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Junior Blasters (Kanga)

Specifically designed for boys and girls between the ages of 5 – 7 years, Junior Blasters is a modified game that introduces young people to cricket.

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Anecdotes – Round 3

What’s OMO

Matt Marsden (C1) is making his comeback season after last playing A2’s in 1998/99. Matty, came through the Jim Fuggle era of our Club when if you played cricket you looked like a cricketer or didn’t play – shirt tucked in, whites cleaned and …you get the drift. Fast forward to 2016/17 and Mikey Fiedler, our new generation, who is the C1 wicket-keeper. After games, the nearest Mikey’s cricket clothing comes to a washing machine is the floor of his bedroom. When Mikey was asked by one of the boys in the Team if he uses OMO the answer was “What’s OMO ?”. The result…well have a look for yourself to see the boys side by side.

Sleeping Beauty

Richard Hughes (C2 Red) who bats number 3 was relaxing in his car after getting out and was having a sleep – a big sleep in fact that lasted throughout the remaining innings. As our boys took the field to have a bowl – no Richard – he was still asleep. The boys eventually got the big fella awake and he made it on to the field before the day’s play had finished.


No names to protect the innocent but when was the last time you heard of a game where the Captain was umpiring the first over of a game and gave 2 players out LBW. It happened on the weekend and compliments the 5 LBW’s given in another game by another Captain. This of course shows great integrity but it sure would be good to get an LBW in return – just one.

The shortest path to a Premiership

Paul Vink (back row 3rd from left), 5th Grade T20 made a comeback to playing cricket after an 18-year break. He played just 2 T20 games and the boys made the Final and won the game with Paul being the opening bowler. We don’t have records on this one but it would have to be the fastest of fast tracks to winning a premiership in our history – 2 games, especially considering that the qualification to play a Final in the Saturday comp is a minimum of 4 games.

Did you feel the earth move?

In the 5th Grade T20 Final last Sunday, big Perry ‘Pez’ Waldron made a diving save in the outfield and then fired a return to the keeper for a run-out assist off his son Ben’s bowling. What makes this noteworthy is that this is Perry’s first season back in a couple of years and the big fella is, well, a big fella but obviously has agility that many younger players could only envy.

Crossing Swords

The great Eric Junkkari (C1) was at the Matador Cup Final last Saturday. After a few beers, Eric knew his way to the Gents at North Sydney Oval blind-folded. After a series of visits Eric got to know the Channel commentary Team pretty well, very well in fact. First up Eric has a chat to Chappelli in the gents and explains, with hand motions, how Chappelli washes his hands (or that’s what he says). Next visit he has a chat at the urinal with Tubby Taylor. If this wasn’t enough to scare off the Commentary Team next meeting was with Michael Clarke for a similar chat. We understand that the Commentary Team is hanging out (so as to speak), to get to Perth for the First Test and to use their private bathroom facilities.


Spare a thought for the Coach of one of our Girls Teams. While running a fielding session before a game he was hit in the face by not one but two cricket balls. The result – a visit to the Hospital and 7 stitches.

A new record looming?

After only 2 and a half Rounds, we have had 6 tons scored. Our all time record in a season is 23 in 2012/13 and we had 5 scored at the same time. Given that we scored just 13 tons all last season this is one to watch.


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