Round 13 (Day 2) – 11 February 2023

Points Table (as at Round 13)

A Grade (Cam) – 2nd (72 points)

A2 Grade (Campbell) – 4th (27 points)

B1 Red (Birdcage) – 4th (51 points)

B1 Blue (Shomik) – 6th (36 points)

B2 (Todd) – 1st (57 points)

C1 (Kapil) – =4th (49 points)

C2 Red (Indranil) – 5th (44 points)

C2 Blue (Rob) – 6th (43 points)

C3 Red (Cameron) – 2nd (48 points)

C3 Blue (Tarun) – 6th (39 points)

C4 (Hiresh) – 6th (41 points)

D1 Red (Diggers) – 4th (50 points)

D1 Blue (Arun) – 9th (30 points)

D2 (Ross S) – 4th (58 points)

Match Reports – Round 13 (Day 2)

A1 Grade

WPHC Red (Cam) 275 defeated Kenthurst 82

Look I was heavily disciplined last week for my lack of match report – and when you read on, you’ll understand why. So please, no more emails, phone calls and texts. Here is your match report – with extra content considering you were all robbed of my narratives last week.

Chapter 1 – The 25th Amendment

I’m sure everyone reading is familiar with the 25th Amendment of the American constitution. When the President dies or resigns, the Vice President will assume the role as top dog. Well that’s exactly what happened this week. Krang died and Lichaaa became the Clubs 26th A Grade captain. He asked the team to be at the ground early for the coronation and for welcome to country.

Lichaaa introduced sweeping changes across the line up, more so in the batting order. He was confident of winning the toss and batting first. This pitch had nothing in it. He lost the toss and Kenthurst decided to bowl. Lichaa off to a perfect start.

I can’t really remember much of last week so here are some highlights for you:

  1. Billy and Mao put on 108 for the first wicket, our highest opening stand in over 10 years in A Grade.
  2. The middle order crumbled again and Sav had to save us. He finished with 48.
  3. Lichaa bought up his first A Grade half century. He finished with 60.
  4. Gandis was run out for 0.

Chapter 2 – Frank Walker goes for Outright

Pundits were expecting the return of Captain Krang this week, fresh off his 34 not out in beers from Bathurst last week. Without warning, Krang fell ill this week and was unable to take to the field. The 25th amendment was extended, Lichaaa took the helm again. He reminded everyone that his reign is not a democracy.

One of the great things about the A Grade side is the generous over and above benefits that we offer our players. In addition to our match fees, we offer generous parental leave options – a scheme which Gandis took full advantage of this week. Oliver James Herzog became the latest addition to the family this week, foaled on the 8th. Mum and baby are doing well. Congratulations Gas and we look forward to the Juice being part of the next generation of WPHCCCC talent.

Back to the cricket, this glorious madness.

The day started off well, Lichaaa told everyone not to get there until 12.40 – and that’s what everyone did. We don’t warm up ever, so why get there at 12.00 to stand around in the heat and do nothing? Wu told everyone he had 12 schooners last night felt fine. Assman told us he saw Tiz out on the circuit in Barangaroo with a fine young lady. Wu asked if there was a connection. Tiz replied “we have been dating for 6 years”.

Jackson Preedy was back in the side this week and was all too eager to share his sub-continent sexual success from his recent rendezvous to the realms of the southern India. There as no Delhi Belli. Wu asked all the rights questions to get all the details.

12.50 and the stumps weren’t in the ground. Lichaaa went and rattled them down one end of the pitch, watching as every Kenthurst player looked at every square inch of the surface. Meiks followed up out, only for Lichaaa to immediately turn around and walk back to base camp. “It’s a pitch, they are the same every week. No need to inspect”

12.59 and the umpires began striding to the crease. Only half of us were on the field but we all were standing to attention for Captain Lichaaa by 1.02. He wanted clamps from the start and that’s exactly what happened. Tiz and Lichaaa opened up and put Kenthurst on the back foot from the get go – Tiz picking up 2 in his first spell, Lichaa with 1.

Lichaa turned to Jackson Preedy, fresh off his sexpedition of horny Hindustan to continue the assault – consensual in nature. It didn’t go well. Pressure was relinquished through extras and boundaries. Wu was particularly critical of both bowler and captain. Preeds came good towards the end of the spell, but the heat was far too much.

