Round 13 (day 2 of 2 day game)

A1 Grade

WPHC drew with St Ives (match abandoned) – after wash out with the Glade both too wet and also storm damaged to be able to play. We are still in with a chance to make the Finals but need to win outright and for the 4th placed team to lose.

The boys play a 2 Day game next match.

  • Position in Comp = 5th (34 points):
  • Gap between 4th & 5th = 9 points
  • Last game: Vs ARL (8th)


WPHC Red (Andy) 9/132 lost to Hornsby 148 – match report not yet available.

Position in Comp = 5th (41 points) and final game details:

  • Gap between 4th & 5th = 1 points
  • Last game: Vs Kenthurst (6th)

WPHC Blue (Gunny) 9/156 defeated Kenthurst 96

Thanks to stand in skipper Andrew Morris spending his Valentine’s Day night gardening and draining the run ups at Dural Park, the conditions were never in question. Wouldn’t get that kind of commitment from Michael ‘big Travis’ Gunn.

Once again, the ever cooperative and understanding of each other father-son pairing of Zac ‘junior’s fill-in’ Morris and Andrew ‘peedo’ Morris were sent into open. What followed was a masterclass in how not to run between the wickets with multiple mix ups, cold shoulders between overs and shouts of ‘wake up’; dubbed ‘trouble in paradise’. Naturally, it was also always the other persons fault.

The Best father son duo since Geoff and Shaun (not Mitch) Marsh managed not to run each other out and got beyond drinks before Andrew lost his wicket for 36 with the score on 71, which kick-started a loss of 9-53 with no one else going past 20, terrible captaincy there Andrew.

A late flurry from Semonn ‘loves batting, great rig, best looking bloke in A2s etc’ Oleksyn (18*) included 3 consecutive 3s with Peter ‘my favourite bloke in the team’ Fluke and a 6 to finish the innings. Well done to Zac for a well-made 62, good to see him coming good in the lead up to finals. Zac was also straight onto MyCricket to work out what his latest batting average and run aggregate would equate to; it’s been that kind of season.

The 24 balls it took their opener to get off the mark foreshadowed that it was going to be one of those innings where the result was never in doubt but they were going to keep us out in the field all innings. Flukey bowled his 7 straight away with figures of 1-12 which included 5 wides before Sem (2-11 off 6) took a double wicket maiden (both bowled obviously); seriously what an absolute specimen, is there anything he can’t do? I’ll let Ray answer that.

An 8-year long drought was then broken when Billy got his first bowl and then his first wicket since 2011. But jeez the batters made his 1-18 off 6 look good. Matty Watts came next and worked away at the g-spot of the pitch, picking up 1-25 off his 5. Kyle ‘Chad’ Townsend grabbed a couple late to finish with 2-19 off 6 before Matt ‘6th bowler specialist’ Phillip cleaned up the tail with 3-8 off 4, but is still a sh*t bloke for not faking a hamstring injury so Ray could bowl the last over. Kenthurst all out for 96 in the last over chasing our 9–156.

Shout out to Ray for telling a Kenthurst player that his bat was broken. Upon personal inspection however, Ray decided he was mistaken and that the batsmen just wasn’t good enough to hit them anywhere near the middle only for him to nail one through cow-corner next over.

Biggest congrats however to Stanton who achieved the inaugural ‘Olympics Rings of Sh*t’ award. Stanton didn’t score a run, didn’t umpire, didn’t score, didn’t bowl and didn’t take any dismissals in the field, totalling the 5x 0s. We hope to establish the Olympic Rings as an anecdote favourite, but (hopefully) achieving it will be pretty rare. At least he picked up the cones with efficiency and precision, so that’s something.

But the results of the day were overshadowed by the mid-week performances of Mikey ‘macho man randy savage’ Fiedler in the US. He’s nicknamed Macho man not for his alpha and masculine nature (in fact, he’s far from it), but for the flying elbow he delivered to the jaw of the girl in the night club he was getting with (video footage available – likely to be shown at preso night).

Congrats to Miley on the abysmal face-munching that followed. With his recent performances in the US and NZ, he really is the opposite of David Warner – only performs well overseas.

Big positives to be taken from our bowling today and onwards and upwards to the last round, where a win could see us finish 1st.

