Anecdotes – Round 6 (Day 1), 2022-23 Season

Century scorers

What better way to start this article than a Tina Turner classic – Simply the Best

In last week’s anecdotes we published a photo of our century scorers taken back at Campbell Park on 19 February 2012.

A little bit more about the photo. There are 46 century scorers who, at the time, had scored a combined total of 96 centuries – 26% of every century scored (373 centuries) in the 82 years of history to that date!

Given the significance of this photo in our history – the names of these record holders are included below:

Back row

Tony Ford (3 centuries), Ross Anderson (1), Andrew Fiedler (2), Glenn O’Connor (1), Michael Banner (6), Martin Boon (4), Barry McDonald (3), Leigh van den Broeke (2), Perry Waldron (1), Tim Millington (2), Martin Piek (2), Craig Hutchinson (2), Greg Fiedler (3), Bill Peterkin (4), Peter Whitehead (2).

Middle row

James Makin (1), Sean Doohan (3), Mark Taylor (3), Maisam Thariani (1), Simon Davies (4), John Coulthard (1), Jim Clarke (5), Allan Raffel (2), Colin Griffin (3), Keith Robinson (2), Michael McGregor (2), Russel Ingram (2 double tons), Ian Simpson (1), Greg Stoneham (1), Neeraj Gupta (2), John Archer (2), Len Ward (1)

Front row

Daniel Heidegger (1), Aditya Ramakrishnan (2), Daniel Anderson (5), Nathan Tripoline (1), Raymond Khamis (2), Lachlan Vile (2), Nick Hey (1), Deane Piek (1), Riley Miedler (2), Daniel Fiedler (1), Harrison Miedler (1), Calvin Breytenbach (1), John Anderson (1), Claudio van Berk (1).

There are some standout performers:

  • Tony Ford – Association Team on the decade 2000
  • Russel Ingram who is the only player in our history to score 2 double tons
  • Michael Banner – the 2nd highest century scorer in our history and just 1 more behind the all time record
  • Len Ward – the current Association record holder for the best 2nd wicket partnership for all Grades (300*)
  • Mark Taylor – our best ever all-rounder with 5,268 runs & 461 wickets
  • Daniel Anderson – youngest Seniors century scorer (13 years & 7 months)
  • Ross Anderson, Andrew Fiedler & Greg Fiedler, James Makin & Michael Banner  – 1st, 2nd , 3rd , 4th & 5th highest run scorers


Personal Milestones & achievements

A couple of fantastic achievements:

  • Cam Northrop (B1 Birdcage) took 6/55 with 5 of these bowled
  • Michael Richards (A1) took 4/10 meaning that in his last 2 innings he has taken 14 wickets for 23!

The big one though – Lachlan Edwards (C3 Blue) with 186*. Going into the game needing just 8 runs for his 1,000 career runs he smashed this milestone.

After 3 previous journey’s into the nervous 90’s Lachie scored his 1st ton, our 505th and it was a big one. A few insights into this innings:

  • In our Club History of over 65,000 innings, there had been only 8 scores over 180. Lachie now sits as the 9th highest score in our history
  • Our top scorers of all-time are:
    1. 225 – Kevin Smith 1956/57 (B1)
    2. 223 – Russel Ingram 2009/10 (C2)
    3. 215 – John Chadwick 1952/53 (C1)
    4. 211 – Russel Ingram 2009/10 (C2)
    5. 205 – Rob Gailey 1991/92 (C2)
    6. 200* – Brent Larkham 2017/18 (B2)
    7. 197 – Joel Herzog 2012/13 (C3)
    8. 187 – K Matheson 1956/57 (B1)
    9. 186* – Lachlan Edwards (19/11/2022)
  • This is also the highest score since Campbell Wallace (A2 Skipper) scored 176* back in 2019/20.
  • Lachie is just 17 years, 9 months & 16 days old as at Saturday. Should his Skipper (Tarun) bat on to let him get the 200 he will become the youngest player in our history to score a double ton. The record is currently held by Brent Larkham (B1 Red) who was just 17 years 10 months & 16 days of age.

Photo: Lachlan Edwards after scoring his 186* on the weekend.

Girl power

Congratulations to Aliya from our Stage 3 Girls who took a hat-trick (3/6) on the weekend – the first 3 wickets to fall! With the Girls Teams limited to just 2 overs each in their T20 games this is an amazing achievement. To make it even more special it is just the 3rd Girls hat-trick since we started Girls cricket in 1996/97. The last hat-trick was taken in 2011 and Aliya now also has the best ever Club figures beating the previous record of 3/7.

On the same day. Emily (U10 Blue – Mixed) opened the bowling and took the first 2 wickets on the match in her first over.

Photo: Aliya in an earlier photo to promote our new Girl’s playing uniforms.


If you aren’t yet on our Facebook – you should be! We have 879 followers and 798 Likes and are moving closer to the magic 1,000 followers.

A couple of days ago we posted a Facebook update on Michael Richards (A1) 200th wicket plus Aliya’s (Girls – Stage 3) amazing hat-trick. This generated 45 Likes and 12 comments. During this season the most popular have been:

  • Aliya (41 Likes and 12 comments);
  • Hayden (U12 – first 50) got 36 Likes;
  • The Marsden family playing Juniors and Seniors (56 Likes and 10 comments)
  • 1st Grade T20 Premiers (83 Likes).

Long time coming

First up a song appropriate to this story – the SuperTramp classic – Take the long way home

Spare a thought for Steve Quanborough (D1 Red) who is sitting on amazing career 195 wickets. Since Quan took his 195th wicket on 29th January 2021 he has had 7 straight catches / stumpings missed with another couple of catchable chances on Saturday. This brings to mind the most famous of our ‘long time between drinks’ stories.

Greg Fiedler, playing B1 Grade back in October 2001 was on 4,999 runs and needed 1 run to bring up his 5,000 runs. When going for his first run, Greg pulled a hammy attempting to go for the run and missed the rest of the season. He didn’t play again for 12 months and got the run his first match back.

Hopefully Quan can have a few catches stick and break into the elite ‘200 Club’.

Photo: Steve (left) with Parin last Saturday (12 November 2022)

1,000,000 runs – the big day has arrived

Last round we scored 2,669 runs in all Grades and had 2,524 runs scored against us so we are edging ever so closer to the magical 1,000,000 runs scored.

The totals as at the end of last Round are:

  • 995,816 runs scored by West Penno
  • 998,409 runs scored against us

Once the Sunday games are finished we will know how close we are to the magical 1,000,000 run mark but it is going to be very close.

For info, since Day 1 of our Club in 1930 and just on 65,000 innings, we are averaging 18.1 runs / wicket and have 18.2 runs on average scored against us.