Round 3 – 13 November 2021

A1 Grade (Wurthy)

WPHC (Wurthy) 4/165 defeated Hornsby 8/164

It’s a park. It’s on land. It’s Parklands. Despite one particular member of the team believing we were no chance of getting on, we arrived to a very dry, very green oval, greeted by the welcoming smiles of Simon Moore and Bruce Wood.

And didn’t they radiant a sense of belongingness, a sense of home, a sense of the Greenway Skate Park. The skate shoe fashion will no doubt elevate the dress standards of all umpires moving forward.

The selectors wielding the axe this week. Richards, Gaunt, Gunn and veteran #300 J McBrien were all recalled. L McBrien, Preedy, Clarence were all either dropped or excused to go on holidays or race motorcars.

We all arrived on a scattered timeline sometime before the commencement of play. Many joined in the warmup, belting tennis balls at each other trying to hold catches. Gunn and Gaunt were standouts. Tiz dropped everything. Meanwhile Phil won the toss, we were bowling.

In the change-rooms, the team had James Brown pumping. We were about to GET ON UP. BCG pondered whether the A Grade team of the 1970s listened to the same type of music as the 2021 side – given our entire playlist is Motown from the 60s/70s. Krang asked whether they would have had a good looking Sri Lankan opening batsman bring a speaker each week to play said music. BCG noted that this was probably against the policy at the time. One for the history books, I know I’ll be deep in the wphccccccc wisden this week to find out.

Now to the cricket we go, this glorious madness.

Tiz and Krang opened us up and bowled well despite some great batting from the Hornets. Krang was especially unlucky with many chances going just wide of the fielders. His luck was due to turn, when a ball was skied high, high in the air. Assman, the aforementioned plucky little Sri Lankan opening batsmen perched himself underneath it. The ball whistled in the wind and suddenly, according to Ass, disappeared. It fell through his hands to the ground. He blamed the sun but I was overcast. Low on confidence after an Audi of ducks (4 in a row), he remarked to Phil “I’ve hit rock bottom”.

Down the other end, Tiz picked up a well-deserved wicket, the first of the day, with the ball cannoning into Effie’s chest. THUD. Effie held the chest mark. Coach will rub the bruise this week.

Lichaa came on and took a wicket first ball, the man in which Krang should have had about 6 times. J Mac snapped up a sharp chance showing he has not lost his brilliance in the field. Then Hornsby knuckled down and batted well, they consolidated and ticked the scoreboard over handily.

Lichaa didn’t like that, he uncharacteristically told the Hornsby batsmen when he really thought of their techniques and set a field that would trap them into giving away a careless wicket. The batsmen responded though, much to amusement of both teams, and even Lichaaa who uncharacteristically cracked a smile and a nod of respect. He will keep his mouth shut from now on.

While the runs were coming, so was the pain of having to collect the ball as it rolled under the boundary fence at Parklands. BCG suggested that we needed L Mac to go around and sit on every pole to lower the fences. Drinks came, and they were 2/77.

You all laughed at my story from Assman before but his day was about to get a whole lot better.

Bowling his leggies straight after the drinks break, he was able to bamboozle the batsmen into skying yet another chance. This one hung in the air for a long time, the man chasing it was Wu. As it dropped, Wu was still a mile off the drop point, he sprinted, dived one handed and somehow plucked it from the peak of the blades of grass. It was an all-time classic catch and he knew it. He knew how good it was. We all did. Not bad for an old man.

Wickets steadily began to fall but Hornsby just wouldn’t roll over. They were batting well. The cartel really had to work for their chances and to keep the run rate down. Krang came back on and had one hit hard to deep backward square, in the air. Gunny was on the boundary and went in one handed to take a tough chance, but it was to be. Wu, standard close by, remarked “do I to do everything myself?”

Gandis, Lichaaa and Krang worked hard to finish the innings off, backed up with some really great fielding from the likes of Effie, Gunny, Jamakin et al. Hornsby finished 165, 3 wickets to Gandis, Lichaaa, 1 each to Tiz and Ass. Our turn to bat.

