Round 12 (1-dayer) – 28 January 2023

Points Table (as at Round 12)

A Grade (Cam) – 2nd (66 points)

A2 Grade (Campbell) – 3rd (26 points)

B1 Red (Birdcage) – 3rd (48 points)

B1 Blue (Shomik) – 6th (32 points)

B2 (Todd) – =1st (56 points)

C1 (Kapil) – 6th (43 points)

C2 Red (Indranil) – 7th (38 points)

C2 Blue (Rob) – = 4th (40 points)

C3 Red (Cameron) – 4th (45 points)

C3 Blue (Tarun) – 6th (33 points)

C4 (Hiresh) – 5th (41 points)

D1 Red (Diggers) – 4th (44 points)

D1 Blue (Arun) – 9th (30 points)

D2 (Ross S) – 4th (52 points)

Match Reports – Round 12 (1-Dayer)

A1 Grade

WPHC Red (Cam) 5/153 defeated Hornsby  72

Reeling from our first loss of the season last week, Captain Krang wielded the axe, selection wis,e to make sure all players are on notice moving forward. He was dominant in the selection meeting mid-week, dropping Assman and Sav – our two leading run scorers for the season. He left Jamakin benched with a minor injury, not taking any unnecessary chances heading into finals.

Unfortunately we had to put a pen through Jackson Preedy, a late scratching the morning of raceday due a back injury. First emergency Andy Meikle was called into the side.

With Preeds out, it left a vacant opening batsman position. Who would fill the role? There weren’t many volunteers when we arrived and saw the pitch, a total green top – clearly going to be tough to bat on. We had to win the toss. We lost the toss. We were batting.

Captain Krang decided that there was no man better suited to open on this green top, than himself. He STRIDED to the crease, discussions on the sideline questioned whether he was a sacrificial lamb or sheep, or goat (Gas WTF??) Krang was about to prove all the haters wrong. Mao joined him at the crease.

We started slowly, Krang especially was looking to get his eye in. He went 13 balls without a run, before CRACKING one through the covers for 1. He was away, and racing. He and Mao were seeing off the new ball. We raced to 13 off 8 overs before Krang then fell unluckily, caught in the gully. Still a bigger opening partnership than we are used to seeing and he had successfully seen off the worst of the swinging ball.

Billy was at 3 and he came to the crease trying to earn respect back after his embarrassing run out fiasco from last week. He lasted only a couple of balls, hoiking one in the air straight to cover. He booked himself into scoring with Warren Fisher for the rest of the afternoon, a death sentence if anyone has spent a game scoring against Hornsby.

Mao was fighting hard down the other end but all that hard work was about to become undone.

Not for anything Mao was doing, because Mr Gunn arrived to watch his son – the greatest unlucky charm you’ve ever seen. “Is that Andrew Miedler” – Meiks. One of his best because they look similar. Mr Gunn sat down to watch his son, two balls later, Mao hung the washing out to one wide of the crease and was caught behind.

And Mao was FUMING walking off. Reminiscent of the Gav Taylor days, Mao unleashed an almighty vent, equipment was thrown everywhere. Loud banging noises were coming from the rooms. I don’t have anymore details. I was too scared to go in there. I watched Wu and Heidegger walk to the crease in consecutive overs. 3/25

We needed a rebuild and Ian Diggers Heidegger delivered. He was bush at the crease, lots of ones and twos had Hornsby annoyed as they tried to close the gaps. It also had Wu annoyed down the other end. Never has he had to run so hard with another WPH batsman.

But Wu had some fireworks of his own, he launched a huge 6 over – yes OVER – the trees at Parklands. But all the running with Diggers had him stuffed – he decided to either hit out or get out. He got out. A lovely cameo of 20.

I was in the rooms when Wu came off. He wasn’t happy he was dismissed, he took off the helmet he borrowed from Gandis and hurled into the change room wall. Then he did it again. And again. 3 times that poor helmet was pelted against the bricks. It looked mangled – but Gandis didn’t know. He took it outside and hosed down the sweat.

J Mac joined Diggers and the two continued the rebuild. The scorebook was ticking over, a couple of lovely shots from J Mac went unrewarded with the slow outfield. He got out though for 10. It brought Tommy Hando to the crease with the bush Diggers.

