Round 15 – 19 February 2022

Points table

(Round 14)

A1 – 2nd (59 points)

A2 – 1st (67 points)

B1 – 5th (41 points)

B2 Blue – 5th (45 points)

B2 Red – 7th (31 points)

C2 Blue – =3rd (51 points)

C2 Red – =8th (36 points) & 9th on quotient

C3 Blue – =2nd (51 points) & 2nd on quotient

C3 Red– 5th (46 points)

D1 Red – 2nd (56 points)

D1 Blue – 3rd (55 points)

D2 – 2nd (61 points)

Match Reports

A1 Grade

WPHC (Wurthy) 9/137 defeated ARL 54

Welcome to our readers from Australia and right around the world. Let me stop right there as you gasp in disbelief… YES we actually were able to play today. New covers purchased by the HKHDCA were able to defeat the 3mm of overnight rain, a foe which had a complete KO record against us for the season thus far. A big thank you to President Miedler and his cabinet for passing the legislation to make this a reality. We look forward to being rained out at Turramurra next week, next week.

Anyway back to this match and we entered with three critical omissions, the leading wicket takers for the season Tiz and Gandis were both omitted from the side. Tiz was definitely out but questions were raised when umpire Peter Lees walked up to Ashane and said “hey Tiz”.

Effie was medically ruled out as he caught Covid from Uncle Volc. Despite many from the lower grades desperately wanting a chance to don the A Grade cap, Captain Wu decided to reward long-time supporter Jed Corbett with selection into the side. Jed hadn’t played cricket in 12 years, great preparation as he came into the side fresh off a long spell. Some of you would think this selection would be a mistake, I would ask you now to please stop being so negative.

To the cricket we go, this glorious madness. Wu lost the toss and Locassano sent us into bat. Preedy skulled a beer – this is not a joke, he consumed a full can before STRIDING to the crease – and opened with Michael “Mao” Gunn. It wasn’t long before Gunn was sent packing, he really didn’t fire a shot today. He trudged off the ground, removed his pads and was able to greet Papa Gunn who had just arrived to watch his son. Papa Gunn did not hang around to watch Mao field.

This brought Sav to the newly promoted and coveted no 3 position. He began to go to his work like normal and we were strapping ourselves for what would be another wonderful innings. But panic descended on Berowra Oval when Sav, out of seemingly nowhere, was caught behind for 9. Rome was burning. Like an Indian crowd at Mumbai when Sachin was dismissed, WPHCCCC sat in deafening silence as Sav left the arena. No one said a word.

Jamakin was in at 4 and joined Preedy who was actually looking pretty good as he made his way to double digits for the first time this season. He was 11 when he holed out to cover, another good looking start amounting to nothing. There is a big score coming soon for horseface.

Billy came to the crease, back in the side after his gallivanting adventure in the lower grades. This is the time where ARL changed bowlers and were able to get away with 4 massive no balls, reminiscint of Mohammed Amir for Pakistan. It wasn’t until the McBrien’s, white with fury in their eyes, screamed out to umpire Lees to take note that this was brought to a halt. Police later arrived at the ground to investigate the incident, no charges have been laid as yet. During this mess, Jamakin was given out LBW – but not by Umpire Fletcher. Wu had offered me $1.04 that Jamakin would be fired by Fletch, I thought that was gross overs.

Assman came in to join Billy and it was a squeaky clean Ass this week, he did NOT go out on Friday night. Determined to change the perception of the Lankans after their DRUBBING in the T20 series, Ass began to build his innings nicely. It all came to a halt when he was bowled first ball after drinks. WPHCCCCC were in a little bit of trouble at 5/60.

And three balls later, it was 6/60. Wu was out LBW for a duck playing across the line and his batting woes down the order continued. Yes I have read your texts and emails, he is clearly in a drought. But just like Sydney every Friday, the rain is COMING for Wu.

In came Lichaaa at 8, joining Billy and the pair began to rebuild and turn over the strike. Lichaaa hit Denver Colorado Rego so far into the trees for 6 it caused a momentarily halt in play. He was then subsequently dropped twice on the boundary and had a missed stumping, all off John Denver. Sav on the sidelines called the batting “stupid”. Lichaa knew it in his head, but a little voice was telling him to keep taking on those 4 fielders on the leg side boundary.

