Semi Finals – 9th March 2024

Match Reports

Competition – Semi Finals (Day 2)

(Saturday 9th March 2024)


A1 Grade

WPHC (Cameron) 60 lost to Hornsby Maroon 161

Match report to follow.

A2 Grade

WPHC (Campbell) 90 & 9/32 lost to Hornsby 116

Are you familiar with the Boiling Frog fable?

It states that if you put a frog in boiling water, it will immediately hop out, but if you put a frog in tepid water that slowly rises in temperature, the frog won’t realise until it is too late, thus boiling itself alive.

This was our strategy.

We, the water, would slowly turn up the heat defending a low total against Hornsby, the frog, and they’d be in HOT water before they knew it.

Hornsby resumed at 1/2 and Sam Hando bagged a couple of quick ones.

Hornsby were soon 5/50 odd chasing 90 and we were in the game, the water around the frog starting to simmer.

Justin articulated the frog analogy which was met with minor amusement and a general shrug from teammates, yet delight from the square leg umpire.

It prompted the umpire to ask Justin, “do you do stand-up comedy?”.

Loyal readers, I can assure you this was genuine, as much as it reads as a sarcastic jibe, the square leg umpire was gleeful.

For Justin, it’s the greatest compliment he’s ever received on a cricket field.

Justin is in the team for chat, nothing else. Not bowling, not batting and CERTAINLY not fielding.

KT also nabbed 3 wickets but Hornsby were just able to get past our first innings total.

The less said about the second innings the better.

Trying for quick runs to force a game and good bowling was always going to be a difficult combination.

Lowlights included 5 more ducks, to go with 5 in the first innings, plus 7 batters out bowled.

And so our season ends, a thank you to everyone who has filled in for our ever short on numbers team.

A thank you to Campbell for steering the ship again this year.

And to you, loyal readers, a thank you for making A2s the most popular column on a Sunday morning (source Ross Anderson), your support is appreciated.

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Todd) 134 lost to Glenorie 9/135

Unfortunately for all the dedicated B1 Blues fans this is our last match report of the season.

Fortunately enough however, resident propaganda master Lachlan ‘Melman’ Edwards has opted out of writing this week’s report. So you dear readers, will get nothing but the cold hard facts. We rocked up the home of Glenorie cricket and place of many good spreads Les Shore. It was a hot dry sunny day, in stark contrast to last week’s cold, wet, gloomy conditions. This meant the ball would stay hard and run fast along the pretty well maintained Les Shore outfield. Not really ideal for a day where you are defending a low total.

We finished last week 9/133 with Captain Todd and resident Pom Ben Burrows at the crease.

Ben rocked up early to get some net practice, in hopes on notching the score up further. Practising beautiful flowing cover drives, lovely well timed flicks of the pads and masterful judgement of where his off stump was. All this made it all the more strange when he got bowled third ball of the day trying to pull a ball off middle stump.

It was then down to the same pair to open up our innings with the ball.

Tight spells from both bowlers (and a bit of held from the umpire with an lbw decision that would be overturned if snicko was in play) saw the first wicket fall. Jack ‘MVP’ Hutchinson then chipped in, his nagging line and length forcing the batter to chop on. He followed this up a few balls later by trapping the batter in front with a masterful in swinger.

After the drinks break it would be professional A grade keeper Dylan Bish to chip in with a wicket of his own. Ben would then come back for his second spell and pick up the wicket of the dangerous Glenorie number three with the help of a spectacular catch by Coach Connor Hindmarch. To break up a counterpunch by the Glenorie middle order, Jack picked up another wicket caught behind by Sam “I thought keepers were meant to be short” Kirkegard who was keeping with a fractured thumb. He would also snag a lighting fast stumping off the ever reliable bowling of Chris “why does he sound that Scottish” ‘Willy’ Williamson.

At this point Glenorie were 6 wickets down, yet still etching closer and closer to chasing down the total, only needing 20 runs. Victory was in sight for both teams.

Ben would come on for another spell picking up a wicket. Only three left.

The Glenorie tail picked up some fortunate runs. They were now within about 10 runs and we still needed 3 wickets. Jack and Ben had been bowled out thanks to the junior bowling regulations and it would be captain Todd to steam in down the hill to decide the game. When hope was just starting to be lost he chucked one out wide and the batter snicked through to Connor at 1st slip. Cue pandemonium. Only two more wickets needed. Glenorie still had a set batter in however, who only needed a handful of runs to steer his side to victory. An over later in the spell he would try to score these runs off the tight bowling of Todd, skying one to Jack at mid-off who settled underneath and made light work of it.

Cue considerably more pandemonium.

