Anecdotes – Round 14 (13 February)

Friends in high places

We have reported previously about Cameron Croucher’s (C2 Red Skipper) great job in transporting horses around the world. This includes horses used in the Olympics, horses owned by the Queen, Sultan of Dubai and many others. This brings Cam intro contact with lots of famous people. His latest dealings are with Mark Waugh. Always one to look for opportunities to strengthen his Team he put the hard word on Mark to fill-in for C2 in some of the big games coming up. While the Association may have something to say about his rating Mark was not as convinced about playing as Cameron. Mark’s response was:

“How about some golf?”

Photo: Cameron with Mark Waugh last week.

Imagine an unexpected meeting with a Goat

A little while ago we advised that our Club had received funding under the ‘Grass Roots Cricket funding’ initiative from Cricket Australia. A Zoom meeting was arranged to let our Club know about the funding approval. Representing our Club was two of our U17 Girls players – Aliya Colburt and Trinity Newbury.

During the meeting they are joined by none other than Nathan Lyon who chatted to the girls about all things cricket. The video link is on the Cricket Australia social media and is worth seeing – here

Photo: Aliya and Trinity on the video call

Daylight second

Have a look at the A2 competition table when you get a chance. The boys are on 67 points – 18 points clear of 2nd place on 49 points. After getting smashed in Round 1, we won Round 2 by 1 wicket and a couple of other early games in the last over. Since then the boys haven’t lost a game and the winning margin has got bigger and the games more decisive.

Three (3) of our boys are in the top 10 A2 Grade performers (Steve Rochow, Tom Hando & Campbell Wallace) with the bat and 3 x bowlers are in the top 10 (Jack Hando, Rowan Keating & Matt Philip) with Jack the number 1 ranked bowler.

While the Semi Finals are a new competition and anything can happen, this is the largest margin at this time of the season for a West Penno Team in long-term memory.

Photo: the A2 and B1 boys back at the Community Centre

Big over

Last Saturday, Dave Larkham (D1 Red) had a slogger go after him and went for 23 runs off an over. Dave just happens to be one of the best bowlers in the comp but short boundaries, drizzling rain, a wet ball and a good eye didn’t help his cause. It brought to mind what the record is for the most number of runs scored off an over. The records for each Grade are:

  • A1 – 26 runs off Chris Thomas (2002) at Berowra Oval
  • B2 – 29 runs off Tony Hadley (2004) at Caterson 2
  • C1 – 26 runs off Dom Burke (2005) at Howson
  • C2 – 21 runs off Jeremy Foley (2007) at Campbell
  • C3 – 29 runs off Sahil Talpade (2011) at Holland Rd
  • D1 – 30 runs off Chris Bedwell (2002) at Les Shore 2
  • D2 – 32 runs off Simon Friend (2019) at Auluba Oval

To complete the picture, the most number of runs off an over scored by a WPHC player is 36 scored by Joel Herzog (C2) in 2019 at Campbell Park.


The best of the best

With just 3 games to go until the Semi’s who is the best of the best – those players who are leading the Competition averages for their Grades? We don’t focus on Juniors due to our Participation over Results policy that evens out opportunities.

Here goes:

  • Arun Chauhuri (D2) – 397 runs @ 44.1
  • Jack Hando (A2) – 22 wickets @ 8.3
  • John Rose (C3 Red) – 22 wickets @ 9.6

There are lots of players within striking distance of top place so it is looking like a big finish to the season.

Photo:  John Rose (centre) with Brent Van Wck (left) and Waman Tamhankar after winning the D2 Grand Final in 2017/18.


Space Cadet

First – our theme music: Rocket Man

This week one of our rising stars makes the cut as our Space Cadet – Connor Mayoh (D1 Red). Picture this – heavy rain during Friday and a saturated Caterson 6 pitch. Ian Digby (Skipper) is desperate to get on and consolidate 2nd place so is out with the Blower Vac to try and dry the pitch. Enter Connor who was sharing thoughts about the state of the pitch with Team mates. Time to have a drink as we got closer to getting on and Connor thought it would be a good idea to use the water to create a pattern on the pitch. The Blower Vac gets put to good use again and we eventually got on until rain came again.

Sartorial elegance

Our Sheep Station Trophy games go back to 16 December 2017 when Rick Turner and Simon Smyth (A2) started off the tradition when 2 x WPHC teams play each other. Standard dress for the coin toss is a hat, blazer and ideally a tie – adding a bit of class to the occasion. Last weekend our B2 Red and Blue Teams faced against each other and new standards were set. Shomik (B2 Blue) and Raghu (B2 Red) set an especially elegant display. Shomik especially with a coat that has set new standards for future Captains at the coin toss.

Umpires questions

Last week we asked the following questions to test your knowledge. This week the answers are provided:

Question 1

You are umpiring a match where the bails have been dispensed with. The ball, missed by the striker, contacts a stump and the fielding side appeal for bowled. You answer the appeal not out. Before the next delivery, the striker turns to the wicket-keeper and admits the ball did touch the stump. The wicket-keeper immediately shouts to you, “The striker said that they were bowled”.


You have answered the appeal not out because you did not see nor hear the ball touch the striker’s wicket – a judgement call at the time. Unless the striker leaves their crease believing they were out under any of the Laws, re-confirm your decision of not out and the match shall continue. Law 31.2

 Question 2

The striker advances down the pitch, missing the ball. The wicket-keeper fumbles the ball which then lodges in his pad. With the striker out of their ground, the wicket-keeper puts the wicket down with the same knee the ball is lodged against. There’s an appeal.

What’s the decision of the striker’s end umpire?


Answer the appeal, not out. The wicket has not been broken correctly. Law 29.1 states that the wicket is put down by a fielder with their hand or arm, providing that the ball is held in the hand or hands so used, or in the hand of the arm so used. Law

 Photo: C3 Premiership Winning Captain Steve Buzz Burrows with Umpires Peter Lee and Barry McDonald after winning the Grand Final (119) Vs Berowra (97) @ Greenway Park – 24 March 2019.