Round 7 – 11 December 2021

Points table

(Round 6)


Points table

(Round 6)

A1 – =1st (32 points) & 2nd on quotient

A2 – =1st (27 points) & 2nd on quotient

B1 – =4th (17 points) & 5th on quotient

B2 Blue – =2nd (22 points) & 3rd on quotient

B2 Red – 7th (7 points)

C2 Blue – =6th (17 points) & 6th on quotient

C2 Red – = 1st (22 points) & 3rd on quotient

C3 – =3rd (22 points) & 3rd on quotient

C4 – 1st (32 points)

D1 Blue – =2nd (22 points) & 3rd on quotient

D1 Red – =2nd (22 points) & 2nd on quotient

D2 – 1st (31 points)

Match Reports

A1 Grade

WPHC (Wurthy) drew with Kenthurst Upper Hills

No play possible at Kenthurst due to the week’s rain.


WPHC (Andrew) 6/153 defeated Glenorie 7/151

After a week of ice, rest and massage & chasing anyone that can bowl and or hold a bat. A2’s managed to secure 12 players for an important game with the likelihood of other matches being washed out.

One last question had to be answered, could the skipper pass a Friday golf fitness test. Well golf got washed out, but the run from the car park to the golf club in the hailstorm put paid to the skipper batting anywhere except ahead of Keets. In the batting order.

Que Phil (looking for my next game in B Grade) Wurth who offered his services late Friday.

So playing the smart card Phil was offered the keys.

Phil didn’t pick them up, and Umpire John had the honours of unlocking the gates.

Phil lost the toss and WPH were batting. Unfortunately our opening bat wasn’t playing and with the Ninan’s not at the ground it was left to Phil to stroll out with Steve (can you keep my helmet in the club kit Rochow).

Andrew’s instructions to Phil’s were simply not to run out Steve.

Overthinking these instructions Phil’s decided that he best serve them by getting out for 1.

Nikhil 37 and Steve 44 put on a great 60 run partnership to drinks and beyond with some great lofted shots, sublime cover drives and picking up singles.

Campbell (I’ve been to Byron and didn’t catch covid) had a quick cameo with 21 and placing us in a strong position with the 3rd wicket falling at 110 with 6 to come. 43 in the last 5 with some blustery blows from Chris (finally made a contribution) Blinman, showing that he can hit them. And Jamie (if only I was the Shaw brother to play U19’s For Australia) hitting a solid 19.

A solid score of 6/153 on a soft Dural.

Time to bowl.

Bowling order Instructions were thrown out the window, and Phil I’ll have 2 slips and a 3rd Man (on a hunch the ball might go there) had the bowler’s revved up.

Jack, 0/4 off his 1st 4 was a tight as the skipper’s groin. Playing a 12th meant that we had a sub field on the bench. Now I’m not sure what’s worse. Telling a player they need to sit out, trying to Captain from the sheds, or listening to Gandis on the merits of having a spin bowler. Spinners have a place, but just not in this team, perhaps because we haven’t seen one and Knaps (best turner in the club ) just wasn’t considered.

We lost Jamie to a finger injury (1st dropped catch), sub invoked. 2 overs later Phil dropped one and playing the alpha male, walked off and ordered Jamie back to field. Phil said it hurt and then feinted as it bleed.

Good thing for 13th players and with a lend of the only Hando who’s whites would come close to fitting the true Skip, Skip was back on the park.

I’m not sure what Phil’s pep talk was, but It wasn’t “catch everything”. 3rd  Jack, 4th  Chris, 5th  Rohit (couldn’t catch covid in a covid ward ) 6th Jack.all dropped catches

Avi in from B1’s should have had 4 fa, walks home with 0 and really should stay away from busses and cars for the next week.

Keets (should have bowled 1st change) , finally gets the double breakthrough after Jack finally snares the most difficult catch. Both openers finally out but at 2/111 after 24 we were in a hole.

The #3 succumbed to a Hammy on 13, and the next lot couldn’t lay bat on ball.

Avi took a catch, and really should have thrown it into the turf or muttered some swear words, but Tarun has taught the boy well. Tanay finished off his spell with quality.

7 overs left, game really all but over with 30 needed.