We were at this point only one good ball away from snaking into the finals. With every ball bowled all that were present watched on in suspense with bated breath. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. The pressure was building, something had to give. Todd steamed in, dropped the ball in short, the Glenorie tail ender picked it up quickly, rocked onto the back foot and smoked it over backward square for six. Game over.

In the end, losing sucks. Nobody likes it especially not our team. It is natural to look back after a loss at moments that had they gone differently perhaps the outcome would’ve changed.

I instead encourage looking back on how we managed to get within one wicket of a grand final, because it’s a pretty incredible story, due largely in part to the pretty incredible blokes in this team.

Good luck to B2’s and C3’s in their grand finals next week, try to bring home some silverware.

B2 Grade

WPHC (Warren) 5/170 defeated Normanhurst-Warrawee 8/168 dec

Dear Loyal readers of the best team in Association (source Ross Anderson), in the absence of our highly decorated sports columnist, Raymond Khamis, the privilege of writing this semi-final match report has fallen to me (Warren Schwartzel).

Though I cannot write as poetically or scholastically as Ray, I will give it my best shot to replicate his style, charisma and charm.

I may not have given anything with the bat yesterday, leaving my first ball to be bowled (kids don’t try this at home), I do hope that this match report will make up for that poor performance. We arrived at the home of cricket; minds bent on chasing down a meagre 169 runs on the fastest ground in the association (source Ross Anderson).

Anticipation was palpable with Captain Diplomat giving us the go ahead to chase down the total so that we make it back to the Sporto just in time for the happy hour as the heroes of the Club. This has been the target for all season. Berowra struck early, putting us in a precarious 5-30 after 16 overs. Tensions were high and for the next 20 overs, the grand stand was literally silent, holding their breaths.

Berowra thought they had us cornered, but just like our team icon Rocky, we always get back up.

Despite Captain’s orders to bat out the day for a draw, Zac and Dan took matters into their own hands. Despite a number of close calls and a few dropped catches, they each motored to get 77 runs, building a partnership of 150 in a highly stressful and critical game scenario. With style they chased down the total, flicking and cover driving balls for 4.

Well done Dan and Zac for securing us the victory with such a great and entertaining contribution. We have shown yesterday what has been demonstrated in every match for all season. We are the best team in the comp, we each play for each other with each person contributing to our successes throughout the season. Our job is not done yet, the finals are upon us, this is what we were made for. Tune in next week for the final chapter of this great epic.

Other news:

  • We did make it back to the Sporto in time for happy hour, for well earned, hardy drinks
  • Ross Anderson and the entire A grade joined the crowd to watch the spectacle
  • Ray was unable to write this report as he is representing his company at ICC across from the roasted macadamia nuts
  • Finals are next Saturday and Sunday on turf.

C1 Grade

WPHC (Indranil) 47 & 3/102 lost to Sydney Lions 142

With our backs behind the wall, it required early wickets, on a much brighter day at Dural Park. Very tight bowling by the opening bowlers did not get us the breakthrough, just too good bowling to miss the bat edges.

Anyway, it was Inam who got the not out bats from last week with his discipline off stump bowling and great catches from Ben D and Aayush. It lifted the team morale for some time but getting their last pair took a while. Finally Sydney Lions finished their 1st innings with 95 runs lead.

There was some murmur whether WPH can still salvage an outcome, and the captains decided to let the game continue. We started batting more positively in 2nd innings with Cam Bliss and Yasith. The latter to give some practice ahead of the GF next day.

Cam Bliss got out for 10 and Yaksth shortly thereafter for 11. But the quick runs scored paved the way for Prashant 36*, Aayush 16 and Olly 21* to have a go in the middle.

At the last hour when drinks were called we were just 7 runs ahead and decided to shake hands.

A great season comes to and end with a whole bunch of u16s and some of the younger adults returning to play for the Club. Wish all the best to the grand finalists.

C2 Grade

WPHC Red (Arun) 128 lost to St Ives Wahroonga 2/141

In a hard-fought battle on the cricket field, WPHCC Red put up a valiant effort against St. Ives but fell short in defending their total of 128 runs.

Despite a promising start last week with an early wicket, today’s performance from the bowlers didn’t meet expectations. The weather conditions favoured St. Ives, adding to the challenge for WPHCC Red as they struggled to maintain their line and length, resulting in conceding easy runs.

However, it wasn’t all gloom for WPHCC Red, as they reflect on a season filled with memorable moments and remarkable achievements. Their journey to the Semi-finals in the competitive C2 grade was a testament to the passion and dedication displayed by all the players. Each member of the team contributed to their success throughout the season, showcasing their skills and commitment to the sport.

As the season ends, WPHCC Red (C2) congratulates all the teams of our Club who have made it to the finals, acknowledging their hard work and achievements.

While this season may have ended with a bittersweet result, the team looks forward to the opportunities and challenges that the new season will bring.

