Anecdotes – Round 9 (9 January)

“You throw like a girl”

Just before the break we did a story on a fabulous podcast about Lisa Sthalekar who talks fondly about her time as a West Penno Junior – here

Got a great follow-up message from Phill Hando (B2 Red Skipper and pictured left with Rick Turner):

“I remember doing a cricket coaching course with Lisa at the CNSW centre in a WPHCCC training session for new coaches. Among the many things we learnt was throwing, but we had to learn how to throw with our wrong arm which in my case was left handed.

 Anyway I was throwing back and forth with Lisa using my left arm and she said come on Phill you throw like a girl. Great stuff and I’ll always remember.’

Snow White and the 6 Dwarves

Forget the twin centuries from Usman Khawaja, one of the main highlights of the SCG Ashes Test was the attendance of Snow White and the 6 Dwarves – unfortunately one dwarf (Birdcage) flew the coop. The Team was our very own:

Snow White (Brent Larkham – A2), Blue Dwarf – Matt Digby (B2), Yellow Dwarf – Billy Gaunt (A1), Alex Chidgey (C2 Red), Stu Fiedler (C2), Ray Khamis (B1) and Nathaniel Chidgey (visiting from Qld).

Get a load of Snow White – Brent scrubs up really well as a princess although not sure about the hairy legs.

Our umpires – best of the best

At the end of last year, 19 of our players sat for their Captain’s Ticket – an Association requirement to Captain a Team and also for anyone interested in improving their knowledge of the rules. We had 19 of our players sit for the exam that required a 70% pass mark. Congratulations to our best of the best in the results:

  • Paul Vink (C2 Blue & pictured) – 54/60 (90%)
  • Aniket Mahindre (D1 Blue) – 53/60 (88%)
  • Adam van Saarloos (C2 Red) – 53/60 (88%)

Well done fella’s on this fabulous effort and to everyone who got through the exam.

What West Penno Players do on holidays

Day 1 back on the field and our A2 Skipper (Andrew) was enjoying everything that Tasmania offers on a family holiday. So, what do you do if you are one of our Seniors captains and enjoying time away on a family holiday? Easy as….. pop in to a local game of cricket at Tassie. Not sure if the rest of the family was there with Andrew but the game was at Tassie East Coast Park between Swansee & Bicheno. In the meantime, Andrew’s A2 side continued their winning ways and extended their lead at the top of the table.

The march to 1,000,000 runs

We started the season in reach of scoring our 1,000,000th run – 967,275 runs. We were also getting close to having the 1,000,000th run scored against us – 971,002 runs as at the end of the 2020/21 season.

So how are we tracking after 8 Rounds? Unfortunately the number of 1-day / rain affected and Bye’s has slowed the normal season tallies. So…as at the end of Round 8 the tally is:

  • Runs scored = 978,591 (+11,316 runs scored this season)
  • Runs against = 981,433 (+10,431 runs scored against this season)

With just 8 games left it looks like we are going to come very close but will most likely crack the big ones mid-way through next season.

What would your decision be?

Each month we run a couple questions on rule interpretations to get you thinking about how much you really do know about the rules. The Answers will be provided next. Here goes:

Question 1

A fielder realises that they will be unable to stop the batters from completing a fourth run and deliberately allows the ball to cross the boundary line in order to prevent a fifth run being taken. How many runs are scored?

Question 2

The batter on strike hits a fair delivery, the sixth of the over, and both batters run. A fielder deliberately kicks the ball into the boundary, at which point the batters have completed two runs and crossed on their third. How many runs are scored and who will face the next delivery?

Answers next week.