Status in the Comp and remaining gam is:

  • Position in Comp = 3rd (46 points)
  • Gap between 3rd & 4th = 10 points
  • Last game: Vs Normanhurst (1st)

B1 Grade

WPHC 82 lost to St Ives 4/174

The skipper received a barrage of calls from Wu and Krang during the week pleading to play B1 when it was obvious that A grade would be called off. They wanted to know if they still had what it takes to play B grade cricket – more on that later.

Under the pressure the skipper decided to stand himself down and play two of our clubs absolute best. Raffa took over the skippers duties and called correctly at a very lush Bannockburn oval. He elected to bowl. Deano and Krang opened the bowling and started brightly keeping things tight. After 8 tight overs the St Ives opener took a liking to Krangs bowling pumping him for 2 massive 6s. Our first wicket came from a great piece of fielding by Zac.

He chased down a ball turned and fired and had the runner out by 4 meters. The second wicket was a magnificent C&B by Prats. 2/56 at 18 overs drinks was very respectable. After the drinks break we lost our way and St Ives plundered our attack. The next 17 overs cost 118. St Ives finished their 35 overs 4/174. Best of our bowling Krang 1/36 (7), Prats 1/19 (7), Manus 1/23 (3) and Wu 0/0 (0).

This would be a tough chase on a lush ground. Wu started brightly getting a single (and off the mark) from the first ball of our innings. Zac didn’t waste any balls getting LBW 4th ball. Raghu joined Wu in what promised to be an exciting partnership. However Wu was mercilessly pinned down by the B Grade St Ives attack.

Frustration grew and Wu holed out for a solitary 1. It didn’t get any better from there with Hooch and Raffa coming and going quickly and we were 4/15 after 10 and in a world of hurt. The remainder of our innings mirrored this other than an exciting 30 from Manus. In the end we were bowled out for a paltry 82. We served up a pretty poor effort with the bat. Best of our batting Manus 30, Hooch 13 and Prats 11.

Match summary: Wu and Krang have work to do before their next B grade appearance. The rest of us were pretty ordinary too.

Status in the Comp and remaining game is:

  • Position in Comp = 6th (37 points)
  • Gap between 6th & 4th = 13 points
  • Last game: Vs ARL (2nd)

B2 Grade

WPHC 89 lost to Normanhurst-Warrawee 5/137

The day got off to the usual start with Naps losing the toss. We found ourselves in the field.

Anush Sharma (2/6 from 7 overs) got us off to a great start, taking a wicket in the first over. Nushy followed it up in his 2nd over with another wicket maiden, as we had the opposition 2/1. Ryan Loveridge (1/24) sent the poles flying as knocked over the next batsman and Normo were 3/8.

The Opposition dug in and started to build a partnership. At the drinks break the score was 3/52. Rob Knapman (1/23) broke the partnership shortly after drinks. Phil Hayes fired a rocket in over the stumps from deep mid-wicket for a cracking run out.

We set about chasing down the total of 137. The Opposition bowled tight and we found it hard to score freely. This made us force our shots and caused wickets to fall regularly. We were 3/37 at the drinks break.

No batsmen got going with Tanay Hira top scoring with 18. We were all out for 89, a poor finish after a strong start to the match!

Status in the Comp and remaining game is:

  • Position in Comp = 87th (31 points)
  • Gap between 7th & 4th = 4 points
  • Last game: Vs Lankan Islanders (3rd)

C1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Fieds) 90 lost to Glenorie ?/91

We all received the text at 12:40pm in our respective cars saying we were batting. The day was set, Nikkis birthday, a team we previously beat and it was hot. Waris and Nick were sent out and lasted a whole 3 balls, fantastic partnership.

One after the other, wickets fell. Good bowling from the Glenorie team combined with some dodgy shots played left us at 3-16. And after Abhay ‘Steve Bucknor’ Mahajan, gave Adam out on a ridiculously ridiculous decision, nevertheless the team pushed on.

Cam ‘Son of Jane’ Bish was the batter of the day with a well-earned 35 to end our innings with 90 all out.

Our bowling innings started with a bang with Waris ‘no. 11’ Trehan taking a wicket in the first ball of the game. The batsman wasn’t too happy with his shot, with him smashing his bat into the ground and met with the reply of the mighty wrath of Campbell Park, his bat broke in half.

