Anecdotes – 22nd November 2020


Rick Turner, B1 Red Captain & our Seniors Director, is doing Movember so let’s support someone involved in a great cause and has put in so much to get everyone a game for everyone this season.

To quote Rick:

“While growing a mo can look weird (even dodgy) Movember is also serious business. We’re actually doing this to raise awareness for men’s health and suicide prevention.”

Rick has already raised just on $300 and that is before going to our Club Members. Every little bit helps so if you have $5, the cost of a cup of coffee, or better still, more then this all adds up. To support Rick go to his page: here

If anyone else is involved with Movember then let Ross Anderson know so that we can promote this great initiative.

Reelin in the years

Week 4 of our ongoing series of stories about long term players with the starting point being an old photo of days past. First up though our introduction theme music for this section – here

This week’s feature is Cameron (C2 Red and pictured left) & Dylan Bish (C2 Blue and right). The photo was taken at the Juniors Presentation day with Dom Thornely back on 15 March 2009. Where do you start with the amazing Bish family, let alone these wonderfully talented players. First up, both boys could play comfortably higher Grades but want to play with their mates.

Both boys have made Club history this season by being the first brothers to be Vice Captain of their sides that both happen to be in the same Grade (C2). Cameron is w/k and top order bat for C2 Red (Stu Fiedler’s side) and Dylan is the all-rounder in C2 Blue (Buzz Burrows team). After missing the best part of a couple of season’s overseas, in Seniors, Cameron has taken 35 dismissals and scored 500 runs. Dylan, has taken 76 wickets and scored 1,300 runs.

Getting your priorities right

Simon ‘Snumpty’ Smyth (B1 Red) is a huge figure in our Club’s history with records covering Captaincy (5 times Premiership winning Captain), 6th highest wicket taker (406) and 49th highest run scorer (2,849 runs). It is sometimes hard to pinpoint what makes a Club legend, a Legend. The following quote from Simon in last week’s B1 Sheep Station match report takes us inside the mind of a Champion:

“……Both teams then got together and decided to play a 2nd innings. This was mainly due to the fact that no one wanted to go home to their wives and kids, knowing that an arvo with the boys was a far better option. For those concerned, I do love my wife and kids, but just not on a Saturday. It was written into my wedding vowels #clever.”

Two other quotes that confirm Simon’s commitment to West Penno and why he has reached Legend status:

After Simon played in our winning 2011/12 A1 Grade (Rofie) Premiership team, Simon had a tear in his eye. After realising a long term dream his lovely wife, Mel commented:

“You didn’t even cry at our wedding”

One more to confirm legendary status, within days after winning the A1 Premiership Simon & Mel’s 2nd child was born but what to name him? The answer follows:

“Ross, not to embarrass my Rofie winning Captain, but this is true. Mel liked ‘CJ’ as a nickname, so wanted Corey’s middle name to start with ‘J’. The week of the Grand Final, I told her that if we won, the middle name should be after our captain (James Makin). Hence – Corey James.”


Early days but …watch this spot

Every Club goes through cycles between having depth in bowling or batting. Back in 2012/13 we scored a record total of 23 centuries (we average around 15/16 each season). This year looks like it could be the year of the bowlers:

  • Tom Hando (B2) – 9 wickets @ 3.78 (economy 1.65)
  • Alec Silins (B2) – 9 wickets @ 7.89
  • Joseph Siby (D2) – 8 wickets @ 3.88 (economy 1.52)
  • Ryan Loveridge (B1 Blue) – 8 wickets @ 4.57

For info, the record wickets and averages for these Grades are:

  • B1 Grade:
    • Aggregate – 62 wickets (Alb Bellamy1946/47)
    • Average – 7.30 (D Lamb 1962/63)
  • B2:
    • Aggregate – 55 wickets (Ken Hazlewood)
    • Average – 6.40 (Justin Paterson 2014/15)
  • D2:
    • Aggregate – 80 wickets (Peter Sanders 1983/84)
    • Average – 7.58 (Steve Ison 7.58)

For info, the existing aggregate record holder for B1 is Alb Bellamy and yes he is a family member of the famous Bellamy family from Pennant Hills that Bellamy Street was named after.

Space Cadet

It is rare that a Captain gets this prestigious Award and especially someone who is a FAC (Future A Grade Captain), youngest Seniors Captain in our history and one of the best batsman in the Club. After pumping up the tyres on this emerging super star he got an Award that many Captains have coveted but few have achieved – the Space Cadet Award. Given the significance, the last time a  Captain won this Award was about 10 years ago it is only fitting that we put it to its own Theme music – who other than David Bowie: here

Fresh off scoring a big ton last week and a big Team score, Gunny was on fire. Rocking up to a wet Ern Holmes Oval the turf deck was spongy at best but Gunny had no hesitation in batting. After being rolled for 125 Normo are 1/121 on a road after we allowed it to dry out.


“It just got worse”

Andrew Fiedler (D1 Red) scored a valuable and patient 97 on Saturday and in the process just missed out on his 3rd ton. Anyway, after batting so well, he missed a straight one and recovered after a combination of strained hammy’s, tight calves, sore back and missed opportunity. A ray of hope though at stumps when the scorers worked out that the scores didn’t balance. They found an extra run and it was Andrew’s but alas no more extra’s. Andrew’s response when we got the extra run bringing him to 97 runs:

“It just got worse”.

30 wickets in 30 years

While on Andrew he picked up 1/19 last week to bring up his 30th career wicket in 30 years of playing. So thrilled was Andrew that he took this as an opportunity to remind everyone who would listen, not many to be honest, that he had best bowling figures of 4/7 way back in 2009/10 and had been grossly under bowled for the previous 29 years. The Cartel of bowlers he was playing with in this match were Peter Flook (A2), Luke Herzog (A1), Michael Richards (A1), and Riley Miedler (A1).

When asked who was the Captain who allowed him to bowl unchanged for his 10 overs with such quality players in the Team the answer; ‘I was’.


Spirit of Cricket

Who else other than Ryan Loveridge (B1 Blue), one of our quiet achievers. The B1 boys scored an impressive 8/286 and Birdcage is on 41 not out and just short of his first 50. Anyway, his Skipper (Knapper) asked him if we wanted us to bat on next week to allow him to get the 50. The response came back straight away – we had to declare to go for the win. Classic Birdcage and an example of what makes a great Team and Club.