Anecdotes – Round 7 (12 December)

3,000th Junior Blaster player

Last week we reported that we registered our 3,000th Kanga/Junior Blaster player since we kicked off Kanga cricket in 1992/93 – 29 years ago!

How about this for a great photo with our 3,000th player Mikayla and Danielle Chivers, our Head Junior Blasters Coach and Kanga graduate herself. Congratulations to Mikayla and to all our Junior Blasters players – past, present and future!

Making an impression

Got to hand it to Phil Wurth A1 Grade player number 312 and Captain # 24. The A1 skipper came to the rescue for A2 to sub for their injured skipper (Andrew Morris) after their game was washed out on Friday. Andrew succumbed to injury after running to the car at the golf course during a hail storm.

Phil does what Phil does and won the game – his way. After losing to toss and being asked to bat. Phil opened the batting and obliged with a well compiled 1 run. Being a Team player, Phil then decided to mirror the efforts of the side in the field by dropping a catch and splitting his finger. To quote Andrew Morris:

“We lost Jamie to a finger injury (1st dropped catch), sub invoked. 2 overs later Phil dropped one and playing the alpha male, walked off and ordered Jamie back to field. Phil said it hurt and then feinted as it bleed.”

But from a skipper who has now Captain 8 games and being undefeated (A1 & A2) he has to be doing something right.

Picture: Phil with bandaged finger and Andrew after the game.

Watch this space

Day 1 of the Sydney Test is just 24 days away and West Penno will again be represented in the fancy dress stakes. Can’t let too many secrets out but what do you do when there are 8 blokes who want to go to the cricket and make sure you get on TV? You go as Snow White and the 7 dwarves.

The boys who are going are: Stu Fiedler, Ray Khamis, Ryan ‘Birdcage’ Loveridge, Ryan Gunn, Matt Diggers, Nathaniel Chidgey, Brent Larkham and Billy Gaunt.

The next challenge – who is going as Snow White. We have seen the photo and ‘she’ is impressive, except for the hairy legs and the lovely black wig. Can’t mention who it is until the day but we are taking odds on which one of the 8 is the main act.

Space Cadet

First – our theme music: here

If you give it out you got to take it. So this week is another worthy winner – your friendly editor Ross A. The day started off well with the glasses being lost – a typical old person problem for those who don’t wear the things. Anyway, a search of all the obvious places failed to find them and a trip home also failed to find them. They were found – about 1 metre from the kit bag at the ground. On to the game. Opening the batting again he was batting with the skipper (Diggers) and BBQ’d him for a run-out. Game over and then managed to lock the keys in the car only to be rescued by the missus who was less than impressed with the long distance drive with the spare keys.

Reelin’ in the years

First up, our theme song – the Steely Dan classic

In last week’s Anecdotes we mentioned Tony Hadley who would fly regularly from a mine near Kalgoorlie (Western Australia) to play for us and fly back to the mines. I got a few from people wanting to know more about Tony who remains one of the great characters of our Club.

Tony played mainly in B1 Grade between 2002-03 & 2007/08 and scored 1,529 runs @ 28.8 so he could play. Tony is a legendary Club character and this is just a sample of some of his memorable achievements:

  • In 2005/06 he flew from Kalgoorlie to Sydney to play in the B2 Final. He arrived just before the game and scored a match winning 50 runs – he did this multiple times throughout the season. In one game he even flew back from China to play a game and then return
  • In a C1 game (6/1/2007), Tony had to attend his mother’s wedding in Perth on the Friday and left the Reception (at the Lonely Shag Restaurant of all places) at 11.30pm. When asked by his mum why he was leaving he explained that he had to play a game of cricket, in Sydney. Tony was up at 4.15am, caught the 5.50am flight (after the flight had been closed) and made it by cab from the Airport to Glenhaven 5 minutes before the start. All that and he was run-out after 4 balls.
  • Arriving at a wet Storey Park turf track at 6.00am making ‘phone calls to get the covers on an already saturated wicket with the comment “I don’t want to go down this way
  • Turned up to a ground at 6.00am to get a feel for the ground before we played that day
  • After running out players he would shout them dinners at the Sports Club

Finally, in a B1 Grade game that was highly charged to block out the constant chatter, Tony used his own “anti-sledger’. He went out to bat wearing a helmet and head band. Nothing unusual so far but he also had a CD player in his pocket and was wired up to jungle music (his words) at full bore. He was playing this for the first 20 overs and didn’t hear a word on the field. He just happened to score 59* and set a 3rd wicket B1 record partnership.

Picture: Tony Hadley (centre) with Eric Junkkari and Ross A – Greenway Park, C1 Semi Final 8 March 2008.

What would your Decision be?

Fancy yourself as a budding Umpires? Then have a go at these scenarios. The last anecdote has the answers.

Question 1

In delivering the ball a spinner oversteps the popping crease. The umpire immediately calls and signals No ball, however, before the ball reaches the striker, a strong gust of wind removes the bails from the striker’s end wicket. The ball is subsequently hit through the covers for four. What happens now?

Question 2

A fair delivery is played into the outfield. The batters have drawn level, gone past each other but have not fully crossed on their first run as the wicket at the bowler’s end is put down. Which batter is out, run out?

Picture: Dylan Bish (front) and Riley Paton (back) running between wickets in the game against Hunter Valley @ John Martin Oval – 9 January 2018.



With mates like this

Club legends can generally get away with more than most players especially when it comes to banter about a game between the two players. How about this exchange during the week between Simon Smyth (1997-98 to current – 2,921 runs & 409 wickets) & Michael ‘Volc’ Banner (1997/98 to current – 5800 runs & 39 wickets).

Being able to sledge Volc is a prospect too hard to ignore. He just needs to bat for long enough to allow this to happen.”

Picture: Simon Smyth (left) and Michael Banner -Presentation Night at Dural Country Club – 5 May 2017.

What would your Decision be? Answers

Question 1

The bowler’s end umpire shall call and signal No ball at the instant of delivery. Either umpire shall immediately call and signal Dead ball when the bails fall from the striker’s wicket and disallow the boundary. The bowler’s end umpire shall revoke the No ball. The ball shall not count as one of the over. Laws & 21.12

Question 2

The striker is out, Run out. The striker is the closer of the two batters to the ground at the bowler’s end. Law 30.2.3 Question

Picture: Rob Hanich receiving the C4 Premiership Trophy from Umpire Adam Hawken with Luke Fullerton looking @ Normanhurst Park 26th & 27th March 2021.