The scoreboard kept ticking over and Billy was playing some glorious shots, his time building confidence in the lower grades clearly paying off. All until he was dismissed in lower grades fashion, by a lower grades bowler, caught be a lower grades fielder. Spooned straight to cover and he was gone for 35.

In came L Mac and just like on the golf course, Lichaaa and L Mac were in this to win. Team Els was able to let rip. That was until L Mac hit a full blooded pull shot right out of the middle straight to deep square leg. 8/100 and still well short.

Krang promoted to 10 joined Lichaaaa but this dream pairing only last two balls. Locisaano taking an Adam Gilchrist like diving catch to his right, one handed. Krang gone for a duck 9/100

Lichaaaa looked up at the balcony expecting a declaration but Captain Wu rolled the dice and decided to send in Jed at 11. He walked out head down like he was in a funeral, nerves clearly getting to him. We still had 8 overs to go in the innings so a lot of opportunity for ARL to snare the last wicket. Jed wasn’t going down without a fight though

Lichaaa and Jed turned into Gillespie and McGrath and put on 50 odd for the final stand. Jed finishing with a gusty 5 not out, Lichaaa 45 not out. The two had given WPHCCCCC a defendable score of 9/137 off their allotted 40 overs. Jed left the arena to standing applause and showed every one of you readers that doubted him, that he was destined for A Grade success

We are probably 2000 words in and only at half way because here we go for the bowling. Don’t you dare scroll through this quickly. There are some real pearlers

Lichaaa and Krang opened us up and were just on fire from the get go. When both concluded their spells, ARL were 12 overs in 4/15, both cartel members with two a-piece. A real highlight of the first session was the fielding from star inclusion, Jed Corbett. A little Jonty Rhodes that made square leg his own, he was saving runs and throwing down the stumps.

Wu and Sav came on next and they continued to apply the pressure, both picking up wickets. Wu was able to pick up a second when an ARL batsman hit a cut shot in the air to backward point. Out of nowhere, Krang leapt hard to his left and plucked the ball out of the sky with a one handed piece of brilliance, not seen since the catch of Dwayne Leverock for Bermuda when he caught Sehwag at first slip. It was a great catch.

Debate raged subsequently on who the best fielders in the side were. Krang was visibily disappointed when Mao said that he wasn’t in his top 3, not even in his top 7. I don’t know, I think Krang is up there. He’s no Jed Corbett but he’s ok

Meanwhile speaking of Jed Corbett, guess who was thrown the ball after 2 wickets to Sav in a super spell of bowing. That’s right, Jed Corbett. He came off the 22 paces and was able to really get the ball to sing. 1 over 0/1. He really could do no wrong. We were all just so happy.

ARL were 8 down but they weren’t done fighting yet. A full blown pull shot by Ragell was striped to Mao at square leg. Having about 1 second of reaction time, Mao pushed his legs together, did a little squat motion and shielded the ball off his right shin, the sound like a ball hitting a tin shed ricocheted off his shin and cannoned towards the boundary. Mao had to chase it with the noise of laughter from everyone in the team behind him, including Preedy who was literally on the ground in tears. We were all so happy.

L Mac cleaned up the tail with a couple of wickets, a catch to Lichaaa and a stumping for Billy. ARL all out for 54, a clinical bowling display.

A great win, a great day and a great debut from Jed Corbett. It’s going to be hard to drop him next week after such a stellar performance. Truly a dream debut.

You may now keep scrolling – And remember, I’m Lichaaaa… and this is my world

We are in 2nd place and the last game of the season is:

  • Round 16 Vs Kissing Point (5th)


WPHC (Andrew) 7/71 lost to Hornsby 7/127

Countless trips were made on Thurs, Friday and Saturday morning to do and undo covers so Hornsby could have an opportunity to play a game of cricket.

The “Spirit of Cricket” is fostered by the values that you (as a volunteer administrator, coach, teacher, parent, or player) bring to your team, club, and the game itself.

On losing the toss, we were surprised to see Hornsby decide to bat on a wicket that could be best described as Rolled Mud.

Jack the ripper and Keats I’ve never dropped 3 catches before in my 500 games in A2 opened up the bowling with the plan to go hard early in the 1st 10 and knock over the leading bat. Keats had him first ball, until he had to catch the ball himself. It was a difficult skier.