Now you all laughed at Assman hitting rock bottom before but his day was about to get a whole lot better. Stating the barrel of 5 – count them 5 – ducks, he strode to the crease shoulders slumped with not a fibre of confidence.

Just to side-track here quickly. Assman had asked Captain Wu to be dropped down the order this week. He couldn’t keep getting ducks. Wu told him firmly – and directly – that it was on him to get himself out of the slump, he would continue to open. Assman had no other option but to face his fears.

Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. GOOSE. Well Ass was the golden goose today. The subcontinent maestro was back for all to see. His first runs in about 18 months were greeted with incredible applause. Hornsby looking at us thinking wtf are they clapping for, they are 0/4? He looked like the old Ass, your Ass, my Ass – sweeps across the line, lovely cut shots to the rope, lofted shots down the ground. It was wonderful.

Effie opened with Ass and the resurgence continued. He was cool, calm, aggressive but strong in his run scoring. He gave it to the Hornsby players too, pointing with his bat on where to collect the ball from the rope. It was great to watch these two go at 0/50 off 10 overs was the perfect start to the chase.

The Ass of old was back and didn’t he show it, confusion in running between wickets led to Effie being sent back, slipping on a banana peel mid pitch and failing to regain his ground. 1 became 2 when Gunny was gone for a duck. Then Ass went quickly after. 3 gone. Was this the start of a major collapse?

Well surprisingly no, James “saggy aggets” Makin took control of the game and played a brilliant innings. He knocked the ball around, easy 1s and 2s coupled with some lovely boundaries square and straight of the wicket. It was an innings of leadership and experience – a pleasure to watch. He finished 54 not out and along with some lovely middle innings batting with BCG, guided us to a great victory. A little side note for the punters out there. While batting, talk amongst the boys was about his personalised number plates which include the digits “44” – Ass legitimately asked if Jamkin was born in 1944. Yes he was.

See you next week for more thrills and spills.


WPHC (Andrew) 9/148 defeated Hornsby 97

The boys made the 20 min drive up North to meet Hornsby, where the new climate brought about a strong cross field breeze and in typical park cricket fashion a 10-man team. With the sparky KT coming an hour late we luckily won the toss and went into bat, happily avoiding having to harass a junior into running fine leg to fine leg.

The opening pair of Andrew “Old man” Morris and Steve “Wade” Rochow got us off to great start with an opening partnership of 48. The captain had a typical innings these days, a couple of good shots, looks like he might cash in, gets out, comes to the pavilion, sits down, then complains about his hammies and what other body parts are failing to operate. We got to drinks for 2-77 and were in great shape for a strong finish.

For the first time in a long time, I felt confident we might actually bat through comfortably.

Boy was I wrong.

Nikhil “took a catch” Ninan, Chris “took a catch” Blinman, Tanay “took a wicket” Hira and Rohit “did not take a catch” Ninan, all got out for ducks (I wonder who had to pick up the cones). The only thing more painful than watching this would have been having to draw four ducks in that tiny box in the scorebook.

Ro was just trying to be a good brother and ensure the little brother wasn’t alone. I have no idea what Blinman and Tanay were doing.

In came Rowan “late cut” Keating who alongside Rochow steadied the ship with a 50 odd run partnership that helped bring us closer to a defendable score. The only negative to Keats scoring 31 is that there is no way he will let anyone forget it.

After scoring a solid 18 that got us into drinks Campbell “winx” Wallace was back at the pavilion watching the races. Now I am all for some degenerate betting, however he had Jack “the taller one” Hando distracted who left at the start of the race and was back to catch the finish. Bringing the WPHCCC A2’s team to 5 ducks. We got the Olympic rings well done fellas!

We ended the innings 9/148 with Rochow fitting well in A2’s carrying the bat and scoring 66*. The only trouble he faced was having to deal with Ro’s best effort in running him out.

Going in to field, we all knew what we had to do, get the openers and that’s 75% of the job done. The cold weather had Tanay Hira’s skeleton shivering who used his staff discount to pick up a brand-new grey cardigan.

Unfortunately for him the staff discount only works on the women’s section.

