next week, with runs on the board, confidence is high in defending the total and securing the win.

WPHC Red (Cameron) 1/27 Vs St Ives Wahroonga 140

Stand in Captain John Rose won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Opening the bowling was Vikas Goel and Brijesh Sharda who got 4 early wicks to have the opposition at 4/35 after an aggressive start from one of their opening batsmen.

This was followed by a determined 5th wicket partnership of 73 and our bowlers struggled to break the partnership although there were a couple of chances that went begging. However, right on the lunch break Vikas got the ball swinging and picked up a crucial wicket with an LBW and that swung things back in our favour.

In the end the opposition were all out for 140 with 4 wickets to Vikas, 2 to Brijesh, 2 to John Rose and one each to Anikeet and Vinod.

WPH turn to bat with 13 overs remaining in the day. Openers Rohit and Vinod started well before Vinod was dismissed by a brilliant catch and this brought Anikeet to the crease.

Aniket batted aggressively and we finished with 1/27 with Aniket not out 13 and Rohit n/o 4. WPH need 113 to win next week with 9 wickets in hand and all day to bat providing the rain stays away.

A good team effort today that required perseverance and determination from our bowlers and that is exactly what occurred.

C4 Grade

WPHC (Hiresh) 2/110 Vs Berowra 348

A day that was presumed to rain far from in Moony Moony shaped up to be an eventful high scoring day with plenty of victories for the WPH club. Playing short 4 players, on a very small juniors ground WPH unfortunately lost the toss and was sent out to bowl by Berowra causing plenty of gaps for the opposition to score through.

WPH fought hard until tea break picking up two handy wickets on the back foot with Berowra having plenty of runs to score.

With some belief and confidence WPH managed to get them all out for 348 thanks to a magical spell by Sparsh picking up a 6FA! With 45 bowled in the day, WPH went out to bat and play an innings with positivity and belief. With a great partnership between Ratul and Arnav it led to WPH clawing their way up to 2/110 in just 22 overs, with our top score being Arnav at 40*. An amazing effort on day 1 with players short leaves us with 239 to chase next week to win!

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Arun) 73 Vs WPHC Red (Diggers) 1/45

Match Report to follow but in brief the Blues were down 7 players due to the Melbourne T20 game on Sunday. The Reds bowled tightly and fielded well with Parin Pillamarr the star taking 4/8 from 17 overs! More to follow.

D2 Grade

WPHC (Ross S) 9/245 Vs Berowra

A rather eventful, and disrupted day. Skipper lost the toss and we were asked to bat.

Mridal and Jake started off, and it was a great start.5 penalty runs first over hitting a helmet behind the keeper….

Mridal went early LBW. Jake was playing a great innings, but on 20 got a tiny edge. 2/31. Roger and Henry then steadied the ship, before Henry was well caught in the covers. 3/46 at the first drinks break.

We then had a continually interrupted 30 minutes of cricket…Around 120 Beecroft Rugby players and spectators turned up at 2.15 to play an end of season game. We were asked to vacate the ground as they insisted they had the ground booked from 3-5.30. We asked them to leave the field a number of times as they wanted to practice.

Let’s just say it was not pleasant being a Captain on the sideline being approached by a number of rugby members insisting we vacate….after a number of conversations including a compromise request to only hit the ball on one side of the ground, a Northholm teacher confirmed that a mistake double booking had been made and asked for a compromise. Teams agreed a change in playing conditions.

We eventually stopped play for just over an hour at 3pm so Rugby could be played.

When we finally got to play cricket, after 4pm, Roger and Sach played steadily, before Roger was again dismissed LBW for a well-made 17….Muthindra and Sach then started playing more aggressively, before M was given out LBW too.6/97

Ram and Sach then put on 100 off just 15 overs…Ram making 63 including 5*6. 7/197…

The innings of the day belonged to young Sach… who was the last batsman out for a chanceless 95…(41 singles). He was really the glue that kept our innings together going in when we were 3/38 and being the 9 wicket to fall in the last over of the day. Well played Sach…

With slower bowlers on we were able to make up quite a few overs,, and in the end only lost 7 overs in the day after losing so much time…

Next week we are hoping for a nice sunny day……..With 4 LBW’s given by our own umpires, have to hope that this is reciprocated…