Anecdotes – Round 7

Sniper got 2 of them

In B1 last weekend, one of the Glenorie batsmen retired hurt early in the game with a hamstring problem, only to return at number 11 with a runner. two runs later, after the batsmen played a shot and fell over, the runner took off for the quick run. He fell down like he was shot by a sniper and tore his hamstring in the process. Half of our team fell on the ground in laughter as both the runner and the hammy injured batsmen were both on the ground struggling to get up. They decided they would not get another runner and finished the last over trying to not run at all.

“They thought I was a God”

Taki “The Psychologist” Manolelis (B1) has recently moved north-west to Singleton for work, and in turn has decided to play some cricket up there and betray West Penno. Anyway, he got what’s coming to him when the first game he played was a T20 in their comps 3rd grade which he declared was “the most boring game of T20 ever.” He said “we bowled 10 overs consecutively from one end. Then the next 10 from the other. So we just stood there in the same spot the whole time.”

He continued rambling about the most boring game ever and mentioned that the “square leg umpire is just the next batsmen in. I opened the bowling and they couldn’t play me. They thought I was a God.” Even worse for poor Taki is that they have a 13 man squad who plays on the day, so 2 people don’t bat. Of course Taki has ended up as one of the players that is a “non-batter”.

Space Cadet (aka the ‘Sharp as a bowling ball award’)

Another outstanding nomination – this time Prats Datar (B2). Getting ready to come to the ground Prats realised that his cricket clothing from last weekend was still in the wash. Rather than rocking up in dirty gear, Prats did the next best thing – he went up to the shops and bought himself new cricket pants and a shirt – arriving at the game at 1.45 pm. So Prats gets 2 Awards – the Space Cadet Award for having to buy new clothing while he should have been playing and the Catwalk Award for sartorial elegance.

Do you want Fries with that?

The A1 game, that we ended up winning, was getting tight with our boys 6/42 chasing 115 so the boys were a bit nervous and quite. Enter Phil Wurth – the same Philthy Phil who ‘accidentally’ left 2 packs of frozen fish bait in Lachie Vile’s kit bag that he found a few days later. This time he was having a bread roll while watching the game. Disappearing for a short time, Phil managed to rip out some underarm hair and put it in the bread roll. Rather than eat it himself he kindly offered it around the Team.

Enter Justin Paterson, who was feeling a bit peckish, was padded up and was next man in. After finishing the roll Justin had a coughing bout caused by hair stuck in his throat and needed copious amounts of water to wash it down. Fortunately Justin didn’t need to bat but if he comes down with some obscure disease we know the reason.

Overheard conversation

Two of our veterans (Ian Paterson and Ross A) had a discussion on their Team (C2 Red). It went something like this:
“You know, we could be the fathers of most players in this Team”, the reply came:
“More like Grandfathers”,
The follow-up reply:
“Possibly even Great Grandfathers” – the final response, in all modesty:
“Great at least!”

Our new website

Our new website is about to kick-off next week – 18 years after we launched our first internet site. It was way back in November 1998, that we launched our first Club website ( This was developed by Mark Harrison, the son of Peter Harrison, a long-term West Penno player.

In 2002, Peter W Lees then redeveloped and maintained the current site ( until the present day. We estimate that since 2002 we have had over 650,000 hits on the site so this evolution is a significant piece of our history.

Team App views

TeamApp is fast becoming one of the preferred ways of instant communication across our Club. We have 178 members using the App now and in November we had 2,227 screen views that ranked us at 154th Australia wide and we have only just started. Once the new website starts up the momentum will continue to build so it is recommended that you get the App and start accessing all the information – it is that easy. If you would like to get the App click here.