Jack cleaned him up next over with a peach and followed up with a 2nd and tidy 2/17 off 6. Keats dropped another C&B and finished wicket less.

Alec the B2 lion was hailed as our A2 spinner and bowled some great balls and a long hop that Keats dropped. KT scored a wicket with a Glade pop up that was caught by Nikhil under the lid

At drinks Hornsby were 3/40 with us providing attacking fields.

With the Minor premiership already wrapped up, the search for a true spinner came to an end.

The Willy off-spin of Andrew (half centurion ) Morris, bowling with the (same field as Alec) please. Dot ball full toss , next one slog to cow corner for two, too much flight. The next ball turned, gripped, found the back of the bat and Alec at slip running behind the keeper dropped it.

Not a good option Alec if you want more games in A2. The next ball was skied to cow corner and KT (can’t catch, I won’t bowl outside off) only had to move an inch and dropped a sitter.

Clearly the team has no respect for their captain or his bowling which Gunny, BCG and Birdcage says is highly under-rated.

The skippers next over was magic. The Hornsby bat dragged one onto the stumps. He will be receiving a copy of › Hittin…Hitting Against the Spin: How Cricket Really Works –

You don’t try to cut an off spinner on a soft Glade champ. Another easy wicket followed as a smart low full toss was hit straight to mid off. The skipper thought it best to allow Hornsby a chance at a competitive target and keep his best spinner honours, so pulled himself out of the attack. We rotated the batsmen aka bowlers ( Nikhil half pace/ half spin ) and (Rohit Max Walker bowling Leg spin) and Chris struggling to get to crease Blinman) at the bottom end and our only risk was a lost ball. We lost a ball

Tanay (no wickets ) but 2 dropped catches wanted some overs, he went for a few but bowled some fierce bouncers. Hornsby finished at 7/127. Work to do on our catching. How do we drop 9 chances with Rohit not being on the list. For the record Rohit is 0 for the season and we gave odds of 20/1 for a caught and bowled.

Off and batting.

Steve, protect your wicket and bat out time, went out and decide to hit everything in the air. Should have been caught out multiple times, but It was Chris that fell first with a blinder taken at 3rd slip. He says he was playing a forward defence, but everyone else could see he was trying to play through a 3rd slip Gully gap that was tighter than Rosco’s Wallet.

Steve and I’ve ran out the skipper with 3 to win last game Nikhil tried there best to run each other out. They lasted to 16ov drinks with 47 on the board.

After drinks Steve butchered Nikhil. It was a great direct hit, but don’t hit and run to their best fielder. Tanay ran himself out, not making the most of his promotion and not listening to the skipper “what are you going to say for a quick single. He said “NO!”, but forgot as soon as he put his helmet on.

We then lost 4 quick ones including KT that left a straight one. KT was apparently in two minds. Hit a lofted drive and get out or find a better way out. Jack providing slips practice trying to punch a spinner, Michael the better Blinman was waiting for Rohit to call again after a “wait” call. That that doesn’t occur with Rohit and Michael was caught short of his crease ball watching as Gully pinged the stump.

I interrupt this report to put my pads on as we are now 7 down for not many.

<report continued >

End of game

We lost 7/71 as we batted out the game.

Cricket the winner with both teams having a crack and sharing in the spoils.

Still Minor Premiers, although Berowra have appealed on the basis that they still remain 3rd and that washed out games should be replayed mid-week or awarded based on percentages to Berowra.

We are in 1st place and the last game of the season is:

  • Round 16 Vs Berowra (3rd)



WPHC (Rick) 8/117 lost to St Ives 3/180

The drama started early in the week when there were rumours that Flair would not be taking his place in this week’s team. When Flair questioned the B1 selection committee – was it due to fitness or form? – he was stonewalled with silence form the selection committee. Cage ‘I’m going to do you’ Birdcage as the players representative stepped forward to address the situation. “That is a matter for the B1 selection committee. The selection process has not yet been concluded” he said.

