Anecdotes – 9 February 2020


A week is a long time

Do you remember last weekend – temperatures of 45degrees + and that great photo of Ryan Gunn (B2) clutching an ice pack during his epic innings – here . Well that was last week. This week it is 20 degrees with rain gauges overflowing.

Since Christmas we have had the following interruptions to play:

  • Round 8 (Day 2, 21st December) – all grounds closed due to “Catastrophic fire conditions” and poor air quality
  • Round 10 (18 January) – washed out
  • Round 11 (25th January) – C3 had a forfeit
  • Round 12 (1st February) – most games called off / finished early due to extreme heat (+43 degrees)
  • Round 13 (Day 1, 8th February) – washed out

So most Teams have had just a couple of days play since 14th December (56 days or almost 2 months).

With just 3 Saturdays left before the Semi’s and rain forecast all week the list may get even longer.


Women’s cricket

All the talk about Girls cricket is spot on but let’s not forget about the mums and older daughters. Last Wednesday, CNSW kicked off a Women’s Social competition, the 1st of its kind in Sydney and we were blown away with the attendance – 70+ ladies for a Come & Try day with 100+ expected when the 6 week Program starts next Wednesday (12th February). Over 15 of these ladies were from West Penno.

The interesting story, behind the headline success is the build-up. Remember that this is the first time this type of initiative has been run anywhere in Sydney. 10 minutes before the scheduled start there was a handful of ladies who trickled along. Then more came along and more still. What happened is that most of the ladies were waiting in their cars to see if anyone else turned up before appearing. They did, in a busload and the rest is history – an incredibly successful start with even better days to come.


We have run a couple of stories around the success of TeamApp this season but last week gave a great insight into how popular it is. Last week we had a massive 8,780 hits on TeamApp and this is despite a couple of Teams unfortunately not sending through score updates. The highest number of hits so far this season is 33,064 in November. With Semi Finals coming up and a number of Teams still in the running we could give this a real shake.

Semi Finals bound

With just a couple of games to go before the Semi’s it is interesting to see how how Teams are running. A snapshot view of Teams in the top 4 or within 1 win is:


9 Teams – A2 (x2), B2, C1 Red, C2, C3, D1 (x 2) and D2


8 Teams – U15/16 (x2), U14 (x 3), U12 (x1), U11 (x 2)


4 Teams – U16 (x 2), U13 (x2)

In Juniors we focus on Participation over Results above winning trophies so it is still pleasing to see so many Junior Boys & Girls performing so well.