Round 1 – 30 October 2021

A1 Grade (Wurthy)

WPHC 7/182 defeated ARL 159

After a long offseason of staying home and listening to award winning, Ray Hadley spin off cricket podcasts, YOUR A1 team returned to competitor cricket at the time honoured, much loved, named after the air freshener Glade.

Early arrivers at the ground were shocked to see a brown pitch. On closer inspection, the Glade of all was apparent, softness in the pitch and some suspicious cracks that I could have put the Julius Marlows in. We all acted like we knew what we were taking about, then commenced the warmup.

Lichaaa started with the racquet and really got the side into action with some wonderful backhands, pelted at high speed at all players. Only star new recruit Sean “saviour” Clarence was able to handle the pressure, earning him racquet rights for a period of time. Poor mention to Preedy who seemed to drop everything.

We welcomed Saviour and Michael “Governance” Gunn to the side through a special intimate ceremony. Both players were congratulated and told their caps would arrive in 6-8wks due to global supply chain issues.

So to the cricket we go, this glorious madness. Someone won the toss and we batted. I don t know who. I only remember Wu working his charm with umpires Sue Gregory and Jason Fletcher. There was lots of giggling. Meanwhile Gunny, who was fashioning brand new socks, stepped in fresh dog poo whilst padding up. You may think that would be a metaphor to his day of cricket ahead. You would be wrong you dim witted fools.

Ass and Preeds opened the batting and both looking solid early. Ass, heavily hungover from partying the night before, was dismissed for his third duck in a row, fired by umpire Gregory who had no Steve quams in her decision. Dog poo Gunny joined Preedy at the crease and they ticked along well until Preedy was dismissed for 9.

Jamakin joined Gunny at the crease and these two WPHCCCCCC stalwarts steered the ship due north. A wonderful partnership with excellent strokemaking, broken only by one Jason Fletcher who made it 2-0 on the scoreboard against Jamakin, firing him LBW. Jamakin took the decision well, calmly walking to the open outdoor change rooms, removing his gear and preparing a cup of tea.

Billy Gaunt joined Gunny at the crease, fresh off telling all teammates that never charges spinners. Billy had 5 mins at the crease, dismissed stumped by Denver Colorado Rego.

Wu was next in, fresh off bagging the weight of one of their bowlers. A short time later, that very bowler had the last jolly laugh, dismissing the skipper with one grand ol heave ho. Wu came off and told us “I know some of you laughed at him but he was actually pretty good”

The choir boys came out, a halo glistened across the ground as our Saviour Sean Clarence rose from the dead to guide us to external life. He looked outstanding for his 36, completely outclassing the ARL puss. I can’t remember how he got out but as one of the loyal disciples, he can do no wrong.

L Mac and Lichaaa came in late for some pinch hitting runs. But the star was Michael pew pew Gunn, who batted throughout the innings for 78 not out. Our second highest score in A grade for the last 5 years.

Other highlights from the batting innings – we stuffed up scorebook multiple times. We miscounted the overs. Misspelt opposition bowlers. And some idiot spelt Gunn with one N “Gun”. Anyone that wants to replace Alex Robertson as our chief scorer please email your CV to Why 1207? Because his birthday is in July. We finished the innings on 182.

Bowling time = cartel time. Tiz opened the innings with his one and only wicket for the season with a lovely edge captured beautifully by Jamakin. ARL consolidated despite great bowling from Krang. Lichaa came on and was smashed to all parts. ARL were confident. They were scoring quickly. All of which came to abrupt end once L Maco was introduced with his right arm chinamen wrist spin. He was able to get the vital breakthrough and we went to drinks evenly poised. 2 for 50 odd.

ARL came out after drinks and continued their positive intent, dispatching us to all parts of the ground. L Maco was able to get the breakthrough again with another wicket but this was only a speed hump for ARL. But L Maco wouldn’t be swayed, a rank half tracker caught on the boundary by Gunny prompted an interesting huddle conversation.

The team loved that L Maco is a better, new improved version of Gav Taylor. Jamakin wanted to be sure. “Show us your ****” The team laughed, remembering the naked Gav episode from the limo last year. Phil took it a step further “oh Jamakin, you even look like a pedo”. Umpires Fletcher and Gregory close by to listen to entire exchange.

ARL just wouldn’t go away and the ball was thrown the Lichaaa. A devastating spell saw 4 wickets fall quickly, including a missed hat trick when umpire Gregory turned down one of the greatest shouts of all time. Only Jackson didn’t agree it was out, he was too busy staring at umpire Gregory. No joke, I caught him about 3-4 times.