Lichaaa threw the ball to his medium pace twins – Sav and Wu. They were able to apply the pressure and were rewarded in spades with wickets – 3 of them between them. It really should have been 4. Sav was pulled hard in the air to backward square leg in the air. Right there was Jackson Preedy, fresh off his touchy feel trip of a lifetime to beautiful Bharat. He dropped it cold. Wu wasn’t happy.

I’ll pause here for a quick sponsorship break.

As of this afternoon, we are pleased to be partnering with Frank Walker and the team at National Tiles. Hellllloooooooo, Frank Walker from Naaaaaational Tiiiiiiiles. This new arrangement encouraged most of the team to take off Frank and his favourite greeting. We also pondered what he looked like and whether he had a Pakistani nose.

Meiks and Lichaaa came back on and was able to clean up the tail pretty quickly. Meiks particularly impressive was his control of his leggies. Kenthurst bowled out for 80 odd and the team mulled over whether to proceed with an outright push. It was so hot. Lichaa back paddles on his earlier promise – he put it to a democratic vote.

The ayes won. We were going for outright.

And boy wasn’t that one of the greatest mistakes in modern history. We went for outright on a road. We didn’t get a single wicket – but a real highlight was the heat that Tom Hando brought to the bowling crease. He bowled so well. Who needs Jack when you have Tom?

Still a good win overall.

Chapter 3 – Apply Within: S&C Coach

Next week, our attention turns to Berowra. It’s a titanic clash of the competition heavyweights, a 1 Vs 2. We are playing at Tuzza Muzza again, I think we are on covers duty which I just can’t wait to do. It would be great to have a big crowd there next week.

Also – we have now 4 players that are out in season ending injuries. You’ll be happy to know that Lichaaa has fired the strength and conditioning coach this week – and he was walked.

A2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Campbell) 98 lost to St Ives Wahroonga 108

Not a good day.

Resuming at 4/35 with a pitch much better for batting this week, we were confident we could get the 74 runs needed for first innings victory.

We could not.

We offer no excuses. We weren’t at our best. We should have been better. We will be better.

Our best performer was Captain Campbell for deciding a fruitless second innings would only serve to add further dejection to the group and we were done by 3pm.

Short game, short on runs, short match report.

B1 Grade

WPHC Red (Birdcage) 5/238 drew with ARL 7/160

Match report to follow.


WPHC Blue (Shomik) 159 lost to Hornsby 237

Another swelter of a day was due for the boys, but luckily, we were batting this week.

Mohsin continued his nightwatchman innings with great poise and determination, clocking up 21 runs. With a strong bowling attack, we knew our job was to bat out all the overs. Looking steady at 2-50, Mohsin eventually fell, followed by Kamran for 13.

A collapse from 2-51 to 6-73 had the pavilion worried. But as described by Shomik as “one the best partnerships [he had seen] in the whole season“, Alec and Harsh had the Hornsby team on the ropes. There was excellent resistance and defence, and the bowlers were starting to wilt in the heat.

But with one over before the new ball, Harsh could not resist a juicy full toss. He skyed the ball to the square leg, ending his magnificent innings on 40 and closing the 74-run, 27-over partnership.

Alec was then joined by Aman to endure the new ball spell. A momentary lapse in concentration broke Alec’s defence, and he was cleaned up for 31, crashing his almost 50-over inning.

With a swinging ball, and Amit, Steve and Aman not having seen anything but a shiny new rock, it was going to be tough to outlast the final attack of Hornsby. A stoic effort brought us to the last over, but an LBW gave the Hornsby team the win to snatch victory from the jaws of a draw. All out 159

It was devastating to see the boys so disappointed; a herculean effort; we should hold our heads high and use this as momentum into the final match of the year. Great effort.

B2 Grade

WPHC (Todd) 91 & 0/65 lost to Colah 178

Match report to follow.

C1 Grade

WPHC (Kapil) 8/325 defeated Sydney Lions 58 & 2/53

After scoring 325 runs last week the game was far from over for the West Pennant Hills C1 team.

We needed not only a win, but an outright win to better our chances for making the finals.

Despite the intense heat, we came out with intent. The opening spell was the start we needed where Zac picked up quick wickets in the first 5 overs. This was followed by a brilliant middle order spell by Manish and Kapil. The team took 8 wickets by the 24th over. The tail dug in and survived until the 38th over, but were dismissed successfully by warren. The opposition was bowled out for 58 runs.

With no hesitation we sent the other side back in to bat. This time they were successful at surviving the second wave of bowling attack. Since time was on their side, they performed more confidently, our team only taking 2 wickets for 53 runs by the 25th over.

