Anecdotes – Round 12 (1-Dayer), 2022-23 Season

Cricket is a hard game

Back in Round 7, Ryan ‘Birdcage’ Loveridge was on a roll. The B1 Red Skipper was scoring big runs, taking wickets and a couple of weeks later the big fella scored his first ton. This prompted Birdcage to comment that “Cricket is such an easy game”.

Fast forward to Round 11 and cricket does what it always does and reminds everyone that it maybe isn’t as easy as it sometimes looks. After a couple of losses, a few dropped catches and a run-scoring blip the game returned to normal. To quote Birdcage after the latest Round; “…cricket is a hard game”.

Photo: Ryan (centre) with Michael Richards (A1) & Billy Gaunt (A1) – 27th November 2021.

Some days are diamonds and some days are stone

Fresh after scoring back to back not out tons, Brahadesh ‘Ram’ Ramamurthy (D2) has backed up this great performance with back to back ducks. Worse still was the latest 0 was part of an innings total for the D2’s that saw them out 41 chasing 58 at Campbell Park. What better musical interlude than this John Denver classic – Some days are diamonds and some days are stone

Photo: Brahadesh Ramamurthy (100 not out & left) & Ray Howard (127 no) after their unbroken 6th wicket innings 188 runs – 12 November 2022


While on diamonds and stones

The high flying D2’s – sitting in 1st place a couple of game ago came back to earth on the weekend with one of those losses that you can only go upwards from. Playing at the fast Campbell Park, to quote from Ross Smith’s Match Report:

Chasing 58, simple enough, not so with a lack of application….A short report to match our innings. We lasted 15 overs, at one stage being 6/8……and eventually being dismissed for 41…. Top score Gihan 18, and sundries 8……”

The boys will bounce back from here with a finals spot still highly likely.


Social media insights

Will McLennan (C3 Blue & Club Executive) is completing a strategy paper on our Social Media and Communication – how we can make it even better. Some interesting stats on how our various Comms is used across the Club. Here goes:

  • Facebook – 889 followers
  • Average Post reach 1,314
  • Average post engagement – 1,060
  • Instagram followers – 156

Add to this TeamApp that gets massive hits. The latest stats for January (a short playing month) were 13,900 views with a massive 21,220 in November – the last full month.

The upshot – is that with Will’s work this is about to get even more popular. So….if you are not yet on Facebook, Instagram or TeamApp now is the time.

Photo: the Team App home page.


Leadership plus

Ian ‘Diggers’ Digby (D1 Red) is one of those leaders who leads from the front. Saturday was no exception. The last stinker of a day the Skipper was enjoying a cold beer while on holidays in England. This Saturday was another stinker with 35 degree+ temperature and lots of humidity. This time the Skipper was doing it tough again, now in Vancouver and toughing it with a 5 degree temperature. The one consolation is that Diggers was thoughtful enough to send a shot of his latest beer in celebration of our win to remain in the top 4 all the way from Canada.

Photo: This is a shot of Diggers in a London pub earlier this season.

What would your Decision be?

A batter with a runner is on strike. The ball is a No ball. The striker moves out of his ground to play at the ball, but he misses it. He tries to get back, but is not able to do so before the wicket-keeper breaks the wicket. The runner remains within his ground at square leg. There is an appeal. What is the decision of the striker’s end umpire and why? If the striker is out, state the method of dismissal.

For the answer – check below.

Photo: C3 Premiership Winning Captain Steve Buzz Burrows with Umpires Peter Lee and Barry McDonald after winning the Grand Final @ Greenway Park – 24 March 2019.

What would your Decision be? The answer

The striker’s end umpire shall answer the appeal not out. The reason for this is the striker has not attempted a run and the wicket was broken by the wicket-keeper without the intervention of another fielder. Law