News – 23 January 2022

Play HQ

Play HQ, the new operating system being rolled out across Australia to replace MyCricket is making good progress.

MyCricket was first launched 13 years ago – before we even had smart phones. The platform has become outdated. The latest update from CA received during the week follows:

“As we know, technology has moved on dramatically in this time. Our new partner PlayHQ is building a modern, intuitive, cloud-based digital platform for community Clubs and Competitions across Australia that will better meet your needs.

 It will focus on helping you do the core jobs of registration, payments, competition management and scoring really well. Rather than being a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’, PlayHQ is focused on providing the core functions whilst allowing other complementary software solutions to be seamlessly ‘plugged-in’ (integrated) to build out a broader suite of Club & Competition management tools.”

The major milestones are:

    • 2021/22 season – backend systems changes completed
    • 2022/23 – early adopter Summer Comps & all Cricket Blast programs implemented
    • 2023/24 – all summer & winter cricket programs using Play HQ

CNSW latest

Skin Cancer Check-up Clinic

After three successful Skin Check Clinics conducted in Albury, Coffs Harbour and Campbelltown, the fourth and final clinic of the summer will occur at Nolan Reserve, North Manly on Sunday January 23. These clinics have been funded through the Cricket NSW Foundation to provide a potentially life-saving opportunity for our cricket community. You can find more information and register herehere .

Social Women’s Smash

Social Women’s Smash is back in Term 1, 2022! All information is located further down in the News.

Key points are:

  • When:                    2nd Feb to 16th March 2022
  • Time:                     6.45 pm to 8.15 pm
  • Where:                   Asquith Oval, Asquith
  • Cost:                      $70

Participants can register here

Covid Policy

Covid is going to be with us for a long time and fortunately, cricket is a game that has natural social distancing so provided simple guidelines are followed we should get through the season largely unaffected. The Association website has all the details – here

Key requirements are:

“Players should:

  1. OBEY Physical Distancing, both on and off the field
  2. NOT use saliva or sweat to polish the ball
  3. NOT lick your fingers
  4. NOT high five or shake hands in the celebration process
  5. AVOID spitting
  6. NOT share towels
  7. NOT share drink bottles”

Greenway Cup Event & Pink Stumps Day

Keep a look out for the inaugural ‘Greenway Cup’:

Save the Date:

Saturday 12th Feb. Regular game times + BBQ + fun after Stage 2 games. 

All our girls teams will be playing at either Greenway Park (the Seniors teams have very kindly moved their games) or close by at John Purchase.

All our Girls Teams will then come to Greenway / John Purchase after their games to cheer on our other teams and then head to Greenway for BBQ dinner, parent v kids games, raffle + “Spirit of Cricket” awards.

DRESS CODE: Pink / Hawaiian

More info to come…..

Fees review

At the beginning of the season, registration fees were set without knowing how much of the season we would get due to Covid-019 lockdowns. We set an expectation that we would review fees around this time of the year once we know our costs – some fees would increase and some will decrease.

Everyone will get a note before we go back to play but as an early ‘heads-up’ fee adjustments are:

Age Division Current fee New fee Change
Junior Blasters $100 $100 No change
Girls only $100 $100 No change
Juniors mixed

  • U8 to U10
  • U11 to U13
  • U14 to U16









$50 top-up payment

$60 top-up payment

$70 top-up payment

Seniors $300 $260 $40 refund


This represents a significant reduction in the standard fee that would apply to a normal season:

  • Junior Blasters – $130 (standard fee without a Covid affected season) reduced to $100
  • Girls only – $130 reduced to $100
  • Juniors:
    • 8 to 10 years – $185 reduced to $150
    • U11 to U13 – $205 reduced to $160
    • U14 to U16 – $215 reduced to $170
  • Seniors:
    • All age – $300 reduced to $260
    • Juniors playing Seniors only – $250 reduced to $160
    • Juniors playing both Seniors & Juniors – $190 reduced to $160

Key dates

Key dates are:

  • Season re-start:
    • Saturday 8th January 2022 – Seniors season restart
    • Friday 28th January – Blowfly cricket re-start
    • Saturday 29th January 2022 – Juniors (mixed & Girls only) re-start
    • Saturday 29th January – Junior Blasters
    • Saturday 12th February 2022 – Greenway Cup – special Girls cricket Event

Girls & Social Cricket

Women’s Social Smash

The phenomenally successful initiative is gearing up. Details are:

  • New name – Women’s Social Smash – Northern District CC
  • Venue – Asquith Park, Asquith (new this season while Mark Taylor Oval is being upgraded)
  • Times – 6:45pm – 8:15pm
  • Come & Try/ Launch Night – Wednesday 19th Jan 2022 (due to no session on Australia day on 26th Jan)
  • 7 x Week Program (plus free launch night)
    • Program starts Wednesday 2nd Feb
    • Program ends Wednesday 16th March
  • Cost – $70 ($10 a week)
  • Equipment – Soft ball, everything is provided so just wear active wear and bring a water bottle!
  • Social – After each session we encourage everyone to hang around and have a glass of wine together (BYO)


To register for the program please click here!

