Round 6 (Day 1)

T20 Semi Finals

3rd Division

WPHCCC Blue lost to Kissing Point T20

We all turned up to Auluba Oval for our T20 semi final against Kissing Point not fully knowing what to expect with the home club Kissing Point putting on a fund raiser for the bush fire fighters. As it turned out the fund raiser had a slow start but by the end of our game there was a large crowd, heaps of Rural Fire Service personnel, and 1 fire engine! The atmosphere turned out to be fantastic with the crowd noise and music being played over the loud speakers, with this gathering possibly the biggest crowd most of us have played cricket in front of.

WPHC won the toss and elected to bat, however we got off to a slow start and were 3 for 21 after 4 overs. Brent and Prashant steadied the ship with Brent hitting some great boundaries for a solid 17, and then Dylan joined Prashant and they put on a wonderful partnership of 45 before Prashant was caught right on the boundary for 37. Dylan then worked with Sam & Karl to bring home the innings with some smart accurate hitting for a well-earned 36 not out, and the team finishing on 6 for 122.

We took to the field knowing that the target was a par score at 6 an over and one that either side could use to win. Again we started off a little slowly letting KP get away to 0 for 31 after 3, however we then applied pressure with tight bowling by Jack, Tom & Dylan to have KP at 3 for 89 after 15; right on the 6 an over target. We fought through the last 4 overs with KP rarely finding the boundary but being able to run 2s with some nice shot placement, leaving them to get 5 off the last over to win. Although Tom bowled tightly KP hit the winning run on the 5th ball of the over to win the game with 1 ball to spare; 4 for 123. The pick off the bowlers were Dylan 2 for 22, Jack 1 for 15 and Harry 1 for 17, with Tom bowling tightly at the start and end of the innings without luck and Steve throwing down a lovely over of left arm leggies.

While we didn’t win the game everyone put in a huge effort and with a little luck the result would have been different. However the game being a T20 semi-final, the fund raiser taking place literally right on the boundary, in fact sometimes over the boundary, the large crowd and music, the extremely tight finish, it was a really exciting game to play in. Well done team.

A1 Grade

WPHC 181 Vs Kissing Point 5/15 –

Welcome to the A1 match report for yet another week. I will warn you loyal readers right now, I was inundated with requests for inclusions in this report – so strap yourself in and prepare to feel the adrenaline, the tension, the buzz, the rush of a great days cricket.

Umpire Simon Taufel greeted us at a lush Turramurra Park where we had all agreed to arrive at 11:30am to commence a warmup. Half of the team followed this mantra, the other half – inclusive of aptain Phil Wurth – turned up in drips and drabs over the next hour. It really cemented ourselves as the most professional outfit of the competition.

The warmup was halted immediately after Captain Wurth lost the toss and Kissing Point elected to bowl. After receiving the A1 Grade hats this week, we had some pre game presentations to get through. Cam “Krang” McBrien spoke from the heart about his double date partner Luke “Gandis” Herzog, highlighting the immense accomplishment of playing A1, despite not being able to eat meat. God know what they ordered last night at the double date “Ehhh yeah we will get the Garden Salad” FONE

Phil then spoke about Pear, passing on the baton as the team clown – a mantle that Pear had already well and truly cemented. Pear added his number to his WPHCCCC trucker cap – and it looked a peach atop of the scalp throughout the afternoon. Amen to Pear, Amen.

Despite averaging a crowd of about 1.2 patrons a week, we were shocked to have a full house today – led by our ex Captain Justin “Ray” Patterson…. JP brought along his little baby Matilda “Waltzing” Patterson, much to the dismay of Captain Wurth, who had to be reprimanded for using the F word in front of the baby.

When we finally took the field, the team shaped up as follows:

In – Smyth

Out – McBrien, C (omitted)

We were inspired by a pre game speech from Captain Wurth, who told us to cheer everytime he hit a boundary. Unfortunately we only cheered once – Wu caught behind for 4 off a patient 24 balls. Jamkin and Yoyo consolidated for us and put on a brilliant stand, Yoyo having to acclimatise to the fact he was at the crease in the 10th over as apposed the to the 2nd. The pair batted brilliantly, taking us to drinks in a commanding position.

Well it’s a funny game cricket and straight after drinks, both Yoyo and Jamakin were sent packing. Effie, Assman and Pear followed shortly thereafter and WPHCCCCCCC was in the midst of yet another titanic collapse. Enter the life rafts, Michael “Lichaaaa” Richards and Simon “Snumpty” Smyth who consolidated and saved the team from certain annihilation.

