Round 14 – 12 February 2022

Points table

(Round 13)

A1 – 2nd (57 points)

A2 – 1st (61 points)

B1 – 5th (39 points)

B2 Blue – 5th (44 points)

B2 Red – 7th (29 points)

C2 Blue – =3rd (49 points)

C2 Red – =8th (34 points) & 9th on quotient

C3 Blue – =2nd (49 points) & 2nd on quotient

C3 Red– =2nd (44 points)

D1 Red – 2nd (54 points)

D1 Blue – 4th (44 points)

D2 – 2nd (60 points)

Match Reports


A1 Grade

WPHC (Wurthy) drew with Kenthurst 4/54

Unfortunately the rain came and the game finished in a draw.

The remaining draw for the season is:

  • Round 15 Vs ARL (8th)
  • Round 16 Vs Kissing Point (5th)


WPHC (Andrew) 2/99 defeated Kenthurst 6/129 (rain adjusted)

With just the one win required secure us boys the minor premiership, we all showed up to a surprisingly dry Annangrove oval. Skip won the toss and sent us in for a bowl.

Opening up with Kyle (off spin) Townsend and Jack (B2 batsmen?) Hando, Kenthurst looked to cause early trouble before our main man Jack found himself on a hat-trick in his second over.

A very average middle period of bowling involving some dropped catches and missed runouts before the umpire sent us off due to rain and Rowan (tingles) Keating “accidental” beamer was deemed too dangerous despite getting clubbed for 4.

Soon after Kenthurst finished with 6-129 off 33 overs. With some more drizzle and a couple halal snack packs later, the West Penno batting innings commenced and was reduced to 20 overs with just 97 required.

Steven (3000 srike rate) Rochow started with a few boundaries before being cleaned up for 23.

Then the usual running between the wicket drama began as a Ninan in the form of Nikhil stepped to the crease. One over of loud NO RUN! calls and 3 miss run out chances led to Skipper Morris stating “I have no faith in your calls” and proceeding to be the designated run caller. This proved unsuccessful in his captains knock of 41 being eventually run out by Nikhil (never on time) Ninan when there was only 2 runs required for victory.

Amazingly foxy rover at square leg captured this runout in all its glory and is available upon request. Nikhil remained 19 not out and Campbell (one hit wonder) Wallace concluded with a 4 in his one ball to secure the boys the minor premiership.

Chris and Rohit had a huge game… in the field.

We are in 1st place and the remaining games for the season are:

  • Round 15 Vs St Ives (6th)
  • Round 16 Vs Berowra (3rd)


WPHC (Rick) drew with Castle Hill

The match being played at Dural Park was abandoned without a ball being bowled.

We are in 5th place and the remaining games for the season are:

  • Round 15 Vs St Ives (2nd)
  • Round 16 Vs Normanhurst-Warrawee (4th)


WPHC Red (Phill) drew with Mt Colah 2/48

The day was much to be expected, however, the rain put an end to the match. Alec led the side to bowl as the skipper. A wicket feel in the first 5 overs to Steve who mama had to get enough in swing to hit the top offside stump.

The opening bowling spell was attacking, getting the team off on a good aggressive start. The second wicket fell at the 14th over to Warren, who gained a wicket on the second worst ball, despite a well bowled over. The score before getting rained out was 2-48 of 15 overs. The game was far from over, however the rain out an end to play for West Pennant Hills Red.

We are in 7th place and the remaining games for the season are:

  • Round 15 Vs Kissing Point (6th)
  • Round 16 Vs TBA

We are in 7th place and the remaining games for the season are:

  • Round 15 Vs Kissing Point (6th)
  • Round 16 Vs TBA

WPHC Blue (Shomik) 8/137 lost to Castle Hill 2/127 (adjusted)

Report not to hand – will be updated once received.

We are in 5th place and the remaining games for the season are:

  • Round 15 Vs Sydney Lions (3rd)
  • Round 16 Vs Kissing Point (6th)


WPHC B2 Blue (Buzz) 2/67 drew with Castle Hill

Whilst the ground at Glenhaven was a bit boggy, the pitch was playable and after winning the toss we batted and were well placed at 1/43 when the first rain squall came. After a 40 minute interlude we took to the field again knowing it was probably a short lived adventure as the radar showed ominous weather heading our way.

Connor and Xander continued their good recent form to take us to 67 before Connor fell for another fine innings of 35 and with rain tumbling down we decided to call it quits leaving Xander who was looking in really good touch 28*.

On to next week and the race home to the Semis.

We are in 3rd place and the remaining games for the season are:

  • Round 15 Vs Glenorie (7th
  • Round 16 Vs Mt Colah (4th)

WPHC Red (Indranil) 5/147 drew with Hornsby

It’s like a “Soap Opera” when you consider this team’s line up. No clue till 12 noon on match day what will be the final composition. Keeping the trend going, having 12 core players available on Monday morning ending up 4 short by Saturday. Thanks to Club captains and juniors, you manage get a team in place. All legends.