By Thursday the committee had made their call and Flair was selected but was relieved of the duties as Captain of the side. Once again Cage ‘I’ve done you’ Birdcage as players representative stepped forward. “There has been much speculation and rumour around Flair’s selection and his position as the teams leader. Speaking earlier this week about a decision, which had not been made put everybody in a difficult position. In terms of leadership style and what we want this week for the B1 team is a slightly different style. ‘Bobby K Knaps’ Knapman is the man and will lead the team this week.” he said. “I don’t think Flair should be surprised though”. There was a sense of Groundhog Day.

In addition, Volc ‘Im still waiting for her phone call’ Volc was struck down with Rona and was a late withdrawal. Anyway, we move onto today’s cricket.

The skipper elect Bobby K “Marathon Man’ Knaps Knapman took the toss, lost, and St Ives had no hesitation in batting first at the home of cricket Greenway Park. ‘Ivan’Starr and ‘Spidey’ Carlin were given the new cherry and started well. Didn’t grab a pole but runs were at a premium as the fielding was good. New skipper Knaps ‘I ran nine doubles today’ Knaps rang the changes and introduced ‘Pedro’ Lath and ‘LooseBusChange’ Manas. Pedro wasted no time in removing the St Ives skipper snapped up by Knaps ‘Im an Ultramarathon Man’ Knaps who dived full length to his right Jonty Rhodes style and took a fine catch. This set St Ives back and they limped into the drinks break at 1/62.

After drinks Mayo Larkham slipped on a BBQ shape that was left dangerously on the ground and had to go off with a sore knee. After making a phone call for assistance he retired from the game with a set of badly bruised testicles (also known as busted balls) and went home. Apparently, he is moving next weekend. Once upon a time Saturdays was for cricket.

Knaps “Cliff Young has got nothing” Knaps and Birdcage toiled away after drinks with Knaps removing the other opener with a well flighted rock that deceived everybody except for Gunny ‘Gloves of steel’ Gunny who whipped the bails off with the opener out of his ground. From here we struggled to execute, and St Ives got away from up. Spidey picked up a late pole, but St Ives had ground their way to 180. Best of our bowling Spidey 1/38, Pedro Lath 1/27 and Ultra Marathon Man Knaps 1/27.

Knaps immediately asserted his newly found authority and Alpha’d Flair – “You’re batting at 11”. Flair responded, “But Mayo has gone home”. “OK 10 then” Knapper snorted. Birdcage and Ivan were promoted to open the innings.

They started in fine style hitting some crisp shots including some of the best pull shots you’ll ever see from Birdcage. Full of adrenaline and with a new found shot in his toolkit Birdcage decided every delivery needed a pull shot so he tried to pull a half volley and was cleaned up middle peg 1/26. Pedro joined Ivan and the runs kept ticking. Ivan BBQ’d himself with a risky run and didn’t make it. Pedro holed out just on drinks and we were 3/70 and right in the game.

From here it was all downhill. Gunny, Boo Boo, Hutcho Hutcho Man all came and went in quick succession while Manas kept scoring freely at the other end. He needed a partner to rotate the strike for him. Out strode Spidey Carlin full of confidence. After facing 1 rock he made his way back to the pavilion for a first ball, golden globe.

The skipper joined Manas and they rotated the strike before Manas went for a big shot and had his castle disturbed. Flair joined the skipper for the last 10 balls of the innings. Best of our batting Manas 41, Pedro 26, Birdcage 15, Ivan 12 and Marathon Man Knapman 4*.

A disappointing finish as we were right in the game at drinks. Bring on next week.

We are in 5th place and the last game of the season is:

  • Round 16 Vs Normanhurst-Warrawee (4th)


WPHC Red (Phill) 7/96 lost to ARL 4/122

The Reds went out to bowl under cloudy and wet conditions. Due to a wet pitch, both sides agreed to bowl from one end.

The opening spells of Steve, Sam and Dan were excellent, Sam and Dan with pace and swing, Steve with accuracy. However there was no breakthrough of wickets until Reuben took three around the 20th over, the last two balls setting up for a team hat-trick by Sam.

Warren also bowled well to contain the flowing runs of the batting side. They closed the innings with about 121 runs.

We came out to bat with intent, putting on 33 runs in the first 8 overs. We lost an early wicket but was then followed by an excellent partnership by Zack and Dinesh. Zach was the standout batsmen hitting the boundaries in style. Dinesh unloaded with a flurry of sixes, putting the young opposition bowlers back in their place.

