Anecdotes – Semi Finals (Day 2) – 2022-23 Season


How would you feel if you were James Makin (Seniors Director & A1) with his son Jack playing for Kissing Point Juniors and Seniors (C3).There is no more passionate person in our Club than James who still wears his tattered old Baggy Blue cap that is older than most members of his Team. To complicate things, James’s wife, Fiona, is a volunteer with both the Kissing Point Cricket and Netball Clubs.

Anyway, this weekend James son, Jack, who plays both Juniors & Seniors for Kissing Point, is playing in the C3 Point side against our C3 Red side (Cameron) in the Semi Final. Both James and Fiona have been at the game – as they should be. So put yourself in this position and think about which Team you would support.

Photo: James Makin with sons Jack and Oliver – March 2012.

Thank you note

Sometimes you get blown away by the thoughtfulness of people who play for our Club. Like most of our Teams, the D1 Red (Diggers) Team drew on our wonderful Juniors during the season to fill gaps – a great win/win opportunity.

This season we had the wonderful opportunity of calling on 12 year-old Harry from the U13s who played 4 games in Seniors. To make it even more special, when one of the players had to leave early, Harry’s dad, Ben, fielded in 35 degrees temperature. To top it off though we got a handwritten card during the week that included a drawing from Harry that read as follows:

“……I loved being part of the D1 Red Team and I would love to play again next season. It was great to be around such caring and supportive people.

 Thanks again.


When you see such class from a 12-year old and supportive parents it makes everything worthwhile. It also shows the true value in giving all players up from Juniors the opportunity to treated as an equal member of the Team. Well done Diggers, Dave and every member of the D1 Red’s who all made Harry’s debut season such a special experience.

Photo: Harry waiting to bat.

The Big Dance

Congratulations to our 4x Seniors Grand Finalists: A1 (Cameron), A2 (Campbell), B2 (Todd) & C3 Red (Cameron) who have made it through to the Big Dance. What makes this even more special is that our 3 Captains are 1st timers!

Our history going into these big games is:


  • Number of Grand Final appearances – 16
  • Last Premiership win – 2014/15
  • Win / loss summary – 8 wins & 8 losses


  • Number of Grand Final appearances – 12
  • Last Premiership win – 2021/22
  • Win / loss summary – 7 wins & 5 losses


  • Number of Grand Final appearances – 20
  • Last Premiership win – 2020/21
  • Win / loss summary – 6 wins & 14 losses


  • Number of Grand Final appearances – 6
  • Last Premiership win – 2019/20
  • Win / loss summary – 4 wins & 2 losses

Photo: The Trophies displayed at the Seniors Presentation Night, 3rd May 2013 at Castle Hill RSL – (left to right), Kookaburra Cup (A2 Minor Premiership), TriForce Cup (A1 / 1st Grade T/20 Champions), Advocate Courier Cup (D1 Premiers), W D Weekes Cup (C2 Premiers), Sunday Competition Premiers (“Sophie” – resting in front of the Rofe Shield). Finally, the T E Rofe Shield (“Rofie” A1 Premiers) – back to back Premiers.

International Women’s Day

On Tuesday 7th March our Girls celebrated International Women’s Day with the Stage 1 (10 to 12 years), Stage 2 (12 to 14 years) & Stage 3 (14 to 16 years). The Girls had a joint training session and then shared a ‘pizza in the park’ at John Purchase Oval with family and supporters.

We have run Girls cricket continuously since 1996/97 and have now registered over 1,100 Girls cricketers. We have received multiple NSW and national awards over the years and are the current holders of Cricket Australia’s ‘Women and Girls Initiative of the Year ‘.

Photo: some of the Girls enjoying pizza on Tuesday. Also, our Banner photo this week has a shot of all the girls who celebrated International Women’s Day.


Grand Final insights

This is one of those achievements that is easy to go through without ever being noticed. For all sorts of reasons the first part of the season had a combined A Grade competition with the top 6 Teams playing A1 for the last 5 Rounds and the next 4 Teams playing A2 Grade. The big picture is that the Red’s (Cameron) side finished 2nd and are in the A1 Grand Final. Also, our Blue’s (Campbell) side won their Grand Final Qualifying game to play in the A2 Grand Final – a great achievement.

An interesting quirk in this is that the A1 Red’s beat both the A2 Grand Finalists (our Blues and St Ives) outright during the season when we had a combined Comp. This is something that will be lost over time and may never happen again.

Photo: Cameron & Campbell at Turramurra Oval – 19 November 2022.

The Barnacle

If you want someone to bat, and bat and then bat some more then Chris Williamson (B2) is first choice. Add a bit of verbal ‘encouragement’ from the Opposition and Chris isn’t getting out for anyone. In the Semi Final played on Saturday our B2 boys just had to draw the game to advance through to the Grand Final. Enter Chris batting at number 3 who batted for 90 overs to score his 50* and shut out any chance of a loss. The B2 boys finished the game at 5/245 before the game was called.

What is a little known fact about Chris is that he is also in an Association record partnership holder with a 1st wicket partnership of 333 set way back on 5th January 2009. Chris powered to a 76 in this massive partnership.

Photo: Chris (left & 76 runs) and Russel Ingram (223) after their record partnership at Holland Road 5th January 2009.


What a win & what a partnership

Congratulations to our C3 Red’s (Cameron) who won their way through to the Grand Final. After being down and out at one stage 9/91 the boys needed 142 to win their way through to the Grand Final. Enter Brijesh Sharda 11* & Vikas Goel 47* who put on a chanceless 52 for the 10th wicket to win the Semi Final.

While the Club C3, 10th wicket record partnership is 82 scored back in 2013 they don’t get much better than runs score under the pressure of an elimination Semi Final. Well done fellas.

Photo: Brijesh 11* & Vikas 47* after their 10th wicket partnership.