Rohit 7th dropped was followed by Jack cleaning up the stumps. The forgotten Harry Hando and the only one that the grandparents wanted to see was tossed the ball. Turned the game with a 1 run over and then Jack followed suit. Glenorie scored 5 in 3 overs leaving 12 off the last.

I’m not sure if Harry is old enough to read the recent match reports or is a close friend of Ray (drop the catch , punt the ball for 6 and lose the game Kharmis), or if he simply ventured across Paul Riefel‘s World Cup howler. Either way it was a great reimpression as the 2nd ball of the over preceded to fly to fine leg, only to be dropped 8th and knocked over for 6. You guessed it right in front of the whole family (mum dad grandparents).

I blame Jack. Apparently a leg stump Yorker turned into a rank long hop. 5 off 4

Rohit redeemed himself with a runout, another suicide run out and then 4 needed off the last only 2 scored.

A comfortable win in the end. Steve behind the stumps, was a match winner with 0 byes.

Apologies for the spray at the drinks break boys, difficult day not being able to contribute. We never gave up and showed great composure with the ball at the death.

Thank You Phil for stepping up to A2’s hope you get better and look after that finger. In true A2 spirit picked up the cones for lowest score.

A2’s Top of the Table


WPHC Blue (Rick) 2/135 defeated Sydney Lions 134

We rocked up to Caddies Creek feeling good as we were on a points roll with a draw and win in the last 2 rounds.

Momentum was building – we could feel it.

The ground was in great nick after the week of rain. We had to rope a few fill-ins for this game as lame excuses were provided during the week for unavailability. I mean seriously who uses the “skip I’m unavailable as I have a Christmas Party on Friday”.

Back in my day you used to go straight from the Christmas party (leaving some seedy night club at 9am) to the ground and played hungover af. Nevertheless, we welcomed Shaan ‘Taxi Driver’ Bakshi, Scott ‘six shooter’ Chapman and Jamaican into the fold. Flair won the toss and sent the Lions in to bat. Spidey Carlin and The Taxi Driver opened the bowling and struggled to get going in the first few overs.

Spidey snared one opener caught by Volc and we had one on the board. Nothing much else happened until Flair rung the changes and Six Shooter Chapman picked up a pole first ball with the batsman flaying wildly outside off and giving Swinger Keyes an easy catch behind. The Lions put a nice partnership together and went to drinks at 2/75. After the break Birdcage snared a pole straight away and Flair made more changes bringing on ‘Loose bus change’ Dhargalkar and Mayo Larkham.

Bus Change’s leggies were on song today and he was flighting them like a humming bird and turning them like Warnie. The Lions struggled as he wreaked havoc on the middle order and there was a procession of dismissed batsmen making their way back to the pavilion. Mayo picked up a pole from the other end. Boo Boo Khamis made another boo boo and tweaked his hammy chasing a ball. Mayo reckons there was nothing wrong and Boo Boo was just using it as an excuse to stand in gully and do absolutely nothing.

Birdcage and Six Shooter cleaned up the tail. Boo Boo gave Mayo the figurative finger by catching the last batsman in the gully and proceeding to hobble from the ground. Lions were all out for 134. Best of the bowling Loose Bus Change Dhargalkar 4/22, Six Shooter Chapman 2/18, Birdcage 2/22, Spidey Carlin 1/10 and Mayo Larkham 1/18.

Flair decided that B Grades oldest opening partnership should enter the fray today. Volc and Flair walked to the wicket sitting on 99 before they had even faced a ball. The partnership hit the ton when the Lions opener stepped way over the crease on the first ball and registered a no ball.

Volc fist pumped, raise his bat and generally looked pretty pleased with himself. 3 balls later he was gone. Going for a slash across the line and inside edging onto the stumps. At this point Volc looked much less pleased with himself and trudged off the ground 1/1. Mayo Larkham joined Flair and they set about resurrecting the innings. Things were slow for the first six or seven overs before Mayo and Flair started to score more freely. The partnership started to blossom like a spring flower in the sunshine.

They worked the Lions bowlers to all parts of Caddies Creek and went to drinks at 1/89 and in good shape. Mayo spent the break shadow batting and re-galing his team mates with all the classy shots he’d played in the first session. He declared that today was going to be red ink day. Well it wasn’t to be. 2 Overs after drinks after racking up his 50 he tried to flog the average off spinner into neighboring Kellyville but only succeeded in hitting it straight up in the air. Gone 2/97!!