This game was a high scoring game on our side with a brilliant bowling attack despite controversial decisions. In the end, our team can be bring confidence into the upcoming matches.

C2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Rob) 4/91 drew with Beecroft 247

Has anybody ever told you that cricket puts you to sleep?

You’d be right and today was a prime example. Carrying on from last week after Beecroft put an extra 80 on in 2 hours meaning we’d field an extra 26 overs to make the total 247 of a mega 98 overs. Good news is we bowled them out and Mudi took 6 fa. Bad news was it was 36 degrees, their opener scored 100 and we were all buggered by the time we went out to bat.

Notable moments also include Will two footing the fence while fielding a ball that went for four in the end. He swears it was a space cadet moment but his whites say otherwise.

Dan also took a catch that earned him his Sydney Swans contract for the year. A nice run and jump which would’ve made Chad Warner proud. At least one of us will play at the SCG one day.

Beecroft bowled for 247 and with 41 overs to play allowed stand-in skipper and C Grade legend Buzz to play around with the order.

So it was nice to know that nepotism is alive and well as his son Ben went out to open with Kamran.

Ben fell early and Kamran and Luke managed to hang around to drinks. They’d both fall soon after the drinks break and Will and Aden would stick around for a bit. Will in another “Will” moment managed to hit a full toss to cover. Not a good day for him.

Dan and Aden managed to bat till stumps which allowed us to hang on for a draw. Perhaps the most boring cricket game we’ve all played and keeps us wondering why we do this.

Onwards to next week where our game is going to count massively!

WPHC Red (Indranil) 5/311 dec defeated Glenorie 136 & 2 down

We came to day 2 against Glenorie needing 18 wickets for a much-needed outright win that would probably propel us into the semi-finals.

We unfortunately only managed 10 of these wickets.

For many of these 10 I was injured and lying down on my tummy on the sideline, not watching the game. I think my old age is catching up to me, and I may be forced to retire at the end of this season.

From the stats, we can see that Tejas was the standout bowler from the first innings, picking up 3 key wickets.

We finished off their first innings wickets in 32 overs and asked them to follow-on. Of course, it would be hard to bowl for an entire day, but making them bat again would be a much easier way of winning outright. The heat really killed our liveliness. At least it will be good training for future games.

From my time on the sideline, chatting with the Glenorie guys revealed they are almost too nice. They seemed to be one of, if not the, most sporting opposition we have played so far. I really appreciated how they fought in their second innings and did not yield to probing bowling. They weren’t playing to survive. They were having fun with the bat and hitting boundaries for fun.

Us not winning in the second innings almost felt like Argentina being shocked by the puny Saudi Arabia. Argentina did of course learn their lesson and go onto winning the World Cup. Question is, can we do the same?

We are at the business end of the competition now, and we welcome Castle Hill to the fortress of dreams next week.

C3 Grade

WPHC Blue (Tarun) 183 & 7 dec 88 defeated Berowra 110 & 1/54

The boys rocked up to the home of cricket – Campbell Park knowing that the game was going to be over by tea, however, the team that was going to come away with the result was still in doubt.

A few NRL Fantasy and SuperCoach gurus in Nathan and Jack were looking to get home as quick as possible to do some analysis on the All Stars game, however, they still had a job to do.

Jack (0-24) and Jay (0-31) started the day off in a disappointing manner, spraying the Kookaburra around and being sent to the boundary on multiple occasions, however, it was the young thoroughbreds in Shaq (4-25) and Riley (3-3) that reaped the rewards of bowling stump to stump, showing Jay and Jack how it’s done. Riley, first up, clean bowled Berowra’s number 3 batsman with a peach, then a bit of deja vu as Berowra’s number 4 batsman faced the same fate.

Shaq got a bit jealous of his mate and got in on the action snicking off Berowra’s number 5 batsman as the catch was somehow taken by Jack behind the stumps using 3 fingers, (it was a decent ball I just wanted to take the credit). Riley took his final wicket of the day, cleaning up Berowra’s opening batsman who, this week, decided to use his bat to score runs, instead of his pencil to write down the rules. Shaq then bowled the ball of the day, cleaning up their number 6 batsman who faced the same fate as David Warner, as the ball swung away then nipped back in to take the off stump out of the ground, on its journey towards mars.