He’s had some late innings cameos in this season, but this was my favourite Tom Hando innings close. He took full advantage of the spinner bowling at the death, hitting some huge 6s onto the hill at Parklands. He swung and miss a few times too, clearly throwing the whole body into trying to get one away. Down the other end, Diggers brought up his 50. The two put on a handy last wicket partnership – DH 69* TH 29*. We were in trouble early, but got 150ish. A competitive total.

Krang threw the new ball to his traditional pair – Tiz and Lichaaa and asked for one thing – apply the clamps and keep it tight early. He wanted 7 overs out of each of them. And right from the beginning they delivered.

Lichaaa was on from the get go, had the ball moving both ways and was borderline unplayable at times. He was able to pick up the top 4 to himself, a couple of great slips catches to Tom and Krang and one of the great one handed keeper catches to Billy. He finished his 7 overs, 4 maidens, 4/7.

Tiz, wellllll Tiz was a little more unlucky. So many plays and misses, edges that fell short or wide, he was the anchor for Lichaaa at the other end but was no rewarded with any fruits. No fruits for his labour. He finished his 7 overs absolutely spent, he had given his all. Krang took over from his end and immediately got a wicket – there is NO justice in the world for Tiz.

Wickets fell steadily through the afternoon, Meiks picking up 3 bowling his leggies. Tom Hando continued to prove he’s the best fielder in the competition. In fact he’s in my T5 fielders in the side. We bowled them out for 80 odd.

A great win set up by some intelligent batting from the middle order and tight bowling throughout.

A2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Campbell) 145 lost to Glenorie 4/189

We welcomed back our esteemed globetrotters this week. Rowan Keating from a 9 week trip to Japan (must be nice being a teacher with all those holidays), Tanay who was also in Japan (and insists he was not holidaying with Keats, though we have our doubts) and Avi from a trip to India (extremely poorly timed Avi, there’s a Test series you could have gone to with proper planning).

It was at least a 30 degree temperature swing for Keats and Tanay coming from the Japanese ski slopes, but the heat of the air was nothing compared to the heat Sammy Hando was bowling.

With the rest of his family camping in the wilderness, SHando bowled like a man who’s been feeding himself steak after steak after steak for 3 weeks. A searingly quick spell in the tough conditions, he finished with 2-17 from 7 overs.

Unfortunately we let ourselves down in the field, some misfields and dropped catches allowed the Glenorie score to blow out late. All 4 of our wickets were bowled, eventually the bowlers realising they had to take the fielders out of the equation.

Shaan and Justin laid a good platform with the bat. Shaan, with bulging muscles and an imposing masculine aura. Justin, a gangly nerd every bit as intimidating as a butterfly.

But it was in fact Justin who swung hard getting hold of a couple of sixes. While Shaan craftily found the gaps with precise placement.

This subversion of expectation from the pair could be seen as a clever ploy to disrupt Glenorie’s plans. But perhaps more accurately, Justin- still carrying a Christmas belly- no longer wished to run between the wickets in the heat.

38 from Shaan and 37 from Justin had us at 2/79 at drinks, exactly where Glenorie were in their innings.

While Glenorie were able to accelerate through the gears in their innings like a thoroughbred rounding the field on the outside, our acceleration looked more like a racehorse with only 3 legs. And blind. And drunk.

Our lower order were left with too much to do. Tanay returned to the fold by attempting a ramp first ball. It was the only ball he faced.

We look forward to the return of the 2-dayers as we feel that’s what suits our squad. None of this tiktokIhavenoattentionspanandneedaresultinonedayrubbish.

B1 Grade

WPHC Red (Birdcage) 9/150 defeated WPHC Blue (Shomik) 80

To our devoted readers. We are back. Again our utmost apologies for the absence of our match reports over the last fortnight.

Today was a big one, derby day against Shomik and his Bandits. At none other than the home of cricket. To say that we were pumped to get the Sheep Station trophy back would be a massive understatement. Spoiler alert, justice was restored and the sheep station cup is now with its rightful owners.

The Blues won the toss and chose to field first.

The intensity of the derby started early with Alec ‘tickets’ Silins purposefully barging into Ray ‘last laugh’ Khamis on his way into the pavilion. Ray promptly decided he would open the batting and despatch tickets into Shepherds Drive on his way to 24 off 18. Getting our boys off to a much needed flyer. Ryan ‘Birdcage’ Loveridge came and went, as did Brent ‘they don’t call me Brent for nothing’ Larkham. Nick ‘Adonis’ Starr and Adam ‘Mayo’ Van Saarloos then got to work rebuilding the innings. They both finished on 40 odd. Good job guys.

