Round 7 – 2nd December 2023


Match Reports

Competition – Round 7 (Day 1)

(Saturday 9th & 16th December 2023)


A1 Grade

WPHC (Cameron #25) Vs Berowra Maroon 8/225

Every time these two teams meet, hits to this website triple – Ross has to fire up the back-up servers to account for the amount of traffic that comes this way. That’s right, it’s the old enemies up against each other, YOUR WPHCCCCCCC vs Berowra Griffin.

And with so many additional eyes on this column, I’m going to share with you a little secret.

You feel the pressure. It’s like a wave – no wait, that’s not the right word – it’s like a monsoon. A #MaroonMonsoon of weight and expectation to be accurate, to be informative and to give you one side, the only side of the story.

Fresh off his recent $3M (that’s M for MILLION) weekender purchase in the countryside, Captain Krang wielded the axe this week and dropped #TyphoonTiz and #HurricaneHando from the side. He brought in Dr Diggers (that’s with a D), who made his long awaited return to the top flight.

Despite noise around his inclusion, Phil Wurth was left out of the team – the first time in circa 10 years we go into this matchup without our statesmen. Gossip chats lit up, how were we going to get Rayner out!?

The pitch, well we may as well have played out on the M1 because she had nothing in it. The winner of the toss would have the supreme advantage. Krang hadn’t won a toss all year, he was due. We lost the toss and were bowling.

Lichaaa opened us up from the Northern end of the ground and got us off to the perfect start, moving one in with some late swing to knock over Dickie Wilkins Johnson. From there, Berowra wrestled back momentum – we bowled well but they batted well to the conditions.

The rest of the day was a blur. Lots happened, lots of runs, lots of dropped catches. Sometimes it’s all just white noise. Sometimes it’s that you’re just too exhausted to go into the detail of what transpired.

8-225 they finished – wickets to Lichaaa, Preedy, Ord Minnett Comebacker of the day Gandis, Meiks and maybe Sav/K (??) Special mention to Jackson Preedy who bowled very well today, all that time in the Ord MinNETS has been paying off.


A2 Grade

WPHC (Campbell) 144 Vs Hornsby 3/96

With Campbell called up to A Grade, Jed was in charge again, Captain Gumby promptly losing the toss and WPH were sent in.

There were many murmurings about the Glade pitch early on, would it be difficult to bat on? Or were these just mental demons from the ghosts of Glade wickets past? It didn’t look too bad…

At 4/23, we decided that yes, it was a difficult pitch to bat on. “We” being the 4 dismissed batters, each convinced that our demise was the cause of the pitch, not our lack of talent, general ineptitude or mental fragility.

Amidst this sea of incompetence, one man stood tall.

Harry Hando made a glorious 75, showing some beautiful stroke play, unparalleled cricketing smarts and a gritty toughness to score more than 50% of our runs.

The rest of the top order were gobsmacked by this display.

Harry could hit the ball out of the middle of the bat and he could hit it into gaps between fielders.

He could even do both in the same shot.

How? We can’t seem to understand this sort of thing. I guess some things can’t be explained by modern science.

Harry did agree that the pitch was tough to bat on. Of course he didn’t mean this. He was really thinking about how easy it was for him and how useless his teammates are.

But in agreeing the pitch was tricky to bat on, he’s successfully elevated his innings in the mind of others, showing he can still score runs when it’s tough and raising his own standard even further.

Saturday was a true masterclass from Harry in every sense. Wisdom beyond his 18 years.

Fellow youth Slowham Agarwal made a good 28. In partnership with Harry, poor Slowham was almost being lapped by Harry between the wickets, but he did his job well.

Throbert Downey Jr chipped in at the end providing great support to Harry and getting our total from 8/80 up to the 140 mark.

As the ninth wicket fell, Harry’s brother Sam walked to the crease to join him.

Harry, the youngest of 4, Sam the oldest. Harry seized this opportunity. In a rare position of power over Sam, Harry let out 18 years of built up frustration, instructing Sam on how to play the whole way from the boundary line to the pitch. He’s the boss now.

After delivering this sermon, Harry then got out.

3 wickets but a few too many runs leaked with the ball, still in it though.