Another inspired change in Nath (3-21) knocked over their danger man as Peter, carrying an injury mind you (old man syndrome), wound back the clock to take a catch running backwards, his first of the season, and what a way to take it.

The Berowra tail was not wagging as Nath took 2 more wickets in quick succession, one involving the dodgiest hands in the Hills District (Michael West), as he gave all his teammates heart attacks when we looked across and saw who was under the ball before he ate up the skied ball to make up for his nutmeg only an over before.  Shaq then got back in on the action to get Berowra’s final batsman nicking off once more to help Jack be involved in another dismissal.

Berowra finishing on 110, not too good for a side running second.

The game was over after an hour and a half of play, however Tarun decided to go for the outright as the NRL fantasy and SuperCoach gurus in Nath and Jack scoffed in disgust as they weren’t able to complete their masterclass of analytics in the trial matches.

Lachie (6) and Riley (6), put the pads on, chipping away early, however both were dismissed in similar fashion with Lachie copping an all-time send off from a bloke who scored 5 compared to Lachies 200+ on this same ground only a few matches ago…. Jay (0) then partnered Tarun (17) in the middle with Jay proving there is only 2 types of leaves – good ones and bad ones, as Jay left a straight one to see his stumps shattered all over the Campbell Park outfield. Swatto (4) came out for a short and sweet innings in his comeback game, looking good early hitting his first delivery for 4, then chopping on only a few balls later (tells me he would’ve left it if he wasn’t disheartened by jays leave).

Tarun then was unfortunately dismissed shortly after, caught at square leg. Michael (19) then partnered Shaq (29*), Michael playing the most entertaining innings of the season, hitting double figures for the first time in 6 years, which involved multiple reverse sweeps that was met with amusement from the boys in the sheds, Michael then disappointingly departed, popping one straight up back to the bowler, however it was arguably one of the best innings played at Campbell park, only rivalled by Lachie’s 200. Jack (5) rotated the strike to Shaq as he sent multiple balls to the rope, including one classic six, finishing with the red ink as jack skied one straight down the berowra skippers throat. The boys finishing up on 7-88 declared

My apologies if this is next session is short, however the only notable things that happened were 1 wicket falling and Jack getting told off for his shit chat (what’s new).

With Tarun declaring, Jack and Jay toiled away early, swinging the ball around corners with Jay reaping the rewards, clean bowling berowras skipper, however jack at the other end bowled a few loose  deliveries to see Riley enter the attack. Riley and Nath entered the attack as Berowra’s batsman did their best to partner together and provide the most boring innings of all time which involved 80% of deliveries either blocked or left, followed up with a few encouraging words from Jack behind the stumps.

Lachie then entered the attack to provide a bit of mystery spin with only 20 minutes left in the days play, however it was too little too late as the days play ended – Berowra 1-54

Special message from injured rocket Ron (the busted Ferrari in the garage) – we came away with first innings points against a team running 2nd. Which shows the true potential of the team.

WPHC Red (Cameron) 9/155 drew with Kissing Point 215

Well what a match!

Kissing Point were 5th on the table and WPH were 4th before today. KP needed to win to secure a semi-final position and WPH needed a win or a draw to ensure a semi-final position.

To paint the picture – Arcadia oval last week was quite fast scoring having the field freshly mowed by council and KP took full advantage of those conditions and 215 was a handy score.

During the week we were notified that some hoons decided it was a good idea to use the ground as a donut circuit which included a motor bike doing burnouts on the pitch. Also with the heat and rain on Thursday, the grass had grown about two inches since last week end.

A decision between the captains was made that bowling could only take place from one end due to the location of the burnout damage on the pitch right on a good length delivery in line with middle stump.

WPH aim was to bat the first hour and reassess if the target was going to be achievable. We lost 2 wickets by the 11th over with the scoring only on 12 in what was deemed to be a very challenging wicket to score freely on. However we had a 66 run partnership in the next 32 overs and although scoring was slow, we felt we were a good chance to bat the day out.

Seriously good batting from Hari Sanker (55 n/o) having come to the crease in the 11th over and to still be there at the end of the day in the 76th over was a spectacular display of control and temperament. He was well supported by Chetan (26), Anikeet (27) and the team ended up at 9/155 at the end of play.

Remarkably, the Opposition needed 4 wickets with 4 overs left to play and we were looking very confident, however 3 wickets fell and our final batsmen went in with just 1 ball left in the innings. He defended and the game finished in a last ball draw.