This brought the tail-enders to the crease and despatched Alec for 40 off his 6 overs. The Reds finished on 9/150. Unlucky Alec.

Once we got the ball we never looked like losing as the Blues were suffering from heat stroke and expected to chase an extremely respectable total.

Starman toiled hard, bowling line and length and finishing with 2/3 off his 5. Cam ‘the silent assassin’ Northrop finished with 1, Cage, finished with 2.

The highlights however were Rob ‘pie shop’ Knapman and Ray ‘best all-rounder at the Club Khamis combining in the middle overs for a total of 5 wickets.

Shomik showed signs of his heat stroke by stepping on his own stumps. Alec got bowled by getting bowled by Ray and from there we never looked like losing.

As far as the season goes this victory is one is sweet.

Stay tuned readers, more great content coming as our form is restored.

Match highlights:

  • Buckets duck got another duck
  • Gunny made a guest appearance and did nothing
  • Tori Van Saarloos ran her mouth
  • Billy Gaunt gave his whole family Covid,

B2 Grade

WPHC (Todd) 7/124 defeated Beecroft 121

We arrived at Bannockburn oval on a hot and humid day. Todd was away, so Rick Turner stepped up to captain and promptly lost the toss, and we were fielding in the heat.

With both our normal opening bowlers away Jack Hutchinson (3-18) and Ray Ahmed (0-6) opened the bowling and had Beecroft 2-9 after 10. Dylan Bish (1-24) fresh back for a 6-week tour of McDonald’s Restaurants in Europe, and Josh Elliot continued to test the Beecroft batting line-up.

Then as things heated up, the spinners, Craig Hutchinson (3-28) and Chris Williamson (1-23), came on after drinks and took wickets, but we still leaked a few runs with some creative hitting from Beecroft. We had a great direct-hit runout for Ray, and then Jack closed out the innings with Chris. Beecroft 9/121 at the end of 35.

Michael Banner (26) and Dylan Bish (34) opened the batting and got us off to a great start, even though Bishy was still recovering from a McDonald’s food coma and was a little slower between wickets than usual. Then the collapse came – Jude Boyle watched helplessly as wickets tumbled at the other end then our stand-in captain courageous Rick Turner came to the crease and smashed a quick-fire 18 until disaster struck and he retired hurt due to a pulled calf.

More wickets fell, and then Jude (21 N.O.) decided to explode and get us home, he was capably supported by Josh Elliot (9 N.O.) who hit one of the best French Cuts I have ever seen. With an over to spare, we passed the target 7/124.

C1 Grade

WPHC (Kapil) 9/189 defeated Glenorie 151

On a scorcher of a day at Northholm Grammar School ground, Kapil won the toss and chose to bat. Coming off three consecutive losses, the team was under immense pressure to bounce back strongly. They lost their skipper without troubling the scorers with mistimed pull shot and no. 3 Nikhil to a good catch at second slip.

The team slipped further and with the score at 49/4, Raj joined WPHCCC stalwart Prashant at the other end. With a partnership required at that stage, they put on a 49-run stand before Raj was bowled trying to accelerate the scoring by coming down the track. With the run-rate just hovering around 3.5, a tired Prashant switched gears and smashed the bowlers out of the park for multiple fours and sixes scoring 76. Supported by Sid who scored three consecutive boundaries and Anand who hammered quick-fire 36 including five sixes and a boundary, the scoring rate climbed well over 5 runs per over. With the tailenders finishing strongly against a tired Glenorie attack, WPHCCC ended up with 198/9.

With close to 6 runs per over required, Glenorie started strongly before Sid took two quick wickets in his first spell. A long-handled player kept smashing fours and sixes at the other end scoring a brisk 54 off 32 balls including three off one over off Abhimanyu.

With Manish pulling things back before the break, Rohit finally provided the vital breakthrough just before the drinks break leaving Glenorie at 115/5 needing 84 off the last 17. A direct hit by Raj at the striker’s ended a stable innings post the break. Glenorie youngsters kept fighting hard but veteran bowlers Sid and Abhimanyu finished things off with two wickets apiece in their second spell bowling them out for a 151.

With a big win for the C-Graders providing ample confidence for the remaining games and with a spot in the semi-finals at stake, expect no sweet kisses being blown against Kissing Point next week at the Bannockburn Oval next weekend.