A special nod to Birdcage’s big week; he’s got new hair which makes him look like the lovechild of Ron Weasley and Ellen DeGeneres, he’s got the most vigour out of a Sri Lankan since Murali was no balled for throwing and has vilified the entire disabled community.

While we’d like to congratulate the recently engaged Brent Larkham on his impending fatherhood.

While this has not been officially confirmed, Brent scolded the opposition for daring to playfully kick the soccer ball in between sessions. Because “they were wearing spikes and might pop the ball”.

That’s an expectant Dad if ever I saw one.

B1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Todd) 5/58 Vs Kissing Point 118

First off, I’d like to thank each of the reportedly several Kissing Point players that had so kindly put aside two precious minutes of their Sundays to read my dreadful delineation of the day’s play last time we clashed – I hope you take the time to do so again today.

It gives the WPHC B1 Blue match reporter writer much pleasure to know that they have read, and potentially even enjoyed, that particular stanza of our season. Please continue to do so.

With the word from Todd being to win the toss and bowl, stand-in tosser Rick Turner mustered all of his courage to not spell out the word “bat” when the coin fell his way, instead succumbing to his skipper’s instructions and just a tiny wee little bit reluctantly sending them in for the first dig.

With Todd late to Auluba Oval, it was Ben and Paul who took the new ball as both found challenging lines and lengths – Ben in particular, who I’m fairly sure broke the sound barrier with the speed he was bowling – and yet were unable to reap any rewards.

With the openers seen off, the Kissing Point openers were well and truly entitled to think that they were out of the woods, only for the skipper himself to come on and take three wickets in two overs to put us on top.

At the other end, Prats chipped in with another quick one with a definitely planned delivery that pitched about a foot outside leg, hit the batter’s pad and ricocheted back to knock the bails off. Then, a few overs later, he picked up the big wicket of their captain and opener for 33, finally dismissing him after he made an unbeaten half century against us earlier in the season.

His dismissal marked the third LBW out of five wickets, which is about three more than most other teams receive in a season. We are forever in your debt for your brutal honesty, Kissing Point umpires.

From there, it could have been over very quickly, but their lower order and tail wagged a bit more than we would have liked – this was not helped by Bishy dropping an absolute sitter at mid-off that would have finished off the innings without them making triple figures (it was a valiant effort with one hand). Even so, Todd was still able to finish with five wickets as we rolled them for 118, leaving us with 24 overs to put a dent in the target.

Wickets also fell to Xander (2), Prats (2) and Willy (1). Despite bowling absolute heat all throughout the day, Ben finished with nothing from his ten overs, which is probably about ten overs more than he deserved after ordering a Subway without any sauce earlier in the day. He’s lucky we’re all nice teammates because I’m fairly sure that’s a crime against humanity so if word gets out due to this then I’m very sorry Ben (I’m not).

With Vice-captain Connor forgetting to prioritise the important things and instead choosing to fly out to Germany on Friday with the girlfriend, it fell upon backup opener, backup spin bowler and backup gully fielder Lachie to open alongside a man who has not been dismissed in about two months, Volc.

Like they did last time at Auluba, both looked to hang around for the long run even with the Kissing Point openers regularly challenging with full lines and lengths, reaching 0-26 inside six overs to put us firmly on the front foot.

I’d love to say that it was that moment that the heavens opened and rain came tumbling down but alas, it was not to be.

Volc was the first to go and with the walk back to the pavilion looking pretty good, Willy and Bish soon followed.

Neither Lachie nor Rick wanted to follow them but were forced into it through some good bowling and slightly poor shot selection, slumping to 5-58 before we finally wrapped things up, Xander and Sam the not out batters.

WPHC Red (Shomik) 218 Vs Glenorie 0/1

There was a lot of chatter amongst the boys today, a whisper that there would be less than 11 fielders for the Glenorie Team.

Substitutions and week 2 were fresh in our mind when deciding to bat or bowl first. The weather gurus told us that with a 40 degree day next week that we needed to bowl first. But Shomik decided to lovingly lose the toss and we were sent into bat.

The batting innings was blessed with the return of our prodigal son, Sagnik, who, when talking with him about why he missed games, told me that he had been doing “stuff”. Hardly an excuse in my books.