Jamaican joined Flair and they managed to peel off the remaining 38 runs in under 6 overs.

Best of the batting Flair 53 not out, Mayo 50, Jamaican 19 not out. All in all a pretty convincing display and a solid win.


WPHC (Shomik) defeated Castle Hill 138

Round 7 got underway in overcast conditions at Northholm Grammar with B2 Blues somehow managing 11 semi fit people & the injury list capable of filling half the Hospital ward!

But courtesy, Sam Hando & Warren Schwartzel filling in for other injured & 2 other high profile bowlers having a day off to recover from their big day at the races. Blues continued their impeccable toss streak and the chase-masters were out bowling in the soggy (understatement) infields.

Mohsin (2/14) bowled 7 incisive overs upfront & Mithun got the key wicket of Sr Hungerford via brilliantly judged skier at long on by Jai. Warren (1/19) of 5 & Shomik (3/21) of 7, kept it tight during the middle overs. Sam (0/34) & Mithun (1/33) finished off the death overs economically.

Chasing a score of 138 to win, Blues started the chase confidently with Ben (38) playing a solid knock with trademark punchy & elegant southpaw drives. Warren, Shomik & Mohsin chipped in with handy knocks. Drama was there to witness, with Jai straining his groin while fielding, & the next batsmen in line with an injured hammie

If that wasn’t enough, Jai’s runner (Shomik), pulled his hammie too while sprinting the last few critical runs. But, eventually the show was sealed off by the Patel Brother, with Karm (28*) marshalling the middle overs & Jai’s (21*) explosive cameo, closing the match out from a tricky situation of 28 required of last 5.

As soon as Jai hit the winning six of the last ball of the game, the Sun finally peaked out to acknowledge our hard fought win!

WPHC Red (Phill) Vs Bye


WPHC B2 Blue (Buzz) 6/148 defeated WPHC Red (Indranil) 109

This Season’s C2 Comp is as tight as Birdcage’s leather pants at one of his Prog-Rock Gigs.

So the two West Penno sides had all to play for at the superb home of cricket at Greenway today, which despite the rain during the week was looking amazing, especially from the wonderful viewing verandah of the new Greenway Clubhouse.

When I mentioned to one of the Junior’s Dads this morning that we were playing for the Sheep Station Cup, he said he’d never heard of that term before. Thankfully once I explained that it was really a Bish vs Bish affair, he quickly got the gist!

Before I head into the details of the actual match, it has to be noted that both teams and the many supporters who turned up to watch were unanimous in declaring that the best Bish is Jane 😍

With the obligatory photos and toss of the coin, it was the Blues who would bat first.

The start was tense as Amit and Manaz bowled tightly for the bowling team and Hari and Connor worked hard to build an opening partnership for the batting side. It was the introduction of Iman that made the breakthrough and Manaz was rewarded with a wicket shortly after. At 2/27 Dylan and Sandeep stepped up for the Blues and added a match winning (as it turned out) partnership of 93 before the crafty Mr Junkari grabbed a caught and bowled to dismiss Dylan after another half century and collecting a game changing 59.

Sandeep continued on, and partnered the incoming batters well before being run out on the last ball of the innings for an incredibly hard fought 42 (only one 4, so a top effort to push so many ones and twos to accumulate his tally).

Some great and challenging bowling from the Reds bowlers with the best being Manaz and Eric with 2 each and Iman collecting the other wicket to fall.

148 on a lush Greenway and long straight boundaries was a good challenge to set. But the Reds have some talented batters who have shown they can chase well, so game on.

The Blues set the tone with probing and accurate bowling from Paul and Josh, and it was Josh with his pace and movement that disturbed Cam’s stumps with an excellent delivery to take the first pole. Paul collected another wicket shortly after and Josh scalping another to have the Reds 3/20. Young Jack Hutchinson who played with the Reds last season came into the attack and bowled a truly amazing spell of 6-2-1-8 against his old teammates, and combined with Josh 5-1-2-8 they really turned the screws and put the Reds on the back foot.