Unfortunately the partnership fell, both getting out in quick succession. The Schwartzel twins batted together leaving the scorers confused. Raph cleared up any confusion by shouting “which one are you?” to the batsmen on strike. Eventually but he brothers fell followed by another solid partnership of Reuben and Steve.

They put up a fight to the end, yet in the end of the day, we were still short of runs. Despite the loss, we all had a great time on and off the field, enjoying the last few weeks of cricket.

We are in 7th place and the last game of the season is:

  • Round 16 Vs Berowra (1st)

WPHC Blue (Shomik) 3/85 defeated Sydney Lions 6/84

The scene was set for do-or-die game with overcast skies, winning the toss and putting the opposition in.

We could not have hoped for a better start with Mohsin (4/10) turning the clock back and bowling his impeccable banana outswingers and bowling 7 overs on the trot. All the 4 wickets nicked behind the wicket and the slips and keeper in no mood to let anything slip past.

His partner in crime Anush was the perfect foil, building the pressure from other end with an opening spell of 4 overs for a miserly 3 runs. With the opposition 24/4 at drinks and a partnership building, Amit (1/6) straight away got the set batter out 1st over after resumption. We closed out the innings with Lions restricted to 84/6 in 35 over and some solid and tight bowling from Mithun (7 over 0/14), Shomik (7 overs 1/16). Thanks to our fill in Alex, courtesy Indraneil🙏🏼 & Pranay, bowled 2 tidy overs each and awesome in the field.

The chase began with a solid opening although only 16, but setting the platform for Sagnik (52) & Jai (18) to play their scintillating strokes finish the chase at cruise control in 23 overs, with Karm closing the game with an intimidating pull shot.

Weather permitting, this win sets us up for a virtual QF against Mt Colah.

We are in 5th place and the last game of the season is:

  • Round 16 Vs Mt Colah (4th)


WPHC B2 Blue (Buzz) 0/71 defeated Glenorie 65

Winning the toss we thought we’d have a crack at bowling first for a change and it paid dividends. With the Vink’s off celebrating Michelle’s birthday, Connor stepped up to open the bowling in Paul’s place and in a superb spell grabbed 3/7 off 7 overs. Ably supported by Josh, Riley and Craig who all took wickets, we had them 6/28 after 18.

The next bowlers continued the fall of Opposition wickets with Craig grabbing a second with Tarun and Jack cashing in for one each. The fielding was excellent with some great catches, but the highlight was a spectacular direct hit run out from Sandeep 40 metres away at deep mid-wicket to run out their best bat.

A modest total to chase and Dylan and Connor set about demolishing the Glenorie attack finishing them off in only 9.3 overs. Dylan with a belting 55* with 3 massive sixes, including one to bring up his 50 and close out the match.

A clinical performance which guarantees us a Semi spot, but all still to play for in the jostle for positions in the top four next week as we face 1st place Hornsby in the final round.

We are in 3rd place and the last game of the season is:

  • Round 16 Vs Hornsby Green (4th)

WPHC Red (Indranil) 6/134 lost to Berowra 7/135

“Another game at Campbell and another loss”. The ground hasn’t been a fav of the Reds.

We lost the toss and were sent in. Cam Bish and Amit opened the batting and laid a solid platform for us. We didn’t lose a wicket in the first 10 overs (yay!!!). Unfortunately we lost Cam for a well-made 22. Prashant came in at 4 and whacked an impressive 68 in quick time to help us get 6/134 against some pretty good, tight bowling. Also was just one of those days were the ball seemed to find the fielder a lot.

With 135 for Berowra to chase, one of the juniors Haseeb Rehman went through their top order taking 3 quick wickets. He bowled in great partnership with Manav Dhargalkar to help dry up the runs. But then Berowra decided to actually score some runs and took a liking to some of our bowlers. They put on a partnership that put them as favourites. Haseeb (4/17 off 7), Eric Junkkari (0/18 off 7) and Akith Ekanayake (2/20) pegged it back and made it tough for Berowra.

Needing 11 off the last two overs, they (Berowra) managed to do and win by 3 wickets in the penultimate over. However was a huge effort and fight from everyone to make it into a really close game thanks to some great bowling and some sharp fielding.

With one game left, we’re looking to end the season with a W. And it’s nice to get away from Campbell Park which hasn’t been nice to us. Also it was Shanks’ Captaincy debut.”