C2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Rob) Vs Bye

WPHC Red (Indranil) 72 lost to Beecroft 8/187

It was a hot and sticky one at Cheltenham Oval. Unfortunately, we were beaten quite comprehensively. I am still mentally wounded from this defeat and will keep this report quite short. Beecroft batted first, and they managed to keep the run rate ticking and were quite frustrating to bowl to with the sun beaming down. They finished 8/187 after the full 35 overs. We went out to bat and showed a few glimpses of quality but overall their bowlers were able to do wonders in terms of ball movement. We were all out for 72 after 26 overs. This was a tough pill to swallow – we were beaten mentally and physically.

Now that the housekeeping is done, onto some of our highlights:

–          Great to see Inam and Vipin firing after coming back from holidays, picking up several crucial wickets each.

–          Saw some awesome death bowling from Aayush.

–          Ved and Amrit got us off to a good start with the bat.

–          Haseeb creamed a few pull shots in quick succession and gave us a glimmer of hope.

–          Mr. Cricket himself Vihaan returned from holidays to cheer on the team. He was fresh off of taking a screamer at mid-on in his juniors game. Look out Gary, he’s coming for your spot!

Hopefully with the return of the two-dayers for the rest of the competition we can bounce back and find our form. We are playing freshly-promoted Glenorie next game. Let’s destroy them and get back a bit of confidence in ourselves before our final showdown with Castle Hill (*find the nearest piece of wood and knock on it*).

C3 Grade

WPHC Blue (Tarun) 77 lost to Kissing Point 4/198

The boys rocked up to the furnace that was Auluba Oval with one goal in sight, to win the toss, kick back and bat. Skipper Tarun’s return was greatly appreciated as fill in skip, Peter had lost 4/4 tosses. However, luck was not on our side before a ball had been bowled as we lost the toss and were ordered to bowl.

Jack (1-29), was coming off a first ball of the innings dismissal last week, however had to wait 2 overs to take his first scalp. Jay (0-20) toiled away early with numerous lbw appeals turned down. However as Kissing Point were starting to build at 1-31 and the big unit loosened up, the first drinks break ensued with a few of the West Penno lads nearing a heat stroke.

Jamo (1-33) and M Dissanayake (1-17) kept it tight with Jamo taking the first wicket after the break getting the big unit out caught as he had finished up with his cardio in the middle and wanted to down a few beers in the pavilion (I don’t blame him). However, the fall of that wicket would see a Marcus Stoinis look-alike make his way to the middle with the clear intent to slog everything. The batsman’s biceps helped a few balls over the rope as he began his race to score the fastest 50 of all time before Nath (1-37) cleaned up Kissing Point’s number 3, leaving them 3-68.

However that would be the boys last bit of luck as biceps sent Jack over his head for 6 with what can be described as his only defensive shot of the day. Nath and Shak (0-33) copped the brunt of Stoinis’s wrath as he whistled past 50 after he was dropped off specialist mystery bowler Michael west (0-11) by Jamo who hasn’t looked comfortable in the field all season, (even with the catches he’s caught).

The drop proved costly as he swiftly sent Michael over the fence next ball. However, on 94 the man with the biggest biceps in Australia folded as he skied one into the deep, allegedly falling victim to the phone curse, which ended a decent 120 run partnership.

Kissing Point ended proceedings on 4-198, leaving the boys with a huge mountain to climb.

Ever-single team member was asked to partner Lachie in the middle to open the innings however Tarun took it upon himself to open and fell victim to an in swinging Yorker early. Jay walked to the middle to provide some form of consolation and put a dews runs on the board however it just wasn’t anyone’s day as he and Lachie both fell in quick succession.

Shak and Pete were left to pick up the scraps as they began to build with Pete winding back the clock knocking around a few quick singles to provide Shak a platform to do what he does best – have a hit. However after 2 boundaries, shak bit off more than he could chew edging straight to gully leaving the lads reeling at 4-37 at the break.

Gun batsman and future Australian representative Nathan Watkins walked with Pete to the middle however Nath “just wasn’t feeling it” as he fell cheaply, very much like a few of his team mates today. With the win out of sight Jack can to the middle to steady the ship and bat for the red ink, however Jack, much to the surprise of his team mates, played risky shots as he and Pete proved that sometimes the best way to defend is to attack with a few nice sweep shots from Jack and few old school heaves down the ground from Pete.