The overcast conditions were prime real estate for the Glenorie fast bowlers, cleaning up Sagnik and Preet in quick succession. 2-11

Kapil continued his fine form, rushing from his kids juniors game, then donning pads for a well-made 30. Shomik and Kapil steadied the ship, bringing us to 70 odd after a scary opening session of swing bowling. Shomik made it quite a spectacle before the drinks break, running halfway down the pitch and back again on a failed single, not out. Then promptly after being struck in the head from an edged hook shot, the gully fielder probably forgot to continue catching the ball and take the wicket.

They fell in twos for the top order, Shomik and Kapil, after working diligently for their runs were dismissed for 27 and 36. Which brought in myself (Alec) and Oskar at 4-77.

If one had come to this game with a blindfold on, you would think that Oskar and I were close to being run out like half a dozen times. The rotating of the strike was definitely important, as the moral began to dip from the Glenorie side. But running like a man on fire, Oskar showed that a buggered back is no excuse for quick singles. It was a slow walk towards 150, notwithstanding the quick singles, but preventing a middle order collapse is what i am arguable the best at doing, double check this with Shomik.

It was a shame to see Oskar go for 30, after hitting a long bomb down to the long on boundary to be caught out, 5-154.

Alex and I continued the momentum, picking off the easier of the bowlers. Aggressive batting with lots of 2s, 3s and 4s boosted the score past 200. This would eventually be our downfall as Alex and Alec were dismissed as a pair for 29 and 61 respectively.

The tail showed little resistance as we were cleaned up for 218, probably like 30-40 short. But the middle order showed great fight and grit and I am proud of all of them.

We then had to bowl one over at the Glenorie side. With this, Shomik told me “bowl full and straight and you maybe have one surprise ball,” to which I responded with a perfectly directed bouncer first ball. It unfortunately dropped agonisingly short of Preet at fine leg, who definitely was not expecting it, which is fine as I don’t think a single one of the 11 though so either.

Definitely defendable, we will have our work cut out for us next week.

This will 100% show how far we have come along this year as a side.

B2 Grade

WPHC (Warren) 7/201 Vs Castle Hill

After the disappointment of last weeks no result against St Ives we arrived at Fred Caterson Paddock number 4 with a renewed sense of ‘why do we play this sport.’

Apparently the groundskeeper forgot to set the lawnmower to catch and opted for mulch instead.

What should have been a speedy outfield was slowed significantly by a literal foot of grass clippings. Rob ‘bit dusty last Sunday morning Rob’ Knapmanns’s brain had not fully recovered from his antics the previous Saturday night so he was overjoyed when he lost the toss and we were sent into bat.

A good toss to lose and even better Rob didn’t have to use his last remaining brain cells on a 50/50 decision.

DJ ‘why do I play this sport’ Garrett left a century out there, getting out the exact same idiotic way he got out the previous week. We think his old man Billy needs to teach him a lesson but anyways.

Ray ‘bowling all rounder’ Khamis came in at 3. He is still unsure what he did to buzz for buzz to give him middle stump outside off but nonetheless he got bowled leg stump first ball. Enter Adam ‘steady the ship’ Van Saarlooser and Nick ‘Sergio bouquets’ Buckets Duck. The boys smacked the ball all around the park in what would have been a 300 run partnership on any field that wasn’t also being used as a Sir Walter Buffalo Turf farm Monday to Friday.

The boys got us to a respectable 200 with a little help from some friends. Buckets ending up on 67 and Adam on 33. We then declared and gave Buzz ‘Aldron’ Burrows the ball.

They say shit gets wickets and boy did this ring true today. Buzz manifested his inner Bobby Knapman by getting their opening bat with a fresh hot $2.50 plain steak pie from Huoy Hong Bakery. (If anyone believes in inflation it is a government conspiracy).

On a more wholesome note the writer of this match reports would like to give a special shout-out to the one and only Billy ‘resident not the best bloke but still pretty good guy of the club’ Gaunt. Billy you have copped a lot of shit in this match report over the last years, only about 10% of it actually truthful.

I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of the club to tell Billy we love him.

