Anecdotes – Round 14, Day 2

Last played 35 days ago

Spare a thought for A2 who finished 3rd. They last played way back on 28 January because of a combination of heat and wet weather – a total of 35 days or 1 month and 4 days since the boys last played a game. By the time the boys get out on the paddock they will have forgotten who does what.

Club Tosser

While on A2, our Skipper, Simon ‘Snumpty’ Smyth holds another record. In 2004/05 when Snumpty was A2 Captain, he lost 13 consecutive coin tosses before eventually winning one. His final achievement – 20 out of 23 tosses lost – a record for overall losses in one season.

In Simon’s own words after finally winning a toss: “I think my reaction at the time (both hands aloft punching the air) said how relieved I was to actually win a toss! As they say, personal records are fantastic, but it’s the team that counts”.

Quote of the week

“Feels like winter – NRL on TV, no cricket for weeks….” James Makin, A1 Captain, 3rd March 2017.


Claw family

The Behlevanas family (Riley is 5th left in the photo, back row and Dave 2nd left front row) must have buckets as hands. The top fielder in our Club is Riley Behlevanas (U16 & C2 Blue) with 19 catches plus 2 as a wicket keeper. Topping the list of our wicket-keepers is older brother Joel Behlevanas (also C2 Blue) with 15 catches, 2 stumpings and 1 as a non keeper. Add the catches taken by dad, Dave, with 2 catches the Behlevanas’ has taken an amazing 41 dismissals!

Champion Team

Our A1 boys set a Club record 4 consecutive Rofie Premiership wins between 2011/12 and 2015/16. Last year they finished 4th and they came 2nd this season – 6 years straight in the Semi’s despite being a Team in transition but with some quality younger players coming into the side. This is a huge achievement but sitting at the bottom of this is a core of experienced players. How about this:

  • James Makin, our inspirational Captain, has won 4 A1 Premierships, an A2 Premiership, 2 First Grade T20 Premiership and a Runners-up T20 – our most capped Premiership Captain
  • Matt “Jobbo” Jobson:
    • is the youngest player (27 years old) in our history to take 300 wickets
    • is the youngest Seniors Captain to win a non Colts Premiership (A2) at 20 years of age
    • has won the most number of Premierships, as a Captain and Player in our history – 9 Premierships (A1 / A2 / First Grade T20) and lost just 2 Finals – that’s 11 Finals all at just 27 years of age
  • Riley Miedler is the youngest player in our history to take 250 wickets at 22 years of age
  • Nick Bennett is our youngest ever Captain to win a Seniors Premiership – Colts at just 18 years of age
  • Tim Scoular:
    • took a Club record 61 wickets (2014/15 in just 11 games!) in A1 / A2 Grades, a hat-trick, and in the last 6 games took an amazing 45 wickets passing the previous A1/A2 record of 59 set by the great Laurie Tuckerman in 1950/51
    • Tim’s bowling average of 7.8 was also a record for A2 Grade at the time. It was broken the following year by Tim Starr with an average of 7.28.
  • Alex Connell with 6 tons is just one away from equalling the great Laurie Tuckerman’s 1951/52 record of 7 (all scored in one season)
  • Lachie Vile is the 3rd youngest Junior to score a ton in Seniors and has the highest score (141) by a Junior playing in Seniors as a 15 year old.

Add to this one of our greatest fast bowlers in Scott Henderson (257 wickets) and Justin Paterson who holds the B2 Club record bowling average of 6.40, once in the Semi’s – anything can happen.