Anecdotes – Round 14, Day 1

Space Cadet (aka Sharp as a Bowling Ball Award)

Alex Chidgey (C2 Red) and Ryan Gunn (pictured with Alex first left and Gunny 2nd left) are genuine Team players. When a massive rain and hail storm that washed out all Seniors games last weekend hit Mimosa Oval they were prepared to race out to the wicket to get the stumps – above and beyond the call of duty. Rather than wait for the hail to stop they took off while the storm was at its most intense. Alex though thought it through and put a boundary marker on his head as a hail protector. A little while later the storm passed and the sun shone.

Quotient Rules

The quotient gives an insight into how dominant a Team has been throughout the season. In Seniors, 3 of our Teams have had an amazing season – so far. How about this for an achievement going into the Semi’s:

  • C1 Grade – 1.7587 (best quotient in the Association)
  • B1 Grade – 1.7069 (2nd best quotient)
  • C3 Grade – 1.5248 (4th best quotient).

Another interesting insight is that C1 is Captained by Andrew Fiedler and B1 by Daniel Fiedler. It wouldn’t be too often that a father / son combination have led teams ranked number 1 and 2 at Association level.

This doesn’t count for much once the Semi’s start but what it does show is that these Teams especially, on their day, will be powerful contenders.

Long time between drinks

Richard Makin (A1 and far left in the photo) took his 200th wicket last weekend. The last time Richard played full-time was way back in 1997/98 (A2) and has filled in for occasional game since – taking 18 wickets in the last 19 years. On the weekend Richard took 3/13 from 5 overs.

When our A1 Skipper James Makin’s bowling is taken into account the Makin boys now have a combined aggregate of 567 wickets! Well done Richard.


Umpiring retirements

You would think that Umpiring is a low risk venture. We have the famous case of Chris Williamson (B1) having retired hurt due after pulling a hamstring while at square leg. On the weekend we had your friendly editor (Ross Anderson) also at square leg and this time got in the way of a well hit pull shot from Sandeep Darapuneni. With a dark ball due to the rain and a dark background the ball was lost in flight and it managed to hit RA on the cheek. Apart from stopping a likely boundary amazingly the result was a nice looking bruise, a bit of a graze and no broken bones. This umpiring is a dangerous caper.