Depending on other game results, we may be in 2nd position on the ladder with 1 round to go but certain of a semi final spot.

Take a bow Hari – you were superb. Thanks James Makin for coming down to watch not only your son but the support to the C3 Reds and witnessing a fantastic finish.

C4 Grade

WPHC (Hiresh) 53 &85 lost outright to Hornsby 85 & 179

In a game where the best days feel so amazing, Saturday was one of those days that was full of disappointment. We arrived at Holland Reserve requiring 34 runs with 4 wickets remaining, prepared for the 34 degree day that awaited us.

To our delight, our regular opener Sparsh was able to come straight out to the middle to start Week 2, as we had lost a wicket on the last ball of the day in the previous week. However, to our demise, he got out LBW off his first ball in the 2nd over. The next ball Shanks hit the ball down to fine leg and was turned around after making a few eager steps down the pitch, and was unfortunately run out on a direct hit. The next ball was a dot to avoid the team hat-trick, however Jerry was bowled the next ball. With 1 wicket in hand, Mahesh played a hopeful shot and was bowled on the 2nd ball of the next over, and we had lost within 2.2 overs being bowled in the day.

Hornsby decided to go for the outright, to our pleasure we had another chance to make a good game as we knew our only hope of making the semis would be to win the match. We got an early run out, but from there onwards we fielded through a demoralising innings as a large partnership was made as we chased their wickets. Ultimately they would both get out and Hornsby would soon declare 3 for 149 with a 180 run lead.

With around 6 an over required off 30 overs minimum, we felt we were in with a fighting chance and nothing to lose in a desperate attempt to make it to finals. Ratul was sent in to open with Sparsh to get the innings going. Sparsh hit a beautiful flick shot for 6 over the fence, losing Hornsby’s two and a half over old ball. With no balls that looked newer than 100 overs old, we loaned our 2nd innings ball (interest free) to Hornsby in sympathy. Ratul was out early, followed by Jags who made a quick 17 batting at 3. Sparsh played a fabulous innings, making a rapid 47 with a couple of maximums as well to get us to an excellent position of 2-76 off 12 overs and another 20 overs remaining in the day. Sparsh was out bowled just before drinks, followed by Bala and Meet just after drinks.

At this point we were weighing whether to keep pushing for the win or block it out and maybe go home early.

Avoiding Shanks’ advice, we continued to go for it until both Hiresh and Mahesh got out in quick succession when we decided it was probably time to salvage a 2nd innings draw. We ended up being bowled out in 24.2 overs and went home early anyways. A pretty sad way to cap off a generally not great day, but at least we got to play a game.

Although we felt we had nothing to lose going into the 2nd chase, we may have lost some of our pride. But with our season bound to end following our next game, we look forward to finishing things off on the high note we deserve.

D1 Grade

WPHC Red (Diggers) 256 defeated St Ives Wahroonga 134

For a game we had to win to stay in finals contention, we turned up on Day 2 against St Ives at Foxglove Oval with two players down.

However our star U13 fill-in player, Harry, volunteered to help field after scoring his second century in the U13 comp this morning. Also after a bit of ‘sourcing’ of whites, Disco also later asked Harry’s father, Ben, if he could also help out to make up the numbers, which he did (and we sincerely appreciated!).

We had a good score on the board, but we knew we had to bowl and field well to have a chance of winning.

Disco (stand-in Captain) mixed up the opening bowling and had Connor (3/28) and Rommel (1/21) take the new ball. Connor and Rommel bowled extremely well on the narrow Foxglove wicket and after 20 overs we were in a reasonable position with St Ives at 2/45 with the first wicket (and their main batsman) coming from a great run-out from Harry.

Disco (2/24), Luke (1/15), and Zac V (0/10) all contributed with the bowling, taking wickets at valuable times plus better fielding than most weeks (although still a couple of dropped chances), resulted in bowling out St Ives in the 49th over for 134.

A great team effort and a special call-out to Connor for his 95 runs and 3fa.

Thanks again to the U13 players who helped out and to Harrys Dad, Ben, for the last minute call-up!

WPHC Blue (Arun) 72 & 6 dec 138 lost outright ARL 121 & 2/95

On to Day 2 of the game which we conceded to ARL last week.

With a 10 run lead, ARL went in to bat on a scorcher of a day (trust us, it got to a point where we genuinely thought a dip in Nirav’s new pool would have been better than getting roasted under the sun). What followed was probably the best bowling/fielding performance by the Blues this season. Nirav (4-25) and Amith (2-31) both bowled their hearts out ably supported by some sharp fielding efforts and we managed to wrap ARL up within the first 45 mins and only with a 49 run lead.

