News – August 2020

Registrations are now OPEN

Registrations for the 2020/21 season are now open and can be accessed via the following link – here

We will promote Registration later in August but the system is now open and is accepting Registrations.

Active kids financial support

Active Kids Vouchers for $100 are available, through the registration process, for every registration under 18 years of age. Last season, 467 of our families (74% of all Junior registrations) used this Voucher and $46,700 was paid to WPHC families. Best practice is 81% so let’s beat this and use this funding support.

Our Leaders for 2020/21

We had our deferred AGM on Wednesday (19 August) by using a combined Zoom and in-person meeting at the Sports Club. Check out the photo’s in the Photo Gallery (Miscellaneous section) to see what a socially distanced meeting looks like.

We are fortunate to have an unchanged Leadership Team to navigate through these unusual times. Congratulations to our Club’s Leaders for this season:

  • Chair – Barry McDonald
  • President – Andrew Miedler
  • Vice Presidents:
    • Bill Peterkin (Senior)
    • Jane Bish
    • Rob Hanich
  • Director Finance – Peter Lees
  • Director Girls – Suzanna & Grant Colburt
  • Director Juniors – Steve Burrows
  • Director Junior Blasters & Blowfly – Bill Peterkin
  • Director Operations – Ross A
  • Director Seniors – Rick Turner
  • Director Sponsorship – Sreeni Pillamarri

Thank you to each of these folk who Volunteer their own time so that we can all benefit.

Association AGM

The Association AGM is on Thursday 27th August and everyone is welcome to attend but with voting rights limited to our delegates. It will be a great opportunity to hear about the plans for the coming season. Details are:

  • When – Thursday 27th August
  • Time – 7.30 pm
  • Where – via Zoom

Meeting ID: 818 1668 0356

Passcode: 922673

Key dates

  • Seniors Training – Saturday 29th August (see below)
  • Registration / Information Day –Sunday 27th September
  • Season start – 24th October (see below)
  • Training – we can train at any open nets in groups of 10 people (max) with social distancing applying.

COVID-19 Training arrangements 

Seniors pre-season training starts on Saturday 29th August and Junior Teams will start most likely in October. The following info are restrictions that have been set by for all Cricket Clubs across Australia.

As you know there can be real consequences if restrictions are ignored (Ruby Princess, Sheaf, Cross Roads Hotel…. just to name a few) plus we don’t want to appear on the front pages of the Newspapers as the cause of a new Cluster. So the following guidelines be followed closely.

It is vital that anyone attending Training reads all the documents and understands individual responsibilities are as a player before attending training.

  • Please read through the resources at this link before you attend training:

particularly this one

Some other key points are:

  • All players, coaches and volunteers must sign in via a digital attendance register that will be established and advised prior to training
  • Ideally bring your own cricket ball but if that’s not possible it must stay with you for the session before being placed in a bag after being wiped down
  • No throwing the ball back to the bowler, aim to tap it back along the ground as much as possible
  • No shining the ball with saliva
  • No handshaking, hi fives or hugs
  • Physical distancing must be adhered to at all times
  • Maximum of 5 people per net at any one time
  • Must arrive at training as ready to go as possible e.g.: shoes on etc. Use the mantra ‘Get In, Train, Get Out’
  • Everyone must read and understand the ‘return to train’ guidelines –here
  • All players must have their own equipment – no sharing of gloves, pads or helmets
  • Everyone must have their own water bottle
  • All players should bring their own sanitiser if possible and wash their hands regularly
  • Try to avoid touching your own face
  • No one is to attend training if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who has had COVID-19 in the past 14 days
  • No one is to attend training if they have been to Victoria or come into contact with someone from Victoria in the past 14 days
  • We strongly recommend that everyone download the COVIDSafe app and have it active throughout all sessions.

Season start


  • Start date – 24th October to 19th December (9 weeks) then January 30th to 6th March (8 weeks)
  • Semi Finals & Grand Finals – 14th to 21st March

The Association has adopted a 100% compliance to CA Junior formats across all age groups. This mainly affects Master Blasters, U9s & U11s. More detail will come on this.

Helmet policy

The wearing of a helmet will now be mandatory for all players facing medium / fast bowling; fielding within 7 metres of the bat; wicket keeping up to the stumps.

Girls, Junior Blasters (U5 to U7) & Blowfly

Not yet advised but likely to be in early November.


  • Start date – 24th October to 19th December with a 2 week break staring up again on 9th January
  • No T20 Competition
  • Helmet policy applies
  • Semi Finals and Grand Finals – 13th to 28th March
  • Season format:
    • 4 x 2-day games to start the season
    • 1 x 1-day game (19th December)
    • 1 x 1-day games to 23rd January finishing with 2 day games until season end (13th March)

From this season, the Association unanimously agreed to implement the helmet approach as a Policy and not part of the Rules. Batters not wearing a helmet will effectively be given Out – Timed Out.

Representative Cricket

The dates for Rep selection Trials are below. The venue will be advised shortly.

