News – 28 November 2021

Welcome Divi Home Loans – our newest Sponsor

Great news. We are delighted to welcome Divi Home Loans as a Sponsor. Check out the sponsorship page to find out more about Divi and how we can all support those businesses that supports us – here

Divi gives our families an option to get the best deal of home finance (new loans, refinances, health checks). Our Club in return gets sponsorship support that we put back into Junior development, training improvements and growing girls and disability cricket.

Sam Ryan, a Director of Divi will visit grounds, introduce himself and hand out brochures during the season so make him welcome.

Local Council elections – next Saturday

Our Club has always taken a neutral position on supporting candidates at Elections – until now. The Local Council elections are being held next Saturday 4th December and one of our ‘own’ Sreeni Pillamarri is standing for C Ward and is number 2 on the Liberal Party ticket.

Sreeni is a member of our Club Executive and plays C4s. Apart from being an active member of our West Penno ‘family’ he is a passionate supporter of all local Community sports (winter and summer seasons), the need for more open space and ofcourse cricket. He would also be the 1st candidate in C Ward to have an agenda that actively supports local sport.

He has contributed so much for our Community and no greater effort than organising and walking between Parramatta and Canberra to raise funds for drought affected farmers 3 years ago.

Comedy Night

Our first whole Club Event at the new Greenway Park Community Centre was held on Saturday night. It was a great success from every perspective. Check out the website Photo Gallery to get a feel for the night – here

Blowfly Cricket support

One of our great achievements is to setup and run a Blowfly Cricket program for our young people with autism. Bill Peterkin and Mike Kinchington have our on the ground leaders who have seen Blowfly cricket develop into an important part of our Community.

Bill is now also involved with his son’s MasterBlasters cricket and Mike is going to live on the South Coast in the New Year. So we need to start planning succession.

This is an early shout out for someone who can be at James Henty Oval on Friday nights between 6.00 pm and 7.30 pm to just be present and to supervise the program that pretty much runs itself.

If you are interested in making a difference to the lives of people with disability and their families, then think about becoming involved. So if you want to make a difference and can set aside 90 minutes on a Friday night for a rewarding experience then think about this wonderful opportunity.

To find out more, without any commitment, contact Bill Peterkin on here or 0488 110 942.

Association news

Association Umpires Course

The Association ‘Captain’s Course’ for Seniors Captains has been cancelled. Captains will still need to be qualified and the Course notes will be forwarded to all those enrolled. An on-line exam is likely to be run in early December. More info to follow.

Coaches Association – Junior Cricket Clinics

It is coming around quickly – the New Year Junior Coaching Clinics in the January 2022 school holidays. Check out the flyer – here

These are highly recommended by our Club and have a long history of excellence. They are run by the legendary Bruce Wood on a not for profit basis and have among the best Coaches in the Association.

Over the past decade alone, there have been 60 successful school holiday clinics for boys & girls aged 6 – 14 years of all abilities.

Details are:

Montview Oval

  • When – Tuesday 11 & Wednesday 12th January

Greenway Park

  • When – Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th January

George Thornton Reserve

  • Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th January


  • $135 / clinic
  • $200 for 2 x clinics


Please use the following link – Register here



We can’t use the Schools this season due to Covid restrictions so training will be limited to fewer venues.

Your Team Manager / Coach has the details about training days and venues and everyone should now be ready to go.


Training days and times are:


  • Where – Sports Club Nets
  • Time – 4.00 om to 7.30 pm


  • Where – George Thornton Reserve
  • Time – 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm

Best Performances of the Round

Round 4 results are.


  • Lachlan Edwards (D1 Red) – 93
  • Campbell Wallace (A2) – 65


  • Soham Agarwal (U17 Blue) – 4/10
  • Adhvik Dhurjati (U11 White) – 4/23

Highest Team scores

  • 5/227 – WPHC D1 Blue Vs WPHC D1 Red
  • 9/214 – WPHC D1 Red Vs WPHC D1 Blue

Best Partnerships

  • 142* by Ryan Manson & P Jha for the 6th wicket – WPHC Orange
  • 91 Aayush Kumar (39) & Akith Ekanayake (47) for the 1st wicket – WPHC White

Juniors (mixed)

After 5 Rounds, the standings of our Teams are:

  • U16/17s – Blue (=1st); Orange (=3rd); Red (=3rd); Gold (5th)
  • U15s – Red (1st); Blue (=2nd); White (=5th)
  • U14s – Blue (=2nd); Orange (=2nd); Green (=2nd)
  • U13s – Blue (=1st); Orange (=3rd); Red (=3rd); Gold (=9th); Green (17th)
  • U12s – White (=1st); Purple (=6th); Green (=6th); Gold (14th); Red (15th); Blue (=16th)
  • U11s & U10s – no competition points
  • MasterBlasters – no competition points


Our Girls play in the North Shore JCA. Standings are:

  • Stage 3 (U17) – 5th
  • Stage 2 (13 to 17 years) – Haynes (=6th); Gardner (=8th); McPherson (12th)

Girls Leadership Program

This season we are doing something special for the Girls in our older Age Groups – a first for any Clubs in our Association.

Kirsty Newbury is developing and running a Leadership program for our older Girls that runs for 5 weeks with sessions of 30 minutes each. Training will be integrated into the regular training weeks. The program covers:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Getting your message across
  • Teamwork
  • Empowering others
  • Walk Tall, Lead with Heart

Our aim to develop a program that is repeatable and will benefit Girls players in the future.

In effect we are providing our Girls players with an opportunity for personal development and growth that no one else provides will be something special for all WPHC girls and their families.