Anecdotes – Round 3 (Day 2), 2022-23 Season

The sands of time

Our last great Family record was set on 5th October 2019 when the five Hando’s (Phill, Harry, Sam, Jack & Tom) played together – the first time in our long history that 5 x family members played in the same Team. Also in this game the 3 x Schwartzel’s (including twins Matt and Daniel) played – 8 x Family members in the one Team!

On this Sunday, there is another 1st that has been 92 years in the making. This one involves the Marsden Family. In the C3 Blue Team we have Ron (1982-1997/98) and Mat Marsden (1984/85 to 1998/99 plus a cameo return in 2014/15 & a season in 2016/17). Both Ron & Mat also played Juniors.

Fast forward to 2022/23 and Ron and his son Jack are playing C3’s with Tarun’s Blue side. Also playing is Mat and his son Bronson. What makes this a first is that both dads (Ron & Mat) played Juniors and then Seniors for us. When they take the field we will have both sons (Jack and Bronson) play both Juniors & Seniors for West Penno. So how about this for a first – a 40 year connection when both fathers and now both sons play Juniors and also Seniors for us and in the same Team.

Records are made to be broken but….this one might be a long time in coming.

Photo: Mat Marsden gives the thumbs-up to our run-chase on the C1 Final (28 March 2017). An updated photo of the family will be provided shortly.


Reelin’ in the years

First up, our theme song – the Steely Dan classic Reelin the Years

Our A Grade Blue side (Captained by Campbell Wallace and pictured) had their game relocated from The Glade (turf) to Bannockburn Oval (synthetic pitch) due to the waterlogged state of The Glade and lack of alternative venues. The last time a West Penno A Grade side played a Competition game here was way back in 1951/52 in the A Grade Final that started on 19th April 1952! These were the days when A Grade was played on hard wickets on a surface called malthoid (black tar). Other A Grade grounds included Brooklyn, Campbell & Hassell Parks.

Way back in 1951/52 Finals were also timeless – they were played out over 4 completed inning’s. This Final was scheduled at Bannockburn Oval. After 6 weekends the game was still going and the ground was booked for the start of the Soccer season. The Association then transferred it to Hassell Park – the home ground of the competing side – St Ives. We ended up losing the Final after 10 weekends but the twist is that it is the last time a West Penno A Grade side played in a Comp game at Bannockburn Oval – until this weekend.

Photo – Bannockburn Oval, 15 October 2022

Space Cadet

First – our theme music: Rocket Man

Our first full completed Round and we get our first and well credentialed Space Cadet. After cracking this significant achievement last season, Connor (D1 Red) stepped up again to open the batting with this prestigious Award. Noticing that Connor was wearing a black armband to the game, one of our senior players asked, sensitively, if this was to represent the memory of a family member. But no – it was in memory of Warney.

Now to recap, Warnie’s tragic death was way back on 4 March 2022. Since then there has been 211 days (6 months & 27 days). Plus 2 games of cricket plus about 3 clothes washes and the black armband has survived. Asked if Warnie meant that much to Connor, the answer was more pragmatic. The Answer, “No – I just haven’t gotten around to removing it.”


Personal Milestone

With the MyCricket transition to PlayHQ having some issues, tracking Personal Milestones is labour intensive at best. So far this season both Siby Joseph (50 wickets & in D1 Blue) & Kyle Townsend (100 wickets & A Grade) achieved significant milestones. On the weekend we went one better with Steve ‘Buzz’ Burrows (C2 Blue), one of the ‘good guys’ taking his 200th wicket! Buzz started playing for us in 2012/13, has Captained 2 x Premiership wins and holds the Club record for the most number of successive Minor Premiership wins (3) and has converted 2 into Premierships in C3 Grade.

This achievement now raises Buzz into number 45 on our all list of wicket takers and within 5 wickets of another quiet achiever Rob Knapman (B2) with 205 wickets!

Photo: Buzz with his son Ben – Dural Park, 13 November 2021.

Almost a record

Our C1 side have had an amazing start to the season – 2 wins with one close and the latest, a good old fashioned belting. The game was over before anyone even warmed up. After dismissing Berowra for just 34 runs in 29 overs we got the runs in 4 overs with 3 x 6’s and 2 x 4’s.

This came so close to the all-time record lowest Opposition score in C1. The record low is 18 scored back in 2004 and the next lowest is 21 back in 2004/05.

Photo: The C1 boys after their close win in Round 1.

A passing thought

How about this for a bit of Club Spirit! In Saturday’s C2 Blue game (Rob’s Team) the C3 boys, who are playing on Sunday this weekend, turned up in numbers to add their support. The following comment from Rob Hanich says a lot about what it takes to be a great Club and not a Club of great Teams:

“Thanks to all support from many legends from C3 team and Amit to umpire through the batting innings, showed the great club spirit we possess.”

Well done boys!