The wickets were hard to come by, especially for Raunak ‘0-36’ Sethi who’s bowling got what it deserved when it ended up on the top of the hill at Campbell Park. Nikki ‘definitely not as good Peter Siddle’ O’Meara has a birthday to forget with about 6 balls dropped in slips, but spirits remained high after Alex ‘spelled my name out on my girlfriend’ Chidgey took a diving, one handed catch in gully.

The Glenorie team batted quickly in order to get to the Queen concert in time to join Billy and they reached our total in 14 overs.

Status in the Comp and remaining game is:

  • Position in Comp = 8th (25 points)
  • Gap between 8th & 4th = 15 points
  • Last game: Vs Beecroft (3rd)

WPHC Red (Phill) 131 defeated Kenthurst Upper Hills 94

Today was a crucial game in which the West Pennant Red C1 team came head to head for the first time in the season against the new Kenthurst side, which is currently placed second. Captain Phil won the toss and elected to bat (we never lost a game this season after batting first).

The long grass in the outfield made the ground really slow, with beautifully timed shots only going for 2 runs. 2 quick wickets fell after the 10th over leaving our team 2 down for 21 runs. Matt and Daniel had a good partnership but Daniel fell after being caught behind for 28 runs, the second highest total in our batting for today.

Matt continued to bat as wickets fell around, stabilizing the innings and providing some confidence for the Red team. He was run out on 29 with 5 overs to spare. Alec and Dillian were aggressive and posted a quick 20 run partnership. After the first innings we were all bowled out for 129 runs.

Dillon Bish also contributed in fielding with the gloves, taking the wicket keeper position for today’s match. He kept very well. Our bowling attack was consistent, aggressive and powerful. All bowlers bowled very well with great accuracy and purpose, applying much needed pressure on our competition. Phil bravely opened the bowling attack with our medium spinner, Alec.

He capitalized on the opportunity taking 2 crucial wickets for only 20 runs. Avi also bowled a stellar spell today, the best of the match even, removing 3 Kenthurst batsmen, only conceding a total of 8 runs.

Well done Avi for that great and needed bowling. Jack, Warren and Matthew took a wicket each today. Matt removed the last Kenthurst player without conceding any runs. A last shout out to our junior players, Avi and Aden for helping out in today’s match. Appreciate the help!

In the end the better team, WPHCC Red, won, once again being victorious without loss (except once early in the season). Due to our win in today’s match, we are now the minor premiers of the competition.

Thank you our devoted supporters, readers and parents for your support and involvement in our victories.

Also great thanks to Jane and the Bish family for the constant support, food and commitment to the team. Really appreciated by all. Tune in next week for another win.

Status in the Comp and remaining games are:

  • Position in Comp = 1st (55 points)
  • Gap between 1st & 5th = 16 points
  • Last game: Vs Castle Hill (6th)

C2 Grade

WPHC 9/89 defeated St Ives 87

When you have so much dramas in a cricket game especially in the last 20 mins and then have to write a report, just cannot be a regular update.

Let’s look at the last over of the match. 2 runs to win, 2 wickets in hand and WPH Captain on strike.

A leg side glance which was a difficult opportunity for square leg fielder and somehow salvaged a run. Tied now. No 10 bat goes for a big swing and ball is in the air, both batsmen attempt to complete the run but the catch is taken. Judgement from Sq leg umpire batsmen crossed. Big objection from the Opposition but umpires stand firm.

3rd ball – a big heave to mid-wicket and 2 runs easily completed. Game over and another opportunity to stay alive in the comp. St Ives finally accepting the game outcome sportingly as this means they are close to being KO from a finals berth.

Now let’s do a recap 45 mins before the last over, WPH was comfortably placed at 0/62 in 22 overs with just 26 runs to chase.

So in the next 12.2 overs, 9 wickets lost with batting score looking like this 29 28 0 0 0 0 4 4 10* 3 0*;

But all said, a win is a win and even thought it came so painstakingly.

Earlier in the afternoon no hesitation to bowl first after winning toss, at a slow Hassall Park outfield.

New opening bowlers appointed for this game and no disappointment (not by design just players not turning up in time). At first drinks break St Ives 5/34 and their top order batsmen all back. Some missed chances in 2nd half, but a blinder catch-of-the-season by Cam Croucher (still celebrating his 50th) and that too in slips, got him appointed as the fielding coach for the rest of the season.