Sunday 23rd August

  • U10: 8:30 – 10:00 am
  • U12: 11:00 – 12.30 pm
  • U14: 1.30 – 3.00 pm

Sunday 30th August

  • U11: 8:30 – 10:00 am
  • U13: 11:00 – 12.30 pm
  • U15: 1.30 – 3:00 pm

Cricket Australia News

CA has advised (30 June) the following changes regarding the My Cricket platform:

“The Board …has confirmed:

      • Making the replacement of the current MyCricket platform one of Cricket Australia’s highest priorities;
      • Endorsing the largest investment in Community Cricket technology ever.

 We are currently scoping out a platform that we hope can meet our community needs. When a vendor has been selected we can then develop a transition plan, with community input and consultation.

 We are committed to a successful transition and this will take some time to get right – we expect the project to take us up to two years. Meanwhile, we will remain on the current MyCricket platform.”

Greenway Park development

We are getting close to the new $3.6m Community Centre at Greenway Park being installed. The Centre is to be located on the grass bank between the top and bottom ovals and will become a major enhancement that can be used during the season. It will have viewing balconies, storage, meeting rooms, kitchen, air-conditioning, change rooms and function facilities. Most importantly, our players , parents and supporters will have a great viewing platform to watch the game in comfort.

The Centre is being built in modular form and will be transported from Somersby to Cherrybrook and installed in June.

Check out our Facebook page to as a video of the latest development.

Major Awards

Danielle Chivers:

National winner, ‘Young Community Leader of the Year’ &

CNSW ‘Young Community Leader of the Year’

On 21 May 2020, Cricket Australia selected Dani Chivers (pictured left in the Banner photo together with Ellen Hall) as the national ‘Young Community Leader of the Year’. Danielle topped list ahead of 5 other State nominations making her the highest ranked Young Community Leader in Australia.

To reach this distinguished level, Cricket NSW announced (13 May 2020) that Danielle was named the Young Community Leader of the Year! Her achievements, among many, are:

  • Dani is a key member of our Schools Clinic/ Coaching teams
  • is actively involved in Blowfly Cricket
  • Is a Coach in the HK&HDCA Coaching Program run by the legendary Bruce Wood
  • Last season she won the Association Rookie Coach of the Year Award
  • Her playing record is also outstanding. Playing cricket for our Sixers Girls Cricket League and won the prestigious Lisa Sthalekar Award as the outstanding Girls cricketer for 2019/20.

The prestigious ‘A Sport for All’ Awards run by Cricket Australia are the highest honour a volunteer can receive and Dani has taken out one of only 3 individual categories. We have over 275 active volunteers who all do an amazing job to support our Club and Dani is a great representative of what our club is all about.

Well done Dani – we are very proud of your achievements.

SBS Life Time Community Service Award

Congratulations to Sreeni Pillamarri (C2 and Executive Committee Member) who was announced as runner up in the SBS ‘Life Time Community Service Awards’ (26th May 2020).

His contribution is amazing. Apart from his volunteer effort with our Club, Sreeni is a Board Member of Radio station Alive 90.5 FM, former President of the Telugu Association and United India Association.

In 2018 he organised and walked from Parramatta to Canberra in the ‘Walk for Farmers’ to support drought stricken farmers. This year he organised a major funding raising for the SFS volunteers during the bushfires.

This is outstanding and is yet another example of what makes our Club great – the depth and quality of our amazing volunteers in all capacities.

Well done Sreeni – we are proud of you.

Major Club Award

Presidents Award

Rob Hanich

We have over 275 active Volunteers with everyone making a significant contribution. To be acknowledged as the outstanding Volunteer of the Year is something special.

Outside Life Membership, the ‘President’s Award’ is the most prestigious Award that is available in our Club. The Award acknowledges the most outstanding Volunteer effort for our Club over the last season, also taking into account long service and outstanding contribution.

Rob is Deputy Juniors Director, Club Vice President, Seniors D1 Captain. Add to this, Juniors Secretary of the Association for a 2nd season plus being a former Club Juniors Director (2016-19), Junior Coach and Age Convenor. These are amazing contributions not just for this season but over many years.

Well done and well deserved Rob.

Major Award Winners (Juniors) 2019/20

Whilst we were unable to hold our usual Presentation Day for this past Season due to COVID-19, the Junior Committee have still had the difficult task of assessing the many worthy nominations for our Perpetual Awards.

We now take great pleasure in being able to acknowledge our Major Award winners for Season 2019/2020.