Now about the game. You finally win the toss, and the Captain is clueless what to do. Looks rights and sees only 7 players available and on phone with the parent who is bringing the junior cavalry. “How far away” – response from the parent, “we have just stopped at a Maccas, say another 30 mins”? Finally deciding to bat as too short of players to field.

Good toss to win finally, as Cam Bish 60 and Connor started off well.

After losing Connor, captain Indranil was still chasing the 4 x U14 juniors on their whereabouts and marched on. Giving instruction on the way to the crease about options who should bat next and once the juniors turn up etc etc.. The only good thing was a partnership was built with Cam and Indranil with after some big hitting Indranil reached 2000 runs career milestone for the club and went on to score 26.

There were multiple stoppages of play and with the Junior cavalry ready to go, Akith Ekanayake 40 was sent ahead of seasoned seniors Adam.

A great partnership of 79 runs for 4th wicket between Akith and Cam established control of the game and after 30 overs the innings was closed. Hornsby Gold never got their batting started as wet weather prevailed and it was decided to call it off around 4.30 pm.

A bit call-out to 4 x U14 juniors (Ansh, Gary, Haseeb and Akith) who stepped up to play seniors at short notice and ensured the richness of talent that the club possesses. Well played Cam Bish and it’s a neck and neck now between the 2 Bish players, Cam just 6 short of Dylan and on way to score 400+ runs this season.

We are in 9th place and the remaining games for the season are:

  • Round 15 Vs Berowra (5th)
  • Round 16 Vs TBA


WPHC Blue (Rob) 0/20 drew with Berowra

We arrived at Campbell Park to a very wet pitch area. Both ends were waterlogged and very muddy and the pitch itself extremely wet. So call went out on the team WhatsApp to bring some sawdust or sand. After sweeping the pitch, and doing our best to dry both run ups with the sawdust and sand, we got the ground close to playable. A bit of sunshine just prior to scheduled start helped convince the Berowra captain to start play by bowling from one end only.

So a toss of the coin and we chose to bat. A good steady start by Aden and Al got us to 0/20 during the eighth over, but the heavens opened us again and it rained steadily. Once again the pitch was under water and both run ups were a complete mess. Match was abandoned.

Can only hope next Saturday is drier.

 We are in 2nd place and the remaining games for the season are:

  • Round 15 Vs Beecroft (1st)
  • Round 16 Vs TBA

WPHC Red (Cameron) 2/26 drew with St Ives

Not much play and heavy rain saw the game abandoned.

We are in 5th place and the remaining games for the season are:

  • Round 15 Vs Castle Hill (3rd)
  • Round 16 Vs Kissing Point (6th)


D1 Blue (Ross S) 6/68 defeated Kissing Point 61

Another rainy Saturday. Not sure we would get on, with consistent heavy rain. But as we approached Arcadia oval the rain stopped, juniors were playing we had dryish conditions. Even though the grass had been mown shorter than I’ve seen for years, the field was very heavy and it looked like runs would be very hard to come by unless you could clear the boundary.

4th placed Blues vs 5th place Kissing Point. During the week we had our previous weeks protest upheld, and secured an additional 5 points giving us a small buffer over KP. A win guarantees us a semi spot. A loss opens up an opportunity for KP to skip past us over the final 2 rounds.

The skipper wanted us to bat first for the first time in several games, but we finally lost a toss after winning 6 in a row. KP decided to bat….we had to chase again.

Ram opened the bowling, 1st ball an unplayable swinging delivery dismissed the KP captain bowled for a Golden duck…Vikas and Ram tightened things up completely…KP 1-1 off the first 4 overs. Some lusty hitting in overs 5-10 saw KP 1-29 before Bala took another stunner at mid-off from Gihan…followed by a good catch by Jake in the covers in the same over. Then in Gihan’s following over, another wicket caught behind. KP 4-34 and in a lot of trouble after 13 overs. A heavy shower saw us come off for several minutes, but when we resumed, Jags deceived KPs best batsman with a slower ball, caught at mid-on. Bala then produced a gem to take out middle stump, and was then on a hat-trick after deceiving the next batsman with a slower ball. KP in real trouble at 7/38 at the drinks break.

After the break it was really difficult bowling with a soggy ball, Jags, Gihan and Vikas bowled really well in trying, drizzly conditions. Wickets were hard to come by, but runs ever harder…KP stuck around for another 15 overs scoring only 23 runs (1/2 of which were sundries due to the wet ball). Vikas, Gihan and Ram finally cleaning up to dismiss KP for 61 of 32 overs. Only the second time this year we have taken all 10 wickets in an innings. Really tidy bowling, Gihan 4-9 (6), Bala 2-7 (3), Ram 2-16 (7) …including 14 runs off one over….Vikas 1-7 (7) and Jags 1-6 (7)…. exceptional bowling and fielding with catches to Jake, Bala, Ram, Vikas, Ross and Gihan.

