Match Report – Round 12 – 12th February 2017

Headline achievements

With all cricket cancelled on Saturday due to extreme heat this report features an assessment of where each Senior team is placed going into a 1-dayer next week to conclude Round 12.

A1 Grade

WPHC Vs St Ives – unless there are a run of outrights in the last 2 games we should finish 2nd going into the Semi’s with 2 games remaining. This game is at Turramurra and is against 3rd placed St Ives who are 13 points behind our boys. The table behind us has the most interest with just 6 points separating 3rd place from 8th spot.

Position in the Comp – 52 points (2nd position and 10 points away from 1st place).

A2 Grade

WPHC Vs SKLPS – going into Round 13 we are guaranteed of a spot in the top 4. We go into this game at Dural Park in 3rd spot and playing 4th placed SKLPS who are 8 points adrift. The best we can finish is 2nd and we need to win both games with Kenthurst to lose one. Our likely finish is 3rd. Going into the Finals we will have a shot at winning our first Premiership since 2014/15.

Position in Comp – 50 points (3rd position and 7 points off 2nd place).

WPHC Vs Glenorie – both Captains have agreed to play a 1-dayer next week and not play this weekend.

The boys are just 1 point off 1st place and this week play 3rd placed Glenorie at Greenway Park. We have a 5 point break on Glenorie. With a gap of 12 points from the 5th placed Team it is now a matter of where we will finish in the top 4 and the momentum we can take into the Finals. Our last B1 Premiership win was under Rick Turner in 2013/14.

Position in Comp – 53 points (2nd position and 1 point off 1st spot).

B2 Grade

WPHC Vs ARL – before the Christmas break we had won 8 games in a row and lead the Comp by a long margin. Since returning from the break we won 1 of 4 games to slip back into 2nd spot. With a 13 point break over 4th spot a top 4 spot is assured. This week’s game against 4th placed ARL at Bannockburn Oval and who are 13 points behind our boys is the perfect opportunity to build winning momentum going into the Finals. Our last B2 Grade Premiership win was under Justin Paterson in 2014/15.

Position in Comp – 57 points (2nd position and 4 points off 1st spot).

C1 Grade

WPHC Vs St Ives – after a last up loss against good opposition the boys go into this game against 6th placed St Ives in 1st place – 4 points clear of 2nd and 9 points clear of 3rd place. The opportunity is to get winning momentum into the Semi Finals. The boys are after back to back Premiership wins which would be the first time in the C1 Grade Competition going back to our first win in 1951/52.

Position in Comp – 57 points (1st position and 4 points ahead of 2nd place).

C2 Grade

WPHC Blue Vs Hornsby – whilst mathematically possible to make the Semi’s we need to win both games and have the 3 teams in front of us to lose both games. We play 4th placed Hornsby at Glenhaven and have the opportunity to make life difficult for the Teams above us.

Position in Comp – 38 points (7th position and 10 points off 4th place).

WPHC Red Vs St Ives – after a good win last week to take us to 6th position we play 1st placed St Ives at Mimosa. This has been an unusual season with 6 wins and 3 of these against the top 3 sides. To make the Semi’s we need to win both remaining games and for Hornsby who are in 4th spot to lose this weekend and then to us in the last Round.

Position in Comp – 42 points (6th spot  and 6 points off 4th place).

C3 Grade

WPHC Vs St Ives – the boys are leading the Competition and are guaranteed a spot in the top 4. This week we play 2nd placed St Ives at Samuel King who are just 2 points behind us. With 3 wins in a row we take good momentum into this game and a win here will likely see us finish as Minor Premier. If we can make the Final it will be our first C3 Grade win since winning in 2013/14 under Perry Waldron.

Position in Comp – 59 points (1st place and 2 points clear of 2nd).

D1 Grade

WPHC Vs Berowra – this week we play 6th placed Berowra at Brooklyn Dairy. We are in 4th place with a gap of 16 points on the 5th placed Team. The interest then is where we finish in the top 4 with just 3 points separating 2nd place from our boys in 4th spot. Our last D1 Grade Premiership was in 2012/13 so we are due for a win.

Position in Comp – 42 points (4th place and 16 points clear of 5th).

D2 Grade

WPHC Vs Castle Hill RSL – this has been an amazing journey with the boys at one stage during the season struggling to stay in touch with the top 4. We have since won 3 in a row to put us into 4th place and 9 points clear of 5th spot. A win here against 2nd placed Castle Hill who are just 5 points clear of us will not only guarantee a top 4 spot but also a shot at a top 2 finish and a chance of winning our 1st D2 Premiership since 2006/07.

Position in Comp – 41 points (4th place on quotient and 9 points clear of 5th place).

Points table

After 11 Rounds we have 8 Teams in the top 4 with 3 Teams leading the Comp:

  • A1                   2nd
  • A2                   3rd
  • B1                    2nd
  • B2                    1st
  • C1                    1st
  • C2 Blue           7th
  • C2 Red            6th
  • C3                    1st
  • D1                   3rd
  • D2                   3rd

Elite performers

Our website has the latest stats on our Top Performers this season. We only use Seniors stats as with Juniors we promote Participation over Results.

The following information is on our top fielding performances as at the end of Round 11:

Top 5 fielders

  1. Riley Behlevanas (C2 Blue) – 15 (plus 2 w/k)
  2. Tarun Lath (C3) – 13 catches
  3. Stanton Tam (C1) – 12
  4. James McBrien (A2) – 10
  5. Luke Herzog (A2) – 8
  6. Alex Robertson )A2) – 8
  7. Brent Larkham (C2) – 8
  8. Justin Edwards (B1) – 8
  9. Ryan Loveridge (C3) – 8

Top 3 wicket-keepers

  1. Joel Behlevanas (C2 Blue) – 13 catches + 2 stumpings + 1 as a non-keeper
  2. Nick Bennett (A1) – 12 catches
  3. Gautam Ayyar (C3) – 12 catches + 4 as a non-keeper.