Just as their partnership started to build, Pete, much like Shak, played one big shot too many as he skied one to the opposition keeper who took a screamer running backwards. After waiting 12 whole rounds, mates Jack and Michael found themselves in the middle for the first time as Jack tried to calm Michael’s nerves by telling him “just think of it as backyard cricket mate, no pressure”. However, Michael used up all his batting ability on backyard cricket this Week during Australia Day as he could only amount a duck. Pinch hitter Z Ahmed joined Jack in the middle, however he seemed to take over Louis’s legacy as West Penno blues pinch hitter getting out first ball.

No better man could walk out to the middle as inform batsman Jamo faced the hat trick ball (he averages 2.5). Jamo confidently played the ball outside off (he was late on it and it narrowly missed off stump). However, Jamo got it together as he played a test match worthy forward defensive shot that was met with a few claps from the opposition. Jamo and Jack tried to weather the storm and amount a respectable total, not before the keeper took an absolute screamer off Jamos bat.

Jack could see his batting average increase with the red ink in sight however the Kissing Point slip cordon denied Jack by juggling the ball into each other’s hands to wrap up the innings at 77 including 6 ducks and extras as 4th top scorer.

WPHC Red (Cameron) 3/51 defeated Castle Hill 49

A convincing win to finish the one day format having now posted 5 wins in a row. C3 Red are now looking like being a semi-final contender and we could finish anywhere between 2nd and 4th place with the ladder tightly contested.

Today was the performance of the season and it seems that things are coming together nicely at the right time of the year. Not only do we have various players contributing, but our total mindset has changed and the belief is there that we can challenge this grade on all aspects of the game.

WPH lost the toss and were asked to field first at Caddies Creek oval. An exceptional tight bowling spell from our two opening bowlers in Amit Sen and John Rose kept the pressure on and they bowled their 7 overs each continuously picking up 3 wickets by John.

Careful field placings on a ground that was not at all fast, restricted the opposition to only 2 runs per over and our bowlers that followed the openers did an exception job of line and length throughout the innings. Brijesh finished with 3 for 2 and Saurabh 2/13 and Vikas 2/9, meant we had the opposition all out for 49 in the 26th Over.

WPH turn to chase a modest total. It was today’s number 3 Anikeet Mahindre who absolutely broke the Oppositions spirits with a quick fire 33 runs and we passed the oppositions score in the 8th over to claim a very convincing win over Castle Hill.

Our fielding and catching today was outstanding and our team continues to have players putting in performances that ensure the results we are achieving. Well done lads!

C4 Grade

WPHC (Hiresh) 127 lost to St Ives / Wahroonga

After arriving at a small bushy rugby ground on a scorching 36 degree day the C4 grade team was ready to put up a fight against Saint Ives. After losing the toss for what felt like the hundredth time this season we were sent out to bat in the heat.

Hiresh and Bala started the innings with some good running between the wickets putting the pressure on St Ives. With a fair platform set from a swinging ball WPH went on to push up the run rate. Unfortunately, the effort backfired with the team losing 3 wickets in a span of two overs. Thankfully Ben and Will had a big partnership of making 30 and 37 respectfully and assisting WPH to a respectable total of 10/127.

After a long batting innings WPH came energised onto the field for the second innings.

Once again things did not work to plan when the ball was almost lost to a no ball 6 of the first attempted delivery of the match. After a cracking start by St Ives, Jerry pulled it back towards WPH favour with breakthrough C4 needed. St Ives continued to score at a steady rate from then onwards until Ben came on and started off his impressive spell. He continued to apply dot ball pressure and got a breakthrough of a set batsman on 16.

He continued to bowl hard lengths and picked up another wicket through a stunning slips catch by Meet.

Unfortunately that was all that wrote for WPH as St Ives middle order continued to score and achieved the total with ease and plenty of overs to spare. Now it is onto the next ones for WPH C4 which are must win games in order for them to be in finals contention.

D1 Grade

WPHC Red (Diggers) 6/93 defeated Kenthurst 6/91

After last week’s disappointment, we needed a win against Kenthurst to have any chance of playing finals cricket.

Disco (fill-in Captain with Diggers is in Canada) promptly lost the toss and was asked to field, the exact opposite of what was planned. Despite the early set-back, Connor and Zac V (promoted up the bowling order) opened the bowling with Zac (1/18) taking the first wicket in his first over with a great catch by Gus.

Kenthurst then put on a good partnership before Luke (2/11) and Rommel (2/15) came onto bowl and took three wickets between them, another two good catches by Gus and a catch by Disco.