After copping it from the boys and turning a few heads from the opposition, Tanay ran back off to throw the Supre cardigan away (hopefully in the bin).

Jack “Starc” Hando was on and finished 75% of the work dismissing the Opener for 30 and rolling through the top 4. I tell you what, there is nothing better than seeing a big left arm quick running in and hooping the ball back onto the stumps. One ball was hooping back into middle nipped off the seam and took out the off stump, I could write a book about that delivery. JH went through his 7 overs finishing with 4/26 and getting us off to the start we all needed.

There was no reprieve for the batsman with Matty “the great A2 author” P charging in and grabbing an edge, taking Hornsby to drinks 5/69.

With the openers gone we felt on top and the boys kept the intensity on in the field. With Tanay bowling tighter than his cardigan and Matty P cleaning up the tail we rolled Hornsby for 97 with Matty finishing with 4/12 and Keats and Tanay getting one each.

It was a clinical effort by the boys in the field today and to score 147 with the Olympic rings was a testament to our batting depth. 2 wins in the last 2 weeks let’s keep it going lads!


WPHC Red (Phill) 7/144 lost to Castle Hill 1/145

Captain Hando after a fighting effort all week must be commended for getting a team of 10 up this week as he was faced with the dilemma of 4 of our young stars out of action.

Really not sure how Phil still managed that smile despite the odds.

We batted first.

Our openers Willie and Zac gave us a solid start and were doing well when Zac was unfortunately run out. We lost 4 quick wickets including our Gun Rags Chary after an entertaining 4 to start his innings.

A dashing Alec then joins Dinesh at 4/24 at the 14th over and played a magnificent innings and together they built a 115 run partnership. Alec with 44 and Dinesh 60. We ended up with a decent 144 thanks to a cameo from Warren in the last 10 balls.

Our bowlers Sam Hando and Big Stevie started strong and were well supported by Alec, Warren, Rags and Naren but had their work cut out with just 10 fielders and a fast out field. While The Castle Hill batters got our score with 9 wickets to spare it was an excellent day out despite our limited resources.

WPHC Blue (Rick) 87 lost to Berowra 7/163

We rocked up to a decent looking Warrina St Oval. It was in good nick despite the midweek rain.

Flair won the toss and elected to bowl. Ivan Starr and Spidey Carlin opened up and got us off to a good start. Berowra 2/21 early on. Berowra fought back and got a bit of a partnership going. A change of bowlers and the Mexicans did the damage. The No. 3 caught Pedro Lath bowled Sanchez Datar. Suddenly it was Tequila’s all round.

Pedro followed up nicking the next batsmen off and Birdcage chimed in with a pole of his own. Berowra 5/69 at drinks. Things were slow after the break. Berowra chipping away with runs and we couldn’t jag a wicket. Then Berowra got a lift when Boo Boo Khamis made a boo boo and kicked a ball that had stopped 5m short of the boundary into the fence for an unlikely Berowra boundary. The Mexicans weren’t happy – WTF they cried in heavy accents.

With this change in momentum Berowra wrestled another 40 odd off the last 5 overs and finished at 7/163. Best of our bowling Ivan Starr 2/20, Birdcage 2/34, Spidey 1/40, Sanchez Datar 1/14 and Pedro Lath 1/26.

Our turn to bat.

Volc and Birdcage opened again. A solid if a somewhat slowish start. Birdcage was the first to depart 1/28 off 9. Then we had a horror run of poor shots. Brent slashed one to gully, Manas kicked a straight one, Boo Boo scooped one to mid-wicket and Flair chipped one to cover. 5/41 and in some trouble. Some rear-guard action from Ivan Starr and The Better Gunn Gunny before a dismal end. All out 87. What a shocker. Best of our batting Volc 27, The Better Gunn Gunny 18, Birdcage 11 and Ivan 11.

Our batting was very ordinary today. We need to write that one off as a poor performance and look forward to next week.


WPHC (Shomik) 6/144 defeated Sydney Lions 140

Another game, another toss won by Shomik. Sticking to our guns, we decided to have a bowl first.