St Ives all out for 87 runs and good bowling all around – John 4/10, Josh 2/7, Areeb 1/19, Shanks 1/18 and Vinod 2/18.

Next week a must win game against #4 team and a positive result expected to get us a spot in the finals.

Status in the Comp and remaining game is:

  • Position in Comp = 6th (30 points)
  • Gap between 6th & 4th = 6 points
  • Last game: Vs Kissing Point (4th)

C3 Grade

WPHC 4/73 defeated Mt Colah 72

Geez it was great to be back playing cricket again!

Buzz won the toss and since we were extremely short on match practice, decided to settle the nerves in the field first up which produced early results.

Rowan bowled with some blistering pace, Paul opening up with immaculate control grabbed the first scalp with Rowan following soon after to have them 2 for not much after 10.

Dave B and Connor stepped up and took over the bowling partnership which brought a steady stream of wickets – Mt Colah 6/48 at drinks.

These two kept up the pressure with Dave snaring 3/27 and Connor with the standout spell grabbing 3/11 off his 7 overs. Buzz mopped up one of the tail and Riley and Sam combined to finish the innings off with a smart run out.

Fantastic work by all in the field grabbing ever chance, we’ll led by Sam with 3 caught behinds.

Only chasing a low score can often be tricky, but Connor and Kwoka got us away to a strong start seeing off some very good bowling before we lost Connor with the score at 21.

Peter Lees and Kwoka put on a good partnership to draw us level, but with the unfortunate dismissal of Peter, Sam brought us home with the win, Kwoka being the best of the bats with 31*.

Great to get a game, even better to bounce back in good form and grab the win as we launch into the finals race.

Status in the Comp and remaining games are:

  • Position in Comp = 2nd (58 points)
  • Gap between 2nd & 5th = 21 points
  • Last game: Vs Hornsby (10th)

D1 Grade

WPHC Blue (Rob) 123 defeated Kissing Point 6/119

After winning his first toss for the season last round, Rob decided to take a break and we had Aden and Alastair share the captaining duties. They conducted the toss with the Kissing Point Captain and duly lost. We were batting first again! Some were in the background you could here Rob saying under his breath, “see it is not just me!”

So we batted first and were determined to put a decent total together against ladder leaders Kissing Point. But it became apparent very quickly that scoring was not going to be easy. Someone forgot to put the sheep out in the paddock during the week and the outfield was very long and very slow.

Despite a good steady start from our openers we needed to pick the run rate up. But every time we tried to do that we lost a wicket. Regardless we cobbled together an innings of 123. Given how slow the outfield was, we felt we still had a chance.

Time to bowl and field. A quick early wicket had us feeling confident we were in the game. Kissing Point didn’t lose wickets at the same rate we did, but they also found it very difficult to lift the run rate.

Some great bowling through the middle of the KP innings, meant this one was going to go down to the wire. Great bowling continued and KP started to fall behind. In the end we had a great victory, and KP ended on 6/119 from their 35 overs.

We held our nerve for the second game in a row to win a close one.

So now we remain in 4th place, and we just need to get a win in the final round to make it into the finals.

Status in the Comp and last game is:

  • Position in Comp = 4th (42 points)
  • Gap between 4th & 5th = 4 points
  • Last game: Vs Beecroft (8th)

WPHC Red (Diggers) 7/135 defeated St Ives Gold 8/134

After the wet Saturday last week we arrived at Greenway Park for a 1-dayer against the St Ives Gold team with a win being the only result that would see us mathematically make the semis.

After planning to bowl first, Ian lost the toss for the 3rd match in a row and we were sent in to bat.

We lost a couple of early wickets and, at 2/12 after 8 overs, we were in a spot of bother. Craig Hutchy then joined the Quan (filling in from C3’s) and with some sensible batting, great running between wickets and turning over the strike at will, by the time Craig had his compulsory retirement at 32, we had moved to 82.

Some smaller partnerships followed and at the end of our 35 overs we were 7/135 with Quan finishing undefeated on 62, having carried his bat for the full 35 overs.