We are in 9th place and the last game of the season is:

  • Round 16 Vs Glenorie (8th)


WPHC Blue (Rob) 9/95 lost to Beecroft 6/139

Match report to follow.

 We are in 2nd place and the last game of the season is:

  • Round 16 Vs Castle Hill (3rd)

WPHC Red (Cameron) 112 lost to Castle Hill 7/114

A last ditch effort to make the Semi’s today in a game against Castle (2nd on the ladder) at a beautiful Northholm Grammar Oval. Definitely the best ground we have played on this year.

The toss was won by Castle Hill and they elected to bowl. Exactly what we would have done if we won the toss after morning showers left quite a bit of surface water on the ground and scoring fluently was always going to be difficult. Castle Hill opening bowlers were outstanding with good line and length bowling making it very difficult to score freely early on. Openers Vinod and Cameron started well but were both dismissed inside 10 overs but fought well against a good attack.

An outstanding innings from Connor Hamilton filling in from C2 saw him score 58 and was well supported by Amarit Singh with 18. WPH were bowled out in the 33 over with the total on 112 after losing some late wickets cheaply when we really needed another 20 runs that could have made the difference.

After the break it was our turn to bowl and defend a modest total.

A very impressive opening spell of bowling – probably the best of the season, by Praneel Singh and Amarit Singh kept the pressure on and after 10 overs the opposition were 2/17. Castle Hill’s 2 key batsmen batted well and settled things down with careful shot selection before Vedant Vermani got the breakthrough with a smart catch by wicket keep Jay Suryakumar, sent the opening back to the sheds.

Wickets to John Rose (2), Vipin Virmani (2), Praneel Singh (1), Amarit Singh (1) and Cameron Croucher (1) all bowled well but it was not enough in a close finish with Castle Hill passing our total on the 34th over.

Our season is likely to be over in regards to the Semi’s but I am proud of each player for their commitment and although the result is not what we had hoped for there has been some outstanding contributions from many different players throughout the season.

We are in 5th place and the last game of the season is:

  • Round 16 Vs Kissing Point (6th)


D1 Blue (Ross S) 8/196 defeated Kenthurst 90

With a Semi final spot locked in and 1st place out of reach, the last 2 rounds is all about trying to get into second spot on the table…we played Kenthurst , the team who we had our protest upheld against, after being soundly beaten 2 rounds ago.

Skipper won the toss and decided to bat on a slow looking Fed Cat surface. A change in opening combination, Chetan and Ross took to the crease intent on blunting the two opening Kenthurst bowlers who have been good this year. As expected, runs were very difficult to come by with tight bowling. We lost Ross on at the last ball of the 10th over, just as both bowlers completed their spells 1-14. Chetan followed soon after 2-22 in the 13 over. Job well done from both openers as we saw off Kenthurst best bowlers.

With newer bowlers coming on, Happy and Vikas then accelerated the scoring, taking 54 off the next 4 overs hitting a number of 6’s. Vikas dismissed on the last ball before drinks for 23 – Blues 3-74 after 18 overs. Jags then joined Happy to put on another 30 before Happy left for a well-made 36 including 4 x 6’s. 4-104 off 22. With Ram and Jags at the crease the scoreboard accelerated further with Jags taking 4 x 6’s in one over…eventually dismissed for 46 including 7 x 6’s…Ram continued to plunder the bowlers, having partnerships with Jake and Muthindra, scoring a well made 45 with 4 x  6’s…Bala and Mahesh then finished the innings off getting us to 8/196 at the close. After a slow start, great hitting saw us put on 152 runs off the final 20 overs.

Even though we were on a small ground, we knew that bowling tightly would win us the game, and as it turned out that’s what happened. Ram 0-1 (3), Vikas 1-10 (3), Happy 2-3 (3), Jags 2-1 (4), Bala 1-4 (2), all bowled magical spells. Our fielding was also exceptional over the first 15 overs with direct hit runouts to Ram from third man, and Chetan from mid-wicket, 2 catches to Ross, and catches to Jags and Chetan. At the 15 over mark, Kenthurst 8-23 and in huge trouble.

