News – 10th March 2024

Club News

New Club playing & training uniform

Next season we are introducing new Club playing and training shirts for the Juniors (Mixed) and Seniors. The Girls had a very successful new playing uniform in 2021/22. We have gone out to our people to get their preferences on a choice of:

  • 3 x playing shirt designs – ranging from a Darug Custodian Aboriginal Corporation approved Indigenous theme to get a shared theme across the whole Club to a standard design
  • 2 x training shirts again ranging from DCAC approved Indigenous theme to a standard design
  • We are also developing a spectacular Indigenous design for our Volunteers that is given to our Volunteers to say ‘thank you’

The Survey has gone out and responses are now closed. Our Club Executive will consider the final design preferences and the results will be shared – stay tuned.

Association News

Representative trials

Details on registration for representative trials have been posted to the Association website under the News tab.

This post also contains the dates for each trial for the mixed teams. When times are confirmed, the post will be updated – Representative Trials – details

There has been a change from the original social media post, with Girls trials being held in March. Registrations close this Sunday 10th March 2024.

Parents should read the code of conduct and playing conditions and rules prior to registration.

These 2 documents can be found under the Club-policy tab – Representative Rules

The registration link itself is here: Register – here


  • Tuesday 9th April – online. Season wrap up


  • GF – Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March

Cricket Australia updates

PlayHQ updates

Player statistics in the PlayCricket app

When viewing statistics in the PlayCricket app, some users are noticing error messages or incomplete statistics.

What can I do if my statistics are missing or not displaying correctly in the PlayCricket app? – Play Cricket Support  explains the issues users might be facing, and any steps they can take to rectify them.

The article will be updated as the issues are resolved, so please share this freely with anyone who would like to stay informed.

Answers to common e-scoring questions, all in one place

With several weeks of matches now complete, we have fielded e-scoring questions around a few common themes. We’ve pulled these together in a handy eScoring FAQs – Play Cricket Support, which is a great supplement to the Full eScoring Guide – Play Cricket Support for your scorers.

Blowfly Cricket

Season arrangements

Blowfly Cricket is now finished for the season. To find out more about Blowfy cricket for next season checkout the website –

What if I need more information?

Please contact Bill Peterkin at here

How do Register?

You can register and pay online through the following link.

Register | PlayHQ

Channel 10 – The Project story

Check out the News report on Channel’s 10 ‘The Project’ –Blowfly TV item from about 1:43 secs.


The Pathway for Girls this season is:

Friday (HK&HDCA)

  • All-Girls Blaster Hub (5 to 7 years + new to cricket / soft ball program) Friday Twilight hub at Thornleigh Oval
  • Stage 1 (7 to 11 years of age – new / a bit of experience) – Friday twilight Girls-only cricket (played in the Hornsby district)

Saturday (NSJCA)

  • Cricket Blast (5 to 7 year olds for boys & girls);
  • Stage 1 (a) – 7 to 11 years of age – new / a bit of experience. Saturday (played at local grounds and in the North Shore area
  • Stage 1(b) – 10 to 11 years. Saturday afternoon home & away hardball
  • Stage 2 & Stage 3 (ages 12 to 17 years of age)Saturday afternoon Girls-only competitive cricket.

To learn more then checkout – Girls Playing information

Grand Finalists

Congratulations to our Grand Finalists who play next weekend (16th March):

  1. Stage 1 Sutherland (Afternoon) – 3rd won their Semi Final
  2. Stage 2 (McGrath – 1st won
  3. Stage 3 (King) – 3rd lost

Final Competition Ladder

After 16 Rounds (2nd March) the final competition table follows:

Stage 1 (morning)

  • WPHC Jonassen:                 =3rd (4th on quotient)

Stage 1 (afternoon)

  • WPHC Sutherland              3rd
  • WPHC Schutt                      7th

Stage 2

  • WPHC McGrath                  1st
  • WPHC Litchfield                 =6th (7th on quotient)

Stage 3

  • WPHC King:                        3rd

Congratulations to our Semi Finalists:

  • Stage 1 (Morning) – 4th
  • Stage 1 (Afternoon) – 3rd
  • Stage 2 (McGrath – 1st
  • Stage 3 (King) – 3rd

The Girls are playing in the strong NSJCA Comp and this is the best year-end performance we have had in our history for the Girls. Again, this has been achieved in the context of a total commitment to Participation over Results by Suz & Grant and is a remarkable performance

Juniors (Mixed)

Our Prmiers & Runners-up

Congratulations to our Juniors Mixed Premiers who played their Grand Finals on the weekend (10th March 2024):


  1. U12 Gold (3rd)
  2. U14 Purple (Minor Premiers)
  3. U17 (Minor Premiers)


  1. U12 Purple (Minor Premier)
  2. U13 Red (Minor Premier)
  3. U15 Red (Minor Premier)

Presentation Day

The date for the combined Juniors (Mixed) & Girls Presentation day has been set:

  • When:                    Saturday 23rd March 2024
  • Where:                   Oakhill Drive Public School
  • Time:                     9.00 am to around 11.30 am

Details are to follow shortly so…stay tuned.

Final Points table

The final Competition table after 18 Rounds (24th February 2024). This is the final Competition Round of the season.


  • WPHC Purple =1st; Yellow 2nd, Gold 3rd, Blue =4th, Red =6th, Green 8th


Hazlewood Comp:

  • WPHC Gold =4th , Green 6th

Starc Comp

  • WPHC Red 1st, White 9th; Blue 10th


  • WPHC Purple =1st, Gold 11th, Blue 13th


  • WPHC Red 1st; Orange 4th; Gold 7th,


  • WPHC 1st

Note: there is no competition for U8 to U11’s.


Congratulations to our Grand Finalists who play this weekend (16th & 17th March):

  1. B2 (Warren) 1st Vs St Ives Wahroonga 2nd @ Turramurra Oval – 11.00 am start time
  2. C3 Red (Fieds) 4th Vs Normanhurst Warrawee 3rd @ Normanhurst Oval – noon
  3. D1 Blue (Agnova) 1st Vs Beecroft 2nd @ Greenway Park – noon

Presentation Night

  • When: Friday 3rd May
  • Where: Castle Hill RSL
  • Time: 30 pm to around 11.00 pm
  • Dinner: 2 x courses with selections to be determined.

More details to follow.

Presentation Night

  • When: Friday 3rd May
  • Where: Castle Hill RSL
  • Time: 30 pm to around 11.00 pm
  • Dinner: 2 x courses with selections to be determined.

More details to follow.

Final Competition table

After 14 Rounds – competition completion:

A1 Grade (Cameron):       55 points (3rd)

A2 (Campbell):                    63 point (3rd)


  • Red (Shomik):      48 points (5th)
  • Blue (Todd):         50 points (4th )

B2 (Warren):                        67 points (1st)

C1 (Indranil):                       61 points (4th)


  • Red (Arun):           48 points (4th)
  • Blue (Mat):           39 points (8th) Note: +9 points adjustment following re-grading


  • Red (Fieds):          52 points (4th)
  • Blue (Rob):           49 points (6th ) Note: -9 points adjustment following re-grading


  • Red (Ross S)         58 points (5th)
  • Blue (Hiresh):       33 points (9th)


  • Red (Diggers)        36 points (9th)
  • Blue (Agniva):     68 points (1st)

D2 (Roger):                           28 points (8th)

Grand Final details

B2 (1st) Vs TBA

C3 Red (4th) Vs TBA

D1 Blue (1st) Vs TBA