We again thought that we could defend this total if we bowled and fielded well and after Dave “Disco” “Hammy” Larkham picked up a wicket in the 2nd over, we were on our way. Jack Hutchy (0/19) again bowled really well and had the number 3 batsman plumb but turned down by the ump early on. He took the score to 66 before being bowled by Connor. St Ives were then 2/71 after 18 and the match was in the balance.

Our other 14 year old, Lachlan Edwards(1/21) bowled a nice spell of legspin, tightening things up and, with 5 overs to go, St Ives needed 23 to win with 5 wickets in hand.

Jack and Connor bowled the next 4 and a couple of runouts saw it come down to St Ives needing 7 runs to win off the last over.

So, after some deliberation, 16 year old Mukund was chosen to bowl the last over. He hadn’t had the best of days with the ball, having gone for 29 off his first 5 overs but after being set the challenge, he stepped up brilliantly. He bowled quick and straight and with a single off the first ball, a wicket on the next, then 3 more singles and a single/runout on the last ball, the game was ours. A great last over under pressure.

Onto the last match of the season needing a win and a few other results to go our way.

Status in the Comp and remaining game is:

  • Position in Comp – 5th (38points)
  • Gap between 5th & 4th = 4 points
  • Last game: Vs St Ives Blue (3rd)

D2 Grade

WPHC 138 Vs Hornsby 3/58 (last known score) – match report not yet received.

Status in the Comp and remaining game is:

  • Position in Comp = 3rd (45 points)
  • Gap between 3rd & 5th = 10 points

Last game: Vs Kissing Point Red (2nd

Club Champion player points

Our top 5 players based on Champion player points allocation is (as at 20/2/2020):


Name Grade Points
Andrew Morris A2 91.6
Alastair Fullerton D1 84.1
Ayush Tamhankar D2 71.2
Billy Gaunt A2 70.0
Warren Schwartzel C1 64.2

This season we are again tracking Players approaching personal milestones. Keep a look out for this update to see who has achieved something special or who is approaching a special achievement.

Personal Achievements

Performances will be updated mid-week once all scorecards are uploaded.


Batting Grade


4,000 runs
Nathan Fathers C1 3,787 runs
2,000 runs
Alex Robertson A2
2,000 runs Vs St Ives @ Greenup 5/10/2019
Craig Hutchinson D1 2,000 runs Vs WPHC Blue @ Greenway Park 2/11/2019
Andrew Morris A2 2,000 runs Vs WPHC Red @ Greenway Park 14/12/2019
Josh Banner A1 1,997 runs
Brent Larkham A2 1,904 runs
Tarun Lath C2 1,909 runs
1,000 runs
John Rose C2 1,000 runs Vs Hornsby @ Foxglove Oval North 28/9


Asees Rajput C2 1,000 runs Vs ARL @ Greenup Park 26/10


Raghu Chary B2 1,000 runs Vs Castle Hill Green @ Caddies Creek 2/11
Brent Van Wck C2 1,000 runs Vs Castle Hill @ Dural Park 9/11/2019


Michael Robertson A2 1,000 runs Vs Berowra @ Greenway 2, 1/2/2020
Ashane de Silva A1 1,000 runs Vs Glenorie @ Kenthurst Park 1/2/2020
Zac Morris B1 1,000 runs Vs Kenthurst Upper Hills @ Dural Park 15/2
Ben Meikle A2 969 runs
Alex Chidgey C2 977 runs
Tis Mistry A1 919 runs
Steve Burrows C3 950 runs
Tim Worthington   930 runs
300 wickets
Rowan Keating A2 287 wickets
200 wickets
Chris Williamson B1 200 wickets Vs Castle Hill @ Dural Park 16/11/2019


100 wickets
Andy Meikle A2 100 wickets Vs Hornsby @ Greenway Park 28/9/2019


Amit Sen C2 78 wickets Vs Berowra @ Old Dairy, Brooklyn 30/11


Dan Costigan A1 95 wickets
50 wickets
Roshan Withanage D1 50 wickets Vs Kissing Point (T20 Semi) @ Greenway Park 17/11/2019
David Larkham D1 50 wickets Vs Glenorie @ Les Shore 1 (T20 GF) 8/12/2019
Brent Larkham A2 50 wickets Vs Castle Hill Green @ Dural Park 1/2/2020
Jackson Preedy A1 49 wickets
Paul Vink C3 46 wickets