Anecdotes – 15 December

So…who is the ‘better’ Larkham?

Going on in the background has been battle between father (Dave playing D1 and pictured) and son (Brent, playing A2) Larkham about who would be the first to get to 50 wickets. Starting the season, Dave had 37 wickets and Brent had 47 wickets. After 61 overs Dave was the first to bring up his 50 wickets. Brent has bowled just 13 overs for his 1 wicket to be stuck on 48 career wickets. So it looks like bragging rights sit with the old man.

The fact that Brent scored a double ton 2 years ago and is in an old fashioned ‘shootout’ with Andrew Morris to be the first to reach 2,000 runs is a separate matter. When it comes to bowling ‘Disco Dave’ has taken the points.


A2 Grade – a first

In 2017-18 we scored a first – 2 x Teams in A2 Grade – the first time in 90 years the Association had 2 teams from the 1 Club in this Grade.

Fast forward to the present and we again have 2 Teams in A2 Grade. This year there isn’t a struck match between the sides. The Blues (Gunny – pictured left) has 28 points and is in 1st place. The Reds (Andy – pictured right) have 27 points and are in 2nd spot. This is another first – having 2 x Teams in 1st and 2nd spot! Well done boys – we are really proud of you!

To add to the intrigue, the boys play against each other this Round in the Sheep Station Cup with the winner taking 1st place. Stay tuned.


Last week we reported that the Tamworth Carnival (U14s) was cancelled due to the drought. This week we were advised that the U16 Stan Austin (Taree) Carnival was also cancelled for the first time. The official advice from the Manning Junior Cricket Association gives a great insight into the conditions our cricketing friends from the bush are experiencing:

“The Manning Junior Cricket Ass needs to apologize that due to the drought conditions on the Mid North Coast which are the worst we have experienced we need with great reluctance to cancel the Stan Austin Carnival for 2020.

 The Mid North Coast Council have brought in level 4 water restrictions which bans use of water outside.

 The lack of rain will not only hinder the preparation of turf wickets but also affecting the outfields, we have had to cancel the use of several grounds because of the dangerous condition of the outfields, one ground has cracks in it that a golf ball would easily go down.

 We are cannot see any improvement of the situation in the near future according to the forecasts. We have had 2 withdrawals, 1 drought related.”

What would your Decision be?

Each month the NSW Cricket Umpires send out a Q&A to help understanding of Rule interpretations. This is one that can come up every now and again:


“At the end of a one innings match, the umpires are checking the scorebooks and identify an error. When the error is corrected, the batting side are found to be two runs short of achieving their target score. As there was overs and time remaining when the match initially ended, the umpires instruct the captains to retake the field. However, the fielding team captain refuses to complete the match believing it to be obvious the batting side will quickly score the required runs.

What happens now?

The umpires are to advise the Captain of the fielding side that if they choose to not complete the match, the match will be conceded to the opposing side. The statement of result will be – Match Conceded”.


“I am simply in awe”

It is not every day you get the chance to play against a childhood hero but it happened in the D1 Game on the weekend weh Greg “Yellow Wiggle’ Page played the boys. To quote Skipper Rob Hanich:

“D1 Blues have quite a few younger players in the squad.  Each of them grew up watching and listening to the Wiggles.  Today was a bit of a starstruck day for them.  They could not believe they were playing against the original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page.

At one point while batting and facing Greg, Pravin could be heard turning to Greg and saying “I am simply in Awe!”.

Anyway a true gentleman Greg “Yellow Wiggle” Page agreed to have a photo taken with his fans.”

The only disappointment is that Greg didn’t drive away in a big red car. It was grey actually and not very big.

In the photo are:

Photo L-R : Tommy, Reyhan, Greg Page, Aden, Pravin, Alastair