Anecdotes – March 2020

2020 – the season that was

With the exception on the War years (1942 to 1945) when the Competition was stopped, we haven’t seen a season like this one. Just think for a moment on what we have experienced since December:

  • Grounds closed for ‘catastrophic fire conditions & poor air quality’ (21 December)
  • Round washed out (18 January)
  • Extreme heat cancellations (1 February)
  • Washed out (8 February)
  • Semi-Finals rain affected (14 March)
  • Grand Finals cancelled due to COVID Virus (21 & 22 March)
  • Junior Rep trials postponed (29 March)

We now also have the Junior Presentation Day (21 March) cancelled due to COVID-19. The Seniors Presentation was also cancelled due to Government restrictions on non-essential gatherings with more than 100 people.

While it has been another great season, once play has actually occurred, let’s hope it can only get better when the season starts up again in September 2020.

Our Sponsors

We get fabulous support from our Sponsors – all listed on the front page of our website. During the week, Bill Peterkin along with Graham and Danielle Chivers, popped into Georges Fine Meats to present Wayne Shipley with a plaque acknowledging his wonderful effort in providing meat for the BBQ after each Blowfly cricket session.

BP said that Wayne: “Absolutely loved it! Very much appreciated”.

As with all of our Sponsors and supporters whenever you get a chance to support them please make that little effort to give a little bit back.


Grand Finals

Despite all this drama we have actually managed to get to the end of the season with another successful year. Congratulations to our Premiers and Grand Finalists:


  • U16 Sixers (Perry) – Runners up

Junior Boys

Grand Finalists and play this Sunday 15 March

  • U11 Blue
  • U15/16 Orange


While a hollow feeling, after all Grand Finals were cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus our 2 x Minor Premiers were named Premiers.

  • C1 Red (Phill)
  • C3 (Buzz)

For our Seniors:


Have now won 12 Grand Finals and been Runners-up in 8. Our last win was in 2016/17 with Andrew Fiedler the Captain.


The Competition was started in 2001/02. We have played in 6 Grand Finals – winning 4 and Runners up in 2. This season, with Skipper, Buzz Burrows running the show, the boys went back to back.

What would your Decision be?

The last of our segments on Umpires decisions and testing yourself on what your decision would be:


The fifth ball of an over is called and signalled No ball by the bowler’s end umpire. It is then struck into the outfield and stops just inside the boundary. The batsmen have completed one run and crossed on but not completed their second when the fielder deliberately kicks the ball into the boundary. How many runs are scored, how are they recorded and who faces the next delivery?


Seven runs – scored as one No ball and six runs to the striker. The deliberate act of kicking the ball into the boundary occurred after the batsmen had crossed on their second run, therefore the two runs are scored as well as the boundary allowance and the No ball penalty. The striker for the previous delivery will face the next delivery even though an odd