When Lichaa and Snumpty were dismissed, Tiz, Bailey and Gandis continued the tail wag scoring a collective 50 odds runs between them – 25 for Gandis, 25 for Bailey and 0 for Tis. WPHCCCC finished 181, a score that has seemed impossible for the season so far

While the tail was wagging, on the sidelines, Phil had somehow been handed the scorebook, despite a consistent track record of screwing it up. A European hornet entered the scene and tried to attack Wu, who he thinks is allergic to bee stings. Using the opposition scorebook, he tried to swat the hornet away – however accidentally tore the opposition scorebook and left the fragments hurling towards a helpless Mumma Kaz Smyth.

With the opposition scorebook in tatters, the innings break commenced. As Kissing Point came over the check the score, Wu was still trying to tape together the book. Panicking, he told Kissing Point that it was Jamakins fault and that he was trying to sort out the mess. Truly a leader.

Defending 181, we had 18 overs to bowl and woweeeeee didn’t we put on a show. 3 wickets to Lichaaaa, 2 to Gandis left Kissing Point limping to the end of today’s play at 5-15. A couple of absolute screamers from Snumpty and Effie cemented a great session performance. And speaking of great, Snumpty astutely note a couple of girls on the boundary that caught the attention of the batsman – and the bowler who was walking back to his mark….

Next week the side gets strengthened by the triumphant return of Julian Raffel. We will be going for outright so stay tuned.

A2 Grade

WPHC Red (Andy) defeated Normanhurst-Warrawee 9/173

The real A2 side approached one of the flattest wickets you’ve seen, fast outfield etc. sorry, before I go on. In what world is 38 runs (A Robertson) equivalent to 4/23 (M Robertson)? Clear candidate for worst Robertson and it being called a draw for this round is the biggest travesty since Volc Banner not winning the 1999/2000 B1 bowling award, thank you James “We still haven’t forgiven him” Makin.

If you have an opinion on the matter please message Luke Herzog on 0447 364 333, not to be confused with his vegan hotline.

Anyway, Andrew ‘6 junior hundreds’ Miekle (Meikle?) bowled us back into the game after a rough start. He paved the way for one of the all-time A2 performances of Michael “I meant to bowl a length ball” Robertson bowling at blokes heads. The fielders really backed up the bowlers and only conceded about 16 runs from miss-fields and dropped 2 catches. Fortunately everything was fixed with a call of “THROWS UP LADS!” just before drinks.

Volc looked like a pro in the middle, this man is a master batter, he bats all the time. He bats in the car, he bats in the shower, he bats in his sleep. When he’s not batting he’s thinking about his next bat. He beat it all around the park today with his first 32 runs being in boundaries. Alex “Dad why don’t you come to games?” Robertson helped out with a cool 38 or so.

After a typical WPHCCC collapse we’d set the stage for Calvin “Breytonback Mountain” Breytonbach and Andrew “6 junior hundreds” Meikle to win us the game. A 60-odd run 8th wicket partnership put the result beyond doubt, assisted by a suspect not-out stumping from Dan “I probably could have given that” Costigan.

WPHC Blue (Gunny) 8/162 defeated Berowra 160

Showing up to Warrina Street, upon losing the toss we were sent in to bowl on a fast outfield. After the Morris’s had family squabbles and confusion over a catch, KT picked up the first 2 wickets. Ben ‘I love wickets’ Meikle then came on at first change and took 4 wickets to open up the Berowra middle order.

Berowra had a Fijian bloke who was as wide as he was tall and could bench our whole team combined. He scored 63. Apart from that our bowlers dominated the rest of the batsman, with no one else scoring over 20.

From 4/103 after 18 at drinks we bowled tight and well with wickets falling regularly to see Berowra all out for 160, with Matt ‘two first name’ Philip picking up two wickets and Anush ‘fill-in’ Sharma bowling good areas all day and taking an absolute screamer of a catch off Benny (1-21 off 7).

Our turn with the bat, and we knew a big effort was needed.

To show that, Andrew ‘best’ Morris got out for 4 and Zac ‘picnic’ Morris was caught halfway down the pitch runout for a duck to have us two for nothing. Brent ‘sore shoulder’ Larkham (35) and Billy ‘don’t call triple 000’ Gaunt (40) thankfully combined for a good partnership, despite the poor running continuing, to put us in a position to win the match. KT ‘work singles’ KT (24) and Semonn ‘I love batting’ Oleksyn (22*) saw us home at the end through good batting, supported well by Benny Meikle (13).

We ended up winning in the 34th over 8 wickets down. A great win for us against second place which now sees us more than a win clear at the top. Pretty good for a side that was meant to be in B1’s. Also, without calculations, WPHCCC may be 1st and 2nd. Sorry Berowra.

Special highlight also with Gunny ‘10 in the bin’ shoulder charging Brent in the middle of the pitch, to still not get run out. Thanks to the keeper for rolling the ball to the bowlers end.