Ashane and Krang came on at the end and finished the job, clinical in performance. Lichaaa 4, L Maco3, Krang 1, Ass 1, Tiz 1. It was a great team effort, everyone contributed including Gas who bowled very well despite a few angry snaps when batsman wouldn’t hit his balls down leg side.

Before we go the club, I want to put on record the sincere apology for Lichaaa spraying Gas for mis fielding off his bowling for 5 overthrows. The usual mild manner Lichaa has a momentary loss of calmness, and sincerely apologies to his favourite fielder for any offence caused. An apology will be sent in writing to

Back at the club and Quan told Jamakin he needed a haircut, Willie reminded us how annoying he thinks we are and an Effie lookalike sat close by.

Your resident journalist will be UN next week, so someone else will step up into these big shoes


WPHC 51 lost to Berowra 8/152

New Season,

New Greenway

New Team

New Captain

Same Berowra

We lost wrong grade Gunny to A1’s, who had been complaining all week about the Glade. He is also on the record that double digits was his season goal.

What Gunny found out today is that half of A1’s is B Grade.

Congratulations Gunny on 80* at the Glade.

A fine effort on debut Well Done. A century gone begging. I once scored 80* at the Glade but alas the skipper ( Gunny ) declared just so Ray Khamis could send Snumpty on his way with a moon ball.

Ray hasn’t done much since, but I hear his 11 today was chance less.

We lost the Toss…. Anyone starting to get a picture here?

Too old Morris at 1st slip with the reaction time of a sloth put down an edge of J Hando. After many years of cricket, one might think about giving themselves a few more reaction yards to a quick.

Rohit (Harbour Bridge ) has been working on his fielding over the Covid break, but that wasn’t enough to get out of fine leg duties. Such devotion from the man, to somehow volunteer to do the same in the 2nd over, at Greenway of all places.

No Capt would allow that except 80*Gunny. So Rohit found his way back into the circle.

For the record Rohit was sharp in the field as was everyone else.

A 45 odd opening partnership was broken in the 14th followed by another and we went to drinks with Berowra at 2/73. Tight bowling after the break with 2Fa Tenay and 3Fa Keets put the screws on with 5 poles between them and a handful of runs.

Matty P was as difficult to get away as always and was tighter than Rosco’s wallet. A couple of catches from Chris (no nickname yet ) Blinman and a Run out from Rocket arm Campbell saw us well in the game. Some good hitting from the Berowra late order saw them finish with a below par 8/152. A great Bowling and fielding performance.

And that’s all, everyone got too cold, Campbell took his bat out to the middle and left a straight one. It was only fitting he picked up the cones.

The view from the Greenway Pavilion is great, Not so great a view watching a precession of batsmen walking back to it.

We must have all decided that an early day at the club was the better option. Congratulations Matty P on you 2nd space cadet award.

Next Week.

Here’s hoping we play an A2 team, or become one.


WPHC Blue (Rick) 4/152 defeated WPHC Red 8/151 (Phill)

The first round kicks off with a B1 sheep station cup affair between the B1 Blues and The B1 Reds.

Phil ‘Filthy’ Hando asserted his authority with a firm handshake and immediately winning the toss and deciding to bat. After due consideration Flair opened with Nick ‘Ivan’ Starr and Todd “Hutcho Hutcho Man” Hutchinson. Things were tight for the first few overs with a good battle between bat and ball.

The Blues spent those overs admiring Willy’s firm peachy buns as he opened the innings for the Reds.

Hutcho Hutcho Man struck first removing Willy’s buns then Ivan dismissed Zac ‘Zazu’ Turner the next over. The Reds were 2 fa. Raghu ‘Venkatapaty’ Chary and Dinesh ‘Da Man’ De Silva both grooved to the wicket. Gee those guys ooze class. Da Man brought the fire and Venkatapaty playing the more measured innings, but the pair taking the fight to the Blues.

Prats “Prats’ Datar managed to temp Da Man one time too many and Deano took an unlikely catch. A couple of quick wickets came and went before Rob ‘Knaps’ Knapman deceived Venkatapaty with a flighted delivery and Manas snagged a great catch. In the meantime Dan Schwatrzel was compiling a classy 50. In the end the Reds posted 8/151 off their 35 overs. All the bowlers chipped in Ivan 1/22, Hutch Hutcho Man 2/22, Prats 2/24, Knaps 1/29 and Deano 2/28.