We were really confident of getting to such a small target, however as we have found this year with our batting we make things so difficult for ourselves. In the second over, Gihan took an easy single and as grounded his bat, he fell off the edge of the pitch badly twisting his ankle. After several anxious minutes he was carried off retired hurt with a very bad swollen ankle….With KP bowling very tightly, and very wet conditions it was very difficult to score, and frustrating for the batters. We slumped to 3-12 off 12 overs with Chetan holding the innings together. Things were not looking great again. We were well behind the wet weather run rate and it was so difficult to score with the wet field.

However the return of Jags (after several weeks away in India with Covid), saw a change of fortune. 3 massive sixes in a row in the 13th over, including a lost ball from the biggest hit I’ve ever seen over the trees into scrub , gave our innings a big lift…Some great running and another 6 from Jags saw us accelerate to 3-42 after 16 overs and ahead on the most important run rate should we stop because of rain.

With the return of consistent drizzle and a very heavy ball, we lost Jags to a good catch near the boundary for 32, then Chetan for a very patient (12)  With the score at 5-49 and one batsman down, things were still very tight, however with KP needing a win and us so close, there was never a question of coming off. Needing 12 runs to win KP brought back their opening bowlers. Jake and Bala played really sensibly for the next 9 overs taking some very cheeky singles. With the scores tied, Jake lost his wicket for 8, the most important runs he will make this season. A single to Bala (4no) and a full stop 6 to Ram, saw us pass the KP score in the 29th over….

A really hard fought win that moves us into 3rd place due to other results and confirms a place in the Semi’s irrespective of our final 2 games. With further wins, and other results going our way it is still possible to go much further up the table. Our bowling and fielding is exceptional, we just need to improve our batting to give the competition a shake…

We are in 3rd place and the remaining games for the season are:

  • Round 15 Vs Hornsby (6th)
  • Round 16 Vs ARL (7th)

WPHC Red (Diggers) 2/126 drew with Hornsby

We renewed our friendly rivalry with Hornsby at Fred Caterson field 6 today and with the pitch fairly damp at 1pm, the Captains agreed to give it half an hour of sun to dry out. It did sufficiently and we agreed to a 30 over match starting 40 minutes late.

Ian lost another toss and we were sent in to have a bat first.

We continued with the Connor/Lachlan opening experiment and they set about their work with Lachie, after facing a few dots, clipped the Hornsby opening bowler off his legs for 6. Not a bad way to get off the mark. They continued to bat well together, including a lofted straight drive for six from Connor to which he said, “that was probably the best shot I’ve ever hit.”

Connor eventually fell for 18 in the 9th over with the score on 41.

Ramil then came out to bat looking to get back into some form and he did so, hitting a few boundaries in compiling 32 before being out in the 18th over, 2/93.

Fieds then came out to bat and after surviving a couple of confident lbw appeals, he made 14 before the rain finally set in and washed out the game.

Lachie finished undefeated on 51, continuing his outstanding breakout season.

So after 24.2 overs, we were 2/126 and in a great position to win. Bugger!! Anyway, onto the next round as we continue our charge to the finals.

We are in 2nd place and the remaining games for the season are:

  • Round 15 Vs ARL (7th)
  • Round 16 Vs St Ives (1st  )


WPHC (Nirav) 89 lost to Thornleigh 8/84 (adjusted)

With good hopes of playing at a plush Kenthurst (reputedly the best ground we would have played till now in this year’s comp), the team arrived to some pretty decent drizzles. However, the game seemed set for a 1pm start.

Nirav lost the toss and we were put in to bat and Arun & Ravi set out to do what they have been doing pretty well this season, but oh well! The ground was much slower than expected and we just could not find the right momentum. Arun with 25 and the rest of the pack mostly seemed to all get starts but not capitalize. We ended our innings at 89 which proved about 10-15 runs short to what should have been an ideal target to defend.

Thornleigh managed to get a decent run rate going from the start with a few boundaries (a pretty rare phenomenon when we batted) before Nirav decided to push the brakes with some spin. The game slowly started being pulled back in our favour with 3 scalps each to Nirav and Agni. Ravi took a couple towards the end through some disciplined good length bowling and the highlight being a couple of incredible catches by Amith. But it was a bit too late and Thornleigh got to the adjusted total with 4 overs to spare.

Not the result we wanted but a couple of other games in the grade getting washed out means we hold our 2nd position in the ladder and go into next week’s clash with no. 1 placed St Ives.

We are in 2nd place and the remaining games for the season are:

  • Round 15 Vs St Ives (1st)
  • Round 16 Vs Kissing Point Red (7th)