Anecdotes – Round 12

Another use for kitchen wipes

Ian Paterson (C2 Red) is one of those players who you just want in your Team. He is also resourceful. During another hot weekend Ian has found a cooling-off method that could become a new trend. Before going out to bat, out comes the Handee brand wipes to dry the dome. When you think about it this probably isn’t a bad idea but who thinks that far ahead to be this prepared. It got us thinking about other methods our players use to cool down – there will be some good ones so the search is now underway.

The big ones coming up

In Seniors, with just 2 games to go until the Semi Finals we now have 8 Teams in the top 4 (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C3, D1 and D2) with 3 (B2, C1 and C3) Teams leading the Comp so our thinking starts to move to the big games ahead. A number of our boys have played in a lot of Finals – with different levels of success. Dan Costigan (A2) has played in 17 Finals and won just the one game. On the other hand is Matt Jobson (A1) has played in 8 Finals and won 7. If anyone else has some interesting win /loss ratios then let me know.

Records this season

It has been a big season already with a number of records being broken and the chance of more to come. Try this for starters:


  • 4th wicket D1 Grade Club record partnership 159 between Asees Rajput (132) & Pav Kozyrev (89)
  • 5th wicket C1 Grade Club record partnership 160 between Mikey Fiedler (98) and Eric Junkkari (79)
  • 9th wicket D1 Grade Club record partnership 117 between Dylan Bish (76) & Ruanak Sethi (25) Vs Kissing Point @ Greenup Park 21/1/2017


  • 14 tons this season which is the just 6 off our all-time record in a season.