The opening bowling pair of Mohsin (0/12) and Anush (1/27) again started the innings off well with their consistent line and length, both troubling the batters several times. Shomik (0/12) and Mithun (1/20) again continued to apply the pressure with some solid spells of bowling.

However, the bowlers of the day were Amit (3/25) and Diggers (2/33) with both players creating a lethal leg spin bowling partnership which should trouble most teams during the season.

Another week of improved performances in the field led to Sydney Lions hitting a respectable score of 140.

Our batting innings started off with our opening pair of Ben and Cameron continuing their fine form. Both hitting a good looking pair of ducks.

This however brought in Sagnik who was looking deadly straight from ball 1. A brilliant 80 runs from Sagnik included several Sixers that put the pressure on the opposition bowlers. Once they got Sagnik out the damage was already done.

The innings also included several other important performances with Xander (15) and Mohsin (19) both chipping in some valuable runs.

A very good win today and again a match that hopefully the team will be able to build from.


WPHC Red (Indranil) 96 lost to Mt Colah 2/97

At the 2nd home of cricket Campbell Park, we started with the bat against 1st place Colah. Things didn’t get off to a good start losing the better Bish to an unlucky strangle down leg side on the 2nd ball of the day. Despite the short fast boundaries wickets kept falling steadily, and we were soon 7/48. Adam (22) and Duck (18) pulled it back slightly to get us to 96 all out.

A very below par total to defend.

Manav and Adam chipped in with wickets but the score came comfortably before drinks with few chances presented. Onto to next week where a bounce-back is needed.

WPHC Blue (Buzz) 3/178 defeated St Ives 9/96

We thought it was a great day to go to ‘Dural Beach’ aka Dural Park, but it was Bloody freezing!

At least we got a game, which earlier in the week looked doubtful with the deluges that had prevailed. As those who have played there recently will attest, there must be a denuded beach somewhere in Sydney because there is about 3,000 tonnes of sand on the oval that has somehow found its way Westward.

Thinking we might change it up this week and bowl first, Buzz promptly loss the toss and we were batting.

Despite the loss of an early wicket, Dylan and Hutchy set about doing their best to plunder the bowling adding almost a century partnership before Craig who was plagued with a possible broken toe, decided he’d had enough of this running between wickets malarkey and tried to hit out, falling for an excellent 45.

Dylan continued on his merry way, despite protesting that he wasn’t feeling 100%, he managed to race to his second half century of the season, looking completely in control for his 63.

Sandeep took up where he left off last week, and combined with some sweet six hitting from Sam for this partnership to add about 50 and set an imposing score of 3/178 off our 35.

Sandeep 29* Sam 22*.

Still, you never know what the opposition has in the shed, and it took a brilliant opening spell from our two quicks Paul and Josh to bamboozle the openers with tight stuff and quite frankly, so many balls that were just two good. Their combined opening spell of 11 overs cost a miserly 11 runs, and whilst they didn’t get a wicket, they set up the remainder of the match by upping the required rate to a point that placed great pressure on the batters from there on in.

Tarun joined the attack and struck when Sam took what is the catch of the season so far, and will rate highly throughout the season I’m sure. He dived from his position as ‘keeper to between 1st and 2nd slip to pouch a screamer.

Making his debut for C2, 14yo Ben Burrows took only an over and a bit to grab his breakthrough wicket, another good caught behind from Sam. Tarun grabbed another and with the pressure mounting we executed 3 run outs (could possibly have had 3 more!).

With a couple of big hitters at the crease, we remembered how the game slipped away from us last week, and Connor stepped in to bowl unplayable deliveries and pick up a dangerous batter to put us well in front.

Sandeep shook off the cobwebs and started to find some pace and rhythm to grab a wicket, and then Ben (apparently the ‘Better Burrows’) showing some good pace picked up his 2nd wicket and we closed the match out with St Ives only managing 9/96.

Back to the type of cricket this side is capable of and we rack up another six points.