Until then, they bid farewell to the cricket field and wish all cricketers a safe and rejuvenating break before the next season begins.

C3 Grade

WPHC Red (Andrew) 8/149 defeated Berowra 145

Well, into the Big C3 Dance we go.

Nothing more really needs to be said – see y’all next week. But no, we need to spend a bit of time rejoicing in the glory of today, because we did the tremendous WPHC fighting spirit proud.

Chasing 145 on a very slow Mt Ku-ring-gai, we knew that it we’d have to run a heap of 1s & 2s – not something that our ageing batting roster (full of yesterday’s heroes – cue JPY) was too pleased about, but that’s life at semi-final time.

Eric & Munish resumed from their 4 over vigil from last week, and took the score to 23 before Munish fell. Cam joined Eric, after a sabbatical transporting his GGs to parts unknown. They took the score to 52 before Eric fell for 25. We lost Cam (21) & Feathers just before tea, as Berowra wrestled back the momentum, leaving us a bit exposed at 4/69 off 40 overs. Not fast scoring, but the opposition had decided they were just going to bowl their 4 seamers all day, so we were prepared to get in the trenches with them.

Dinesh fell in the over after tea, leaving Fieds & Jack to start some kind of rear-guard action.

We felt we were just getting on top through the next 18 overs as the score crept past 100, when the old fella decided to take on one of the young Berowra whippets for a quick single, and lost. He allegedly pulled one of the remaining muscles in his crumbling body in the process.

Dr Munish gave it a poke, applied ice, and regaled him with stories of tendons & groins for the next hour. We didn’t take notes.

Shak joined Jack (28) as we entered the final 18 overs, still needing 45 more runs. They lifted the tempo with their running between wickets, and Shak (22) even managed to hit the only boundary of the day. Both fell when we needed less than 10 to win, but a few free flowing strokes from Pat & Pete against the new ball got us home with 3 overs up our sleeve, and the trembling Naughty Nathan still in the sheds.

The great part of this game was that everyone contributed in some way to defeat the Minor Prems. We will go into the Final as underdogs again, but we’ll turn up and have another crack.

Hoping to get lots of support in the process.

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Agniva) 4/202 drew with Thornleigh

**Day 2 Match Report – Semifinal Showdown**

**Resilient Resumption**

Play resumed with Lakshya and Anubhav on strike. The plan was simple – bat as long as possible. The duo built a partnership for the ages, frustrating the opposition. At one point, Ross mentioned that the ground was as quiet as a library which a silence amongst Thornleigh relatable to Narendra Modi stadium on 19th March 2023.

**Centuries and Partnership Brilliance**

Lakshya managed to get to his 3rd century of the season, and Anubhav followed suit with a half-century. The duo put on a staggering 170-run partnership for the 2nd wicket, showcasing resilience and skill before Anubhav fell for a well-made 57, an inning which anchored the whole game and helped Lakshya play as freely as he wanted to!

** Unfortunate Runout and Conclusion:**

Lakshya, after a splendid innings of 111, (*our 539th ton) was dismissed, bringing Chintan and Agni to the crease. After some watchful runs, Chintan fell victim to an unfortunate runout. Sensing the conditions, the Thornleigh skipper decided that they have had enough of this season and both captains agreed to call off the game.

**Grand Final Bound**

Despite the rain-soaked drama in day 1, we are heading to the grand final next week. The journey has been filled with highs and challenges, and it’s a testament to our spirit and teamwork.

Cricket, like life, is full of unpredictable twists. Let’s take the lessons from this experience and channel our energy into the grand final.

Onward and upward, team!


John Hayne Cup – Match Reports

Round 2

(Saturday 9th March 2024)


WPHC C2 defeated Kissing Point (C3) 191 (includes 24 bonus points167)

The boys were feeling confident after winning the past 3 games and decided to have a bowl and knock over the Kissing Point boys.

Mat and Vris opened the bowling unit up. Vris started on the money early but was unlucky not to pick up a wicket in his 4 overs. Matty Marsden took a ball or two to get the engine running but when he did he can move a ball. However, it’s a shame that he only bowls 40km per hour. Mat picked up a wicket in his first over and bowled well for his 5 overs finishing on 1-16.

Big Craig was fired up and let the skipper know that he wanted a bowl and wanted to make up for his dropped catch at mid-wicket (sitter). Craig got the Kissing Point batters in all sorts and was unlucky not to get 2nd wicket after one of the Kissing Point batsman knicked off and didn’t walk. Craig started off well as he was bowling his gentle outswingers as well as his off spinners that actually turned. He then got a wicket in his second over and finished on 1-29 off 4. Rutal was brought on to bowl and took a wicket in his second over after dotting the Kissing Point batsman up.