But Adam and Nick had other ideas and both batters worked well and took advantage of anything loose from the bowlers to keep in the hunt. Xander bowled well to grab Adam, Connor picked up a wicket when he came on to maintain his place as the Blues leading wicket taker this season.

With 7 overs remaining in the match, and the Reds requiring 7ish an over, it was still very much game on. Buzz decided he should have a bowl after not doing so for many weeks and Nick punished the first two balls for boundaries. As the Blues have lost a couple of really tight games in recent matches, the wobbles just started to remind us that this was one of those fantastic contests between two WPHC sides and that the game is always in the balance.

With the pressure on, the last few wickets were cleaned up and the Blues took bragging rites this time around, but not before a couple of great innings from Adam (27) and Nick (37) who always threatened.

Wicket takers were Buzz with 4, Josh 2, Jack, Paul, Connor and Xander one each.

A match that was way closer than the scores may suggest, and we look forward to the return match later in the season.


WPHC (Cameron) 8/142 defeated St Ives 77

Another strong win today against a St Ives with the momentum of the team building every match we play.

Our Captain lost the toss and we were sent into bat at North Turramurra Recreation Reserve. Our openers faced a tidy opening bowling attack which saw our score at 2/26 after 10 overs. After 20 overs we WPH were 5/54 with a handy knock of 25 from Jay Dhilipkumar supported by a nice 21 from Qasim Inayat held put some respectability onto the scoreboard. A couple of big hits from Praneel Singh (13) and John Rose (33) lifted our run rate to a little over 4 an over on a big, slow ground to finish at 8/142.

Our opening bowlers set the tone for a tight attacking innings with Laksha Rao 2/16 off 5 overs and Praneel Singh 1/12 off 6 overs. John Rose supported our opening bowlers with 3/7 off 5 overs, Vinod Kumar with 1/12 off 5 overs and Vipin 2/12 off 6 overs.

The highlights for the day was our fielding and in particular our catching. Good catches by John Rose, Praneel Singh and Varun Aoroa before an absolute classic one handed catch by Steve Quanborough at mid-off ensure we restricted the opposition to a limited 77 all out in the 30th over.

So after the first 7 rounds we have 4 wins, 2 losses and a washout putting us in at least 2nd position. Our momentum is building nicely and I honestly believe we will be hard to beat in C3 this season and I am predicting a grade winning team come the end of this 2021/2022 season.


WPHC (Rob) 163 defeated Normanhurst-Warrawee 137

C4s batted first at a small ‘Karuah Park’ ground on a rather cloudy day which eventually turned quite bright as the day progressed.

In the absence of usual openers who volunteered to sit out due to too many being available, Fullerton Brothers opened the innings and set up a solid ground with things looking very promising at drinks with 72 for only two down.

Luke falling just short of drinks for 45. Soon after drinks, we lost two quick wickets but some excellent batting by lower middle order helped save the day with some handy runs by Zia (26) and Sreeni (20). And some notable contributions in the end from Mudi (11no) and Rey (19no) put us in a very good position with 163 runs to defend at the inning closure.

Our opening bowlers bowled with great discipline and had a couple of early breakthroughs. However, sun was out by then and a dry outfield helped Normo batsmen score a lot quicker as they steadied their inning and only needed 45 off the last 8 overs with plenty of wickets in their hands.

It was really their game to lose from there onwards but Sreeni was handed the ball and he surely had very different ideas. Playing his first game of the season, Sreeni sent 4 of their batsmen packing within a span of 4 overs courtesy some excellent outfield catching by Daniel and Mudi on Sreeni’s bowling.

Other notable fielding feats included a direct throw run out by Luke and backward running screamer held by Alastair. Needing 30 off last 3 overs with 1 wicket in hand, Normo innings quickly folded when their batsman was run out giving us a comfortable victory by 26 runs. Notable bowling figures included Sreeni (4/15), Daniel (2/20), Rey (1/19), Mudl (1/18).


WPHC Red (Diggers) 7/140 defeated Hornsby 4/138

Well what an interesting afternoon that was….renewing our rivalry with Hornsby, we started well, with Papa Diggs winning his second toss in a row and, given that we’ve chased pretty well so far this season, Hornsby were inserted for a bat first.

Connor, Mukund and Parin bowled with some good pace early but Hornsby made some good progress and made it to 51 before Parin got the breakthrough.