WPHC (Cameron) 8/128 lost to Hornsby 5/130

We lost the toss today and were sent into bat on a slow scoring Glenhaven oval. Conditions were very windy and the Hornsby Opening bowlers used those conditions to their advantage and were very tight with good solid line and length bowling.

After 10 overs we were 2/15 not because of poor batting but more because of some excellent bowling.

Our middle order lifted with Vedant Vilamari (23) getting the chance to bat with his father Vipin putting on a partnership before Vipin was dismissed attempting a reverse sweep. Great innings by Laksha Rao (22) and Jay Dhilipkumar (24) and John Rose finishing at 14 not out, lifted our team total to 128 at the end of the 35 over.

Onto our bowling & fielding and an excellent opening spell from Amarit Singh bowling a 7 over straight with a fast and tidy display and unlucky not to take a bag full of wickets but finished with 0/15. Amarit was really well supported by Praneel Singh who finished with 1/24 before injuring himself going for a catch at mid off and having to leave the field. It is not often you see 3 slips in position in a one day game but that is exactly what was needed with Praneel bowling excellent swing and was unlucky not to have had more wickets in the slip cordon.

The game finished with Hornsby getting the runs with 3 overs spare and 5 wickets in hand. We were out played today, not scoring enough runs and whilst there was some very good bowling there were some missed opportunities that could have changed the result.

Our experimentation during the first three games in now complete with our focus on making sure everyone “got an opportunity”. We will now change tact and slot players into the playing group into positions that reflect their strengths and the needs of the team.

Expect strong performances going forward and wins will definitely come our way.


WPHC (Rob) 4/180 defeated Mt Colah 9/105

Another Saturday, another game of cricket, spirits were high as the team rocked up to Greenway Park on a drizzly and overcast day.

Without usual captain Rob and his sidekick son Aden, the captaincy reigns was left to the man, the myth, the legend, Roger Friend who immediately channelled Rob’s spirit by losing the toss with Mount Colah sending us in to bat.

The team started strongly before Will fell for 4, Kamran then made the long trek down the new clubhouse stairs and performed strongly with both him and Pravin combining strongly for a partnership of 61 before a mix up in calling left Pravin walking back to the sheds out for 43 in what was a brilliant knock.

Alistair was next and supported Kamran well before falling a couple overs after drinks for a score of 6. Daniel came in next and combined with Kamran for a handy little partnership together before Kamran was bowled for 29. A good innings in his first game of the season. Luke was next to make the trip out to the middle and he and Daniel provided some fireworks combining for 81 runs in the last 10 overs including a huge seventeen runs in the penultimate over.

Another ten off the last over meant the team finished up on 4-180 off the 35 overs a great team score and each batsman was happy with their returns except for Will and Alistair who were left to rue the missed chance.

Out we went to the field on a cold, windy Greenway pitch, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the middle of July with the conditions present. Nonetheless, Reyhan and Luke opened the bowling strongly with just six runs and one wicket over the first six overs. The second wicket soon followed with both Ahmeds (Reyhan and Zia) combining for Rey’s first wicket of the season.

A wicketless period then ensued with the remaining opener and their no.4 sticking around to drinks before Zia “Z Money” broke the deadlock bowling their opener. Soon after, the wickets tumbled with Zia taking 2, Rommel taking 2 and captain courageous Roger taking 1. However, Mount Colah managed to bat out the 35 overs finishing up on 9-105.

Another win for the team, going 3/3 from the new season and continuing our stellar 2021 which has seen us win every match we’ve played. A great win and a great team let’s go again next week boys!


WPHC Red (Diggers) 9/128 lost to Castle Hill 6/181

Packed lunch again for our road trip to our “home” game for the 2nd week in a row at Northolm Grammar and after a couple of strong wins we were hopeful of continuing our charge.

Things looked promising when Ian lost his third toss in a row, taking any sort of decision making out of our hands.

So we were made to bowl first and after Disco (2/33) picked up an early wicket, things were looking up. Connor again bowled without luck before Lachie (1/32) and Siby(2/46) picked up some wickets and we had Castle Hill 4/76 at the drinks break.

Unfortunately we conceded a few too many runs in the following 17 overs and Castle Hill finished their innings at 6/181.