From there Kenthurst slowly accumulated runs, but were stifled by good bowling from all of the bowlers, especially Connor (1/9) and Marcus (0/18). Kenthurst finished their 35 overs at 6/91, which we thought was a gettable score on the small Holland oval.

Disco decided to mix the batting line-up and give some players an opportunity to spend some time in the middle. Father and son combo, Cliff and Gus, opened the batting and took 13 runs from the first over giving us a great start.

However, a couple of overs later and we suddenly lost 3 wickets with the score on 17. Zac G came out to bat and started smashing the ball to all parts of the ground and quickly moved to 35 before being caught off a top-edge, whilst at the other end we continued to lose wickets.

When Zac was dismissed we found ourselves at 6/55 in the 10th over still needing 37 runs with 25 overs to play. Luckily we had Connor and Marcus at the crease and they consolidated the position and chased down the runs in the 18th over.

A good win, but made a lot more difficult then what it should have been. Now onto the 2 dayers.

WPHC Blue (Arun) 176 lost to Kissing Point 7/178

Another hot summer day, another game Vs Kissing Point and back to Karuah for the 3rd time this season. After some intense training mid-week to prep for the heat, the team arrived at the ground looking to take on the challenge of securing a win and move up the ladder. We lost the toss and were put in to field on a very hot and uncomfortable afternoon and probably something which burnt us out to push till the end.

The bowlers started strongly with all of the top 4 Mridul, Chintan, Amith & Praneel keeping things really tight in the initial overs and we had KP at 3/41 at the first drinks break. Things took a turn from that Point with the opponent sneaking in a boundary or so almost every over to settle for a score of 178, a par score at Karuah but one which was very much chase-able.

After an initial scare of losing both our openers within the first 3 overs, Sahil & Anubhav took charge of the innings with some solid hitting and at the same time sneaking in crucial singles.

We lost Sahil for a very well made 20 but Anubhav on the other end had different plans. What followed was some power hitting to get to 53, something which was long time coming for him. After another round of quick dismissals and still needing about 70 odd from the last 11 overs, things became a bit tense till Amith Ninan came to the rescue. His partnership of 40 odd with Sandeep turned the game for us till we ended up needing 3 runs from the final over.

The temperament Amith showed out in the middle was something to be really proud of and the rest of the team needs to look up to this innings of 40 for a long long- time.

We fell agonisingly short by 2 runs at the end and it was a heartbreak we could definitely have avoided as a team but as mentioned before, we have really missed that little piece of winner’s luck this season.

On to the last 2 rounds where the plan will be to try and secure a higher spot up in the ladder as consolation as semis look to be out of reach after yesterday’s feat.

D2 Grade

WPHC (Ross S) 40 lost to Kissing Point Blue 58

What a great day it was for cricket. Campbell Park was looking beautiful, and whilst we were short of a few players in our squad today we were lucky enough to have 2 young juniors to play with us Arjonil Mukherjee (u15) and Daniel Fagg (U13) making his seniors debut. Playing 6th place KP we were expecting to win.

Skipper lost the toss again, and we were asked to field in hot trying conditions.

Our bowling and fielding effort today was exceptional given we went into the game without 3 of our strike bowlers…wickets tumbled from the second over, Ram bowling tightly from one end without luck, and Gihan at the other. 2 wickets to Gihan in the first 6 overs had KP in real 2/5……..over the next 11 overs we played the best cricket so far this season.

After a nervous 1st over Daniel bowled a beautiful spell, whilst at the other end Henry’s spin bamboozled taking 4 wickets over 3 overs – including a one hander in the slips by Ross, a great catch behind by Ray and a one handed caught and bowled running backwards.

A runout and wicket to Roger saw KP 8/29 at the drinks break. With some lusty hitting by their number 9 and two further runouts saw us bowl KP out for 58 off just 20 overs.  Wickets to Henry 4-23 (7), Gihan 2-4 (3) and Roger 1-8 (3). 3 catches to Ray behind the stumps and Catches to Ross and Henry. Fielding was great with 3 runouts , 2 between Henry and Ray and one between Ram and Ray.

Chasing 58, simple enough, not so with a lack of application….A short report to match our innings. We lasted 15 overs, at one stage being 6/8……and eventually being dismissed for 41…. Top score Gihan 18, and sundries 8……very disappointing as we’re a much better team than that with a number of our guys with averages exceeding 60….