Thanks for taking the jokes like an absolute champion, the true measure of a man. I am sure you will slip up very soon and give us some good content for future match reports but we are all human.

Love you Billy.

C1 Grade

WPHC (Indranil) Vs Beecroft 187

Key stats – Aayush Kumar (U16 Jr) – 5 wicket haul; 15 – 5-18-5.

Due to cloudy grey conditions, it was a question to bowl or bat.

Indranil made the bold decision to bowl first after winning the toss, which angered the batting favoured team.

For the first time today, our team decided to brush up on their fielding skills in an effort to stop their streak of numerous dropped catches.

The openers looked to play for the draw from ball 1, and it took an amazing ball from Aayush to dismiss one of the openers. From then on, the floodgates opened up and wickets dropped left and right, with Aayush picking up a magnificent fiver (5/18). After realizing their predicament at 8 wickets down for only 140, Beecroft decided to start batting properly and building an innings, taking them to a total of 187.

Thankfully due to a significantly improved fielding side, 8 catches were taken today, and the captain felt very proud of his team.

Arjonil, Oli and Cam all enjoyed overs to practice their spin, with the trio magically picking up 3 wickets. There were numerous appeals that led to no avail, leading to few very heated discussions with umpires, with a strong emphasis on no dissent.

But keeping with the cricketing spirits we moved on.

Overall, a very strong bowling and fielding effort today especially with Aayush’s magnificent 5/18 in 15 overs and his ball of the season to get the opening batsman.

Week 2, we will get reinforcements in batting and hopefully we get back into a winning rhythm.

C2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Mat) 250 Vs Normanhurst

Under new leadership, the C2 Blues put on a good batting performance in week 1 in the match against Normanhurst.

Losing the toss, we were sent in with the Marsden combination getting us off to a solid start.

After looking quite good, Bronson was given out LBW for 10 and Rizul came in. Matt and Rizul put on fifty before Rizul rode his luck once too often and was caught in slips for 31. The new captain strode to the crease to join Matt. Matt batting beautifully kept the scoreboard ticking over and the pressure on Normo. Marty went for 9 chopping on and in came William.

After a quick 37 run partnership, Matt got caught behind for 77. We were now 4/153 and the GOAT came in.

William was the next to go after a well-made 20. Sohan and the GOAT (DC) batting together put on a quick 45 runs, the GOAT doing the team thing and opening will two all run threes and not long after a 4 all run. Someone should tell him he is 50 years old.  He also managed to commentate his own deliveries, complimenting the bowling.

At 6/216 the GOAT was trapped in front for 35. G2 (James) then came in and made a quick 6 before missing the ‘ball of the century’ (not really). Sohan continued ticking the scoreboard over with Matt B. Matt raised his bat getting off the mark for the first time in we don’t know how long….. Sohan was strangled down the leg side for 20. Matt made 14 quality runs with the tail of Jaques and Kush (thanks for helping out boys) hanging in there with him.

We ended on 250 in the 69th over.

A great first day’s effort. Mat Marsden’s innings was a classic, taking us back in time to the glory days. He ran like a greyhound and moved the ball through the field with ease. He was well supported along the way with contributions throughout the team.

Lookout Normo next week… Tony Dodders (Mick) and the Firey Moustache (Rob) return to rain pain on the batsmen.

Go Sweat Hogs!

 WPHC Red (Arun) Vs Bye

Next game is on 16th December when the boys play St Ives Wahroonga at Karuah.

C3 Grade

WPHC Red (Fieds) 83 Vs Berowra 1/42

We should warn you that this match report may not be to the standards of our usual writer, who treated himself to a holiday in Adelaide. As a result you’re stuck with Patrick and I (Nathan W).

We arrived at the Brooklyn Dairy Cricket Ground/sewerage plant to bat on day 1, but with boundaries the size of the MCG, we knew this was going to be a low-scoring game. Steve and Munish opened the batting and Berowra unfortunately struck early, removing Steve for 2.

At this point, our inspirational leader Andrew came to the crease to partner Munish in what would be a stubborn and drawn-out partnership which lasted until the 16th over, where Munish departed for 1. Despite the low strike rate, he batted time and in hindsight, that’s what we needed more of, as Will (1), Andrew (13) and Eric (1) soon followed.