The highlight of our bowling was probably Club legend, Ross Anderson (1/11) taking his first wicket this century. I’m sure the statisticians will be racing for the records to find the longest period between wickets. 21+ years has to be up there.

Given that we made 228 on the same track last Saturday, we were confident of getting the required runs. We had a few good starts but were really just behind the chase all the way through. Best of the batting was a nice innings from Manoj (36), Ramil (21) and a really good 22 in his first at-bat by Grant Gerber who was certainly the better Gerber this week, again…..although Zac did take a catch this week, only just. How good are Dads?

Anyway, we ended up falling short by 53 runs, finishing on 9/128 but we will move on.

Looking forward to the first of the D1 Sheep Stations Cup clashes next week and continuing our domination of the Blue team.

WPHC Blue (Ross S) 8/166 lost to St Ives 6/175

We arrived to a windy Bannockburn Oval. The ground in superb condition, recently mown and looking forward to a great afternoon of cricket…..only issue was that the pitch was under water and the associated run up at one end looking more like Sydney harbour.

No chance of playing…however it helps when you are playing against one of the HKHDCA senior committee members, who was quick to relocate us a short distance away at Karuah park….We managed to get a full game in with only a 10 min delay ….

We won our second toss of the season and decided to bat first for a change after chasing successfully for the first 2 games. We changed our batting order again to ensure everyone gets a chance to bat, but at 3/10 after the first 6 over, our batting woes continued.

Gihan and Chetan then batted us back into the game, putting on 56 of the next 6 overs with some sensible hitting, however just before drinks we lost 3 quick wickets including Chetan for 27…At drinks we were 6/87 off 18 and in a precarious position. Gihan and Ross then steadied the ship putting on 40, before Ross departed for 12, followed by Gihan, a great innings of 64.

Happy 18* and Mahesh 10* managed to get us to a final score of 166….again it was pleasing that our 7th,8th and 9th wickets have been able to get us back into each of our games. Putting on 80 runs today. At Karuah park our score appeared to be a sub par though,but we went out to field with the right intent.

St Ives got off to a flyer ….unfortunately we can’t get any consistency with our new ball bowling and our ground fielding was not so good. St Ives lost their first wicket at 98 of just 15 overs……a good catch by Muthindra off Bala…..just before the drinks break Gihan took a screamer at mid-off dismissing the other opener, again off Bala. St Ives 2/104 at drinks….

After the drinks break we did tighten things up a little with some tight bowling and a few wickets. Chetan took a couple of screamers including a 1 handler in the gully, and a catch to Vikas, However our ground fielding was inconsistent, a couple of missed run out chances, lack of backing up the throw and times of limited intent in the field saw St Ives pass our score with 3 overs remaining and 6 wickets down. Wickets to Muthindra 2/36, Bala 2/14, Gihan 1/20 and Happy 1/26.

Our first loss of the season. However with many new team mates, it’s really important to try out combinations and give as many opportunities as possible. Today was a good learning experience which can only make us stronger.


WPHC (Nirav) 85 lost to Beecroft 7/89

With all the rain over the last few days, Holland Reserve was even slower than usual and Amith gladly came with his blower to get rid of all the sand on the pitch.

Beecroft won the toss and put us in to bat on a windy day and the ball started moving around immediately. What followed was a trail of destruction and at one point we were 6-22 having lost most of our batsmen against cheap shots. Amith then took charge of one end and ended up with a helpful partnership with Chintan (25) and himself finished at 22 and along with the tail, took us to somewhat acceptable total of 85 runs (yes we ended up about 15 runs short).

We knew we were not defending a good enough total and our opening bowlers were on point. Mridul was brilliant on both his spells and finished at 1-8 off his 7 overs. Chintan bowled equally well from the other end and picked up a wicket. Amith opened his account with 2 wickets and Nirav also picked up a couple. We did leak a few runs towards the end of the innings and Beecroft got there with 8 balls to spare.

Always disappointing to lose a game but the team is getting stronger after each round. This is still very early days in the season so we look forward to coming back strong in the next rounds.