Anecdotes – 23 February 2020

Telling it like it is
Got to hand it to Ray Khamis (A2 Blue) who has a certain turn of phrase that while at times direct, is generally pretty spot on. This insight from his Skipper, Michael Gunn:

“Shout out to Ray for telling a Kenthurst player that his bat was broken. Upon personal inspection however, Ray decided he was mistaken and that the batsmen just wasn’t good enough to hit them anywhere near the middle only for him to nail one through cow-corner next over.”


Women’s T20 World Cup

How good is this one. In this link is Evie from our Girls Master Blaster wearing her WPHCCC playing shirt. Her dad also manages a Junior Blasters Team –


Add to this, Danielle Chivers (Sixers Seniors & pictured) who was involved in the opening ceremony of the World Cup. Danielle was dressed in Pakistan clothing and represented Pakistan. It is pretty obvious that our Girls are making a statement.

Here we go again

The latest impact to our grounds was on Tuesday when the ‘super cell’ storm caused damage through West Penno / Cherrybrook. The photo shows the damage to Campbell Park.

This adds to the growing list of grounds being closed due to “Catastrophic fire conditions” and poor air quality (21 December); washouts (18 January & 8 February); extreme heat (+43 degrees).

Olympic Rings

The A2 Blue (Gunny’s) Team have come up with what might be an ongoing Special Achievement Award for sporting prowess that calls outs memorable on-field achievements. The inaugural winner, without any competition is Stanton Tan (pictured 2nd left). To quote directly from his supportive skipper, Michael Gunn:

Biggest congrats however to Stanton who achieved the inaugural ‘Olympics Rings Award. Stanton didn’t score a run, didn’t umpire, didn’t score, didn’t bowl and didn’t take any dismissals in the field, totalling the 5x 0s. …. At least he picked up the cones with efficiency and precision, so that’s something.”

History looming

A new Club and Association record was made this season when we had 2 x A2 sides playing in the A2 Competition. Going into the final Round we have our A2 Blue (Gunny – pitcured left) and Red (Andy – pictured right) sitting on 3rd & 5th on the table.

With Gunny’s side assured of 3rd spot and potentially 1st, the Reds have already won on the 1st innings and are going for an outright win. An outright win will assure us of 4th spot and a 1st innings win will also get us there if 4th lose to the top placed team.

If we can make it, and the chances are looking good, it will be the first time 2 Teams from the same Club will make the Semi’s in A2.

The Best Day’s cricket

Steve ‘Buzz’ Burrows (C3) is one happy Skipper. Apart from already winning on the 1st innings and sitting on top of the Competition table, Steve had, in his view, the best day of cricket: his Team has already won, he didn’t have to bowl (the opposition was bowled out for 70), didn’t have to bat (we are 1/176 at stumps), didn’t score and didn’t have to give any decisions while umpiring.


The joys of a narrow pitch

Anyone who has played at Foxglove Oval and Arcadia knows the width of the pitch is about the size of a dinner table. Our D1 Red boys were playing at Arcadia and rolled the opposition for 144 – a great effort. Included in this though were 51 Sundries (32 no balls, 2 wides, 2 Leg Byes & 13 Byes). I am not sure how you can bowl a wide on this wicket but to have 35% of the total scores in Sundries says a lot about the joys of playing on a pitch that is way too small.