Anecdotes – Round 12 (30 January)


Last week, we ran a story on the commitment shown by Phill Hando (B2 Red Skipper) in travelling from a family camping holiday at Forster to play and then returning – a round trip of 520 klms).

Eric Junkkari (C2 Red) dropped me a note about another great example of commitment about the legendary Tony Hadley. Here goes:

“Great anecdotes today. However don’t forget the great legendary Tony Hadley, who, in around, season 2005/06, was on a flight from China to Sydney and informed us the day before, that he would make it to the match at Warrina St!

 He said he would take a taxi straight from the airport and would arrive around 2pm. Not only did he have real dedication but very deep pockets. So we put him in the team sheet with fingers crossed.

 Against our wishes, we lost the toss and were sent into bat. Wickets began to fall but had we held up well in the middle order. It was hard work and it was now after 2pm. We lost another wicket or 2 and then suddenly a taxi turned up and Hadley, in his whites, gets out of the cab and immediately puts on his pads.

 Another wicket fell, Hadley grabs his bat and walks out in to the middle and scores a great 40 odd which provides enough for us to win the game. Now that is anecdote.”

When you read about this commitment and all the other examples of Team focus over the years from Tony there is no better theme music than this classic from Tina Turner – Simply the Best

Photo: Tony Hadley with Bryce Morley @ Montview Oval – 3rd February 2007

Inspiring approach

We have given all of our Seniors until 31 January to provide account details to get a refund for a shorter season. While it is great to see that players are working to this timeline, one of the amazing insights into our Club is the number of players who have decided not to receive a reimbursement of between $30 & $40 but rather ask that the money be used as a donation to support Blowfly and Girls cricket. In tough times to see so many people want to help others in our Club is a great ‘feel good’ insight into what makes us different.

Reelin’ in the years

First up, our theme song – the Steely Dan classic Reelin in the Years

With Finals now just a few Rounds away we found a great video on the A1 Premiership win in 2011-12. This was the first in a sequence of 4 x straight Premierships – the best by any WPHC Team in any Grade. There have been some great A1 sides in the past but none have reached this pinnacle. To put this in context, the boys were playing the mighty ARL who were after their 7th consecutive A1 Premiership.

Batting first on a ‘road’ at Mark Taylor Oval we were 7/51 and we fought our way back to 153 – below par but gave us a fighting chance. The result – we rolled ARL for 124 in a thriller to win the first of our 4-peat.

This year’s A1 are chasing similar glory. The boys lost just their first game on the weekend after 12 Rounds and the great James Makin, who captained the 2011-12 Team is still playing A1 Grade and doing it well. Check-out also the other players still playing or are still around our Club – Michael Banner (B1), Simon Smyth, Bill Peterkin.

For all of our Teams this season, this is the stuff that we can look forward to with 11 of our 12 Teams all genuine chances of playing in the Semi’s. Sit back and enjoy the passion shown in the journey of this special Team – Rofie 2011-12

Photo: Scott Henderson taking the match winning catch in the 2011-12 Grand Final

Girls Leadership

During the week we ran our 1st Girls Leadership program aimed at developing the self-confidence and leadership potential of our U17 Girls. Kirsty Newbury and Suz Colburt ran the program and it was a tremendous success. The program covered:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Getting your message across
  • Teamwork
  • Empowering others
  • Walk Tall, Lead with Heart

The photo gallery has photos of the day and are worth a browse – here

Our Club Executive is looking at how we can make this and other development initiatives part of what players get when they play for West Penno.

Well done Kirsty & Suz!

You know that one about the guests who arrive and….

Picture this. The night before a big game this weekend and D1 Red Skipper (Diggers) pops around to Phill Hando’s (B2 Skipper) place to collect the keys to Greenway Park Community Centre for the weekend game. Diggers and his wonderful better half (Nicole) arrived at 9.00 pm and left at 2.00 am after a couple of quiet ones – mainly cocktails.

How did this late night affect Diggers batting – he went out got his top score of the season. So…it looks like Phill might have a regular visitor on Friday nights.

Photo: Diggers (right) having a break during a hot day with Andrew Fiedler (Howson Oval – 28th November 2020).

Space Cadet

First – our theme music: here

Mike Kinchington, one of our best credentialed premiership Captains, popped down on Saturday to Greenway Park to field for the D1 Red boys on a hot day. Despite demonstrating tactical genius over many years, Captain Mike lost his way while umpiring.

While having a lovely chat to one of the Opposition players it was Mike’s turn to umpire at square leg. This is where the problems started after he took a position at mid-off at the bowlers end and any amount of coaxing from the sidelines wouldn’t get Mike to move – still deep in conversation. We eventually got there and the game got underway with Mike doing another outstanding job at the main end.