B1 Grade

WPHC Vs Castle Hill White 2/275

Today was one of those days when we toiled and not much went our way. The skipper lost the toss and Castle Hill elected to bat. Castle Hill was slow out of the blocks and we grabbed the first wicket in the 20th over (1/35 at drinks). The second wicket fell 7 overs after drinks and Castle Hill were 2/70. From there it was all Castle Hill.

The opener and the Castle Hill captain batted with discipline for the remainder of the day. Our ground fielding and enthusiasm was excellent despite no luck and dropping a couple of chances. At the end of the days play Castle Hill was 2/275 off 79 overs. Best of our bowling Prats Datar 1/53, Willy 1/46, Dean Carlin 0/26 (off 19 overs), Nathaniel Chidgey 0/80 (21), Rick Turner 0/15 (7).

A hard day’s work today. We’ll look forward to the run chase next weekend.

B2 Grade

WPHC Vs Sydney Lions 9/247

We lost the toss and found ourselves sent out into the field at a fast Annangrove. Tanay Hira (1/39) got the early breakthrough knocking over the poles in the 5th over. Rob Knapman (3/52) got the next wicket thanks to a good catch by Nikhil Ninan.

A few examples of poor sportsmanship saw the batsmen get numerous lives and continue to put on runs. Ryan Loveridge (2/35) bowled well and was rewarded with 2 wickets.

The batsmen got away with plenty of inside edges that managed to run away. This lead to Michael McGregor inspecting the batsman’s bat in between overs to see if it actually had a middle, or just 2 edges…..

Rohit Ninan (1/25), Michael McGregor (1/14) and Eric Junkkari (1/8) all got amongst the wickets.

The day finished with the Opposition on 9/247. We will look to get the last wicket quickly next week and aim to chase down the total on a quick Annangrove Park.

C1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Fieds) 8/165 Vs WPHC Red (Phill) Vs

Good afternoon WPH C1 Red supporters. We were sent in to bowl after losing the toss to Captain Stu. It was a very long day in the field as the C1 Blue team batted very slowly with a run-rate of 2.6 runs per over.

The final score of today’s play was 8 for 165. Warren was rewarded with 3 wickets, Jack Hando with 2 and Tom with 2. Daniel Schwartzel also came back from injury and was able to field as slips in today’s match.

It was an ordinary day of keeping from Matt, where a lot of byes were let loose. It is expected that the C1 Blues would continue batting so as to set a higher total for us to chase. A lot of our players will be absent next week due to the celebration of the completion of the HSC and we wish them an enjoyable experience.

Despite these complications it is expected that the runs would be easily chased down due to the small ground.

C2 Grade

WPHC 133 Vs Kenthurst 2/23

Facing the #1 team in the comp, the strategy was to look as much overs to bat and as long possible and lady luck was on our side, and we won the toss and no hesitation to bat first. That’s probably the best thing happened in the 1st part of the afternoon, as just before drinks break we had lost half the side, with just 47 runs on board.

Adrian Chau (33) was the loner in the team, who was showing all patience and to hang around and he finally got a partnership with Amitava (26) for the 6th wicket. The lower order bat did but up some stiff resistance to see off the young Kenthurst bowlers – 10 bowlers used.

We finally ended our innings for 133 rums and this looked quite a challenge for KH. Areeb Rashid playing for the first time this season, was given the new ball along with Amitava. Areeb kept to his line and length got us the first 2 break through.

After that the KH team just blocked all balls giving no chances. KH finished the day 2/23 and with 111 runs still to defend a good fight on week 2.

C3 Grade

WPHC 1/30 Vs Hornsby 290

Fellow Skippers, don’t ya just love Schoolies time of year! Why the hell can’t they work it around the cricket season? Veterans like Snumpty and I know the true value of planning things like weddings and childbirth to ensure they don’t ever fall within the season proper! Gen Z need to shape up and do the hard yards, sacrifice a boozy fun time at Surfers so they can chase a beaten up piece of leather around a goat track in South Turramurra! Character building I believe it’s called.

I digress.

Having to balance out the team this match with a couple of our bowlers off to trip the light fantastic and missing next week, to be replaced by two (of the older generation) batsmen in week 2, the toss was pretty vital. Thankfully the call of ‘heads’ went our way and we sent the opposition into bat so we could make use of our Schoolies for week1.

Things got off to a strong start with Pappa Vink bowling a searching line and troubling batsmen and Rowan terrorising them with sheer pace. It was Rowan who collected the first two wickets and at 2/11 all was rosey. The next pair knuckled down and managed to put on 128. Our fielding was great, but 35m boundaries at George Christie Oval were difficult to defend. Back for a second spell, Rowan got the breakthrough and then continued to trouble incoming batsmen to pick up another couple of wickets and have them 6/147.

