Anecdotes – 6th December 2020


Reelin in the years

First up, our introduction theme music for this section – here

This week, something different. Read and weep when you read about the price of land in Cherrybrook when our Suburb was developed. An extract from our Club History makes fascinating reading:

“In February 1959 the first Project home village in Sydney was built on land sub-divided on this location. Larger scale land releases and development started in West Pennant Hills in 1968 and accelerated to include Cherrybrook throughout the 1970s and early 1980s.

 Photo: Sydney Daily Telegraph from Saturday, 14 September 1968 (page 32) referring to “…one of the most remarkable land releases ever seen in the metropolitan area”.

 Note the cost of $4,500 for ¼ acre blocks with $20 for a full deposit!”

Monopoly Cricket

Kate Davis from our Girls Cricket has a supply of Monopoly Cricket games available. This is the genuine Monopoly game we are all familiar with but with a cricket theme. It is not available through any retail outlet and can only be obtained here. This is a fabulous initiative and the game is a quality production.

The cost is only $20 and has been reduced from $60. This is an amazing offer and would make a fabulous gift for family or friends. To get a copy contact details follow:

  • Who – Kate Davis
  • Phone – 0428 793 011
  • Suburb – Castle Hill

Just call Kate and arrange collection from her direct.

20 and counting

Stu Fiedler (left with Phill Hando) won yet another toss on the weekend making it 20 in a row. Using some elementary maths the probability of this happening is close enough to 1,000,000 to:1.

So while Club records don’t exist on this type of achievement it so rare that let’s hope that Stu doesn’t end up balancing the probability over time with 20 losses on the trot.

Sheep Station Trophy

Our latest Sheep Station Trophy instalment. The D1 clash fixture is the 12th matchup since it was started by Simon Smyth (A2) on 16th December 2017.

The last match between the B1 Reds (Knapper) and Blue (Rick) was in Round 2 this season when the Reds won outright on the last ball of the day with 9 wickets down after losing on the 2nd innings – an amazing game. The latest Sheep Station Cup between D1 Red (Diggers) and Blues (Ross S) is special in another way.

Diggers (left) is an old hand at these match-ups but the Blues Captain (Ross Smith & right) is new to our Club. In fact he is the first Captain in our history to be appointed to Captain a Team in his first season playing for us.


Bruise Brothers

Just on the Sheep Station Trophy, these are always competitive games. In this photo, Andrew Fiedler (D1 Red & left) & Manoj Indulkar (D1 Red & right) comparing bruises after an opening spell from the D1 Blue’s opening bowler Brahadesh (Ram) Ramamurthy (D1 Blue). This photo shows the boys comparing bruises with Ram ‘The Inflictor’ Ramamurthy and  his victims.


Spirit of cricket

This week just happens again to be from the Sheep Station Trophy game between the D1 Blues & Reds – Ramil De Silva. Ramil had a rare downer after getting a good ball and clipping his thumb through to the keeper. Great sportsmanship with Ramil walking despite Disco and Diggers thinking he hit the ground or his pad.

Keep them on Prats

Prats Datar (B1 Reds & A2) got a reminder about how to wear cricket gear. Last weekend our A2 boys finished their game early and popped down to support the B1 Red’s. Prat’s is all about comfort when batting and used to wear his thigh pad outside his pants – if it is good enough for the U10s it is good enough for a star senior bat –until the A2 boys arrived. They reminded Prats that in Seniors it probably isn’t the done thing and gave Prats a bit of a reminder while batting. Doing the right thing, Prats stopped the game (refer to picture) and repositioned the thigh pad – where it should be – underneath the pants to the amusement of the Normo players.

After the adjustment Prats then went on to almost save the game with a superb 32 not out.

The lesson for everyone playing Senior cricket – the thigh pads goes on before the pants.