This left us at 5-21 after 23 overs, with Nathan F and Rommel out in the middle. 5 overs later, we lost Rommel to a top edge which left us in deep trouble at 6-34 after 28 overs.

Runs at this ground really were at a premium, but Nathan F and Shak kept drawing out the innings and batting time, taking us from the 29th to the 47th over, picking up runs when possible. Then after 26 overs of batting in very humid and tiring conditions, Nathan F was dismissed, and despite the scorecard reading that he got 18, it had the significance of a 60-70 run performance.

So here we are at 7/66 and in an improved spot (which wasn’t that difficult) we had Shaq holding the reins.

Enter the Big Show, or our version of it with Louis (1). And we thought to ourselves maybe some quick runs and give us something to bowl at…8/69.

In comes myself (Patrick) which by the start of my innings there was a clear intention to not stick around long with my fourth ball sent directly down the skippers throat only to be dropped. With a further two chances off my bat I was dismissed on the third straight to cover after making 6.

Enter Nath our week in week out number 11, we’d hope for maybe a quick couple runs with Shaq (21) continuing on and maybe getting us to 100 and going from there. So we finished all out for 83, for reference probably 175 on any other ground and 350+ at Fred Catt 4.

So we get 11 overs to bowl and Patrick (1-19 off 5) and Shaq (0-14 off 4) after a decent batting stint were tossed the ball in hopes of an early couple wickets, which was delivered by Patrick in the 3rd over after leaking 10 off the first two bowling the opposing skipper. A interesting couple of overs followed with a dropped catch off Shaq’s bowling in the 8th over and a couple runs leaked here and there, leaving 2 overs left in the day for the spinners.

Eric took over from Shaqs and only conceded the one run and Nathan took over Pats end conceding the four runs.

We look onto next week with Berowra 1-42 and (essentially) halfway there, an epic bowling performance or a demeaning demolition will occur. Both outcomes ending in being at the club at 3:30.

WPHC Blue (Rob) Vs Bye

No game this week with the boy’s next game on the 16th December Vs St Ives Wahroonga @ Hassell Park.

C4 Grade

WPHC Blue (Hiresh) 228 Vs Sydney Lions 1/0

It was a muggy day at Glenhaven where the day started great.

Hiresh went another match without winning the toss but somehow got the result he wanted as Sydney Lions elected to bowl first. Reverse psychology? Probably. Despite losing a couple of wickets before really getting into the match, we managed to get a few great partnerships going.

Sparsh continued his amazing form with the bat, scoring 33 as he and Saurabh (17) put on 43 for the 3rd wicket before the latter was caught remarkably at square leg. Sparsh was adjudged LBW unfortunately. But that led to a great partnership between Ratul and Renesh as they put on 64 for the 6th wicket.

It was great to see Ratul back in touch after a run of low scores and it was great to see Renesh playing with such dogged resistance that they basically ran the Sydney Lions into the ground. So much into the ground that it really, really took a long time for them to get through their overs. There was enough time to see some kids trying to do ramp jumps on their BMX bikes and falling down.

Unfortunately, Renesh fell just before tea on 15 and then Ratul followed just after tea on 35.

After getting out, Ratul feeling the heat…kind of accidentally used one of the Sydney Lions player’s sunscreen and accidentally spilled some. Whether it was an act of dominance after his innings or just the heat getting to him….we will never find out (it was really just the heat).

However, Reyhan and Kunal counter-attacked especially Reyhan. He powered his way with anything short or anything way too full or on a half volley. Sydney Lions had no answer for the pair as they put on 65 for the 9th wicket. Reyhan himself made 43 before edging one that wasn’t picked up by the umpire but walked anyway. Kunal couldn’t add to his 7* since he lost his partner Shanks in a hilarious manner.

Shanks edged one up in the air and decided to run, the bowler dropped it and more worried about Kunal getting to the other end…got run out since he had a brain fart and lackadaisically meandered to the crease as they got a direct hit (Youtube Shane Watson run out – first result and then dumb it down by like a thousand…maybe ten thousand times…actually we can go about hundred thousand times).

