Anecdotes – Round 5

“My bat is older than half the Team”

Michael Banner (B1) made his debut in 1997/98 and has scored over 4,500 career runs with 5 tons – a pretty handy player! Volc uses one of those original Puma Millichamp bats that haven’t been seen this century. After scoring 73 in a 2nd wicket partnership of about 150 last weekend the big fella commented that his prized bat “…is older than half the Team”.

What might have been

Chris Williamson (B2) scored 93* last weekend and carried his bat through the innings – a very rare achievement. The story behind the headline is that with 9 wickets down Prat. Datar and Chris put on 15 for the last wicket to help Chris edge towards his first ton. With an innings declaration to come at the end of the over the boys took a single on the last ball of the penultimate over with Prat on strike and 6 balls for Chris to get his ton….next ball – thanks for coming and Chris remained not out for his 2nd 90.

Rampaging families – the Bowlers

Last week we reported on our Rampaging Families – our record century scorers. This week it is our bowling families.

  • 690 wickets – Donaldson family (Ken 497, Jim 85, Don 72 & Don Jnr 36) – 1959/60 to 82/83
  • 564 – Makin’s (James 367 & Richard 197) – 1989/90 to current
  • 508 – Junkkari’s (Eric 439 & Daniel 69) – 1991/92 to current
  • 473 – Smyth’s (Simon 363 & Adam 110) – 1997/98 to current
  • 402 – Jobson’s (Matt 286 & Scott 116) – 2001/02 to current
  • 401 – Rae’s (Chris 224, Tim 115, Terry 59 & Matt 3) – 1985/86 to 2013/14
  • 322 – Driscoll’s (Andrew 299 & Earl 23) – 1987/88 to 2015/16
  • 288 – Nolan’s (Ben 231 & Matt 57) – 1995/96 to current
  • 287 – Miedler’s (Riley 249, Harrison 20, Bailey 17 8 Andrew 1) – 2008/09 to current
  • 267 – Marsden’s (Ron 140 & Matt 113) – 1982/83 to current
  • 221 – Friend’s (Roger 212 & Simon 9) – 1997/98 to current
  • 185 – Hawkins (Brett 103, Aaron 82) – 2008/09 to current
  • 177 – Scoular’s (Tim 170 & Matt 7) – 2005/06 to current
  • 172 – Chidgey’s (Nathaniel 103 & Alex 69) – 2011/12 to current
  • 161 – Herzog’s (Luke 154 & Joel 22) – 2008/09 to current
  • 147 – Turner’s (Rick 99, Zac 36 & Alex 12) – 2011/12 to current
  • 109 – Meikle’s (Ben 61 & Andrew 48) – 2012/13 to current.

Just like our Batting families last week, an amazing 12 of the top 15 families are current players. Next week – the All-rounders.

“I’m Gone !!”

Eric Junkkari has been having problems with his dodgy hammies for a few years now, as he is well into the twilight of his career.  We find we have to give him plenty of notice to bowl, so he can warm his delicate muscles up before he unleashes for a spell of his handy trundlers.  Perhaps what wasn’t smart captaincy (maybe a little on the cruel side) was to give him a second bowling spell late in the day with little notice.  Well a few balls into it, as he sidled in to bowl, the not unexpected happened, and his hammy went again.  Rather than stopping his run-up, he yelled “I’m Gone !!” but continued to run to the crease anyway.  By then, the slips cordon were letting out guffaws of laughter.  What made it more bizarre was that Eric continued hobbling to the crease and bowled the ball anyway, which the young batsmen managed to fend away.  After everyone was stunned – and didn’t know whether to laugh or check he was OK (we erred on the former) – the umpire called ‘deadball’.  Eric then proceeded to finish the over with his Murray-Bennett-left-arm-orthodox-nudies, before he finished the day with his unforgiving team mates in the slips cordon.  We forgot to enquire after the game, but we hope you’re OK, champ !

Space Cadet awards

This week we have two nominations for Space Cadet (sharp as a bowling ball awards) – both by the same player – Stu Fiedler (C2 Red Vice Captain). Here goes:

Losing count of runs scored
Stu was commenting on how difficult it is to keep count of the personal runs scored in an innings 0 – something a lot of us experience typically once the score mounts over 20. Not in Stu’s case where he made the observation that in one innings he lost count of his runs where he got 0 runs.

Is he still batting?
Andrew Morris was powering towards his ton and it was here that Stu wanted to know how many runs Andrew was on. His score was 86* and Stu asked whether he was still batting.

“It’s like looking in a mirror”

An interesting conversation between B1 Club baldies, Michael “Fester” McGregor and Tim “Hollywood” Leyshon showed they are forming a ‘bromance’ like relationship. Macca complimented Tim’s general good looks and “shiny head” to which Tim replied with “It’s like looking in a mirror Macca”. They shared a laugh and started talking about previous shampoos they used to use. “Ahh the good old days” and everyone else slowly left them alone to let the relationship blossom.