With an opportunity to try a few things in anticipation of the longer semi-final format, spin was introduced from both ends. With the Kenthurst batsmen riding their luck and a loss in intensity with a number of dropped catches, Kenthurst were able to put together 67 runs off the next 6 overs, with wickets to Mahesh 1-17 and Jake 1-20. If we had held our catches we would have finished much earlier, but Kenthurst finally dismissed in the 25th over for 90…..

Congratulations to Jake. His wicket being a special one for him. Been on 99 wickets since early last season, his first overs this season, and finally his 100th wicket across his seniors career. His first wicket being in C2 at the age of 15 in the 2008/9 season.

Well done team for our strongest win of the season….Next week we play a very strong Castle Hill side who are also in the semis, with second place up for grabs.

We are in 3rd place and the last game of the season is:

  • Round 16 Vs Castle Hill (4th)

WPHC Red (Diggers) 5/107 lost to Kissing Point 7/109

With the two points for the washout last week wrapping up a semi-final spot for us, we headed to Arcadia Oval to play Kissing Point for the second time in 3 weeks, keen to consolidate 2nd spot on the ladder.

The day didn’t get off to a great start with a call from Parin at 12.20 to inform us that he had been in a car accident and that Mukund was with him. They weren’t hurt but, with a fair bit of damage to the car, it was left to Mukund’s dad to come to the rescue and bring the boys out.

Ian lost another toss and we were sent into bat first which was great anyway, given the delay in the boys getting to the ground.

We had an early setback with Lachie getting out cheaply but we made steady progress with Connor holding the innings together with support from Ramil, Fieds and Mukund. Connor was eventually out in the last over for a magnificent 61 and the score on 98. A massive 6 from Zac on the first ball he faced saw us get to 5/107 from our 35 and we thought we were in a reasonable position.

Setting out to defend a modest total, Parin (1/10 off 5) bowled well again and Mukund (0/16) bowled his 7 straight and was unlucky not to get a couple of wickets. Connor (1/9 off 6), backed up his great innings with another terrific spell of line and length bowling and with Disco, Marcus and Zac also picking up wickets, we were well in the game. Especially after Ramil ran out one of KP’s big hitters with a direct hit from midwicket.

Unfortunately KP had another big hitter and we fed him some bowling that was a bit short at times and it was him who got KP to our target with a few overs left and 3 wickets in hand.

A disappointing loss however we can still take a few positives out of the game but needing to get back in winning form next week in a final tune-up before the finals.

We are in 2nd place and the last game of the season is:

  • Round 16 Vs Hornsby (6th)


WPHC (Nirav) 0/123 defeated St Ives 8/119 (adjusted total)

Second last round of the season vs the first placed St Ives was always meant to be a hard ask, till the game ended and with a massive win by 10 wickets. Nirav won the toss and had no hesitation to bowl first following a couple of batting collapses in the last few rounds.

Mridul and Ravi started off well with the ball but the St Ives opener carried on their momentum from the last rounds with a healthy run rate till the 5th over. The first bowling change saw Sahil come in and pick up their opener who scored a 100 in the last round they played on his first ball. We managed to carry a decent strike rate picking up wickets every couple of overs and never really let St Ives build a partnership. This was short lived when their captain arrived and decided to take control of the game with a solid 50 and they finished at 8/131. Two wickets each to Sahil and Ravi and 1 each to Amith, Nirav, Agni and Tej.

We thought it would not be an easy target to chase however, Arun and Ravi never really agreed with that and we carried on a healthy run rate of more than 5 runs per over till an injury scare paused the game momentarily. A St Ives’ player broke his finger attempting to catch a sky high ball off Ravi’s bat and had to be taken to the hospital.

After the injury break, St Ives never really came back into the game having lost the momentum and Arun played the knock of the season so far with his fourth 50 and finishing on an unbeaten 85 (4×4’s and 6×6’s) which also brought in his 1,000 runs playing for WPHCCC. Ravi provided able support at the other end with an unbeaten 30 and we got to the adjusted target of 119 in the 23rd over. Our opening pair is well and truly poised for the last round and on to the semi finals.

While this result ties us on the same points with first placed St Ives at 67, however whether we finish round 15 on the top spot remains to be seen pending the run rate calculations at the back end.

We are in 2nd place and the last game of the season is:

  • Round 16 Vs Kissing Point Red (7th)