John Coulthard Award – Outstanding Junior U16 Player : Shaan Bakshi

Lisa Sthalekar Award – Outstanding Girls Player (Senior): Danielle Chivers

Charles Booth Memorial Award – Outstanding Junior U13 Player: Benjamin Burrows

Tina McPherson Award – Outstanding Girls Player (Junior): Sofia Culas

Ross Anderson Award – Outstanding Junior Player U11: Oscar Honeysett

Volunteer of the Year Awards

  • Volunteer of the Year (U12-U16): Duminda Thenuwara
  • Volunteer of the Year (Girls): Neil Jackson
  • Volunteer of the Year (U8-U11): Mick Dalton

Arthur Souter Award (Players graduating U16 who have played every season from Kanga – U16)

  • Cory Brookhouse
  • Danielle Chivers
  • Seth Sweeney
  • Luchith Thenuwara
  • Aryan Tyagi

Congratulations to all the Award winners.

Major Award winners (Seniors) 2019/20

With the Seniors Presentation cancelled due to COVID-19 we don’t have any formal end of season recognition for outstanding achievement. Our 2 Major Awards though are still being made and trophies will be awarded once the season start is known.

Congratulations to our major Award winners:

Player of the Year

Michael Richards (A1).

Michael won the prestigious Award for taking 28 wickets @ 14.7 to be our top A1 wicket taker + 2nd highest wicket taker in the Club. This is also the 2nd time he has won the Award (2015/16) plus winning the Charles Booth Memorial Award (U13s) in 2005/06.

Outstanding Prospect

Alastair Fullerton (D1 Blue)

Alastair won the prestigious ‘Outstanding Prospect’ of the year award by scoring 532 runs @ 59.2 and taking 13 wickets @ 18.6.

Team based awards

We are going to be acknowledging best batting & bowling achievements in all Senior Grades. The winners will be published on the website in May.

Girl’s cricket


Results of the GF played on Saturday 7 March 2020:


WPHC (Sthalekar) 2nd defeated Thornleigh 4th in the Plate Final.

The 5th placed Annetts Team just missed the Finals by finishing 5th.

Final Competition standings are:

  • WPHC Sthalekar – 2nd (45 points)
  • WPHC Annetts – =4th (5th on quotient) – 29 points

Sixers League


Congratulations to our Grand Finalists:

Grand Final

WPHC Healy 84 lost to Castled Hill Thunder 2/91

Plate Final

WPHC Perry 4/31 lost to Castle Hill RSL 30 in the Plate Final.

Final Competition standings are:

  • WPHC Healy 1st (49 points)
  • WPHC Perry – 3rd (43 points)


Grand Final results

  • U11:
    • Blue (2nd) 76 lost to Normanhurst-Warrawee (1st) 93
  • U15/16
    • Orange (3rd) 135 lost to Hornsby (1st) 141

Team standings

After the last competition Round – 29th February, Team standings:

  • U15 /U16s – Orange =2nd (3rd on quotient); Blue 7th; Red 8th; White 10th
  • U14s – Red 1st; Purple =2nd (3rd on quotient), Blue 6th; Orange 7th, Green 9th
  • U13s – Red 6th, Green 7th, Blue 10th, White 11th
  • U12s – Blue 4th; Green 8th; Orange 15th; Gold 17th; Red 19th.
  • U11s – Blue 2nd; Orange 3rd; Gold 9th; Red 12th; Green 14th
  • U8s to U10s – no competition points allocated.

Awards Presentation

As mentioned above, the Juniors Presentation has been cancelled. Awards for each Team and major Perpetual Awards will still be presented – the timing and process have yet to be determined. As a minimum, we will use our Club Social Media to let everyone know who won the various awards.

Seniors (All Age)

Presentation Night & Awards

The Senior Presentation Day, scheduled for Friday 1 May 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID 2020.

Award winners for each team have been distributed and our major Award winners have been announced:

  • Player of the Year – Michael Richards (A1)
  • Outstanding Prospect – (Alastair Fullerton)

Semi-Finals & Grand Finals

Congratulations to our Minor Premiers and Premiers (declared after finishing highest on the Competition table):

  • C1 Red (Phill)
  • C3 (Buzz)

Commiserations to our Teams that missed out in the Semi Finals – wet weather ensured drawn games meaning our 4 lower placed sides missed out:

  • A2 Blue (Gunny)
  • C2 (Indranil)
  • D1 Blue (Rob)
  • D2 (Mike)

Points table

Team standings after the final Round (14) follows:

  • A1 – 5th (37 points)
  • A2:
    • Blue (Gunny) – 3rd (53 points)
    • Red (Andy) – 5th (47 points)
  • B1 – 6th (38 points)
  • B2 – 8th (33 points)
  • C1:
    • Red (Phill) = 1st
    • Blue (Fieds) – 8th
  • C2 – 4th (42 points)
  • C3 – 1st (70 points)
  • D1:
    • Blue (Rob) – 3rd 48 points)
    • Red (Diggers) – 5th (44 points)
  • D2 – 3rd (52 points)

Club Champion player points

Congratulations to our top 5 players based on Champion player points allocation is (as at season end – 20/3/2020):

Name Grade Points
Alastair Fullerton D1 104.2
Andrew Morris A2 92.1
Praneel Singh D2 85.8
Ayush Tamhankar D2 76.0
Billy Gaunt A2 75.5
Anthony Kwok C3 70.2