To register for the Come & Try night on the 19th Jan and blowout the cobwebs please register her – Come and Try/ Launch Night by clicking here

Girls Leadership Program

This season we are doing something special for the Girls in our older Age Groups – a first for any Clubs in our Association.

Kirsty Newbury has developed and will be running a Leadership program for our older Girls that runs for a half day rather than over 5 weeks as originally scheduled. The details are:

  • When – Tuesday 25th January 2022
  • Where – Greenway Park Community Centre
  • Time – 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

The program covers:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Getting your message across
  • Teamwork
  • Empowering others
  • Walk Tall, Lead with Heart

Our aim to develop a program that is repeatable and will benefit Girls players in the future.

In effect we are providing our Girls players with an opportunity for personal development and growth that no one else provides will be something special for all WPHC girls and their families.

Greenway Park Community Centre – coming up

After the highly successful Comedy Night at the new Community Centre there are a number of Events being planned for the remainder of the season. Keep a lookout for the following Events that are planned:

  • 12th February – Girls Gala day using John Purchase & Greenway Park
  • 26th February – Last Round drinks
  • March – Juniors (Girls & Boys) Presentation Day
  • May – Seniors Presentation Night

Stay tuned.

Blowfly Cricket support

One of our great achievements is to setup and run a Blowfly Cricket program for our young people with autism. Bill Peterkin and Mike Kinchington have our on the ground leaders who have seen Blowfly cricket develop into an important part of our Community.

Bill is now also involved with his son’s MasterBlasters cricket and Mike is going to live on the South Coast in the New Year. So we need to start planning succession.

This is an early shout out for someone who can be at James Henty Oval on Friday nights between 6.00 pm and 7.30 pm to just be present and to supervise the program that pretty much runs itself.

If you are interested in making a difference to the lives of people with disability and their families, then think about becoming involved. So if you want to make a difference and can set aside 90 minutes on a Friday night for a rewarding experience then think about this wonderful opportunity.

To find out more, without any commitment, contact Bill Peterkin on here or 0488 110 942.



We can’t use the Schools this season due to Covid restrictions so training will be limited to fewer venues.

Your Team Manager / Coach has the details about training days and venues and everyone should now be ready to go.


Training days and times are:


  • Where – Sports Club Nets
  • Time – 4.00 om to 7.30 pm


  • Where – George Thornton Reserve
  • Time – 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm

Best Performances of the Round

Round 10 results follow. Note that the Juniors return to cricket at the end of January.


  • No outstanding performances


  • Jack Hando (A2) – 6/7 Vs St Ives Wahroonga
  • Luke Herzog (A1) – 5/22 Vs Hornsby
  • Phil Wurth (A1) – 4/9 Vs Hornsby
  • David Larkham (D1 Red) – 4/23 Vs Castle Hill

Highest Team scores

  • 4/193 (B1) Vs ARL

Best Partnerships

  • 78 between Michael Banner (45) & Rick Turner (19) for the 1stwicket Vs St Ives (B1)

Juniors (mixed)

After 8 Rounds, the standings of our Teams are:

  • U16/17s – Blue (2nd); Red (3rd); Orange (=4th); Gold (=4th)
  • U15s – Red (1st); Blue (=3rd ); White (=5th)
  • U14s – Blue (=1st ); Green (=8th); Orange (11th)
  • U13s – Blue (=1st); Red (6th); Orange (8th ); Gold (=10th ); Green (=14th)
  • U12s – White (=2nd); Gold (5th), Green (=6th); Red (=6th); Purple (9th); Blue (16th)
  • U11s & U10s – no competition points
  • MasterBlasters – no competition points


Our Girls play in the North Shore JCA. Standings are:

  • Stage 3 (U17) – = 6th (7th on quotient)
  • Stage 2 (13 to 17 years) – Haynes (6th); Gardner (=9th ); McPherson (12th)