When Fieds took a catch at 1st slip off a ripping leggie from Lachie, Hornsby suddenly found themselves 3/55. Marcus then provided an entertaining 5 over spell, grabbing a wicket and having several edges over slips and with Zac, our other leggie, bowling nicely, we restricted Hornsby to 4/138. Best figures to Parin 2/25 off 7, Lachie, 1/22 off 7 and Marcus, 1/15 off 5.

Papa Diggs had decided during the week to mix up the batting a bit this match to give our middle order a bit of a hit so he went out to open with Ross.

Things were going ok until the 7th over when Papa Diggs was run out after making a mess of what should have been a safe but tight single with the score on 16. Ramil followed soon after but Grant made the most of his opportunity batting up the order, making 14 with some nice shots. Ross put the cue in the rack at drinks but we continued to make slow but steady progress.

Zac (19) batted nicely with Fieds (10), putting on 28 for the 5th wicket so after being 4/64 with 10 overs to go and 75 to get, we were still a chance. We then looked gone after Fieds and Zac both fell with the score on 88 and with 51 to get off 34 balls.

So with Lachie batting number 9 this week, he continued his great form and with Marcus (13) providing great support, getting us to 124 – 15 runs to get off 11. Hornsby spread their field, thinking they would just dry up the boundaries but Lachie and Connor kept turning 1s into 2s and it came down to us needing 3 runs off the last ball to win. The Hornsby captain then proceeded to bowl a full bunger at Lachies chest which he managed to get away for 2 runs off the bat and 1 for the no-ball to see us win the match.

In the end, another good win from this side that continues to improve.

D1 Blue (Ross S) 93 lost to Kissing Point 4/94

We arrived at Campbell Park, where the ground looked in great condition, but unfortunately the bowlers run up and crease at the shed end was under water, with the surrounds muddy.

Looked like we might not get a start, but after 1 ½ hours soaking up with 2 beach towels, removing mud off the pitch with a trowel, broom and a blower vac we only lost 1/2 hour of play in the end….we agreed a 32 over a side game.

Ross lost the toss for the 5th game in a row and we were sent into bat….the opening pair of Jake and Chetan got off to a solid start against some good bowling. We lost our first wicket after 6 overs 1-18.

As with last week, what followed was a procession of wickets. Whilst we were scoring runs, (Chetan 22, Vikas 20), we just lost too many wickets to poor shots, not respecting the good ball. At the half way mark we were 5/56, but still with hope that we could put a competitive score on the board. The plan to support Happy, play conservative for 10 overs or so and wait for the bad ball…..

Not to be.

The first over after drinks we lost 2 quick wickets, both trying to play the big shot….Leaving Happy again to try and pull us out of a hole……running out of partners and with the score not high enough he was caught at long on for a well-made 23.  Again 8 scores under 8, underpinned a poor total of just 93 off 27 overs.

Going out to bowl, we were confident that we could still win….Ram and Happy bowled 8 solid overs, with a wicket to a Happy only 19 runs on the board, 7 of which were sundries….Vikas and Jags then bowled a great spell together, with Vikas taking another wicket. At the 1/2 way mark KP were 2/40 and we were right in the game.

However, as with last week, the overs after the drinks break were too lose. Again we bowled too short and down leg, conceding 54 runs off just 7 overs, and although we took 2 consolation wickets, we were never in the game, losing in just 23 overs…..wickets to Gihan 2-19 (3) including a c&b, Happy 1-12 (5), Vikas 1-7 (4).


WPHC (Nirav) 84 lost to Thornleigh 88

That’s why we love game of cricket. Anything can happen.

Team arrived at Thornleigh oval with full confidence. We won the toss and decided to bowl. Our strong bowlers again proved their strength by bowling tight spells and at drinks Thornleigh was 1/49 at the drinks. We kept bowling tight line and length and took most of the catches to restrict Thornleigh for 88. Tonoy got last two wickets in the last over and he is on hat-trick.

Our batting didn’t start well and we kept losing wickets without building any decent partnerships.

Ravi (18) and Vishal (20) took the inning till end and Sahil also played very important innings scoring 11. But at the end we came 4 runs short.

After every game team is getting stronger and all the new players are getting enough game experience to perform well in coming rounds.