The plan was to hang in there with the bat in the second innings, get some lead and then decide on the game during the 5pm drinks break.

Agni and Chintan opened the innings in an effort to keep the scoreboard ticking but the heat got the better of both the batters and that obviously impacted the run rate. Agni then decided to take charge and given boundaries were hard to come by on a very deceptive but extremely slow Mt. Kuringai oval, the momentum shifted towards getting as many singles as possible and Agni was sending the ball to all corners of the park for 2’s, massive efforts considering the conditions.

The ask from the openers was to see out the deficit of 50 odd runs, and that’s exactly what they did. After Agni fell for a solid 27, Arun and Anubhav took charge of things before Anubhav fell to a mighty good catch at square leg. Arun on the other hand rocketed to his 50 and then on to 62 (undoubtedly his quickest this season) with 95% of his runs comings from boundaries and 2’s. That was a valiant effort considering the conditions and our season would have gone all haywire without his efforts. We managed to get to a 89 run lead at the 5pm drinks and after much deliberation the captains decided to make a game out of it and we sent ARL back in to chase 90 runs in 16 overs.

Not much to mention from that point onwards although Ravi tried his luck with the ball by sending back both the openers within the first 4 overs but the following batters hung in there and took them home making use of the conditions and some very tired/cramped up legs in our side.

Last round vs Normanhurst coming up and we would like to sign off with a win and make count for the next season. While this season has not been ideal for the team, we have seen some fantastic efforts from everyone, playing out of their comfort zones and making it count when needed to the best of their abilities. What also developed was a solid bonding between the lads, something you don’t see very often. This team definitely has the potential to make it big, so we will focus on regrouping over the next few months and be back stronger next season.

D2 Grade

WPHC (Ross S) 129 & 2/69 defeated St Ives Wahroonga 93

So, week 2 and the equation is a simple one.

We must win to be assured a semi spot irrespective of last round results…St Ives needing a further 107 runs, us needing 8 wickets.

The day did not start well with us taking the field with only 8 players, so even with Ram and Mridal bowling well, the Batsmen were able to turn the strike over adding 20 runs before Mridal bowled a screaming in swinging Yorker, and we finally got an LBW go our way…and in the very same over Ray took his second catch behind gloved from a nasty rinsing delivery. Suddenly St Ives 4-48 and we were right back in the game…

Just before the drinks break 2 wickets to Ram from a searing Yorker breaking the stumps….followed by another great catch behind off the gloves from a Ram short ball.  St Ives 6-61,  and us right on top.

After the drinks break a change in bowling and some lusty hitting had us a little worried.

Henry was bowling a great spell at one end keeping things quiet, but runs were flowing from the other. With St Ives progressing to 6-88, Ram said please give me the ball and I’ll get you a wicket. Skipper obliged and Ram then bowled a double wicket maiden, followed by another wicket in his following over. St Ives 9/93.

With 20 minutes until the tea break, the final wicket went to Henry, who up until that point had bowled 6 overs for only 8 runs, Roger taking a great catch at mid on.

St Ives all out for 93… a great spell of bowling by Ram 6/28 of 17 overs. Well done to Mridal 3/17 (11) and Henry 1/8 (6.3). 3 catches to Ray and a catch to Roger.

Being such a hot day and with a lead of 36 runs we were hoping to finish early but with St Ives needing to get more than a point to have any chance of overtaking us after next round they insisted on sending us in again. 43 overs to bat….

Roger and Mridal opened the batting and played carefully, first 7 overs maidens…a change in bowling unfortunately saw Roger pick the only man out behind square..1-4 off 8 overs. Ray and Mridal then played very sensibly taking 1’s and 2’s…… the 20 over mark 1-34.

A change in bowling from both ends and some more positive cricket saw the guys take 35 runs off the next 4 overs.

With the Skippers agreeing to play out one last over , both Henry and Mridal hit enormous 6’s, before Mridal was caught off the penultimate ball of the game for 30, Ray remaining 27 no and the score 2/69 (23.5) and a lead of 105…

A really good win in hot conditions today. This confirms our spot in the semifinals…..

Our final round game is against the competition leaders Thornleigh who have only lost one game this year.

This will be the first time we have played them this season, so good preparation for us as we head into the semi finals.