Solid cricket all around.

We got to a really strong 228 with some great batting from Reyhan, Sparsh, Ratul, Kunal, and Renesh (also thanks to 54 extras from the Lions including 34 wides and 10 no-balls and also a couple of dropped catches) on a slowish Glenhaven.

However, we still had to bowl one over and that managed to get us a wicket. One of their batters decided to try and top Shanks’ fantastic running, and ran to the bowler’s end without his partner moving at all thinking he heard “Yes, yes”.

A perfect throw from Saurabh to Renesh was all that was needed to get the first wicket. Because Sydney Lions are a tad short on players next week, we just need to take 7 more wickets to hopefully get the W especially with our strike bowler Mukund back after he had from all assumptions a fantastic time sitting an exam on a Saturday.

C4 Red (Ross S) 9/181 Vs Beecroft 5/30

Our first game of the season at Campbell Park, and surprisingly we are not the home team.The ground was looking beautiful and the best ground we have played on so far this season.

With our competition really tight, we are sitting in second place but only 3 points clear of Beecroft Blues so really important we play well….to consolidate our second place. Both teams with a 3 and 1 record.Ross called incorrectly, first time in 4 games and we were asked to bat.

With a couple of players short this week Aden Hanich and Aniiket Mahindre stepped in to help us out.

Thanks guys…….Aden and Ross opened the batting and things did not start well.

Aden facing, 1st ball wide, second ball placed into the covers. Ross pushes off at the non-strikers for an easy single, but feels like someone shot him in the calf…hobbling to the strikers end , one more ball, then impossible to stand. Limping off the field, Retired hurt for the first time ever….

Aden and Anand then played very sensibly putting on 40 before Anand missed a full toss and was bowled for 14, Aden putting away the bad ball to the boundary whenever the opportunity. Mohan joined Aden and for a few overs it seemed both batters were in for a big score. Unfortunately Aden holed out near the boundary for a well made 32….2/56 at the drinks break.

After the break Mohan and Gihan progressed the score without too much trouble until another great outfield catch saw Gihan gone for 12. Muthindra then came in and hit some lusty blows before being deceived by a slower ball for a well made 11.

Mohan and Ram took us to tea 4/110 off 38.

After the break our tea break curse continued, losing Ram and Jake quickly 6/118….not nearly enough runs….

Ani then joined Mohan and both guys decided that attack was the best option….scoring some quick runs peppered with several boundaries and two huge sixes. Mohan’s curse then struck again….out for 44…his 4th score in the 40s this season – 7/154.

Some further lust hitting from Ani, well supported by Darren and Henry saw us get to declare at 9/181, with the skipper unable to bat. Ani with a very important 37…

17 overs to bowl against a very powerful Beecroft batting line-up with a couple of 300plus and 3*200 plus scores so far this season.

Ram and Gihan took the new ball, first 7 overs very tight with only 10 runs…..Gihan in particular very unlucky having a couple of catches go down and near misses.

Our breakthrough finally came in Gihan’s 8th over. Skied ball to Mohan at mid on, then 2 balls later catch behind to Aden 2/12…..

Then our unluckiest bowler of the season so far …Ram finally got his rewards……in his sixth over a double wicket, a rare LBW call on last week’s century maker, then middle stump out of the ground new batter.

Suddenly Beecroft Blue in big trouble 4-20 with their 2 best batters gone. And he was not finished clean bowling the new batsman in his final over of the day…..

At stumps Beecroft 5-30 and in heaps of trouble against a hooping ball……Ram 3-12 (8) and Gihan 2-8 (5).

Hoping we can take some early wickets next week to give us an important win.

 D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Agniva) 1/13 Vs ARL 165

Toss Turmoil and the Coin’s Escape Act

The cricket gods seemed to have a playful streak as the coin toss launched itself with ambitions of a grass-diving competition, barely skimming the surface before gravity took hold.

Thankfully, our valiant captain, with nerves of steel, called for a redo, securing victory in the toss saga. With day two’s weather forecast hotter than a jalapeño in the sun, the decision to bowl first emerged as predictable as the morning sun rising.