Flair and Ryan ‘Birdcage’ Loveridge opening the Blues innings as a very unlikely opening pairing expected. Filthy retaliated by opening with a pace bowler and a spin bowler to change things up. The Blues got off to a flyer pouring on 64 in the first 10 overs to put a dent in the required score.

The Blues lost 2 wickets in 2 balls with Birdcage being fired LBW and Oscar ‘Swinger’ Keyes not troubling the scorers. Ray “Boo Boo” Khamis made a quick cameo before getting ahead of himself and nicking off. Avi joined Flair who was providing the sheet anchor role for the Blues innings. Flair holed out with the score on 136 leaving Avi, Manas and Prats to get the remaining runs for victory. Best of the batting Flair 69, Birdcage 39 and Avi 15.

It was a pretty close game with the Blues taking the chocolates and a handy 1-0 lead in the Quanderson Cup. It was great to be out in the fresh air playing cricket after spending months locked up in our bedrooms.


WPHC (Shomik) 140 lost to Kissing Point TBA

Match Report to come.

C2 Grade

WPHC Blue (Buzz) 5/193 defeated Berowra 79

How bloody good was it to be back playing cricket!

First match of the season at the home of West Penno C Grade cricket – Campbell Park vs the old enemy – Berowra. Winning the toss we figured we’d have a bat first to give our new One Day Match strategy of positive batting a go.

Hari and Connor batted beautifully and kept the scoring moving along with well-placed singles, hard run twos and a flurry of crisp boundaries before Hari fell for 28 while looking to up the tempo further.

Hutch Snr then added 20 more before we lost Connor for 25. Some attacking batting from Craig and Dylan kept up the brisk scoring pace despite the already defensive deep field placements. They took the score along to 104 before Craig was dismissed for a well-made 33.

Dylan kept piling on the runs when Tarun joined him and the score kept mounting. When Tarun was out, it was Xander’s turn to join with Dylan to take advantage of the lightning fast Campbell outfield (Thanks Hornsby Council for not watering it for a few months, it played like the Campbell of old and rewarded shots that pierced the field).

The guys took full advantage and accelerated in the last few overs with Xander taking 17 off the second last over. Dylan then reached a clinical and hard hitting half century before he went in the last over for 54. Sam hit his first ball for 4 and we closed after 35 overs with 193 in the book.

Knowing that Berowra would have to come out going hard from ball one if they were to give themselves a chance, we decided on a game plan of restricting any width with the bowling and forcing them to take risks. Paul and Josh kept to the plan, and beside a few risky boundaries, once our opening pair found their rhythm and lengths, it wasn’t long before Paul got the breakthrough in the third over and Josh chimed in with sheer pace to grab number two to have them 2/18.

A few runs were added as we searched for the next wicket when a stunning pick up and throw from Dylan at mid-wicket produced a direct hit at the bowlers end leaving the batter metres short of his ground. We introduced Hutch Jnr and Jack quickly found sharp pace and telling accuracy to have all the batters in trouble. He bowled a fantastic spell of quick stuff that yielded 3/14 off his 6 over spell. Riley the magician then wiped up the tail with the top figures of 3/10 and we closed out win number one of the season by bowling them out for only 79.

Riley and Jack 3 wickets each, 2 to Josh and 1 to Paul.

A great team win where we used the new twelfth man rule to get everyone involved in the match. We could swap the bowling and batting players around next match and still have a fierce line up, so good signs for the season ahead.

Of course our return to cricket was made all that much sweeter by crushing Berowra – it doesn’t get much better than that.


WPHC Red (Indranil) 5/163 defeated Kenthurst Upper Hills 5/155

Start of new season and all discussion on ground was related to how to follow COVID safe plan. QR code check in done, TICK. Captain witnessed COVID certificate, TICK. Off we go and start the game…

This is a new team with players from earlier C2 Red team, players returning after a break and players pushed from lower grade but that’s what makes WPH unique. Opportunities are given to higher grades to some players with optimism and the players all performed to their potential and some beyond.

The end result showed it was a close game, but roughly 80% of the game the Red team did not feel the pressure but kudos to the opposition to take the game so deep; but a win finally achieved with some sensible bowling and great fielding.

After losing the toss and batting first, the batsmen had the game under control most of the innings with some great cameos from Cam Bish 47, Adam van Sarloos 34 and Nick Duck 36 taking the team to a respectable score of 163.

In the bowling it was all about keeping tight line and death and the captain experimented with the bowlers and all seemed to be in good rhythm. 6 bowlers used and amongst the wicket takers was Amitava Sen 2/25, Prashant 1/13 and Shankar Ravi 1/17.