Sohan wanted to get involved after wanting to sit the game out but was reminded that he got a golden duck last game and didn’t want to finish the season on a golden. Rutal and Sohan were dotting up the Kissing Point batsman and we were giving them absolutely nothing in the field.

At drinks Kissing Point were 3-85 plus the handicap of 24. Rutal continued is accurate bowling while he was unlucky not to pick up another wicket and finished with figures 1-21. Sohan grabbed another wicket ripping middle peg and finished with amazing figures of 2-8 or 2-11 (kissing point can’t score). Meet was brought onto bowl with some great balls moving it both ways. Meet finished on 3-13 off his 5 overs who bowled very well.

Kissing Point were 7-117 off 27 overs. The Goat was let out of his cage and carved up picking up 1-26 off his 5 overs.

With not many overs left the male model came onto have a bowl and didn’t bowl like a male model finishing with 0-14 off 1. Marty decided to take the ball and have a bowl picking up 0-9 off 1. The boys fought hard and got a run out on the final delivery of Kissing point’s innings.

KP finished with 10/167 plus the handicap of 24 which was 191.

Marty and Sohan opened up the batting and were looking for a fast start to chase down a decent score of 191. Sohan and Marty were going at 5 an over and were whacking them all over the park. After a 48-run partnership Marty was dismissed for a well-made 15. Mat came in and was looking good but got bowled out for 9 runs. DC was in next and turned into Virat Kohli for a few of his cover drives. It’s a real shame Rizul wasn’t there to experience the classiness of the Dave Collins cover drive.

At drinks West Penno were 2/79 needing nearly 7 an over to come home with a win. Sohan and Dave continued at what they were best at – rotating the strike and whacking the occasional 4. Dave knicked off for a great 22 which kept us in the game.

Buckets came in needing nearly 9 an over to win the game at number 5 and was whacking them all over the park. Sohan continued to suffocate the Kissing Point bowlers and retired on an incredible 50.

Mukund came in next and did what he was best at which was whacking the ball to the ropes. Craig and Mukund were launching balls all over the ground making people move their cars -they were causing absolute chaos. Mukund departed after being caught on the boundary for a quick 20. Bronson was in next and was just giving the man on fire the strike. Craig was launching the cover off the ball in every direction. 4 needed to win off the last 2 and a bit overs and Craig wanted to get it done and dusted so he just casually whacks one over the ropes for a 6.

Retiring on 54 making up for his 4 dropped catches in the past 2 games Craig was the man. After winning the game we batted out our 35 overs with Bronson having a go and sending 2 fours to the ropes. Bronson finished on 12 not out and Matt Baynie a moral 4 not out.

In summary West Penno won their 4th game in a row coming home with a great win on the back of Sohan and Craig’s amazing 50’s and tight bowling from all our bowlers but mainly Sohan.

WPHC C4 144 (includes +69 bonus points) lost to Castle Hill B2 Green 5/243

With a bye last week and playing against a B2 side, it was always going to be a challenge, particularly on a slow ground with boundaries significantly larger than we would normally play. We lost the toss and were asked to bat.

Our innings did not really go anywhere. Bowling was tight, and with a couple needless dismissals we were under pressure immediately. 3/7 after 5 overs.

From there we struggled losing wickets continuously, no partnerships of note and only hitting 8 *4s across our whole innings. Unfortunately we only lasted 25 overs being dismissed for a mere 75….with top scorer Gihan 21 and then sundries 13. At least with our run differential our final score of 144 was something that looked respectable.  A sad tale , 8 wickets with single figures.

With the ground drying out, and the Castle Hill batsmen looking a level of quality above what we would normally play against, it was hard.  They always seemed to be able to punish the slightly misdirected ball and have plenty of time to put the ball into gaps and take singles.

Our bowling was good, but unfortunately a few early dropped chances let Castle Hill get away from us. A good spell from Suf , and a catch behind to Raynaldo..1/64 after 11. The batters continued to push the ball around and run well between wickets until Suf knocked  the stumps over just before drinks…Ch 2/100 at 17….

Over the next 18 overs we managed 3 more wickets (2 to Suf and 1 to Mohan), with CH intent to increase their quotient and taking every opportunity to clear the boundary. The batters just too good adding another 143 runs.

At the end of 35 overs Castle Hill 5/243 with one retired batter and all but one of their batters into double figures. Our Bowlers toiled against a superior batting opposition and they were just too good. Suf was the pick of our bowlers with 4/33(5).  Our other wicket to Mohan 1/36(5). 2 catches to Raynaldo and 1 to Mohan.

The game was played in good spirits by both sides and although the Castle Hill side came from a higher grade they treated us with respect throughout. I’m sure our lads learnt a lot from today’s game.