The ‘Cheetah’ and Pritam’s Precision: Bowling Debut Dynamite

Enter Ravi, affectionately nicknamed the ‘Cheetah’ for his fleet-footed prowess.

Alongside him, Pritam formed a duo ready to paint the pitch with a bowling extravaganza. Ravi unleashed a blitzkrieg, snatching two wickets quicker than a hiccup, while Pritam, a maestro of precision, tightened the screws, conceding runs as reluctantly as a child parts with candy.

Mridul’s Mystical Spin and the Swinging Symphony

At the change, the stage welcomed Mridul, armed with a newfound love for bowling around the wicket, unveiling a mysterious inswinger that left batsmen bewildered and stumps rattled.

With an encore in the next over, he bagged two more wickets, spinning ARL into disarray at a perilous 50/5. Hat-trick hopes hung in the air, a tantalizing possibility lingering like a mischievous tease.

ARL’s Resilience and Praneel’s Spectacular Surprise

Yet, ARL’s batting resilience emerged like a phoenix rising from the ashes, though not without Praneel weaving his magic to pluck two crucial wickets, one of which left even Chintan astonished at his own brilliance.

A partnership bloomed for ARL, cultivating a score that blossomed to a tantalizing 142/8, setting the stage for a nail-biting finish.

Chintan’s Aerial Artistry and Amith’s Magic Moment

The in-form batsman finally met his match in Chintan’s artistry, departing after a balletic display, the ball gracefully pirouetting into Pritam’s safe embrace at mid-off. Yet, the final act belonged to the last man standing, and it demanded nothing short of Amith’s enchanting catch at point, bidding adieu to ARL, all out for 165. Spectators’ hearts did a joyful samba in their chests.

Rohan, Pritam, and the Slow-motion Misjudgment

The batting saga commenced with Rohan and Pritam entrusted with igniting the fireworks.

Alas, fate had its say as Pritam succumbed to the most sluggish of deliveries, misjudging it for a colossal zero.

Day two beckoned, the team, not entirely averse to the relief of not sweating it out in the field, geared up for the chase, eyes fixated on another victory to cling to the top rung of the ladder.

WPHC Red (Diggers) 120 Vs Glenorie 2/22

After a great win against Kissing Point, we were keen to continue the momentum against Glenorie who are just sitting behind us on the ladder.

Stand-in Captain, Disco, followed the D1 Red trend and lost the toss and we were sent into bat – which is what we wanted to do anyway given we had a couple of our bowlers away.

Our usual top order batsman, Cliff & Ross, opened again for us and put on a great opening partnership of 36, when Cliff was caught for 16 off one of Glenorie’s fill-in junior players.

Glenorie bowled good lines and lengths which made scoring difficult at Northholm Grammar.

Ross had started his innings just as he left off from the last game where he topped scored. Ross was looking great and had begun to build a solid partnership with Tim before being bowled for 20 (top scorer again – besides Sundries!) by Glenorie’s main opening bowler who finished the day on 5/31.

After Ross was out, we lost Harry and Quan cheaply and we were 4/50 after the great start.

Tim then combined with Adi and started re-building the innings, but unfortunately we couldn’t capitalise and continued to lose wickets.

We were now into the tail and Farjad had not been able to bring his kit, so we needed to scramble. Luckily Ross being the great Club man he is, fully checked Farjard’s kit out and we were able to bat down to 11.

A late flurry of runs from Gus, Surendra and Disco was able to get the score to 120 all out.

We had about 45 mins to bowl to Glenorie and we needed wickets early.

Disco and Harry opened the bowling. Harry was sensational and bowled tight lines and great lengths. Disco was able to get a double break-through in his first over and brought us back into the game.

Glenorie finished the day on 2/22 but still in the box seat.

D2 Grade

WPHC (Roger) Vs Kissing Point 6/177

Kissing Point won the toss and elected to bat.

We started quite well and had KP 2/35 after 16 overs, however it was not until 61st over when we took their 3rd wicket with their score 154.

The remaining 9 overs of play saw some improvement from our point of view with KP finishing the day at 6/177.

We will need to get their last 4 wickets quickly and cheaply next week if we are going to give ourselves the best chance of winning.