Great fielding and run out with a direct throw by Nick Duck to get Kenthurst top batsman out at a crucial time was a game changer. Great outfield and catching helped us stay till the end. We move to R2 with a win behind our backs.


WPHC (Cameron) 5/206 lost to Castle Hill RSL 4/212

Lots of enthusiasm and anticipation among the C3 team on the opening day of the season. Two players, playing their first game for WPH were at the ground at 8:30am for a net session in preparation for a 1:00pm start – Varun & Jay.

The toss was won by WPH and the election to bat was made. 12 players were selected to make use of the new rule with one player nominated to bat only and one player as a bowl only.

Regular successful openers Vinod and Cameron made their way out on Fred Caterson 4 which is a batting paradise. Unfortunately Cameron was dismissed for a diamond duck – run out without facing a ball and shortly after Vinod was bowled for 4. Varun Arora came in at number 3 and scored a nice 30 before being retired but the highlight was Vendant Virmani scoring his second century for WPH and finished the innings on 103 not out after coming to the crease in the second over. This is also the 499th ton for our Club

Our batsmen continued to mount a massive total of 5/ 206 – nearly 6 runs an over with nice cameo innings by Praneel Singh, Jay Dilipkumar and Brent Van Wyk scoring 29 of 9 balls. We all felt like we had a score that would be very difficult for Castle Hill to chase.

Opening bowlers Amarit Singh and John Rose kept the scoring tight but were unable to penetrate the Castle Hill openers who both batted very well with a 96 run opening stand. A couple of dropped catches and missed runouts didn’t help but we still gave ourselves a great chance with Castle Hill being 1/97 at the drinks break. The game didn’t go the way we hoping with Castle Hill’s big hitting batsmen reeling in our score with 5 balls to spare.

There were some real positive performances today both with our batting and bowling and overall our fielding was pretty good.

If Castle Hill are the benchmark in C3, we are not far out of the frame and an enjoyable start to the season in a game which could have gone either way.


WPHC (Rob) 5/193 defeated St Ives 38

After an extended off season and a long wait to play cricket again, the C4s were very excited to be out on the cricket field once again. And after last year’s GF win, eager to defend the title. But who turned the heat off? Hassell Park was very cold and windy.

We had 12 players available and ready to use the new 12 player rule. Kamran unfortunately was not available. And Sreeni was too busy on the campaign trail…..kissing babies, sipping lattes, etc.

Unlike most games last season Rob actually won the toss (can only hope that is not a bad omen) and we chose to have a bat. Aden (20) and Will opened the bat and put on a great opening partnership of 55 at a very handy rate. After Aden nicked one and was caught behind, Pravin strode to the wicket.

Unfortunately Pravin didn’t last long as Roger “Trigger Finger” Friend gave him out LBW. Another good partnership followed until Will (83) played one on. A great innings Will (who now has more runs already than his total last season). Excellent contributions followed from Alastair (44), Zia (19*) and Luke (11*).

The innings closed after our 35 over on 5/193. Should be enough runs if we bowl and field well.

What happened next could not have been predicted. Firstly we bowled extremely well… was impossible to tell we hadn’t played cricket for over 6 months. But St Ives batted very poorly…..the same team we played in the semi final last season. They could only manage 38 runs before being bowled out in 21 overs.

Outstanding bowling from Rey (0/5 off 4), Luke (1/2 off 4), Mudi (4/2 off 4), Daniel (2/9 off 3), Roger (2/12 off 3), Rommel (1/7 off 2) and Pravin (0/1).

A very nice opening to the season.  Looking forward to next week…..though hopefully slightly warmer!!


WPHC Blue (Ross) 4/150 defeated Hornsby 3/149

Another season comes along and we all turned up excited to start.

The weather gods were relatively kind given the hot day yesterday, but unseasonably cold enough to think about a jumper today with the wind howling from the southeast…..We welcomed 6 new players to the WPH club and hopefully made them welcome today….always difficult to know just how a new team will perform as we look to give everyone an opportunity.

A grand final rematch against Hornsby side unchanged from last year, so we knew we were in for a tough one.

Ross won the toss and decided to send Hornsby in to bat…some very tidy bowling from our opening bowlers restricted the opposition to be 1/17 off the first 8 overs. Ram taking a wicket off the last ball of his spell. A screamer at mid-wicket by Chetan…We continued to bowl well and without any luck. At the first drinks break Hornsby were 1/61…..