During this session, Dave B bowled an accurate and miserly spell, picking up a wicket and very unlucky not to have more scalps. The other bowlers worked hard, but one punishing opposition batsmen (who ended up 160*) kept the score mounting.

We focused on attacking the newer batsman, Riley bowling a good spell, Connor very economical, and Buzz snaring a couple of wickets to finally have them dismissed for 290.

In the end it was an awesome return for Rowan with a fiery 6/42, Buzz 2 wickets, Riley and Dave one each.

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Rob) 162 Vs St Ives Gold 3/42

With Pappa Diggs having a well-earned rest from cricket (to attend the V8 Supercars in Newcastle), Dave ‘Disco’ Larkham was elevated to the lofty heights of ‘skipper’ for his first taste of leading a quality cricket team. Unfortunately he failed in his first task and lost the toss. So KP decided to bat on a lightning fast Campbell Park.

Connor Mayoh was thrown the new ball and he didn’t disappoint. Accuracy and pace throughout the day saw Connor finish with 4 wickets – unlucky not to finish with a 5fa through a close decision which went against us. Jack Hutchinson and Lachlan Edwards also produced great spells with the ball, each claiming 2 wickets. Luke Christensen from D2 was a great fill-in keeper (thank you), throwing his body behind every delivery to save a number of runs. KP was eventually bowled out for 232, but it could have been a lot less if we he’d held onto a few more catches.

With 15 overs left in the day, we had to survive a tricky period in failing light. Unfortunately we lost 2 early wickets, but solid batting from Lachlan Edwards and Craig

WPHC Red (Diggers) 2/45 Vs Kissing Point 243

D2 Grade

WPHC 3/50 Vs Kenthurst 102

For some unfathomable reason we were the home team at Kenthurst. We loss the toss and were sent into bowl which is what we wanted to do anyway considering the heavy layer of clouds & low temperature. At one stage we had the opposition 6 for 33 after 17 overs.

However their tail order dug in until we got their last wicket with Captain Mike taking a powerful catch driven straight to him. Our best bowlers were Praneel Singh taking 2 for 12 off 7 overs, Vishaal Nathan 2 for 13 off 6 overs and Captain Mike 2 for 10 off 9 overs.

We went into bat at 4.50 pm having to survive 19 overs. We lost our first wicket on the second ball with an unbelievable Yorker which turned at the last moment. Praneel came to the crease and hit 38 runs before getting bowled.

Praneel next time you decide to make a late decision to run your Captain out remember who has all the power in this team!!!!! So we are 3 for 50 at the end of play. We have 7 wickets in hand which should allow us to get the remaining 53 runs required to win.

Personal Achievements

This season we are again tracking Players approaching personal milestones. Keep a look out for this update to see who has achieved something special or who is approaching a special achievement.

Performances will be updated mid-week once all scorecards are uploaded. These stats are current as at 18 November 2019.


Batting Grade


4,000 runs
Nathan Fathers C1 3,762 runs
2,000 runs
Alex Robertson A2 2,000 runs Vs St Ives @ Greenup 5/10/2019
Craig Hutchinson D1 2,000 runs Vs WPHC Blue @ Greenway Park 2/11/2019
Josh Banner A1 1,900 runs


Tarun Lath C2 1,814 runs
1,000 runs
John Rose C2 1,000 runs Vs Hornsby @ Foxglove Oval North 28/9


Asees Rajput C2 1,000 runs Vs ARL @ Greenup Park 26/10


Raghu Chary B2 1,000 runs Vs Castle Hill Green @ Caddies Creek 2/11
Brent Van Wck C2 1,000 runs Vs Castle Hill @ Dural Park 9/11/2019


Ben Meikle A2 950 runs


Alex Chidgey C2 929 runs


Michael Robertson A2 912 runs


Ashane de Silva A1 883 runs


Ramil De Silva C3 864 runs
Tis Mistry A1 839 runs
Zac Morris B1 950 runs
Richard Hughes   833 runs
Steve Burrows C3 872 runs
300 wickets
Rowan Keating A2 287 wicket
200 wickets
Chris Williamson B2 199 wickets
100 wickets
Andy Meikle A2 100 wickets Vs Hornsby @ Greenway Park 28/9/2019


Dan Costigan A1 89 wickets
Amit Sen C2 97 wickets
50 wickets
Roshan Withanage D1 50 wickets Vs Kissing Point (T20 Semi) @ Greenway Park 17/11/2019
Brent Larkham A2 47 wickets
Jackson Preedy A1 47 wickets


David Larkham D1 49 wickets


Paul Vink C3 39 wickets