After the break 9 of our 11 players got a bowl……at the close of innings Hornsby were 3/149.

I thought a great effort given the lightning fast ground and the very short boundaries square of the wicket. Whilst we had only taken 3 wickets, we created plenty of chances with only 1 dropped catch, very pleasing. We just need to improve on our sundries (28), although given our first game and the variable bounce of the pitch understandable. Wickets to Ram (1-9), Bala (1-14) and Chetan (1-21).

Our turn to bat with Jake and Sandeep as our new opening pair….and we could not have got off to a worse start with Sandeep going first ball to a cruel out swinger. Hornsby bowling was very dangerous with the new ball moving about in the breeze.

At 4-21 off 8 overs things were not looking good. Vikas and Chetan then toughed it out for the next 4 overs, leaving everything they could. At 4-31 off 11 overs things we were in a precarious position, but things suddenly changed.

No more shine on the ball, and Hornsby went to new bowlers. Vikas and Chetan plundered 88 off the next 7 overs with Vikas taking 36 off two overs off waste high full tosses down leg….At the drinks break we were 4/119…with Vikas retiring 76no…..and in a great position needing another 31 runs…..

After the break Hornsby brought back their opening attack. With the ball not moving at all, Pankaj and Chetan plundered the remaining runs off just 3.3 overs.. Chetan finishing 34 no…

The win was a great team effort with contributions from everyone. Our bowling and fielding effort was really good on such a fast ground and first game of the season.

The unbroken partnership of 98 of just 10 overs between Vikas and Chetan set us up for the win…

WPHC Red (Diggers) 6/107 defeated ARL 106

Well that certainly beats sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon. So great to be back out playing and, from where we were a couple of months ago, who would have thought we would be back playing in October, albeit on the 2nd last day.

So we turned up at Bannockburn to play ARL with intentions of taking advantage of the new 12th man rule and using all 12 of our available players.

I had pencilled in the Club’s highest run scorer to open the batting however some sort of nocturnal incident had occurred rendering Ross’s wrist/lower arm unplayable. So it was back to the standard 11 players.

Ian proceeded to lose the toss and ARL opted to bat first. We had planned to do that anyway so no dramas there.

We started well with Connor (2/25) getting a wicket in his first over to have ARL in trouble early before they stabilised, mainly on the back of one player. Disco and Siby bowled tightly without success and Parin(2/30) and Marcus(1/15) ensured ARL lost regular wickets.

However it was Lachlan (5/6 off 5.4) who was the standout and, combined with some good efforts from our fielders, we bowled ARL out for 106.

Going in to bat, we lost Pratah early with the score on 7 before Lachlan and Fieds (41) got the score to 40 before Lachlan (17) was out. Ramil went soon after before Manoj (17) came to the crease and steadied the innings with Fieds and got us to 4/83.

Marcus (10 no) continued his enthusiasm in the field into his batting and running between wickets and turned a few twos into threes, including one where he almost lapped Ian.

Anyway, after having a few heart palpitations, we managed to pass ARL’s score 6 wickets down and with a couple of overs to spare.


WPHC 4/122 defeated St Ives 8/121

A perfect day for cricket at a not so perfect Holland Reserve…that’s how we kicked off the new season. The game was against last year’s runner up St Ives who came in with a few new players, albeit a relatively younger brigade who seemed pumped up.

Captain Nirav won his first toss of the season and we decided to send St Ives in for a bat…no surprises there. A few of our young guns being promoted up seemed to make the St Ives brigade happy however that was short lived when our newbies started bowling impeccable line and length.

Mridul went in to open the bowling with Amith and both of them kept the St Ives openers restricted within the popping crease. Ravi and Chintan and our young gun Cory also provided able support.

Nirav and Agni on the other end helped control the run rate with some tight spin bowling and that resulted in a few quick wickets with Agni’s whirlwind off spinners and arm balls made a few batters dance cluelessly.

We managed to restrict St Ives to 8/121 at the close on innings, 2 wickets each to Mridul, Chintan and Agni.

Our top order had unfinished business against St Ives from the Grand Final and Arun decided to go full guns blazing and finished at an unbeaten 82. He kept sending the ball out of the park and the St Ives bowlers were left helpless. We know how much he loved using his new piece of willow which probably made this even more special.

Looking forward to many more such knocks throughout the rest of the season. Tonoy and Luke provided brilliant support to help Arun steer the team to the first win of the season.

Lots of positives to take away from the first round and seems like the new players are settling in very well as we look forward to next week’s clash against kissing point.